In the News - 2020

Catholics for Choice Stands with Colorado against Ballot Measure 115

Catholics for Choice stood with an interfaith coalition in Colorado to defeat Proposition 115 which sought to effectively ban abortions in Colorado later in pregnancy. We are proud to have stood with all of the organizers to defeat this measure and to lift up the voices of pro-choice Catholics who opposed it. Catholics for Choice […]

Catholics for Choice Stands with Louisiana against Ballot Measure 1

The passage of Amendment 1 in Louisiana enshrines anti-choice principles in the state’s constitution and has the potential to endanger the lives of vulnerable individuals. Catholics for Choice stood with Louisiana Catholics against this measure which will deprive people of the right to follow their conscience in reproductive health decisions.  This targeted attack on the […]


BY CAITLIN YILEK, ZENGER NEWS ON 9/29/20 AT 8:29 AM EDT A conservative Roman Catholic cardinal says Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden should not receive Holy Communion during Sunday Masses because his views on abortion are at sharp odds with Vatican teaching. Cardinal Raymond Burke cited Biden’s long history of defending pro-choice positions, saying the […]

Texas Exploits Pandemic to Restrict Access

A recent New York Times piece highlighted the difficulties Texas women are experiencing attempting to access reproductive healthcare as a result of the governor and attorney general exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to restrict access to abortion services. Our Catholic faith’s teachings demand that we respect the conscience-based decisions people make, including the right to continue […]

The Hill Conservatives privilege ideology over expertise in this global health crisis

I was deeply troubled by Father Frank Pavone’s attack on the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) in The Hill. Pavone seeks to discredit ACOG’s medical expertise by suggesting that the body, along with its 60,000 board-certified obstetrician-gynecologists members, cannot simultaneously support abortion access, a key component of women’s reproductive health, and also be […]

The Hill There’s a war on your birth control

August in Washington: The weather is hot and muggy; Congress is in on recess; and people are away and traffic is lighter. Mimicking the Global Gag Rule that prevents overseas health-care providers from presenting their patients a full set of reproductive health options, the administration has enacted what amounts to a domestic gag rule that restricts free […]

Jon O'Brien

NEW REPUBLIC The Man Behind the State Department’s New “Natural Law” Focus

The State Department’s Commission on Unalienable Rights, a body of some 15 academics, legal scholars, and nonprofit leaders advising Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about human rights, was announced in late May without input from human rights groups or even the department’s existing Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. Its purpose is to “provide fresh […]

Kathryn Joyce

Huffington PostRoll Call Kirsten Gillibrand Claims Anti-Abortion Laws Are Not Christian

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) is arguing that recent Republicans attempts to curtail abortion access around the country actually contradict key tenets of Christianity. The presidential candidate’s comments at the Georgia State Capitol on Thursday challenged the moral monopoly that conservative religious voices have long claimed to have on the abortion debate. Gillibrand, who identifies as […]

Carol Kuruvilla

Roll Call LGBTQ Equality Act passes House, pushing back on Trump’s religious freedom policies

Growing tensions over the Trump administration’s policies that aim to strengthen religious freedom protections for health care workers have led to a partisan tug-of-war playing out in the House. The Trump administration has tried to strengthen religious liberty protections through numerous policies over the past several months. Those include providing federal funds to religiously affiliated […]

Sandhya Raman

MEA Worldwide ‘Fetal heartbeat’ laws divide America as fears grow that Roe v. Wade could be challenged in the Supreme Court

The year 2019 saw women’s rights take quite the beating across the US. Besides Alabama’s Republican-controlled state senate passing what is undoubtedly the most restrictive abortion law in the US earlier this week, four other states — Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Ohio — have passed bills making abortions illegal after a certain timeframe. These bills […]

Akshay Pai

USA TODAY 25 men voted to ban abortion in Alabama. Do they reflect the rest of America?

