Letters & Op-Eds - 2019

KANSAS CITY STAR Not about care

The Kansas City Star’s editorial board is absolutely right to call out the Kansas Catholic Conference’s hypocrisy in blocking low-income Kansans’ access to affordable health care in the name of their anti-abortion obsession. (Nov. 22, “There is nothing pro-life about withholding health care coverage for poor Kansans”) The conference, speaking on behalf of the state’s […]

The Hill Abortion ban: There’s nothing sweet about Alabama

Alabama’s HB 341 an immoral, extremist action by anti-abortion zealots hell-bent on taking America backwards and is a slap in the face to core American values of freedom and liberty. Having failed time and time again to persuade the majority of Americans to embrace their anti-freedom agenda, abortion opponents are using the legislative process to […]

Jon O'Brien

The Hill Why America’s faithful must stand against the domestic gag rule

The religious right in America hitched its wagon to President Trump to impose their beliefs on others and limit the health care people can and cannot receive. It began with President Trump’s first stroke of the pen reinstating and callously expanding the global gag rule. His policy withholds $9 billion in U.S. foreign assistance including, […]

Cynthia Romero and Jack Teter

Albany Times Union Cuomo followed his conscience on the Reproductive Health Act

The article “Bishop sees shift in youths,” Jan. 18, provides an important opportunity to remind readers that the bishops of New York do not speak for all the more than 7 million Catholics across the Empire State. Like Gov. Andrew Cuomo, those faithful, everyday Catholics understand the sacred duty of each individual to listen to […]

Glenn Northern

The Hill We want our leaders to speak with moral clarity on abortion

When President Trump was elected, many women realized that something that seemed a far prospect could become reality — that Roe V. Wade could be overturned. In the face of this threat, we have also seen something inspiring. State legislators across the country — from Oregon to Illinois to New York — have passed a […]

Jon O'Brien

Ms. Blog Our Leaders Can—and Must—Ask Tough Questions About Religious Freedom

President Trump will undoubtedly use his State of the Union address tonight to appease religious arch-conservatives that helped elect him with stridently anti-abortion rhetoric that speaks to a narrow slice of the faithful electorate. But as we usher in a historic new Congress that embodies our religious plurality, we must also remember that our society […]

Cynthia Romero

DC Abortion Fund We must continue to fight together for equitable abortion access

I’ve spent a decades-long career protecting access to reproductive health—and I know firsthand that although abortion is a fundamental right, access to abortion care is far from equal. I recall my early days when I was a hotline operator at the National Abortion Federation (NAF) when they deployed only two operators for the whole country. […]

Glenn Northern

The New York Times Re: The War of Words on Abortion

To the Editor: Re “The War of Words on Abortion” (Op-Ed, Jan. 10): Charles C. Camosy is wrong in throwing up a smokescreen to pretend that the abortion debate is a struggle over language. Pro-choice victories in Ireland, Chile and likely soon in Argentina clearly demonstrate that increasingly, on a global scale, people in Catholic-majority countries are taking […]

Jon O'Brien
Catholics for Choice