Letters & Op-Eds - 2002

ENTRE NOUS Upholding a Culture of Life

There is a tragic irony in the institutional Catholic church’s role in the world community of health care providers.While the institutional church is a major provider of health care around the world – especially to those living in impoverished communities – its policies contribute to serious health care problems, namely the spread of HIV/AIDS and […]

Frances Kissling

MS. NEWS Cardinals’ Sins, Clerical Crimes

Can there be anyone left who does not know that the Roman Catholic Church is in the throes of perhaps the greatest crisis of moral credibility it has faced in centuries? Thousands of articles in the U.S. press reported on thousands of cases of molestation of children and teens by Roman Catholic priests, including some […]

Frances Kissling

Washington Times Abstinence Advocates Should Take Note of Church Scandal

To the Editor: On April 3, you reported that Republicans plan to hold hearings touting the success of abstinence-only programs in persuading young girls to remain abstinent until marriage (“Initiative touts schooling to abstain,” Nation). While many reports have shown that such programs are not successful, the most vivid example of the failure of abstinence-only […]

Frances Kissling

Conscience Abuse of Power Comes as No Surprise

As Conscience goes to press, the Catholic church is in the midst of a crisis that has profoundly eroded the moral credibility of church leaders. The case of a defrocked pedophile priest in the Archdiocese of Boston who abused more than 100 boys and young men over a 30-year period and the continuing cover-up by archdiocesan officials, […]

Frances Kissling

Washington Post Health Care for Zygotes

Now that the Department of Health and Human Services is prepared to insure fetuses as if they were persons from the moment of conception, it is obviously time for the Social Security Administration to change all our ages and use our conception dates as the starting point for eligibility for benefits and for the IRS […]

Frances Kissling

New York Times Catholics and Divorce

To the Editor: Challenging the idea that Pope John Paul II’s approach to divorced and remarried Roman Catholics has been compassionate are punishing facts (“John Paul Says Catholic Bar Must Refuse Divorce Cases,” news article, Jan. 29). The 1994 beatification of Elisabetta Canori Mora is illustrative. Mora was beatified because she chose to stay in […]

Frances Kissling
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