On Tuesday, 25 white male Republicans in Alabama voted to ban abortion in the state at every stage of pregnancy, unless the mother’s physical or mental health is in jeopardy. Gov. Kay Ivey signed the bill Wednesday, putting in place one of the nation’s most restrictive abortion laws. A dozen states in 2019 have either […]

Alisa Dasturgir

USA TODAY Activists shifting abortion debate to focus on human rights

WASHINGTON — With the future of abortion rights on the verge of changing like no time since before Roe v. Wade, advocates are presenting new arguments to plead their cases. Both sides have amped up messaging in an effort to intertwine human rights and abortion since the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and […]

Beverly Banks

Politico Politico: Illinois Playbook

CHICAGO – Catholics for Choice opposes any city plan to subsidize Presence Health downtown headquarters given the hospital rejects abortion and contraception. In a letter to aldermen and obtained by POLITICO, Catholics for Choice says Catholic bishops are allowing women “to be treated as second-class citizens in facilities supported by public dollars.” This piece was originally […]

Shia Kapos

Ms. Magazine Called to Account: Inside the Feminist Fight to End Clergy Sex Abuse

Ms. was part of the early days of breaking the silence on clergy sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. In 1992, I reported on the abuse of Rita Milla, which began when she was a teenager in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and evolved over time to her being taken by a ring of priests […]

Angela Bonavoglia

Albuquerque Journal Clergy Assert Support for Abortion in Letter

NEW MEXICO – A group of 90 clergy and members of religious organizations signed off on a letter supporting women’s right to access abortion. That letter was sponsored by the Washington, D.C.-based Catholics for Choice and the New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. It appeared as a full-page advertisement in the Journal on Tuesday […]

Rick Nathanson

Tribune Chronicle ‘Heartbeat’ bill passes Ohio House

The Ohio House of Representatives approved the newest version of the “heartbeat” abortion bill around 1:30 a.m. Friday. The bill severely reduces the time in which a woman can end a pregnancy and also punishes doctors who don’t comply with a felony charge, a fine and a license suspension even before he or she is […]

Renee Fox

Catholics for Choice stands with Oregon in Defeating Ballot Measure 106

Catholics and others throughout Oregon organized to defeat Ballot Measure 106, which sought to rob women of access to equitable abortion care in the state. Catholics for Choice is proud to have stood with all of the organizers who helped defeat this measure and to lift up the voices of prochoice Catholics who opposed it. […]

The Nation The ‘Anti-Catholic’ Playbook

Confirmation hearings for President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh, began yesterday with a sustained uproar from Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, who protested Republican efforts to barrel through the process. From the opening moments, Democrats prevailed on committee chair Charles Grassley to postpone the hearings—or entertain their motion to adjourn—because so many […]

Sarah Posner

Bright Magazine What happens when pastors preach about condoms?

The tiny town of Laisamis, in northern Kenya, is already uncomfortably hot by midmorning. The highway running through it is lined with a few dozen shops, behind which are dome-shaped huts called manyattas. A few meters away, along a sandy path, is a corrugated iron structure surrounded by a wooden fence and barbed wire. It […]

Anthony Langat

Rewire Oregon Pro-Choice Advocates Mount Defense of State Funding for Abortion Care

Pro-choice activists mounted a counterattack the moment word spread: An Oregon ballot initiative to ban state funding for abortion care had gained enough signatures to appear on the November ballot. Within 48 hours, more than 1,000 Oregonians had promised to vote no to Measure 106, organizers said. The site went live with this message: […]

Nicole Knight

Christian Post 91 Percent of Irish Catholics Disagree With Contraceptives Ban on 50th Anniversary

As the Roman Catholic Church marked the 50th anniversary of the major Humanae Vitae encyclical, which prohibited the use of condoms and contraceptives, a worldwide survey from a Catholic pro-choice group found that large majorities of Catholics disagree with the ban. Catholics for Choice revealed last week statistics from a survey it carried out on […]

Stoyan Zaimov

The Guardian Fifty years on, and Catholics are still in turmoil over contraception

Fifty years ago this week, the Catholic church released an encyclical – a papal letter to all bishops – that had a dramatically contradictory effect: it was both instantly disregarded by millions of women and had an enormous impact on the lives of the most vulnerable. Humanae Vitae was published at a time when medical advances […]

Harriet Sherwood

New York Times Inside the Ground Game to Reverse Roe v. Wade

AVON, Ind. — Armed with sunscreen, doorknob fliers and a mission 50 years in the making, the team of activists sporting blue “I Vote Pro-Life” T-shirts fanned out into a web of cul-de-sacs in a subdivision just west of Indianapolis, undeterred by towering rain clouds and 90-degree heat. It was exactly a week after President […]

Elizabeth Dias

Huffington Post With Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination, Trump Again Privileges Conservative Christians

