In the News - 2005

Women's E-News Colombians Push Abortion onto National Agenda

  A 29-year-old lawyer in Colombia has filed a landmark case with the country’s Constitutional Court that seeks to decriminalize abortion in the predominantly Catholic nation. Women’s rights activists are cheering her on. BOGOTA, Colombia (WOMENSENEWS)–On Dec.12, Janneth Lozano joined yet another protest to decriminalize abortion in Colombia. It was five days after the nation’s […]

Nicole Karsin

Reuters Vatican Says Active Gays Not Welcome in Priesthood

  VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Practicing homosexuals, men with “deep-seated” gay tendencies and those who support gay culture should not be allowed to enter the Roman Catholic priesthood, according to an eagerly awaited Vatican document. But it will allow men who have “clearly overcome” homosexual tendencies for at least three years to proceed toward the […]

Philip Pullella

NPR/ JUSTICE TALKING The Supreme Court Tackles Abortion: A Look at Mandatory Parental Involvement Laws

  The Supreme Court Tackles Abortion: A Look at Mandatory Parental Involvement Laws • Listen to Full Program • Listen to MP3 Version • Join the Debate On This Topic • Learn more about individual program segments below.         Purchase the CD of The Supreme Court Tackles Abortion: A Look at Mandatory Parental Involvement Laws Overview In […]

The New Yorker The Right to Choose: Why the Democrats are Moving toward Compromise

  As Democrats regrouped after last year’s elections, Senator Charles Schumer, of New York, the chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, took up the task of preventing further Republican gains in 2006. The Democrats’ cause had been reduced to forty-five votes in the Senate, the Party’s smallest share in more than sixty years; losing […]

Peter J. Boyer

TIME MAGAZINE Talking Points: China and the US

  What should George W. Bush and Hu Jintao focus on in the all-important U.S.-China relationship? TIME asks the experts Father Paul A priest in China’s underground, non-approved Catholic Church I hope President Bush will use his influence to encourage Hu to establish diplomatic relations with the Vatican. That would be a way to promote genuine human […]

Anthony Spaeth The Comeback

  Reproductive rights groups rebound and gear up to stop the Roberts nomination. This summer, the reproductive rights movement has resembled nothing so much as an underdog prizefighter come out of retirement: They’ve been up! They’ve been down! They seem to be getting up again! They certainly came out swinging, making noise, getting people to […]

Rebecca Traister

DEUTSCHE WELLE Church Critics Ready to Rumble

  Catholic reformists bemoan the lack of discussion of controversial issues at WYD. At the youth gathering they have been going on the offensive from day one. The pilgrims arriving in Cologne on Monday morning were certainly left in no doubt. World Youth Day (WYD) information points at the railway station and throughout the city […]

Ranty Islam

ABC NEWS ‘Catholic Woodstock’ Activists Want Pope to Allow Condom Use

  Will Youth Coalition’s Protest Change the Church’s Stance on Sex? Several delegates to the 20th annual Catholic World Youth Day, a six-day gathering in Cologne, Germany, of thousands of young Catholics, are raising eyebrows with their vocal lobbying for the Vatican to drop its ban on condom use. Church experts say there’s little chance […]

Charlotte Sector

New York Times TV Ad Attacking Court Nominee Provokes Furor

  An advertisement that a leading abortion-rights organization began running on national television on Wednesday, opposing the Supreme Court nomination of John G. Roberts Jr. as one ”whose ideology leads him to excuse violence against other Americans,” quickly became the first flashpoint in the three-week-old confirmation process. Several prominent abortion rights supporters as well as […]

Linda Greenhouse

Los Angeles Times Faithful Furious Over Tactic

In 1994, then-Archbishop of Portland William Levada offered a simple answer for why the archdiocese shouldn’t have been ordered to pay the costs of raising a child fathered by a church worker at a Portland, Ore., parish. In her relationship with Arturo Uribe, then a seminarian and now a Whittier priest, the child’s mother had […]

William Lobdell

KNIGHT RIDDER Abortion Looms as Key Issue in Robert Confirmation Battle

  WASHINGTON – Abortion quickly emerged as the pivotal issue of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts’ confirmation battle as lawmakers and advocates on both sides of the aisle tried to read between the lines Thursday to determine whether he would work to overturn Roe v. Wade. Roberts’ sparse written record on abortion and his carefully […]

Shannon McCaffrey

NPR/ OPEN SOURCE Beyond Roe and Wade

  Listen Here. Is it possible to re-cast the debate on abortion? Are we stuck with the same arguments, framed thirty years ago and repeated at regular intervals since? John Roberts’s Supreme Court nomination is already reviving America’s favorite and most divisive political debate. In this country, abortion defines candidates and wins or loses elections, […]

Christopher Lydon

Boston Globe ‘Mother’ of All Justices

IF I HEAR one more person refer to Sandra Day O’Connor as the swing vote on the Supreme Court, I’ll ban him forever from my playground. I have a different metaphor for the first woman on the Supreme Court or, as she described herself archly, the FWOTSC. She’s the Justice of the Peace, occupying a […]

