Press Releases - 1999

Women in Distress Not an Appropriate Target for Cardinal’s Protest

Says Catholic Leader  Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice, responded today to the news that Cardinal Francis George, leader of the archdiocese of Chicago, will lead 900 anti-abortion demonstrators in a protest Saturday, June 26, outside a Humbolt Park abortion clinic. Washington, DC – Kissling said, “We are saddened by the news that […]

Majority of Young American Catholics Challenge Pope’s Teachings

reveals new research in Catholic newsjournal Conscience  Washington, DC—Groundbreaking new research in Conscience, the newsjournal of Catholics for a Free Choice, reveals that as many as 76 percent of Catholics between the ages of 18-29 think “an individual should follow his/her conscience, even if it disagrees with papal teaching.” The research reveals a significant increase in support […]

CFFC Decries Contraception Exemption for Employers

California Catholic Groups Lobby for Religious Privilege SACRAMENTO – Catholic leaders are attempting to limit public access to contraceptives in the state of California. State legislation to be voted on tomorrow on the floor of the California state legislature, would require prescription benefits plans to cover contraceptives, but the California Association of Catholic Hospitals and the […]

Catholic Healthcare Expansion Denies Emergency Services to Women Who have been Raped

Catholic group releases new report detailing the impact of Catholic mergers and affiliations with non-Catholic hospitals on reproductive healthcare Washington, DC – Medically accepted standards of care for women who have been raped is being denied to many women by Catholic hospitals. This is one finding from a new report by Catholics for a Free Choice […]

International Campaign Calls Into Question Vatican’s Seat at UN

Religious, Women’s, and Health Groups Urge Secretary-General to Open Review New York—An international campaign to challenge the Vatican’s status at the United Nations was launched today by a coalition of women’s, religious, and reproductive rights non-governmental organizations.  In the space of three days, more than 70 international NGOs from every region of the world endorsed […]

Contraceptive Bill Embraces the Best Values of Catholic Social Justice

says Catholic leader   Washington, DC–Catholics for a Free Choice, (CFFC) today expressed its support for a Bill appealing to Members of Congress about the importance of restoring the United States contribution to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The Bill, “The United Nations Population Fund Funding Act 1999,” authorizes the restoration of family planning […]

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