In the News - 2003

Chicago Tribune DC Handing out Free Condoms; City Tried to Lower Soaring AIDS Rate

  Michel Daley stole the dance floor at his bar last month for an announcement. “I’m in the business of boy-meets-girl,” he said. “I know unprotected sex happens. I also know it can literally kill you.” Daley then urged those in the crowd to take advantage of the free condoms being distributed by the District […]

Shannon McMahon

NEWSWEEK Vatican: Condom Crusade

  Using slogans such as “Abstinence has a high failure rate,” Catholics for a Free Choice, a dissident lay group, began a pro-condom ad campaign last week in defiance of Vatican policy. The $300,000 Advertising effort, which kicked off with spots on the Washington, D.C., Metro on World AIDS Day, will expand next year to […]

Jason McLure

Women's E-News In the Age of AIDS, Condom Wars Take Deadly Toll

  The Vatican’s anti-contraception campaign–which has an ally in the White House–has just been blocked by a New York court. In places such as Kenya–where HIV is rampant and the Catholic Church has sponsored condom burnings–the effect is ruinous. The Bush administration and the Vatican have declared war on contraception and women are among the […]

Caryl Rivers

Irish Times Vatican Defends Its Opposition to Condom Use

  Church response: To mark World AIDS Day yesterday the Vatican issued a strong defence of its opposition to the use of condoms, saying fidelity, chastity and abstinence were the best ways to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in a “pan-sexualist society”. Meanwhile the international group Catholics For a Free Choice (CFFC) has begun what […]

Patsy McGarry

DE MORGEN Wereld Aids Dag

  Goede katholieken gebruiken een condoom. De Amerikaanse organisatie Catholics for a Free Choice heeft in de metro van Washington DC een spaakmakende postercampagne gelanceerd. De wereldwijde campagne pleit voor het gebruik van condooms en hekelt de struisvogelpolitiek van het Vaticaan. De organisatie bracht naar aanleiding van Wereld Aids Dag ook een boekje uit: ‘Seks […]

Independent Battle against HIV Must Be Waged on Medical and Political Fronts

  It would be hard enough if HIV – human immunodeficiency virus – was all that people were fighting against. For as Lisa Price, policy manager for the Terence Higgins Trust, the best-known British AIDS charity, says, it is hard to resist thinking of it as an intelligent and calculating enemy: “This is one of […]

Charles Arthur

HEALTHLEADERS Mission and Margin

  Catholic providers find themselves caught in an ongoing struggle-providing treatment for the poor and uninsured while still surviving the everyday operational pressures facing all hospitals. Can this powerful force in the nonprofit sector continue on its spiritual path while meeting the financial challenges of the marketplace? For commercial fishermen in Massachusetts, finding affordable health […]

Bonar Menninger

NATIONAL POST UN Launches AIDS Strategy for World’s Poor

  NAIROBI – The United Nations unveiled plans today to rush life-saving anti-retroviral AIDS drugs to three million of the world’s poor in a $5.5-billion emergency strategy to fight a disease killing 8,000 a day. “The lives of millions of people are at stake. This strategy demands massive and unconventional efforts to make sure they […]

William Maclean

Independent Plague on the Poor: How AIDS Divides the World

  IF HIV were just a bug that people were fighting against, it would be hard enough. But it is difficult not to think of the human immunodeficiency virus as an intelligent and calculating enemy: “This is one of the smartest viruses that people have ever seen,” says Lisa Price, the policy manager for the […]

Charles Arthur

IRISH INDEPENDENT 8,000 a Day Die from Scourge of AIDS

  THE United Nations has unveiled plans to rush life-saving anti-retroviralAIDS drugs to three million of the world’s poor in a Euro 5bn emergency strategy to fight a disease now killing 8,000 a day. “The lives of millions of people are at stake. This strategy demands massive and unconventional efforts to make sure they stay […]

Charles Arthur

Associated Press Vatican Calls Chastity Best Way to Fight AIDS

  Catholics for a Free Choice, a Catholic group that supports abortion rights, said it was launching an educational campaign Monday to correct the Vatican “misinformation” about the effectiveness of condoms. This article courtesy of the Associated Press.

