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“World Have Your Say” August 20, 2007 Episode: Hurricane Dean


CFFC President Jon O’Brien speaks about Amnesty International and the Catholic Church’s reaction on the BBC’s interactive call-in show “World Have Your Say.”

He was joined by Dr. Sheila Cassidy, a moderate abortion rights advocate and Christian author based in the UK,  and Dr. Helen Watt of the conservative Linacre Center for Healthcare Ethics in London.  The host is Peter Dobbie.

Find a direct download here.

Or visit the “World Have Your Say” podcast page and download the “Hurricane Dean” Episode.

The debate on abortion, Amnesty International, and the Catholic church begins halfway through the program.

To learn more about “World Have Your Say,” visit their blog page.

And, to review Catholics for a Free Choice statement on Amnesty’s decision, click here.

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