Letters & Op-Eds - 2004

The Nation Sex and the Clergy

Exit poll results indicating that 22 percent of voters ranked moral values as the most important factor in their support for a presidential candidate have occupied more than their fair share of media attention. While the religious right has seized on the results as a vindication of their opposition to gay marriage and abortion rights, […]

Frances Kissling

Washington Times Pro-choicer misunderstood

I was pleased to see coverage of my views as i outlined them article in Conscience magazine. My views lay out new ideas on balancing women’s rights and fetal value in both moral and legal terms (“Pro-choicers told to rethink,” Nation, Monday). Perceptions of those who are opposed to and in favor of the legality […]

Frances Kissling

Washington Post Courting the ‘Values Voters

Progressive male Christian leaders say that if the Democratic Party opened its doors and welcomed pro-life Democrats, it would work wonders among centrist evangelicals and Catholics [“Liberal Christians Challenge ‘Values Vote,’ ” Nov. 10]. What might actually work wonders would be some humility on the part of these clerics. If the nearly all-male club of […]

Frances Kissling

Wausau Daily Herald God Squad, Catholics Mistaken on Rape

A recent “God Squad” column published in the Wausau Daily Herald addressed the fears of a young woman about to enter college who sought advice on using birth control as a preventive measure to reduce the chance of pregnancy in the event that she is assaulted. According to a Bureau of Justice National Crime Victimization […]

Frances Kissling

Catholics for Free Choice Archie Bunker: Vatican Theologian

A gender analysis of the Vatican’s statement on “active collaboration” between men and women would show that it is the Vatican, not feminists, that fosters antagonism between men and women and diminishes the dignity of both. When I opened the link to the just released Vatican statement on relations between men and women, I passed […]

Frances Kissling

Catholics for Free Choice Some Reflections on Prayer Cards: What the Problem?

Recently, some anti-women’s rights groups and a few moderates in the Catholic community have expressed outrage that Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir (an independent prochoice organization in Mexico that is part of Catholics for a Free Choice’s international network) has developed a prayer card for women who are considering or have had abortions. The […]

Frances Kissling

Newsday Hope for Church

To the Editor: The electoral season is upon us again, and in no place do we see more backroom politicking than in the diocesan chanceries around the country [“Bishops’ order debated,” News, May 25]. The article accurately describes the discomfort many feel when bishops use Communion as a political weapon against pro-choice Catholic politicians. Recent […]

Frances Kissling

San Francisco Chronicle Politicizing the Sacraments

There is something disturbing about the media watch on whether Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, will receive communion at Mass. The specter of paparazzi seeking photos of what most Catholics see as a private and sacred moment is unsettling. Yet even more disturbing than this media circus is […]

Frances Kissling

Washington Post Abortion, Politics and Faith

To the Editor: While it is understandable that John F. Kerry makes some church leaders uncomfortable, the source of that discomfort is political, not theological [“For Catholic Politicians, a Hard Line,” Outlook, April 11]. The bishops and the Vatican have limited legitimate canon law options for dealing with Catholics who disagree with church suggestions. It is […]

Frances Kissling

Irish Times Kerry and Communion

The situation vis a vis US senator and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and his eligibility to receive the sacrament of communion is slightly less contentious than depicted in Ian Kilroy’s report “Kerry defies prelates over communion” (The Irish Times, April 14th). In fact, neither the Archbishop of Boston nor the Cardinal of Washington, […]

Frances Kissling

Miami Herald Agency Deserves US Money and Help

We — a Muslim, a Jew and a Christian — sometimes see things differently, but not when it comes to saving women’s lives and expanding their rights and choices. As Americans, we have new evidence from China that could help the United States do just that. We hope that President Bush will consider the fresh […]

Nazir Khaja, Nancy Kipnis and Frances Kissling
Catholics for Choice