Letters & Op-Eds - 2007

Independent Catholics defy Vatican ban on Amnesty over stance on abortion

Sir: Your leading article, “A singular lack of compassion”, (15 June) is exactly right. The Vatican’s teachings on reproductive rights do irreparable harm to women’s health the world over. But we may take solace, because individual Catholics are unlikely to obey the cardinal’s instruction to stop funding Amnesty International over its recent decision to support […]

Jon O'Brien

New York Times The Mass In Latin (Redux)

To the Editor: John L. Allen Jr. gets it wrong when he predicts that the ”Catholic left” will decry the pope’s forthcoming decision to liberalize the use of the Latin Mass as a step back into traditionalism (”The Pope’s Language Lesson,” Op-Ed, May 30). Indeed, many of us will welcome the fact that someone as […]

Jon O'Brien

ABORTION REVIEW Abortion: What do Catholics really think?

Jon O’Brien, President of Catholics for a Free Choice, explains why the notion that all Catholics are opposed to abortion is just plain wrong. As an Irish Catholic I know it would make Henry VIII lose his cool, if not his head. After successfully carrying out the Reformation and foiling Guy Fawkes, the British establishment […]

Jon O'Brien

National Catholic Reporter Prevention, not prohibition, is the way forward

The Supreme Court’s decision to outlaw an abortion procedure used in later term pregnancies has rightly received a lot of attention. While the ruling reached in Gonzalez v. Carhart will do nothing to reduce the number of abortions, it will certainly invigorate the anti-choice lobby and we can expect to see fervent efforts at the […]

Jon O'Brien

Mother Jones No Choice on Taxes

Troy Newman may have been less than honest in dealing with women ringing him at his new offices (“Born-Again Abortion Clinics,” by Josh Harkinson ), but happily he can no longer be economical with the truth on tax-free dollars. Last September 11 last, the Internal Revenue Service withdrew Operation Rescue’s 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status. While […]

Jon O'Brien

EU OBSERVER One religion should not be singled out in Europe

The pope may believe that the European Union is “doing good for no one” by not acknowledging Europe’s Christian heritage in the recent Berlin Declaration, but the reality is somewhat different. Europe is a very different place than it was 10 years ago, let alone 50. Europe also faces many, many challenges. By singling out […]

Jon O'Brien

THE SCOTSMAN Women Need Amnesty International to Support Abortion Rights

Dr. Carmen Valenzuela-Dall, a pediatrician, is senior program officer in the international department at Catholics for a Free Choice and a commissioner of the Women’s Commission for Refugee Women & Children. As the United Kingdom branch of Amnesty International considers this week whether to include access to abortion in the list of rights that it supports […]

Dr. Carmen Angélica Valenzuela


To the Editor Why is it that conservative Catholics like Kathryn Jean Lopez (“Real Catholics still believe,” March 9, 2007) seem hell bent on making the Catholic church smaller and even more small minded than it is today? The majority of Catholics do not share her ultra-orthodox take on the world or on our religion. […]

Jon O'Brien
Catholics for Choice