With his decision to nominate Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, President Donald Trump is one step closer to achieving the victory many on the Christian right were hoping for when they voted for him: a solidly conservative court whose rulings could help regain ground they’ve lost in the culture wars. But for progressive Christian leaders, […]

Carol Kuruvilla

The Independent Abortion could be illegal in large parts of US within 18 months after Supreme Court justice resignation, say activists

Abortion could become illegal in large parts of the US in as little as 18 months activists believe, following the resignation of Justice Anthony Kennedy from the Supreme Court and Donald Trump’spromise to appoint a replacement committed to overturning the landmark legislation protecting a woman’s right to choose. Within hours of the resignation of 81-year-old […]

Andrew Buncombe

The Santiago Times Argentina takes first step towards decriminalizing abortion

The lower house of Argentina’s congress has narrowly approved a bill that would legalise abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy in what has been described as a historic move. The bill was narrowly passed by the chamber of deputies by 129 to 123 votes on Thursday and will now go before the senate. […]

Financial Times Argentina’s lower house of Congress approves abortion bill

“As Ireland, and Chile before it, have demonstrated, Catholics can be and often are pro-choice,” said Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice. “And indeed Catholic-majority countries can and often do support legislation for safe and legal abortion. Catholics revere individual conscience and support policies that allow all women — especially those without power and […]

Benedict Mander Argentina votes to legalise abortion up to 14 weeks

Huge progress. Since Ireland overwhelmingly voted to repeal the eighth amendment, work has been ongoing from TD’s to get the respective Bill through the Dáil. In the meantime, history has been made in another country with regards to abortion laws. The lower house of Argentina’s congress has narrowly approved a bill that would legalise abortion […]

David Kent

The Guardian Argentina congress takes historic step towards legalising abortion

The lower house of Argentina’s congress has narrowly approved a bill that would legalise abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy in what has been described as a historic move. The bill was narrowly passed by the chamber of deputies by 129 to 123 votes on Thursday and will now go before the senate. […]

DC Abortion Fund A Big Win in Ireland

This past January I became a DC Abortion Fund case manager. I did this because I feel passionately about the right to choose, and being able to exercise this choice in your own community. These values overlap with my day job at Catholics for Choice where we advocate for a person’s moral and legal right […]

Casey Baker

Irish Central Ireland and America’s history – the abortion wars

Ireland’s vote on abortion reminds us that Roe vs. Wade in the U.S. did not take place all that long ago. Last week’s historic news out of Ireland — that voters chose to repeal the Eighth Amendment and loosen the country’s abortion laws — somehow came with the implication that Ireland was finally emerging from […]

Irish Central Staff

Jon O’Brien appears on Canal de la Ciudad

Jon O’Brien appears on Canal de la Ciudad to discuss being Catholic and prochoice, and the #AbortoLegalYa movement in Argentina. Watch the full interview here.

The Progressive ‘No Health Care for You!’

In the early aughts, when Dian Alarcón was new to this country and working for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, she developed endometriosis, a painful condition where tissue that normally grows inside the uterus grows on the outside. One day in 2007, Alarcón was rushed to the emergency room, bleeding and in severe pain. […]

La Nacion Aborto: 65 invitados exponen en la última jornada del debate en comisión en la Cámara de Diputados

El debate sobre la interrupción voluntaria del embarazo en la Cámara de Diputados entró en la recta final: hoy es la última ronda de expositores invitados antes de que los legisladores de las comisiones de Legislación General, Legislación Penal, Familia, Mujer, Niñez y Adolescencia, y Acción Social y Salud Pública aborden la discusión para firmar […]

Gabriel Sued

PAGINA 12 El aborto en la recta final en Diputados

En la última audiencia del debate por el aborto, convocada para hoy, se esperan figuras fuertes para convencer a indecisos de las filas del oficialismo y del peronismo. En la lista de expositores se destacan el actual ministro de Salud, Adolfo Rubinstein; su par durante la gestión de Néstor Kirchner, Ginés González García, y el […]

Mariana Carbajal

Sight Magazine Ireland votes to abolish constitutional ban on abortion

Ireland has voted overwhelmingly to lift a ban on abortion in a referendum over whether to abolish the eighth amendment of the nation’s constitution which explicitly prohibits terminations unless the mother’s life is at risk. Two-thirds of voters were in favour of the repeal with a turnout of 64 per cent. The result – which […]

