Letters & Op-Eds - 2018

The Hill Our values are at stake with Kavanaugh’s nomination

Advocates in Washington, D.C. are no doubt watching every word from Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination proceedings to parse out what he says or doesn’t say about reproductive freedoms and other progressive causes. But ultimately we know that much of the posturing taking place during these proceedings is simply that — posturing and pageantry to appear as […]

Jon O'Brien

The Hill The arc of moral progress may be long, but Argentina’s women will prevail

Last week’s vote in Argentina’s Senate — which struck down the chance to legalize abortion — was a disappointment for millions of Argentinians and reproductive rights advocates around the world. But it was also an outcome that is not easily explained away. As we saw in Chile, my native Ireland and Argentina, many Catholic majority […]

Jon O'Brien

Ms. Blog Humanae Vitae and a Half-Century of Harm to Women Around the World

Next week, the Vatican will open the World Meeting of Families in Dublin, Ireland—just one month after the ominous anniversary of Humanae Vitae, the Vatican policy banning birth control. While the hierarchy “celebrates” 50 years of Humanae Vitae, a ban that has caused half a century of harm to the world’s poorest communities, and as we continue to see […]

Cynthia Romero

THE WASHINGTON POST Faith and reproductive choice don’t have to be enemies

David Von Drehle, in his July 8 op-ed, “The Democrats’ abortion war in the Midwest,” set up a false polemic: To be pure is to be popular. When the Republican Party has handed over the keys to a reckless president who has little regard for human dignity, the lesson for Democrats should not be to become moral […]

Cynthia Romero

The Hill Women need compassionate, comprehensive health care — not lies

As health-care providers who work day in and day out with women, we are deeply worried about the unregulated growth of fake health centers that seek to actively deceive women facing unplanned pregnancies. These so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” often advertise free pregnancy testing and pregnancy-options education. But once a woman steps into the facility she […]

Albert G. Thomas and Jamie Beers

Sun Sentinel The bishops want more control over your health care?

As the Trump administration continues to attack women’s reproductive rights, an important, but little understood trend is already reshaping health care options for women. Catholic-run or -affiliated health care institutions are taking up a growing share of the U.S. health care sector. Why should this matter? Although Catholic facilities are in some ways comparable to […]

Cynthia Romero

Boston Globe Catholic Ireland says, ‘Yes, we trust women’

Today I could not be prouder of my home country of Ireland and its momentous vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the Irish constitution banning abortion. This is a historic step for the rights and dignity of Irish women. And a historic step for Catholic Ireland. Read the full text of this piece in The […]

Jon O’Brien

New York Times Abortion in El Salvador

To the Editor: I applaud your April 26 online editorial for laying out the case for reforming El Salvador’s extreme abortion law, but was deeply disappointed to see El Salvador’s leadership miss a historic opportunity to do right by its citizens (news article, April 27). As a Catholic committed to social justice and women’s autonomy, […]

Jon O'Brien

The Hill Some religious folks in America see religious freedom as privileging only one set beliefs

The religious right lobby sees religious freedom not as tolerance for all, but about privileging one set beliefs over all others. This could not be clearer than in their latest attempt to introduce the First Amendment Defense Act in the U.S. Senate, which brazenly prioritizes the protection of religious beliefs regarding sex and same-sex marriages […]

Cynthia Romero

American Constitution Society Religious Freedom is not a License to Discriminate

On the heels of President Trump’s proclamation on Religious Freedom Day, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a controversial rule on January 19 that allows healthcare providers to deny care to patients for religious, moral or any other reasons. The department also created a new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division within the […]

Cynthia Romero

The Hill Ireland’s Historic Chance to Trust Women

In a moment when women globally are reclaiming their voice and power, Ireland faces a historic chance to overturn a law that hurts so many women. On May 25, the Irish people will decide whether to repeal the 8th amendment, which equates the life of a pregnant woman with that of an embryo or fetus […]

Cynthia Romero

The Hill Catholics for choice: South Carolina personhood bill impedes on a woman’s choice

Under the Trump administration, religious ultra-conservatives are pushing more than ever before to chip away at a women’s right to make her own decisions over her body—and they are expanding their fight in the states. South Carolina legislators are considering a bill, the “Personhood Act,” which would effectively ban all abortions in the state and […]

Sara Hutchinson Ratcliffe

The New York Times Religious Freedom

To the Editor: Re “White House Puts a Bible in Doctors’ Offices” (editorial, Jan. 29): As a Catholic committed to religious freedom for all, I share your concern that religious ultraconservatives, including the Catholic hierarchy, are using religion as a license to discriminate. As your editorial highlights, when religious freedom is misused to give power […]

The Hill On this Religious Freedom Day, remember that religion is not a license to discriminate

If an atheist and a Catholic walked into a bar, how do you think their conversation would go? It is safe to assume that after a few pints they would turn to issues that spark spirited disagreement. The existence of God in the Holy Eucharist as eternal truth or manmade fiction. The veneration of the […]

Jon O'Brien and Larry Decker

Irish Times Catholics have evolved in their thinking about abortion

Ireland is undertaking a historic debate on abortion and the Eighth Amendment. A prominent voice in this debate will be the Catholic hierarchy. Just last week the Catholic Primate Archbishop Eamon Martin argued that even in instances of rape the Catholic position would be to deny a woman her right to end the pregnancy. He […]

Jon O'Brien
Catholics for Choice