United Press International Condom Ads Targeted at Catholics

  “Good Catholics Use Condoms” is the message of a new global public education effort beginning Dec. 1, on World AIDS Day. The campaign, a new phase in the Condoms4Life campaign, kicks off in Washington with provocative ads appearing in dioramas in the most highly used Metro stations in the U.S. capital. The campaign moves […]

Alex Cukan

Associated Press Nations Prepare for World AIDS Day

  Catholics for a Free Choice, a Catholic group that supports abortion rights, said it was launching an educational campaign today to correct the Vatican “misinformation” about the effectiveness of condoms. This article courtesy of the Associated Press.

Nicole Winfield

Press Association Catholic Group Challenges Vatican’s ‘Condoms Can Spread AIDS’ Claim

  A Catholic pressure group today launched a campaign in a bid to shatter Vatican claims that condoms do not prevent Aids. The Catholic Church stunned scientists and angered the World Health Organisation (WHO) in October by claiming that condoms had tiny holes in them which allowed the virus to pass through. The WHO called […]

Mark Sage

GAMBIT WEEKLY Conceiving Differences

  The controversy around emergency contraception is one part just plain confusion and one part Catholic Church law, which says that life begins at the moment that the sperm fertilizes the ova. The email received by Gambit Weekly had originated with Courtenay Mendell at the Blanco for Governor campaign, who had sent a message five days before […]

Katy Reckdahl

Los Angeles Times Church May Penalize Politicians

  Bishops are exploring requiring officeholders who are Catholic to back official doctrine. The three Catholics in the Democratic presidential primary quickly fired off statements supporting the Massachusetts high court ruling last week that same-sex couples have the right to marry. Sen. John F. Kerry of Massachusetts, Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio and retired […]

William Lobdell and Teresa Wantanabe

New York Times Don’t Tell the Pope

  Pope John Paul II would be scandalized if he came to the Roman Catholic hospital here in the poor southwestern part of El Salvador. Thank God! The Vatican is increasingly out of touch and exerts a reactionary — even, in this world of AIDS, deadly — influence on health policy in the developing world. […]

Nicholas D. Kristof

Religion News Service Cardinal Targeted for AIDS Statement

  As US Catholic bishops prepare to reinforce church prohibitions against birth control, some Catholic groups are asking church leaders to denounce statements by a Vatican official that condoms are ineffective in preventing sexual transmission of the AIDS virus. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops voted last week to issue a new statement against contraceptives. […]

GAY.COM Catholic Leader Condemns US Ruling

  A top Catholic theologian criticised the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage yesterday, saying it sanctioned a “moral disorder against God’s creative plan.” Gino Concetti, a theologian who writes for the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, has advised the pope on issues of human sexuality. Reuters describes his views as reflecting those of […]

Christopher Curtis

Agence France Presse Bush Must Ignore ‘Right’ on China Population Millions: Interfaith Group

  President George W. Bush must turn a deaf ear to supporters in the conservative Christian movement and stump up millions of dollars to support UN population programs in China, a multi-faith religious report said Wednesday. Bush’s decision last year to strip 34 million dollars in US funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) […]

AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTING COMPANY The Religion Report: Sex and the Holy City

  In the wake of a Vatican official’s recent claim that condoms do not protect against HIV transmission, we talk with Frances Kissling – President of Catholics for a Free Choice – and Sydney auxiliary bishop Anthony Fisher, about the implications of Vatican policy for health care in developing Catholic nations. Program Transcript Stephen Crittenden: Welcome […]

Stephen Crittenden, Host

THE INDEPENDENT (BANGLADESH) Vatican for Power Expansion in the EU

  A report released very recently in Washington DC by Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC) reveals the goals and methods of a well-funded and orchestrated campaign by the Vatican and Conservative Catholic allies to undermine the European Union’s support of sexual and reproductive health and rights. Members of the European parliament have come out […]

