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CFC in the Blogs - 2011

Below the Waist

Sara Hutchinson from Catholics for Choice on Plan B Decision

Dino Corvino

15 December 2011

Huffington Post

Memo to David Axelrod From Women in Swing States

Toni Panetta

6 December 2011

The Guardian - Comment is Free

President Obama, do not bow to the bishops on the birth control mandate

Brittany Shoot

2 December 2011

Media Matters

Conservative Media Are Still Pretending That Catholics Don't Support Insurance Coverage For Contraception

Marcus Feldman

30 November 2011


“President Obama, Don’t Turn Your Back On Women!”

Robin Marty

30 November 2011

Mother Jones - Political MoJo

Will Obama Bow on Birth Control?

Kate Sheppard

28 November 2011


So it's not about birth control, huh?


23 November 2011

Time - Ideas

Why Radical Pro-Lifers Are Wasting Their Time

Tim Padgett

17 November 2011

RH reality Check

Obama and the Bishops: Is the White House Caving on Birth Control Coverage?

Jodi Jacobson

16 November 2011

MEdia Matters

Washington Post's Gerson Ignores Catholics' Opinions To Accuse The Obama Administration Of "Anti-Catholic Bias"

Marcus Feldman

16 November 2011


Catholics for Choice president Jon O’Brien on his ACA Testimony

Dino Corvino

7 November 2011

The Hill - Healthwatch

GOP, Dems battle over healthcare law’s contraceptive coverage

Julian Pecquet

2 November 2011

RH Reality Check

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Influential in Passage of Let Women Die Act 2011

Jon O'Brien

14 October 2011

The Hill - Congress Blog

Religious discrimination is wrong

Jon O'Brien

28 September 2011

Pilot on Politics

Catholic groups duel over abortion rules

Julian Walker

31 August 2011

RH Reality Check

On Catholic World Youth Day, Advocates Spread the Message that "Good Catholics Use Condoms"

Martha Kempner

19 August 2011

The Daily Femme

“Condoms 4 Life” at Catholic World Youth Day

Sara Messelaar

18 August 2011

USA Today - Faith & Reason

Pope's youth day draws a million -- and controversies

Cathy Lynn Grossman

16 August 2011


Catholic Condom Ads Banned In Spain

Anna North

15 August 2011

Abortion Gang

Debunking Sisters of Life

Serena Freewomyn

8 August 2011

Ms. Blog

Newsflash: We’ve Got Birth Control Covered!

Christie Thompson

1 August 2011

Lez Get REal

Catholicism Making Itself Irrelevant Again

Linda S. Carbonell

1 August 2011


Jon O'Brien: President, Catholics for Choice

Gianni Verdoliva

29 June 2011

Feminists For Choice

People of Faith are Pro-Choice

Serena Freewomyn

20 June 2011

RH Reality Check

Memo to the Administration: You Can’t Be Pro-Choice Unless You Support Equal Access

Stephanie Poggi

15 June 2011

Feminists for Choice

Merging the Pro-Choice and Faith Communities

Serena Freewomyn

10 June 2011


Notre Dame Trustee Pushed Out Over Pro-Choice Donations

Margaret Hartmann

8 June 2011

Washington Post - The Spirited Atheist

Secular America: Growing numbers with too little political clout

Susan Jacoby

18 May 2011

Ms. Blog

Religious Women and Contraceptive Use: It’s the Norm

Molly M. Ginty

20 April 2011

Feminists for Choice

Exploring the Intersections of Faith and Reproductive Rights

Serena Freewomyn

28 March 2011

Washington Post - On Faith

An authentically Catholic approach to reproductive health care

Jon O'Brien

8 February 2011

Washington Post - On Faith

In good conscience?

Jon O'Brien

14 January 2011


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