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Bishops Lose the Faith(ful)

Abortion & the Bishops: Playing Politics with Women’s Lives

What happens to the separation of church and state when top US Catholic bishops hold health-care reform hostage?

That’s the topic of the cover story in the just-published issue of Ms. Magazine.

Catholics for Choice’s president, Jon O’Brien, answers the question, and takes a closer look at the US bishops’ interventions in healthcare reform—from threatening Members of Congress who vote for women’s rights and health, to using back-room dealing to push strident antichoice legislation through the House and Senate.  All the while falsely claiming that they represent the opinions of American Catholics on issues related to women’s rights and health.

Catholics for Choice is the only international prochoice organization that meets the Catholic bishops’ false claims head on and presents the real facts about Catholic support for women’s reproductive health.  In this article, Jon O’Brien gives the back story and the true story about Catholics, the bishops, and healthcare reform in the US.

An excerpt is available online and the complete issue is available today on newsstands, or visit www.MsMagazine.com to get your own subscription.

This article originally appeared in Ms. Magazine.

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