Dr. Maswoodur Rahman Prince

FORWARD Bush Policy Said to Fuel Coercion of Abortion

  U.S. Line Seen Propping China’s Population Curbs WASHINGTON — A coalition of pro-choice religious groups is accusing the White House of inadvertently helping to prop up Beijing’s coercive population-control policies. The coalition, composed of representatives from Jewish, Muslim and Christian groups, is urging Congress to restore funding to the United Nations Population Fund that […]

Ori Nir

Detroit News How Pope John Paul II Changed the World

  Commentators explore the influence of the first non-Italian pope in 455 years as he becomes the fourth-longest serving Roman Catholic Church leader The following are excerpts from commentary submissions to The Detroit News, web sites and wire services on the 25th anniversary of John Paul II’s papacy: Samuel Gregg, director of the Center for Economic […]

Canadian Press The Pope Must Give Direction and Isn’t out to Win Popularity: Canadian Bishop

  MONTREAL — Ask Canadian Catholics for their views on the social doctrines that marked Pope John Paul’s papacy and the responses are as varied as the subjects themselves. Whether it be the church’s position on same-sex marriage, euthanasia, divorce or sexual abuse by clergy, few simply shrug their shoulders in indifference. While liberals hoping for […]

American Prospect Bullies in the Pulpit

  Will a political Catholic Church help or hinder the GOP? In late January 2001, the new administration had barely unpacked when George W. and Laura Bush paid a friendly visit to Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the recently inaugurated leader of the Washington Archdiocese. On the heels of that supper, Karl Rove, together with Deal Hudson, […]

Sarah Wildman

KYODO NEWS SERVICE US Religious Leaders Probe Claims of Coerced Abortions in China

  U.S. religious leaders are touring China this week to investigate allegations that the U.N. Population Fund is supporting government-sponsored coercion in its family planning work. Because conservative American legislators oppose U.S. funding for the population fund, or UNFPA, nine religious leaders who lean in the U.N. agency’s favor came to China on Saturday and […]

Ralph Jennings

COPLEY NEWS SERVICE ‘Magdalene Sisters’ Awash in Controversy

  The Catholic Church needs another controversy like hell needs a heat wave – but that’s what it’s getting, courtesy of a film about the cruelty of nuns who ran laundry factories in Ireland. When it opened, “The Magdalene Sisters” brought to the theater screen a brutal, heart-wrenching depiction of an environment that was a […]

Sandi Dolbee

USA TODAY Shocking ‘Magdalene Sisters’ is Praised, Condemned

  A powerful movie about church-run laundries is putting the Catholic Church through the wringer. The Magdalene Sisters, Scottish director Peter Mullan’s exposé of laundries where about 30,000 “wayward” young Irish women were systematically abused, has won awards, condemnation and even an apology. “This is a film that points the finger at people within the […]

Andy Seiler

OTTAWA CITIZEN Nuns Who Were ‘Worse than the Taliban’

  The Magdalene Sisters, a new film that has angered the Vatican, is based partly on a book by a University of Guelph professor. The controversial film by Scottish actor-director Peter Mullan won the top awards at film festivals in Toronto and Venice, and depicts nuns’ abuse of three Irish girls whose families sent them […]

Bob Harvey

Washington Times Vatican Paper Condemns Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

  The Vatican came out swinging against homosexual “marriage” yesterday, calling it “a legalization of evil” and saying Catholic politicians have a “moral duty” to oppose it. The six-page document, “Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons” was written by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine […]

Julia Duin

American Prospect Abort Mission

  Can religion bolster support for abortion rights? During the last decade, efforts to chip away at abortion rights have often met with substantial success, and at least some pro-choice stalwarts have worried that their movement is losing steam. Of the many factors contributing to this situation, one often goes unnoticed by secular progressives: Abortion-rights […]

Miriam Markowitz

National Catholic Reporter Clash and Compromise: Ethics at Issue When Public Hospital is put in Catholic Hands

  When a Catholic health care network took over a community hospital here in 1995, the resulting clash over whether the hospital could continue providing sterilization and contraceptive services to its poor patients led to intense negotiations between the Catholic system, the city and the community. The unusual solution: the creation of a “hospital-within-a-hospital,” run […]

Suzanne Batchelor

National Catholic Reporter Group Pushes for Reproductive Services in Catholic Hospitals

