Letters & Op-Eds - 2003

National Catholic Reporter Word from Rome: Condom Criticism

Note: This piece by Frances Kissling appeared as part of John L. Allen, Jr.’s “Word from Rome” column in the National Catholic Reporter. Two weeks ago I carried an item about Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo’s comments to the BBC on condoms and their alleged defects in blocking transmission of HIV. The item brought this response […]

Frances Kissling

DIE WELT Das Geswissen katholischer Frauen

Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass die römisch-katholische Amtskirche die Abtreibung verurteilt: Ein Schwangerschaftsabbruch, auch wenn er dazu dient, das Leben der Frau zu retten, sei moralisch niemals gerechtfertigt und sollte niemals legal durchgeführt werden können. Genauso wenig ist es ein Geheimnis, dass die meisten Katholikinnen und Katholiken weltweit die offizielle Lehre der Kirche in Sachen […]

Elfriede Harth

Boston Globe Bush Cripples His AIDS Initiative

I was stunned and delighted when President George W. Bush announced in his State of the Union address that he planned a major commitment to fighting AIDS. A five-year, $15 billion program of treatment and care for those infected and even some modest support for condom education and distribution–it sounded like something that I, a […]

Frances Kissling


“For some women, reproductive choice means access to contraception and abortion to prevent unwanted births, a choice that is unavailable or insecure in much of the world. For other women choice means the opportunity to bear children, an option denied to millions by forced sterilization,population control policies, and state determination of family size.” — Estelle […]

Frances Kissling
Catholics for Choice