Letters & Op-Eds 2001
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Ambassador Not Consistent about Attacking Abortion

Ray Flynn’s attack on Seton Hall University for awarding an honorary degree to Dr. Dolores Cross was surprising (“Link to abortion group may put award in peril,” Metro, May 30).

Flynn has one standard of behavior for Cross and another for himself. Flynn did not disassociate himself from the pro-choice administration of President Clinton. To the contrary, he campaigned vigorously for the former president despite Clinton’s pro-choice views and served as the administration’s ambassador to the Vatican. We applaud the Flynn of 1992 who understood that there was more to look at in determining people’s goodness than their position on abortion. We rebuke the Flynn of 2001 who has apparently forgotten that lesson.

Frances Kissling

Kissling is president of Catholics for a Free Choice, based in Washington

This letter appeared in the 1 June 2001 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Catholics for Choice