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Abortion Rights at the Forefront on 33rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade


On the 33rd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe vs Wade decision, women’s abortion rights are once again at the forefront of public awareness activities across the nation.

Dr. Lise Van Susteren, Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate from Maryland said in statement released this weekend, “that our Constitution protects our privacy as individuals and limits how far the government can reach into our personal lives. As a doctor and a woman, these are values I hold dear.”

Thirty-three years ago today, with a 7-2 majority, the United States Supreme Court ruled that a woman’s right to an abortion falls within her right to privacy, as protected by the Fourteenth Amendment to our Constitution.

“As a psychiatrist for the last 20 years I have spent countless hours counseling women about reproductive issues. Working with them patiently through their tears, fear, turmoil and ambivalence, never once did we say “Gee, if only the government were involved to show us the way.,” said Dr. Susteren.

In San Francisco Saturday, fifteen thousand pro-life supporters filled the streets along San Francisco’s waterfront for more than a mile, walking behind a banner that proclaimed “Abortion Hurts Women.”

The turnout for the second annual Walk for Life West Coast was double last year’s, despite a day that dawned rainy and cloudy. “We’re obviously building momentum,” said organizer Dolores Meehan, in reference to the police crowd count. “It’s not just an event, it’s a movement.”

While last year’s Walk was marred by about 1,000 angry pro-abortion counter-demonstrators who spit and threw eggs and condoms, this year saw just a few hundred lining the sidewalks and chanting. Walk for Life participants were asked to avoid all interaction with the pro-abortion demonstrators, and did, walking quietly.

In Washington, the 33rd annual March for Life is set to begin at Noon, Monday.  Marchers by the thousands are expected to rally at the Mall and 7th Street for a program, and then parade along Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court and Congress.

Nellie Gray, president, of the March for Life Fund said, “The March for Life is a peaceful demonstration — an annual reminder to all of Washington officialdom that it must overturn Roe v. Wade which decriminalized the intentional killing of a pre-born human. The Supreme Court cannot, and did not, legalize the killing of pre-borns. But Roe v. Wade did unleash on our beloved country the feminists/abortionist’ evil agenda of ‘choice’ to kill pre-born humans, and did begin the slippery slope to decriminalize infanticide, euthanasia, assisted suicide, fetal research and more evil.”

Catholics for a Free Choice president Frances Kissling asks at the beginning of her new-and first- podcast for the anniversary of the Supreme Court case that legalized abortion in the United States, “Is there anything left unsaid about Roe v. Wade, that landmark Supreme Court decision?”

Kissling introduces the idea that the soon to be five Catholic justices on the nation’s highest court will shortly have to reconcile “the will of God” with “the will of the people.”

Samuel Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court moves to the Senate floor this week.  Democrats have been sharp critics of Alito’s view on Roe vs Wade, which Alito side-stepped answering when couched to the appellate judge under circumstances meant to entrap him outside of Constitutional ruling.

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