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Women’s group forms advisory board of leaders in medicine, reproductive rights, bioethics

The Women’s Bioethics Project (WBP) announced that it has established an East Coast Advisory Board, which has attracted respected leaders in the fields of bioethics, medicine and reproductive rights.

The advisory board will provide guidance and strategic direction to the WBP as it continues in its mission to serve as a bridge between scholarship and policy-making, ensuring that women’s voices, health concerns and unique life experiences are brought to bear on ethical issues related to healthcare and biotechnology.

Members of the newly formed WBP East Coast Advisory Board include the following:

— R. Alta Charo, JD, visiting professor of law, University of California, Berkeley; Knowles professor of Law & Bioethics, University of Wisconsin Law and Medical Schools;

— Nancy Chilton , public relations consultant; Council of Advocates, Planned Parenthood of New York City;

— Katie Danziger, chair, board development, Planned Parenthood of New York City;

— Robin N. Fiore, PhD, Adelaide R. Snyder professor of Ethics, Florida Atlantic University;

— Maureen Jerome, art historian; principal of ARTlifedesign LLC;

— Frances Kissling, president, Catholics for a Free Choice;

— Hilde Lindemann, PhD, associate professor of philosophy, Michigan State University;

— Linda MacDonald Glenn, JD, healthcare ethics educator and consultant;

— Mary Mahowald, PhD, professor emerita, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Chicago; MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics;

— Jonathan Moreno, PhD, senior fellow, Center for American Progress; Emily Davie and Joseph S. Kornfeld Professor of Biomedical Ethics; director, Center for Biomedical Ethics, University of Virginia;

— Laura Philips, PhD, MBA, chief operating officer, NexGenix Pharmaceuticals;

— Rosemarie Tong, PhD, distinguished professor of Health Care Ethics in the Department of Philosophy; director, Center for Professional and Applied Ethics, University of North Carolina, Charlotte; and

— Leslie R. Wolfe, PhD, president, Center for Women Policy Studies.

The Women’s Bioethics Project (WBP) is an independent, nonpartisan, public-policy think tank based in Seattle, Washington.

This article first appeared in the 2 April 2006 edition of Women’s Health Law Weekly.

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