In the News - 2017

Loyola Phoenix Loyola Students React to Reproductive Rights Legislation

The Donald Trump administration’s plan to rollback birth control access, along with Gov. Bruce Rauner’s signature of a bill to increase taxpayer funding of abortion procedures, sparked reactions both nationally and within the Loyola community. The Trump administration expanded employer rights Oct. 6 to deny contraceptive insurance coverage, contradicting a Sept. 28 bill signed by […]

Mary Norkol

Religion Dispatches Three Takeaways from the Contraceptive Mandate Religious Liberty Debacle

There were two major winners in Trump’s long-expected executive order to gut ObamaCare’s contraceptive mandate:  the Catholic bishops, who ginned up this particular culture-war debacle in the first place, and the evangelical right, which was happy to take up the fight once they realized it meant limiting women’s reproductive choices. Losers, of course, are the […]

Patricia Miller

WOMEN'S MEDIA CENTER Can Trump really take away contraceptive coverage?

The Trump administration has issued new rules (known as the Moral Exemptions Rule and the Religious Exemptions Rule) creating broad exemptions that will allow employers, health insurance providers, and universities to use religious belief as an excuse to deny contraception coverage to its employees, students, and insurance beneficiaries. “The scope of this is truly shocking,” […]

Susan Buttenwieser

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Dioceses, Geneva College see win in new Trump rules

Attorneys representing Western Pennsylvania religious groups are all but declaring victory in their longstanding lawsuits over an Obamacare contraception mandate after the Trump administration announced Friday that it was reversing the mandate. There are details to work out in court, but the U.S. government has come around to the point of view of those representing […]

Peter Smith

Associated Press Trump lets more employers choose not to cover workers’ birth control

President Donald Trump is allowing more employers to opt out of providing no-cost birth control to women by claiming religious or moral objections, issuing new rules Friday that take another step in rolling back the Obama health care law. The new policy is a long-expected revision to federal rules that require most companies to cover […]

Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar

The Tablet Trump Administration Issues New Contraceptive With Greater Religious Exemptions

The Trump administration announced Oct. 6 that it is ending the requirement for employers to provide birth control coverage in their health insurance plans if it violates “sincerely held religious beliefs.” Widely known as the HHS contraceptive mandate, the requirement from the Department of Health and Human Services, was one of the most controversial elements […]

Christopher White

The Guardian How Trump signed a global death warrant for women

Six months ago, one powerful white man in the White House, watched by seven more, signed a piece of paper that will prevent millions of women around the world from deciding what they can and can’t do with their own bodies. In that moment, on his very first Monday morning in office, Donald Trump effectively signed the death […]

Sarah Boseley

Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Ploumen visits Catholics for Choice to discuss #SheDecides

Catholics for Choice President Jon O’Brien met with Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, women’s rights advocate, and fellow Catholic Lilianne Ploumen today at the Catholics for Choice office. During the meeting, opportunities for further cooperation regarding access to safe abortion, contraceptives, and other women’s health priorities were discussed, as well as Minister […]

National Catholic Reporter Lay groups lament Paprocki’s decree denying same-sex spouses Eucharist

Although response from Catholic clergy has been muted in the wake of Springfield, Illinois, Bishop Thomas Paprocki’s June 12 decree that prohibits Catholics in “same-sex ‘marriage’ ” from receiving Communion, lay organizations have been vocal about their disdain for the decree. The decree bars Catholics in same-sex marriages from receiving Communion as well as from receiving “ecclesiastical […]

Kristen Whitney Daniels

National Catholic Reporter We are having another Fortnight for Freedom, but we shouldn’t

Another Fortnight for Freedom is coming up. Once again, we as U.S. Catholics are directed to consider to what extent the practice of our faith is being infringed upon by our government. While the Catholics for Choice organization is not well thought of in many Catholic circles, the Baltimore Sun editorial provides many points that are worthy […]

Pat Perriello

Legislative Gazette Clergy join lawmakers to protest federal actions on women’s health care