  One of the most consistent critics of Catholic health care nationwide is the organization Catholics for a Free Choice. It describes itself as “an independent not-for-profit organization engaged in research, policy analysis, education and advocacy on issues of gender equality and reproductive health.” Its adversaries, such as the National Review Online’s Joel Mowbray, writing […]

Arthur Jones Maneuvering Womb

  On Tuesday, the Feminist Majority, Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women, and NARAL Pro-Choice America announced an abortion rights march on Washington. I’ve been interested in this issue for a long time (my book on it is coming out soon) because its political fate is so thoroughly driven by the way each side […]

William Saletan

PÚBLICO Católicos Fazem Campanha para Rever Estatuto do Vaticano na ONU

  Vários grupos católicos estão a promover uma campanha para que o Vaticano deixe de ter estatuto de Estado não-membro junto das Nações Unidas e passe a organização não-governamental (ONG). A iniciativa, já promovida nos Estados Unidos, foi agora lançada em França e tem um sítio disponível na Internet, onde se pode assinar a petição […]

Antonio Marujo

Washington Post McCarrick Issues Call to Arms on AIDS

  Washington area Roman Catholics were urged yesterday by their spiritual leader to develop a “culture of solidarity” with HIV/AIDS patients and to address the “crisis of values” that facilitates the spread of the disease. In a pastoral letter, Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, the archbishop of the Washington Archdiocese, also said that Catholics should “affirm […]

Caryle Murphy

L’express La Voix Contestee du Vatican

  Des associations reprochent au Saint-Siège ses positions et veulent remettre en question son statut d’Etat non membre observateur permanent aux Nations unies Créé en 1929, c’est le plus petit «pays» du monde – 0,44 kilomètre carré – mais pas le plus démocratique, d’autant qu’il est peuplé d’une poignée de citoyens temporaires presque tous masculins. […]

Marion Festraets

NERVY GIRL Mixing Medicine with Religion

  “Women of all faiths deserve better,” says Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC), a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group dedicated to issues of gender equality and reproductive health. The results of a study commissioned by the CFFC showed that an alarming number of hospitals owned by the Catholic Church are denying […]

Gina Daggett

CRAIN'S HEALTH PULSE Catholic Hospitals Take on Heavy Load

  A new study shows that the Catholic Church is the largest private provider of health care in New York state and handles a disproportionate number of Medicaid patients. The report, released by Catholics for a Free Choice, found that 41 of the state’s 269 hospitals are Catholic institutions, serving 7.9 million people annually. Catholic […]

ONEWORLD (THE NETHERLANDS) Katholiken willen kindermisbruik in de Kerk op agenda VN-top

  Afgevaardigden van het Vaticaan nemen volgende maand deel aan een belangrijke Kinderrechtenconferentie van de Verenigde Naties van 8 tot 10 mei in New York. Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC), een organisatie van progressieve Amerikaanse katholieken, eist dat het kindermisbruik in de Kerk op de agenda van de VN-top komt. ‘De Heilige Stoel moet […]

The Tablet A Hard Line on Family Ethics

  The Pontifical Council for the Family has published a “lexicon” of key terminology bearing on the family and human life. The volume, two years in the making, devotes 867 pages to the interpretation of 78 “ambiguous terms and discussion of the family, life and ethical question.” The lexicon, which is published in Italian, takes […]

Associated Press Abortion Leaders Say Landmark Ruling in Danger

  She was joined by former U.S. rep Connie Morella of Maryland, a Republican critical of President Bush for his opposition to abortion and who served in Congress for 16 years, and Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice. This article courtesy of the Associated Press.

