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Join young Catholics for Choice (yCFC)


Young Catholics are having sex. We are using contraception and
condoms. We are having abortions. We are bisexual, gay, lesbian,
and transgender. And none of this makes us any less Catholic
than conservative Catholics who speak out against us. The truth is, they
don’t represent what the majority of Catholics—especially those of us in
our 20s and 30s—think about sex.

It comes down to Catholic teaching on conscience. Basically, every
individual has the right and responsibility to follow his or her own
conscience—and respect others’ right to do the same. With conscience
and respect, good Catholic sex is not only possible, it’s already happening.

Catholics for Choice is launching our newest endeavor—young Catholics
for Choice (yCFC)
— a group spearheaded and organized by young adults,
which will provide a space for young, prochoice Catholics (and non-
Catholics) to dialogue, share information and take action.

There is no doubt that the church hierarchy has a negative impact on
sexual and reproductive health and rights, especially through its influence
on public policy. If you are looking for a space to dialogue, share
information and take action to counter the bishops’ impact, email
yCFC@CatholicsForChoice.org to join the yCFC listserv. Please provide
your name, contact information and a brief sentence or two telling us why
you are interested.