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CFC in the Blogs - 2010


Catholic Hospital Stands Up Against Bishop to Provide Life-Saving Abortions

Alex DiBranco

24 December 2010

National Secular Society

Ireland must change law to make abortion easier for women in life-threatening situations – ECHR

16 December 2010


Just a bunch of dudes hanging out: Your sex and gender morning roundup

Amanda Hess

8 December 2010

Center for American Progress

Return of the Culture Wars: Tea Party’s Social and Religious Agenda and How Progressives Can Respond

Sally Steenland

29 November 2010


Condoms and HIV Prevention

Lori Adelman

23 November 2010

Chicago Tribune

Catholics survey four candidates for governor, but not Quinn

Manya Brachear

28 October 2010

Center for American Progress

Why Religious Education Matters

Brian Thorn

25 October 2010

Center for American Progress

Contraception is Preventative Care

Marta Cook and Ellen-Marie Whelan

13 October 2010

The Atlantic Wire

Why is a Catholic Group Protesting on Mother Teresa's Birthday?

Heather Horn

26 August 2010


Send your Support to Sr. McBride in Arizona

Rachel Perrone

26 May 2010

the guardian

Sister Margaret's Mercy

Sophia Deboick

26 May 2010

rh reality check

Diocese of Phoenix Maligns Nun, Errs on Canon Law

Jon O'Brien

21 May 2010

the center for public integrity

Transparency: Catholic Bishops' Abortion War Chest Stays Secret

Joe Eaton

20 April 2010

rh reality check

Roundup: Healthcare Reform Bill Passes: Includes Deal with Stupak

Rachel Larris

22 March 2010

The american prospect

Cracks in the Catholic Armor

Sarah Posner

22 March 2010


Will Stupak and the Bishops Kill Health-care Reform?

Adele M. Stan

9 March 2010

national catholic reporter

Listening to Love

Nicole Sotelo

18 February 2010

RH Reality check

(Video) An Archbishop's Rebuke for the Common Good

Lon Newman

17 February 2010


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