David Adams

EL PAIS Irlanda se enfrenta a su último tabú: el aborto

La vergüenza y el silencio. Eso fue lo más duro para Louise White, dramaturga nacida en la región irlandesa de Laois, madre de dos hijos, que viajó a Inglaterra a los 24 años para abortar. “Es muy difícil para alguien extranjero comprender el legado de trauma que existe en este país, comprender cómo hay tanta […]

Pablo Guimón

Dazed and Confused Magazine How Catholic people find faith in Ireland’s pro-choice movement

“I grew up in a country that didn’t respect women and I think that this is a chance for Ireland to show that it does respect and trust women,” says Jon O’Brien, an Irish Catholic who is the president of Catholics for Choice, an American-based advocacy group. Catholics for Choice has campaigned for the use […]

Katy Fallon

Yahoo News Catholic voters, evangelicals or bishops: Who’s leading the anti-abortion movement today?

Ever since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, American Catholics have been identified in the public mind as the leading opponents of abortion. But as heavily Catholic Ireland prepares for a referendum on abortion policy, data suggests that American Catholics, as distinct from the church hierarchy, are fairly closely aligned with the rest of […]

Michael Walsh

WikiTribune In Catholic Ireland, legal abortion is a genuine prospect

Decision could end the need for Irish women to travel for a termination Proposed law would allow abortions up to 12th week of pregnancy ‘Don’t knows’, at 20 percent, will determine the outcome Confusion between Catholic doctrine and hierarchy’s pronouncements 2013 legislation failed to settle the question In 2016, 25 women had legal abortions in […]

The Good Men Project Laity and Catholic Hierarchs on Abortion

Jon O’Brien, the President of Catholics for Choice, took the time to discuss reproductive health issues and the Roman Catholic Christian faith with me. I asked, in particular, about the situation in America regarding both, especially touching base around pro-choice issues. When asked about the more pressing issues within the faith community, O’Brien said, “One […]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Rewire Rhode Island Faith Leaders: Pass ‘Roe’ Protections Now

While conservative religious figures mount a nationwide assault on reproductive health care, Rhode Island faith leaders gathered at the state house this week to publicly back the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), which would protect abortion access should the U.S. Supreme Court one day overturn Roe v. Wade. Members of the Rhode Island Religious Coalition for […]

Auditi Guha

Uprise RI Religious leaders call for passage of the Reproductive Health Care Act

  “We are religious leaders from a variety of faith traditions. As such, we walk separate but parallel paths in God’s direction,” said the Reverend Gene Dyszlewski from Lime Rock Baptist Church in Lincoln. “We share a striking commonality in our belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every human being. “It is a […]

Steve Ahlquist

Don’t Stop Repealin’ – Take Me to Church

Jon O’Brien appeared on the Don’t Stop Repealin’ podcast to discuss what it means to be both Catholic and prochoice, and Ireland’s historic upcoming chance to repeal the 8th Amendment. You can listen to the full episode here.

Sight Magazine Ireland votes to abolish constitutional ban on abortion

Ireland has voted overwhelmingly to lift a ban on abortion in a referendum over whether to abolish the eighth amendment of the nation’s constitution which explicitly prohibits terminations unless the mother’s life is at risk. Two-thirds of voters were in favour of the repeal with a turnout of 64 per cent. The result – which […]

David Adams

Coalition for Liberty and Justice Releases New Video on Religious Refusals

Across America, religious freedom is being used as a guise to discriminate against people and deny them care. Now ultraconservative religious activists inside Trump’s health department are elevating one set of beliefs at the expense of care for millions of Americans. Our new video tells the story of three women—Debbie, Colleen and Dian—whose lives were changed […]

MedPage Today Protesters Rally Against HHS Proposal on ‘Conscience’ Rules

The Department of Health and Human Services should not be letting healthcare providers impose their moral or religious beliefs on patients, speakers said Tuesday at a rally to protest a proposed regulation on the subject. Rally attendees stood behind cardboard boxes of comments opposing the regulation. “We collected over 200,000 comments — and counting — […]

Joyce Frieden

Rewire Trump Administration’s Global Gag Rule Review ‘Ignoring the Evidence’ on Policy’s Danger

The U.S. Department of State’s six-month review of the anti-choice “global gag rule” elevates political ideology over evidence-based public health, according to advocates working in the arena. Under the global gag rule, also known as the “Mexico City Policy,” foreign nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that receive money from the United States can’t provide or even discuss […]

Christine Grimaldi

1A Health And Holy Services?

