Letters & Op-Eds 2013

Abortion in Ireland

SIR – Ireland is in the thrall of an abortion debate that should have been resolved 20 years ago (“Still restrictive”, February 2nd). Tolerating the open secret that thousands of women must travel abroad for abortions is unconscionable. The majority of the electorate support some loosening of the abortion law and many are willing to go much further in affirming women’s autonomy than any legislative option offered so far. The bitterness of a vocal minority, many of them in the Catholic hierarchy, should not be allowed to override the people’s will.

After the A, B and C ruling and the X Case, do we have to go through the entire alphabet before Ireland is able to muster up a workable abortion law? Irish women who need abortions deserve more than being designated a letter in a lawsuit; they should be respected as individuals with full names and full rights, who can get safe reproductive health care in their own country.

Jon O’Brien
Catholics for Choice
Washington, DC

This letter was originally published by The Economist.

Catholics for Choice