Religious leaders representing hundreds of Jewish, Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopalian and Unitarian congregations joined Sen. Liz Krueger and Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee in Albany to show support for women’s health care and reproductive rights. “As pastors, we believe in New Yorkers’ ability to get the health care that is supported by their religious teachings and personal beliefs,” […]

Sarah Eames

Washington Post Democrats’ two biggest opponents ahead of 2018 may be time and themselves

When House Republicans posted enough votes to pass their plan to revamp the nation’s health-care system Thursday, Democrats broke out into song. So convinced it was a political loser, Democratic lawmakers sang “Nah Nah Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” the way victorious sports fans jeer their opponents. Their head of candidate recruitment guaranteed that Republicans […]

Paul Kane

Huffington Post Nancy Pelosi Is Under Fire For Tolerating Anti-Abortion Democrats

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has always been a close ally of the abortion rights movement, but several feminist leaders turned on her this week after she said the Democratic Party should continue to be inclusive of anti-abortion candidates. “Courting social conservatives by selling out women is not a winning campaign strategy but a morally bankrupt […]

Daniel Marans and Laura Bassett

THE IRISH INDEPENDENT Irish experience of church’s role in healthcare is mirrored in US

Ireland is not the only country grappling with a Catholic influence on public healthcare. So are our American cousins. One in six hospital beds there is Catholic-owned or affiliated, as are four of the top 10 healthcare systems in America, according to a report published by the Catholics for Choice organisation. The Catholic bodies operate […]

Maeve Sheehan

Religion Dispatches The Problem with Moral Nuance On Abortion For Democrats

The New York Times received numerous responses to an opinion piece it recently published—from a man—about how the Democratic Party should tone it down on abortion to win back Catholic voters. So, being the Times, and obviously committed to diversity and airing opinions from a range of voices, it decided to run a follow-on piece discussing the responses—from two men. So we […]

Patricia Miller

In Depth News U.S. Reasoning Behind Cutting Funds to UNFPA Challenged

Voicing “deep regret” at the United States decision to cut financial support to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has appealed to donors to increase their support for the UN Population Agency to allow it to continue its critical work. Strongly criticising the U.S. decision, Catholics for Choice said the announcement […]

J. Nastranis

WOMEN'S MEDIA CENTER Unthinkable: What If Roe Is Overturned?

Prior to 1973, an estimated 1.2 million women in the U.S. had illegal abortions each year, resulting in 5,000 annual deaths. Legal abortion was available in only 17 states. After the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide, deaths from the procedure were almost completely eliminated. Since Donald Trump’s surprise election, […]

Susan Buttenwieser

Inquisitr Many who March For Life Ignore Healthcare for the Living

Thousands of anti-abortion advocates marched in Washington, D.C., on Friday as part of the March for Life, a yearly protest against legal abortion that has taken place since 1974, a year after the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision recognized a woman’s right to privacy includes the right to make her own medical decisions, including […]

Rob Cotton

Austin Chronicle Questions of Church-State Separation at Dell Seton Medical Center

Driving down 15th Street near Red River, passersby have grown accustomed to the parking cones, forklifts, and sounds of rapid construction. But in Feb­ru­ary, that clatter should end, and by May give way to a sleek, state-of-the-art teaching hospital: The Dell Seton Medical Center will stand alongside the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical […]

Mary Tuma

The Guardian Women’s March on Washington set to be one of America’s biggest protests

It began as a spontaneous feminist rallying cry via social media. It has morphed into what is expected to be one of the largest demonstrations in American history – a boisterous march about a smorgasbord of progressive issues, and an extraordinary display of dissent on a president’s first day in office peppered with knit pink […]

Joanna Walters

Huffington Post Pope Francis Completely Trivializes The Reasons Why Women Seek Abortions

In the years since his election, Pope Francis has appeared to soften the church’s historically punitive tone towards women who have had abortions. But one thing he hasn’t done is change traditional church doctrine on this complex and evolving issue. The message of the church is still the same ― that abortion is a grave sin. […]

Carol Kuruvilla
Catholics for Choice