Should evangelicals get to evangelize through healthcare? The newly created Conscience and Religious Freedom Division in the Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights handles conflicts between health and faith. For instance, if a doctor doesn’t want to perform an abortion because of a religious objection, they can go to the new division. The […]

Politico The religious activists on the rise inside Trump’s health department

A small cadre of politically prominent evangelicals inside the Department of Health and Human Services have spent months quietly planning how to weaken federal protections for abortion and transgender care — a strategy that’s taking shape in a series of policy moves that took even their own staff by surprise. Those officials include Roger Severino, […]

Dan Diamond

Chicago Sun-Times Trump, who once called himself ‘pro-choice,’ steps to forefront of anti-abortion movement

He once called himself “pro-choice.” But a year into his presidency, Donald Trump is stepping to the forefront of his administration’s efforts to roll back abortion rights. And though his record is mixed and a midterm election looms, abortion opponents say they have not felt so optimistic in at least a decade. “I don’t think […]

Laurie Kellman, Associated Press

The Wichita Eagle Kansas archbishop to take lead role in Catholic fight against abortion

Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Naumann has been outspoken in his opposition to abortion. In 2008, he asked Gov. Kathleen Sebelius not to receive communion because of her stance on abortion. He has written in the archdiocesan newspaper about Sen. Tim Kaine’s support for keeping abortion legal and severed the archdiocese’s relationship with the Girl Scouts […]

Katherine Burgess

Rewire Trump Carves Health-Care Discrimination Wing Into Civil Rights Office

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is doubling down on so-called conscience protections that give an out to health-care providers who don’t want to treat LGBTQ patients or provide reproductive health care, including contraception, miscarriage management, and abortion care. The Trump-era HHS, stacked with anti-choice extremists, on Thursday announced the launch of […]

Christine Grimaldi & Jessica Mason Pieklo

THE WASHINGTON POST New HHS civil rights division charged with protecting health-care workers with moral objections

Acting Health and Human Services secretary Eric Hargan on Thursday announced the creation of a new conscience and religious freedom division aimed at protecting doctors, nurses and other health-care workers who decline to participate in care that goes against their moral or religious convictions. Speaking at an event featuring Republican lawmakers and religious leaders, Hargan noted that […]

Ariana Eunjung Cha and Juliet Eilperin

Loyola Phoenix Loyola Students React to Reproductive Rights Legislation

The Donald Trump administration’s plan to rollback birth control access, along with Gov. Bruce Rauner’s signature of a bill to increase taxpayer funding of abortion procedures, sparked reactions both nationally and within the Loyola community. The Trump administration expanded employer rights Oct. 6 to deny contraceptive insurance coverage, contradicting a Sept. 28 bill signed by […]

Mary Norkol

Religion Dispatches Three Takeaways from the Contraceptive Mandate Religious Liberty Debacle

There were two major winners in Trump’s long-expected executive order to gut ObamaCare’s contraceptive mandate:  the Catholic bishops, who ginned up this particular culture-war debacle in the first place, and the evangelical right, which was happy to take up the fight once they realized it meant limiting women’s reproductive choices. Losers, of course, are the […]

Patricia Miller

WOMEN'S MEDIA CENTER Can Trump really take away contraceptive coverage?

The Trump administration has issued new rules (known as the Moral Exemptions Rule and the Religious Exemptions Rule) creating broad exemptions that will allow employers, health insurance providers, and universities to use religious belief as an excuse to deny contraception coverage to its employees, students, and insurance beneficiaries. “The scope of this is truly shocking,” […]

Susan Buttenwieser

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Dioceses, Geneva College see win in new Trump rules

Attorneys representing Western Pennsylvania religious groups are all but declaring victory in their longstanding lawsuits over an Obamacare contraception mandate after the Trump administration announced Friday that it was reversing the mandate. There are details to work out in court, but the U.S. government has come around to the point of view of those representing […]

Peter Smith

Associated Press Trump lets more employers choose not to cover workers’ birth control

President Donald Trump is allowing more employers to opt out of providing no-cost birth control to women by claiming religious or moral objections, issuing new rules Friday that take another step in rolling back the Obama health care law. The new policy is a long-expected revision to federal rules that require most companies to cover […]

Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar

The Tablet Trump Administration Issues New Contraceptive With Greater Religious Exemptions

The Trump administration announced Oct. 6 that it is ending the requirement for employers to provide birth control coverage in their health insurance plans if it violates “sincerely held religious beliefs.” Widely known as the HHS contraceptive mandate, the requirement from the Department of Health and Human Services, was one of the most controversial elements […]

Christopher White

The Guardian How Trump signed a global death warrant for women

Six months ago, one powerful white man in the White House, watched by seven more, signed a piece of paper that will prevent millions of women around the world from deciding what they can and can’t do with their own bodies. In that moment, on his very first Monday morning in office, Donald Trump effectively signed the death […]

Sarah Boseley

Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Ploumen visits Catholics for Choice to discuss #SheDecides

Catholics for Choice President Jon O’Brien met with Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, women’s rights advocate, and fellow Catholic Lilianne Ploumen today at the Catholics for Choice office. During the meeting, opportunities for further cooperation regarding access to safe abortion, contraceptives, and other women’s health priorities were discussed, as well as Minister […]

National Catholic Reporter Lay groups lament Paprocki’s decree denying same-sex spouses Eucharist

Although response from Catholic clergy has been muted in the wake of Springfield, Illinois, Bishop Thomas Paprocki’s June 12 decree that prohibits Catholics in “same-sex ‘marriage’ ” from receiving Communion, lay organizations have been vocal about their disdain for the decree. The decree bars Catholics in same-sex marriages from receiving Communion as well as from receiving “ecclesiastical […]

Kristen Whitney Daniels

National Catholic Reporter We are having another Fortnight for Freedom, but we shouldn’t

Another Fortnight for Freedom is coming up. Once again, we as U.S. Catholics are directed to consider to what extent the practice of our faith is being infringed upon by our government. While the Catholics for Choice organization is not well thought of in many Catholic circles, the Baltimore Sun editorial provides many points that are worthy […]

Pat Perriello

Legislative Gazette Clergy join lawmakers to protest federal actions on women’s health care

Religious leaders representing hundreds of Jewish, Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopalian and Unitarian congregations joined Sen. Liz Krueger and Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee in Albany to show support for women’s health care and reproductive rights. “As pastors, we believe in New Yorkers’ ability to get the health care that is supported by their religious teachings and personal beliefs,” […]

Sarah Eames

Washington Post Democrats’ two biggest opponents ahead of 2018 may be time and themselves

When House Republicans posted enough votes to pass their plan to revamp the nation’s health-care system Thursday, Democrats broke out into song. So convinced it was a political loser, Democratic lawmakers sang “Nah Nah Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” the way victorious sports fans jeer their opponents. Their head of candidate recruitment guaranteed that Republicans […]

Paul Kane

Huffington Post Nancy Pelosi Is Under Fire For Tolerating Anti-Abortion Democrats

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has always been a close ally of the abortion rights movement, but several feminist leaders turned on her this week after she said the Democratic Party should continue to be inclusive of anti-abortion candidates. “Courting social conservatives by selling out women is not a winning campaign strategy but a morally bankrupt […]

Daniel Marans and Laura Bassett

THE IRISH INDEPENDENT Irish experience of church’s role in healthcare is mirrored in US

Ireland is not the only country grappling with a Catholic influence on public healthcare. So are our American cousins. One in six hospital beds there is Catholic-owned or affiliated, as are four of the top 10 healthcare systems in America, according to a report published by the Catholics for Choice organisation. The Catholic bodies operate […]

Maeve Sheehan

Religion Dispatches The Problem with Moral Nuance On Abortion For Democrats

The New York Times received numerous responses to an opinion piece it recently published—from a man—about how the Democratic Party should tone it down on abortion to win back Catholic voters. So, being the Times, and obviously committed to diversity and airing opinions from a range of voices, it decided to run a follow-on piece discussing the responses—from two men. So we […]

Patricia Miller

In Depth News U.S. Reasoning Behind Cutting Funds to UNFPA Challenged

Voicing “deep regret” at the United States decision to cut financial support to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has appealed to donors to increase their support for the UN Population Agency to allow it to continue its critical work. Strongly criticising the U.S. decision, Catholics for Choice said the announcement […]

J. Nastranis

WOMEN'S MEDIA CENTER Unthinkable: What If Roe Is Overturned?

