If You Could Tell the Pope Anything, What Would You Say?

We want to know –

If you had five minutes with Pope Francis, what would you tell him?

Would you tell him:

  • To end the Vatican’s ban on condoms?
  • To support reproductive justice and greater access to contraception as a truer means to reducing the need for abortion?
  • To sincerely address the clergy sex abuse scandal here in the US and to meet with survivors?
  • To admonish the bishops in the United States who would deny communion to Catholics in public life who are prochoice, pro-contraception, pro-stem cell research or pro-marriage equality?
  • To support equality for women within the church?
  • To support equality for LGBT Catholics?
  • To support a clergy that includes women, married men and all Catholics who are called to ordination?

Take Action!

Tell us. Send us an email and let us know what you would tell the pope.

The pope may not have visited your town or city, but you can still raise the issues that are important to you – and that the Pope should be addressing.

Send us your questions, concerns and comments for the pope today!

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