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Send a Letter of Support for Sister McBride

A 27-year-old pregnant woman at St. Joseph's Hospital and MedicalCenter in Phoenix, Arizona, became gravely ill. Doctors told her unless she aborted her 11-week-old fetus she would likely die. 

Sister Margaret McBride was part of the ethics panel at St. Joseph's that decided that the young woman could have the abortion she needed.  As a result, the woman's life and health were preserved, but the bishop of Phoenix declared Sister Margaret McBride excommunicated.

Join us in sending a letter of support for Sister McBride today.

It is almost impossible for people who work within the institutional church to stand up for their beliefs when these beliefs conflict with the bishops.  The staff of Catholic hospitals must be encouraged to provide the best care for their patients-even when the bishops disagree.

While her personal position on choice is not clear, we do know that Sr. McBride acted in a thoughtful and pastoral manner with regards to this patient as part of the ethics panel. We need to support Sr. McBride and honor her courage and commitment to staying true to her conscience and to providing the healthcare women need.

Please take a moment to write a letter of support to Sr. McBride. Send your letters to activists@catholicsforchoice.org.  We will be compiling your letters and notes, and will send them on to Sr. McBride so that she knows she is not alone during this difficult time.  We need her to hear from everyone, from all communities and all faith traditions, so please share this action with your friends, colleagues and family.

Whatever way you choose, please send us your notes for Sister McBride by June 1, 2010.

Thank you for taking action along with Catholics for Choice.