Courier-Journal Coalition Raises Voice for Abortion Rights

  For some, it was George W. Bush’s election as president, and his potential to appoint a Supreme Court justice who could vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade. For others, it was a move on the state and national level to enact legislation making certain types of abortions illegal. For one, it was post-Sept. 11 […]

Chris Poynter

Courier-Journal Abortion Rights under Assault, Backers Say

  For some, it was George W. Bush’s election as president, and his potential to appoint a Supreme Court justice who could vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade. For others, it was a move on the state and national level to enact legislation making certain types of abortions illegal. For one, it was post-Sept. 11 […]

Chris Poynter

New York Times Surprise Mom, I’m Against Abortion

  For her high school class in persuasive speech, Afton Dahl, 16, chose to present an argument that abortion should be illegal. She graphically described the details of various abortion techniques, including facts about fetal heart development. “The baby’s heartbeat starts at around 12 to 18 days, so it’s murder to kill someone with a […]

Elizabeth Hayt

EUROPEAN SOCIALY POLICY Polish Abortion Ban Challenged

  Religious leaders, women’s rights groups and 150 leaders from 46 countries signed a letter* sent on February 19 to the president of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, urging him to reconsider reforming the country’s arcane anti-abortion laws. Religious signatories included representatives of the Catholic church as well as of the Muslim, Buddhist, Protestant and Jewish faiths. […]

CNN - CROSSFIRE Look at Latest Evidence Against Iraq

  GUESTS: Charles Rangel, Peter King, Frances Kissling, Rod Dreher, Maureen Orth By Paul Begala, Tucker Carlson (COMMERCIAL BREAK) BEGALA: Welcome back to CROSSFIRE. We’re coming to you live, as we do every night, from the George Washington University here in Foggy Bottom, Washington, D.C. This of course is home of the Colonials, that’s right. […]

Paul Begala, Tucker Carlson, hosts

Albuquerque Journal Catholic Activist to Honor Reproductive Care Providers

  As a Dublin teenager in the 1980s, Jon O’Brien began fighting for change in Ireland’s restrictive birth control laws. Nearly two decades later, O’Brien continues to work on behalf of women’s reproductive rights in America. He is vice president of the Washington, D.C.-based Catholics for a Free Choice. O’Brien will be in Albuquerque on […]

Paul Logan

Boston Globe Groups, Doctors Seek Wider Use of ‘Morning-After Pill’

  Doctors and women’s groups are pushing to widely expand use of the “morning-after pill” to prevent unwanted pregnancies, with prominent Boston physicians offering prescriptions to sexually active women to keep at home just in case, and Planned Parenthood planning to dispense pills through the Internet in Massachusetts beginning in March. “We’re talking a lot […]

Liz Kowalcyzk

DIGITAL FREEDOM NETWORK The Acceptance of Full Sexual Rights for Women Faces Many Barriers in Africa

  Most people are uncomfortable with the term “sexual rights.” This is not surprising given the fact that the issue of sex and sexuality is a taboo subject in many parts of the world. While such discomfort often stems from religious and cultural mores that are difficult to overcome, the need to respect women’s sexual […]

Shravanti Reddy

San Jose Mercury News Bishop Pushing Davis to Abandon Pro-Choice Stance

  Following on the heels of a Vatican directive, Sacramento’s Roman Catholic bishop is challenging Gov. Gray Davis to follow church teachings against abortion and pressuring him to abstain from communion until he has ”a change of heart.” Sacramento Bishop William K. Weigand warned Davis — as well as other Catholics — that he puts […]

Richard Scheinen

Women's E-News Catholic Hospitals Refuse Patients Contraception

  After the assault of rape, a victim often encounters this advice: Contact a trustworthy person, don’t shower and see a doctor immediately. Another practice, however, might soon become more commonly prescribed carefully consider the hospital in which to seek medical attention after a survey released in December found that many Roman Catholic hospitals deny […]

Megan Cooley

NEWS JOURNAL Catholic School’s Firing of Teacher Sparks Legal Debate

A teacher’s dismissal from an all-girls Catholic school in Wilmington has sparked a legal debate over whether a religious school may fire an instructor for professing beliefs outside the classroom that differ from church doctrine. Officials from Ursuline Academy contend that Michele Curay-Cramer, 31, who was fired on Monday after her name appeared on an […]

Murali Balaji

Chicago Tribune Prochoice Leaders Expect Court Wars: Late-term Abortion Law Seen as Likely

