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Catholic Group Challenges Vatican’s ‘Condoms Can Spread AIDS’ Claim


A Catholic pressure group today launched a campaign in a bid to shatter Vatican claims that condoms do not prevent Aids.

The Catholic Church stunned scientists and angered the World Health Organisation (WHO) in October by claiming that condoms had tiny holes in them which allowed the virus to pass through.

The WHO called the advice “incorrect” and “dangerous” at a time when the global pandemic has killed more than 20 million people and affects more than 42 million others.

On the eve of World Aids Day the US-based Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC) said it was launching a publicity campaign to “counter Vatican misinformation”.

The effort was beginning in Washington with a poster campaign which would spread from the US capital across the world by next year, the group said.

The education drive will include newspaper and billboard adverts, Internet alerts, and education packs.

Their message will be, “Good Catholics Use Condoms”.

CFFC said: “The campaign is a direct challenge to the cardinals and bishops who have recently claimed that condoms were helping to spread HIVAids.

“Scientists and public health officials have told the cardinals repeatedly that condoms are one of the most effective methods of preventing HIV, but the Catholic hierarchy persists, even when their policy is called dangerous by the World Health Organisation.

“For Catholics who follow the Vatican’s policy and Catholic health care providers who are forced to deny condoms, the Vatican’s policy on condoms is a disaster.”

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