New York Times Even Former Skeptics are Warming up to Pope as Ex-Watchdog Turns Gentle

  The very name Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger — was once enough to provoke strong reactions among Roman Catholics: confidence among the more orthodox that the church stood for something firm, and fear among liberals of a harsh, closed-off faith. But in the two months since Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI, he has not evoked […]

Ian Fisher

TOMPAINE.COM Common Sense: Pope Watch

  Considering all the “fan” mail I got (and continue to get) for blogging about what I’d like to see during Pope Benedict XVI’s first 100 days (see the original post here), a link to a new website created by Catholics For A Free Choice is sure to get me more angry letters from people telling me to just leave […]

Laura Donnelly

NPR/ KOJO NNAMDI SHOW Pro-Choice Movement at a Crossroads

  Listen Here. A battle is brewing in the pro-choice community. Some argue undue loyalty to Roe v. Wade is preventing more effective strategies from working in the fight to ensure abortion rights. Confronting Roe‘s shortcomings — it’s an internal discussion many in the pro-choice community would prefer to avoid. Guests Jodi Enda, Journalist; Newsroom manager/editor, Washington Journalism […]

Kojo Nnamdi

Chicago Tribune Women Expect Little Change on Core Issues

  The election of the fiercely dogmatic Pope Benedict XVI dashed the dreams of many moderate American Catholics for a softening of the Vatican’s staunch opposition to female ordination and artificial contraception, two of the most challenging and divisive issues involving women and the church.At the same time, however, some Catholics hold out the possibility […]

Lisa Anderson

Reuters Liberal US Catholics Dismayed at Choice of Pope

  BOSTON (Reuters) – Liberal U.S. Catholics on Tuesday expressed dismay at the choice of a conservative new pope and doubted he will heal an institution racked by disillusionment and tarnished by a sex abuse scandal among the clergy. The election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI rankled those who advocate married priests, […]

Greg Frost

Ms. Magazine Backtalk: Why Choice Matters

  OVER THE LAST 20 YEARS, I HAVE ORGANIZED AND participated in rallies in support of women’s reproductive rights. As a Catholic woman, I have tried to explain my strong support of reproductive freedom by telling the stories of women I know and love. With the new Republican anti-choice majority, abortion-rights supporters must prepare for […]

Donna Brazile

Washington Post Dispensing Morality

  BOSTON — To begin with, I don’t believe that anyone should be compelled to do work he or she regards as unethical. History is full of heroes who rebelliously followed their consciences. It’s also full of people who shamefully followed orders. For that matter, I believe that companies and institutions should have a code […]

Ellen Goodman

NBC NEWS Pope Beloved, but Criticized, by Many

  His was a papacy of triumph and bitter disappointment. Pope John Paul II was embraced by multitudes, like college sophomore Henry Shea. “In many ways, I think he re-invigorated the church,” says Shea. But he also alienated others: Life-long Catholic Serra Sippel was so angered by his teachings, she quit going to Mass. “I […]

Bab Faw

Reuters Crowds Salute Pope

  VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – A swelling tide of faithful have flowed past Pope John Paul’s body in an outpouring of affection to repay the Polish Pontiff who reached out to millions during his many travels. Hundreds of thousands lined up for hours to pay homage to the third-longest reigning pope, whose crimson-robed body lay […]

Philip Pullella and Estelle Shirbon

UPI Analysis: Contraceptive Rx Ordered Filled

  Chicago, IL — Reproductive-rights groups praised Gov. Rod Blagojevich for issuing an emergency order barring Illinois druggists from refusing to dispense birth control to women seeking contraceptives, but his decision is not without controversy. Blagojevich, a leader in national efforts to get the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to approve prescription-drug imports from Canada […]

Al Swanson

Reuters Women Critics Say Pope Left Them Out

  NEW YORK (Reuters) – Pope John Paul II won a reputation as a crusader for human rights during his long papacy, butreform-minded Catholic women think he left out half of humanity along the way. The Polish pontiff was a staunch defender of traditional Church policies on women, refusing to consider ordaining thempriests or approving […]

Martha Graybow Morality Play

  By acknowledging painful emotional truths about abortion, pro-choice activists have reenergized their movement. But is all the talk about fetuses overshadowing women’s rights? Abortion-rights supporter Elizabeth Weisbrot (left) at a Jan. 22 rally in San Francisco. An antiabortion protester in front of the U.S. Supreme Court Jan. 24. When Hillary Clinton addressed the Family […]

Rebecca Traister Looking Abortion in the Face

  My second-trimester baby had a genetic abnormality, and I decided to terminate my pregnancy. I know exactly what I did, I wept for the fetus I killed — and I have no regrets. The pro-choice and anti-choice world is abuzz with debate and discussion about Frances Kissling’s 7,500-word essay titled “Is There Life After […]

Ayelet Waldman
Catholics for Choice