Letters & Op-Eds - 2005

The Economist Catholic Choice

SIR – It is important to note that Colombia’s Catholics, who comprise 90% of the population, support the liberalisation of its abortion laws (“Last bastions”, October 8th). A poll, conducted by Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir (Catholics for the Right to Decide), in September 2003 demonstrated that the vast majority of Colombians support access […]

Frances Kissling

TIME MAGAZINE ASIA Talking Points: China and the US

What should George W. Bush and Hu Jintao focus on in the all-important U.S.-China relationship? TIME asks the experts Father Paul A priest in China’s underground, non-approved Catholic Church I hope President Bush will use his influence to encourage Hu to establish diplomatic relations with the Vatican. That would be a way to promote genuine human rights, […]

Frances Kissling

Salon Getting Religion

Democratic guru Jim Wallis’ strategy to woo “values voters” compromises on abortion in unacceptable ways. Editor’s note: An expanded version of this article will appear in the autumn 2005 issue of Conscience. I was sitting in a Senate meeting room a few months ago when I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand […]

Frances Kissling

Center for American Progress The American Family: Building a Foundation for Real Democracy and Freedom

For progressives, Independence Day offers an opportunity to recommit ourselves to creating a more equitable, caring, peaceful, truly democratic, and free society. Today, these goals are seriously threatened, both in the United States and worldwide. We are at a historic juncture where we are challenged to go deeper. It is a time to assess what […]

Frances Kissling and Riane Eisler

Seattle Times Study in Catastrophe

Deadly simple “The ABCs of fighting the spread of AIDS in Africa” [syndicated column, June 17], Kathryn Lopez’s cynical interpretation of Elton John’s remarks concerning the invitation to Pope Benedict XVI to the upcoming Live 8 concert, demonstrates a willful disregard of epidemiological studies and a lack of understanding of the complexity of HIV/AIDS prevention […]

Frances Kissling

Washington Post Pro-Life, Pro-Choice-Common Ground

To the Editor: Who are these abortion rights groups that EJ Dionne  stereotypes as “worrying…that anyone suggesting abortion is a problem undercuts the prochoice view” (“Centrist courage on abortion,” May 17, 2005)?  I’m tired of this bashing of prochoice groups.  Few are absolutist on abortion or unaware of the moral value of working to reduce […]

Frances Kissling

Salon The Church Will Continue to Suffer

Father Andrew Greeley, sociologist and author of “Priests: A Calling in Crisis” Why did the new pope choose a name that only one pope in the last 100 years used? Cardinal Giacomo della Chiesa became Pope Benedict XV in 1914 and died in 1922. He did his best to prevent and then end the Great […]

Frances Kissling, et al

Catholics for Free Choice Uniting a Divided Church: Challenges for Pope Benedict XVI in the Next One Hundred Days

The election of Pope Benedict XVI, the former Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, is a strong sign that dissension within the Roman Catholic church will continue. While the election of a new pope held out the promise of a new era for the church, the cardinal’s historic role as a disciplinarian means the church has maintained the […]

Elfriede Harth


Let’s face it: Anyone I would want to be pope is not going to get elected. I’m not even sure I want a pope. I spent my first 20 adult years looking for an unjust government I could overthrow without getting thrown in jail and finally found it in the Vatican. I’ve spent the last […]

Frances Kissling

New York Times Getting Proscriptions at the Pharmacy

To the Editor: Re ”Moralists at the Pharmacy” (editorial, April 3): The growing obeisance to the so-called conscience concerns of pharmacists who object to filling birth control prescriptions reveals a lack of respect for the conscience — and religious freedom — of women who believe that acting morally means making conscientious decisions about bringing children […]

Frances Kissling

American Prospect Forbid Me, Father

I spent the weekend watching Pat Robertson, Henry Kissinger, George W. Bush, and dozens of others laud the contributions of Pope John Paul II to the downfall of communism and the promotion of human rights; they hailed his clarion call to fight Third World poverty and his uncompromising commitment to respect the dignity of every […]

Frances Kissling

Salon A Divider, Not a Uniter

The charismatic Pope John Paul II chose not to engage all Catholics, and so leaves a tragic legacy of missed opportunity that has ultimately damaged the church. The death of friends, family and larger-than-life public persons is a time of great reflection — on the past, on our own lives and on the future. I […]

Frances Kissling

Christian Science Monitor ‘Moral Trickle Down’ and Intricacies of Abortion Debate

David Garrow is concerned about the direction of pro-choice discourse. He cites my work – which calls for public moral consideration of both women’s rights and fetal value – calling it risky for pro-choice groups. He prefers older messages, which he believes are more powerful, such as “every child a wanted child,” which stress the […]

Frances Kissling
Catholics for Choice