Press Releases - 2007

Catholics Look for New Theme in Papal Christmas Message

New Condoms Poll Shows Catholics Want Pope to Change Teaching Washington, DC—On December 25, Pope Benedict XVI will be giving the annual Christmas message to Catholics around the world.  Past topics have included violence, poverty, hunger and the deterioration of spirituality in the modern world.  This year Catholics for Choice urges the pope to address […]

New Poll Shows Catholics around the World Believe Good Catholics Can Use Condoms

Catholics for Choice Announces the Results of a Four-Continent Poll Gauging Catholic Opinion on the Catholic Hierarchy’s Refusal to End its Ban on Condoms Washington, DC—Even in the face of an AIDS epidemic that costs millions of lives, the Vatican has stubbornly refused to lift its ban on condoms. A new multinational poll, however, shows […]

EU Forum on Religion and Politics in the New Europe Breaks New Ground

BRUSSELS–A forum to be held today, “Religion and Politics in the New Europe” will discuss the relationship between government institutions and religious influences. As tension mounts on many fronts over what is the correct role for religion in politics, MEPs, experts, advocates and public policy professionals come together to debate the issue at a ground-breaking […]

Poll shows a majority of UK Catholics and Protestants support abortion in the case of unwanted pregnancy, and believe Catholic Bishops should stay out of abortion politics

A new weighted, representative poll of UK faith groups including Catholics and Protestants shows definitive support for a woman’s right to have an abortion in cases of unwanted pregnancy, according to a new poll released by Catholics for Choice (CFC) today. The YouGov poll—conducted less than ten days ago—shows a majority of the sample to […]

Statement of Catholics for a Free Choice President Jon O’Brien on the Adoption of “Faithful Citizenship” by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Jon O’Brien, President of Catholics for a Free Choice, issued the following statement about the document that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops adopted today, “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship”: “This is very much of the same-old, same-old from the bishops. They may think they are being radical in stepping up their antichoice rhetoric, […]

Connecticut Bishops Back Down over Provision of Emergency Contraception

Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for a Free Choice, issued the following statement: “After a two-year battle with the state’s lawmakers, the Catholic bishops of Connecticut have agreed to provide emergency contraception to women who seek treatment at Catholic hospitals after a sexual assault. It’s a shame that the bishops had to be forced into […]

Catholics Call on Congress to Relax Restrictions on Contraception Provision Overseas

CFFC president Jon O’Brien today urged the House of Representatives to support the targeted exemption for contraceptives from the restrictive Mexico City Policy. “Access to contraception should be something that everybody who has an interest in reducing the need for abortion can agree on. Studies from all over the world show that Catholics use contraceptives at the same rate as […]

Catholics Show Support for Gay Rights at Latvian Conference

Group Urges Public and Policymakers to Stand Strong against Homophobia and for Human Rights RIGA, Latvia—Catholics for a Free Choice European representative Elfriede Harth (Latvian: Elvira Hardt), speaking at the Riga Friendship Days and Pride Celebration, assured the gay, lesbian and transgender community in Latvia and around the world that despite the rhetoric and actions of […]

Catholics for a Free Choice President Jon O’Brien’s Response to Benedict XVI’s Threat of Excommunication to Prochoice Catholic Politicians

Washington, DC – Catholics for a Free Choice President Jon O’Brien issued the following statement in response to reports that Benedict XVI expressed support for the excommunication of prochoice Catholic public figures while traveling from Rome, Italy to Brazil for his first papal visit to Latin America. “Despite Benedict XVI’s promises to become a more […]

Statement of Catholics for a Free Choice President Jon O’Brien on the Irish High Court’s Ruling Allowing Young Woman to Travel Abroad to Obtain an Abortion

Washington, DC — Today, the Irish high court stated that a 17-year-old woman was able to leave the country to terminate her pregnancy. The young woman, known as “Miss D,” is 18 weeks pregnant with a fetus with a severe brain defect. Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for a Free Choice , said, “Right-thinking people around […]

Catholics for a Free Choice Applauds Mexico City Vote on Abortion Legislation

Yesterday, in a watershed event for Mexico and nations throughout Latin America, the Mexico City legislature voted to legalize abortion during the first three months of pregnancy. Many feminist groups, women’s rights advocates, and committed politicians fought hard for the passage of the bill, despite threats from Catholic bishops that such actions would result in […]

Members of the European Parliament Ask Assistant Secretary Sauerbrey to Withdraw from Conservative Meeting in Europe

The European Parliamentary Working Group on Separation of Religion and Politics has asked Ellen Sauerbrey, the Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration, to withdraw from a forthcoming meeting in Warsaw organized by the World Congress of Families. The letter urges Assistant Secretary Sauerbrey to withdraw from the conference because her participation provides “an official, U.S. […]

Progressive Catholic Group Files IRS Complaint Against Priests for Life

Catholics for a Free Choice shows the antichoice organization is using its tax free status to illegally support the presidential campaign of Kansas senator Sam Brownback Washington, DC—Today, Catholics for a Free Choice filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service against Priests for Life because of its support for the presidential campaign of Kansas senator Sam Brownback. Such […]

Catholics for a Free Choice Statement on Pope Benedict XVI’s Post-Synodal Exhortation on the Eucharist: Sacramentum Caritatis–The Sacrament of Love

Pope Benedict reveals that little has changed in Vatican thought as regards sexuality and human relationships. Washington, DC—Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for a Free Choice, issued the following statement: “Sadly, it is clear that the Vatican has chosen not to move with the times, continuing to stigmatize gay couples, the divorced and those who […]

Catholics for a Free Choice Launches Campaign to place Catholic Americans’ Views on Contraception and Abortion Center Stage

WASHINGTON, DC— Prevention Not Prohibition, a provocative campaign launched today in the nation’s capital, highlights the fact that the majority of American Catholics support access to contraception and legal abortion, and support policies that prevent, rather than criminalize, abortion. To kick off the campaign, CFFC advertisements, “How to end the abortion wars” and “Nobody wants to need […]

Secular Values for Europe: The Brussels Declaration on Dignity, Equality and Freedom

Catholics and Secularists Join Together to Argue for the Importance of State Neutrality in Matters of Religion in the Construction of the European Constitution BRUSSELS, BELGIUM—In an unprecedented alliance, Catholics and secularists have launched a joint initiative advocating for the importance of upholding secular values as the European Union re-embarks on the constitution-writing process. The […]

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