Letters & Op-Eds - 2011

Washington Post - Acts of Faith On family planning, does the Catholic Church represent Catholics?

John Garvey’s op-ed, “HHS’s birth-control rules intrude on Catholic values,” makes some assertions that do not hold up to scrutiny. In fact, millions of Catholics—theologians and laypeople alike—have lauded the inclusion of women’s preventive healthcare coverage as respectful of Catholic values. The Catholic University of America (CUA) president asserted that the Department of Health and Human […]

Jon O'Brien

Louisville Courier-Journal ‘Out-of-touch’ beliefs

The news of yet another merger between a Catholic hospital and a non-Catholic hospital — which always hit poor women hardest — makes for sobering reading (“Hospital merger limits medical options: Catholic rules will bar tubal ligations at University hospital,” July 17). The U.S. bishops have failed to persuade Catholics to follow their lead in […]

Jon O'Brien

DES MOINES REGISTER Many things factor into one’s conscience

Bishop Richard Pates presents a very one-sided view of the church’s teachings on conscience (“Protect Life and the Right to Follow Our Conscience,” May 13). Catholic teachings on conscience, which stretch back to the earliest days of the church, are far more nuanced than presented in his article. One’s conscience can be guided, but never […]

Jon O'Brien

Religion Dispatches Where’s the Catholic ‘Conscience’ in Opposition to Planned Parenthood?

In 1970, President Richard Nixon placed such a high priority on family planning that he approved the Title X program to make contraception available to low-income women. Another prominent Republican supporter of the policy, the future President George H.W. Bush, said at the time, “We need to take sensationalism out of this topic so that […]

Jon O'Brien

NEPSZABADSAG The Hungarian Trojan Horse

Read the article in Hungarian below or on the Népszabadság website. A Trojan horse has arrived outside the gates of Hungarian society. It appears in the form of an apparently benign attempt to reform and modernize the constitution. But the possible implications of this modernization are horrendous for all Hungarians. To explore what these implications are, I want you […]

Jon O'Brien

New York Times Abortion and the Bishops

  To the Editor: Re “Clergy Urge Efforts to Lower the City’s Abortion Rate” (news article, Jan. 7): If Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan is “embarrassed” about the abortion rate in New York City, perhaps he should do more than pontificate on the matter with vague offers of help to pregnant women. What about those who […]

Jon O'Brien
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