Letters & Op-Eds - 2014

New York Times On Abortion, Words Are Weapons

To the Editor: Re “Advocates Shun ‘Pro-Choice’ to Expand Message” (news article, July 29): As a lifetime advocate for women’s health, I fear that your article may give rise to a misperception about the reality of abortion rights advocacy by highlighting the campaign strategy of one organization, Planned Parenthood. I grew up before abortion became […]

Washington Post After Hobby Lobby, What Next for Employees?

To the Editor: E.J. Dionne is right that the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case created “an entirely new legal regime” [“Supreme Court reveals its class bias,” op-ed, July 3]. But the fault lies in the one area that Mr. Dionne lauded: the Obama administration’s history of bending over backward to appease religious […]

New York Times A New Kind of Church, Led by Pope Francis

To the Editor: Members of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops are sorely mistaken if they think that buying smaller houses and cars will alleviate the disappointment that many Catholics have in our leaders (“U.S. Bishops Seek to Match Vatican in Shifting Tone,” front page, June 13). It’s true that Pope Francis has shifted […]

Baltimore Sun Whose freedom are the bishops protecting?

The rallying cry “freedom to serve” will soon be heard in Baltimore as the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and its Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty launches its annual “Fortnight for Freedom” campaign tomorrow. If you think this is an odd phrase to refer to the demand that religious employers be exempt […]

Cincinnati Enquirer Our bishops out of touch with everyday Catholics

I very much appreciated Peggy Hanna’s response to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s draconian morality clause. (“Morality clause has nothing to do with morals,” April 1). It encapsulates what it means to be Catholic in America today, where our bishops are out of touch with the everyday lives of Catholics. We know that 99 percent of […]

Jon O'Brien

Ahora Si Consequencias al redefinir la libertad religiosa

No debe haber una prueba religiosa para trabajar como empleada de una tienda de artesanías o como fabricante de gabinetes. Ni tampoco debe haber una prueba religiosa para poder tener acceso a una atención médica básica que incluya anticonceptivos. Sin embargo, eso es lo que algunos extremistas religiosos están pidiendo: redefinir la libertad religiosa para […]

Kathy Miller y Sara Hutchinson

Austin American-Statesman Supreme Court decision in birth control cases could redefine religious freedom in America

As President John F. Kennedy reminded in Houston in 1960, “There was no religious test at the Alamo.” There also shouldn’t be a religious test to work as a craft-store clerk, cabinetry maker, cemetery groundskeeper or nursing home attendant — or to have access to basic health care like birth control and family planning services. […]

Kathy Miller and Sara Hutchinson

New York Times Being a Catholic in the Time of Francis

To the Editor: Peter Manseau raises several important issues in “What It Means to Be Catholic Now” (Op-Ed, March 10), not least the question “Who is a Catholic?” Catholicism has long been defined by the Latin phrase “in varietate concordia” — “unity in diversity.” All Catholics are connected by the requirement to follow our consciences […]

Jon O'Brien

Legislative Gazette Bosses should not dictate their employees’ healthcare decisions

The newly introduced “Boss Bill” is an important step in ensuring that bosses’ personal religious beliefs do not trump a woman’s healthcare needs and access to necessary care. It protects women and families from government sanctioned religious intrusion into their private lives and protects the fundamental right of New Yorkers — and Americans—to follow our […]

Sara Hutchinson

Religion News Service COMMENTARY: The Catholic case for contraception coverage

The ongoing debate about the state of religious freedom in the United States is riddled with distortion and half-truths. There is certainly an important debate to be had, but sadly it’s not the one we hear much about. Much of the current debate centers on the requirement for insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, […]

Jon O'Brien

The New Yorker Words and deeds

  James Carroll’s article about Pope Francis includes several compelling details, not least that Mary McAleese, the former President of Ireland, called for the Pope to involve ordinary Catholics in the 2014 synod on the family (“Who Am I to Judge?,” December 23rd & 30th). There is a precedent for such involvement. In the nineteen-sixties, […]

Jon O'Brien

New York Times Pope’s View of Women

To the Editor: Re “Pope’s Voice Is Resonating in the Capitol” (front page, Jan. 6): Like many American Catholics, I have been delighted by the new pope. Francis’s request for the crowd’s blessing when he first appeared above St. Peter’s Square was startling after so many years of hierarchical arrogance and authoritarianism in Rome and […]

Janet Gallagher
Catholics for Choice