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Pope Speaks Out Against the Morning After Pill


GUEST: Jon O’Brien, President of Catholics for Free Choice

While addressing the International Conference of Catholic Pharmacists this week, Pope Benedict urged pharmacists to refuse to dispense emergency contraception on the basis conscientious objection. While conservatives and religious groups say that making emergency contraception available encourages promiscuity, reproductive rights groups say it’s an effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and thus avoiding the need for abortion. Some states have already passed laws that make it permissible for pharmacists or pharmacies to refuse to provide contraception – in Illinois, pharmacists challenged a rule requiring them to fill every prescription, and can now object to dispensing emergency birth control. In California, pharmacists are supposedly required to fill all prescriptions but can refuse if the employer agrees and if the consumer can still get the prescription somewhere else. Meanwhile, as the Catholic Church continues to preach against birth control and abortion, the Pope’s comments are being debated on both sides of the contraception issue.

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This podcast was originally posted on the Uprising Radio website on 1 November 2007.

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