  Abortion-rights activists vowed Wednesday to beat back attempts to weaken a woman’s right to an abortion even as thousands of anti-abortion protesters swarmed the nation’s capital. The day after six Democratic presidential candidates promised to protect abortion rights, leaders of groups that support such rights said they are embarking on a legislative effort to […]

Jill Zuckman

Christian Science Monitor The Abortion Wars: 30 Years after Roe v. Wade

  Audrey Diehl will never forget the time her mother took her to an abortion-rights rally in downtown San Antonio. Ms. Diehl was 9 years old, and antiabortion protesters shoved posters of aborted fetuses in her face. But it wasn’t the images that upset the girl. It was “the act,” she says, “all that yelling.” […]

Linda Feldmann

Boston Globe 30 Years, 30 Million Women

  BOSTON – There was a moment last month when the Bush administration overturned Roe vs. Wade. You may not have noticed because it happened in Bangkok – out of sight, out of media mind. Our government went there to try to deep-six a U.N. agreement on family planning. After one of our delegates promoted […]

Ellen Goodman

The Independent Thirty Years after US Women Won the Right to Choose, the Fight over Abortion Continues

  TODAY, NORMA McCorvey is to deliver an emotional speech at a rally in Texas marking the 30th anniversary of the court ruling that gave American women the constitutional right to an abortion. She will say abortion is utterly wrong. “I’m 100 per cent pro-life. No exceptions. No compromise.” Thirty years ago Ms McCorvey, 55, […]

Andrew Buncombe

Chicago Tribune Abortion is Litmus Test for Candidates

  WASHINGTON — In 1976, when Rep. Henry Hyde of Illinois was a junior member of Congress, he was approached by a fellow Republican lawmaker who also opposed abortion, Rep. Robert Bauman of Maryland. Bauman told Hyde that there was $50 million in the federal budget to pay for abortions for Medicaid recipients. Bauman asked […]

Chicago Tribune Most Perceived Shades of Gray in Abortion

  Never again, vowed Mark Twarogowski after his college girlfriend became pregnant and she decided to have an abortion. Never again would he behave so irresponsibly or turn his back on a life he had helped create.Ask Twarogowski today how he views abortion, and he expresses distaste. “I don’t know any person who thinks abortion […]

Judith Graham

New York Times 30 Years after Abortion Ruling, New Trends but the Old Debate

  J’Vante Anderson is 16, the age her mother was when she had her first child. Growing up in one of Atlanta’s poorest neighborhoods, she has seen the cycle: teenage girl has baby, drops out of school, goes on welfare and raises a child who in turn becomes a teenage mother. “I want to break […]

Kate Zernike

The Economist The War that Never Ends – Abortion in America

  ANNIVERSARIES don’t get much more controversial than this. On January 22nd, America will mark the thirtieth anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that declared abortion a constitutional right. Anti-abortionists will march in Washington in their thousands, carrying gruesome photographs. Supporters of abortion rights will retort that Roe v Wade, the decision in question, was […]

National Catholic Reporter Politics and the Prolife Movement

John Cavanaugh O’Keefe–a 52-year-old Harvard graduate, Vietnam War conscientious objector, and longtime pro-life activist–fervently believes legalized abortion in the United States will end. But not in his lifetime. “The pro-life movement is going nowhere,” says O’Keefe. “After 30 years of work, the movement is dead.” O’Keefe is not alone. “It would be both untrue and […]

Joe Feuerherd

Associated Press Some with Gratitude, Some with Regret, Women Recall Their Long-Ago Abortions

Wall, 67, made a career of defending abortion rights, serving as director of several Planned Parenthood chapters, working with international family planning groups, and now – from a home in Yarmouth, Mass. – commuting to a part-time job at the Washington headquarters of Catholics For a Free Choice.   This article courtesy of the Associated […]

David Crary

SPOKESMAN-REVIEW Catholic Hospitals Violate State Law

  A pro-choice group says that six Washington state Catholic hospitals apparently are breaking state law by denying the “morning-after” pill to rape victims. The group surveyed 597 Catholic hospital emergency rooms, including 18 in Washington state and five in Idaho. Sacred Heart Medical Center, named as among those hospitals violating the law by Catholics […]

Catholics for Choice