Prior to 1973, an estimated 1.2 million women in the U.S. had illegal abortions each year, resulting in 5,000 annual deaths. Legal abortion was available in only 17 states. After the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide, deaths from the procedure were almost completely eliminated. Since Donald Trump’s surprise election, […]

Susan Buttenwieser

Inquisitr Many who March For Life Ignore Healthcare for the Living

Thousands of anti-abortion advocates marched in Washington, D.C., on Friday as part of the March for Life, a yearly protest against legal abortion that has taken place since 1974, a year after the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision recognized a woman’s right to privacy includes the right to make her own medical decisions, including […]

Rob Cotton

Austin Chronicle Questions of Church-State Separation at Dell Seton Medical Center

Driving down 15th Street near Red River, passersby have grown accustomed to the parking cones, forklifts, and sounds of rapid construction. But in Feb­ru­ary, that clatter should end, and by May give way to a sleek, state-of-the-art teaching hospital: The Dell Seton Medical Center will stand alongside the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical […]

Mary Tuma

The Guardian Women’s March on Washington set to be one of America’s biggest protests

It began as a spontaneous feminist rallying cry via social media. It has morphed into what is expected to be one of the largest demonstrations in American history – a boisterous march about a smorgasbord of progressive issues, and an extraordinary display of dissent on a president’s first day in office peppered with knit pink […]

Joanna Walters

Huffington Post Pope Francis Completely Trivializes The Reasons Why Women Seek Abortions

In the years since his election, Pope Francis has appeared to soften the church’s historically punitive tone towards women who have had abortions. But one thing he hasn’t done is change traditional church doctrine on this complex and evolving issue. The message of the church is still the same ― that abortion is a grave sin. […]

Carol Kuruvilla

Chicago Sun-Times Doubek: Brace for return of culture wars to Illinois

Political debate in Illinois for the past few years primarily has been about debt, budgets and unions, but we could be returning to a time of culture wars with abortion, immigration and marriage equality back in the spotlight with the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. Abortion coverage for poor women might be the first to […]

Madeleine Doubek

Religion Dispatches Special Hell: Progressive Catholics Reckon with the Rise of Trump

Beyond the general Trump-induced anxiety that is affecting so many, and beyond the sense of shame that a man who spouted such exclusionary, hateful rhetoric could be elected president of the United States, progressive Catholics are in their own sort of hell over the rise of Trump. His election raises questions about how Catholics should […]

Patricia Miller

The Guardian Pope Francis cements priests’ power to forgive abortion

Pope Francis has given all priests the power to forgive women who have had an abortion, saying the procedure was a “grave sin” but one that God’s mercy could wipe away for those with a repentant heart. The move, announced in a letter to markthe end of the Vatican’s holy year of mercy, was a powerful […]

Stephanie Kirchgaessner

Radio New Zealand ‘I think religion has been stuck in the pelvic zone’

Jon O’Brien talks with Kim Hill. Jon O’Brien, the president of American pro-choice organisation Catholics for Choice, says no religion, including his own, should have political influence in a secular society. He defines the Catholic Church as a body of believers, “rather than some building in Rome”, who he says should be compassionate and committed […]

Kim Hill

ABC Radio Sunday Nights with John Cleary

CFC president Jon O’Brien discusses religion and politics, the birth control commission and the founding of CFC with ABC Radio’s John Cleary. Listen here. This piece was originally published by ABC Radio.

Mamamia Meet the Catholic church leaders who believe women have a right to have an abortion

Think you know what the Catholic view on abortion is? Well, Jon O’Brien is here to set you straight. “This stereotypical view that being a Catholic means you’re anti-abortion is downright wrong around the world, and I think it’s downright wrong in Australia,” O’Brien says. O’Brien, who is currently visiting Australia, is president of Catholics For […]

Helen Vnuk

San Antonio Express-News Lawmakers Must Keep Religion out of Government

As Texas prepares for the upcoming legislative session, we need to remind ourselves that government, whether city, county, state or federal, is responsible for civil matters while religious institutions are responsible for spiritual ones. Regardless of how well intentioned a politician may be, forcing his or her religious “truths” on the rest of us is […]

Eric Lane

National Catholic Reporter Trump’s letter to Catholics

I just finished reading Trump’s “Letter to Catholic Leaders.” I choked. I realize that Trump is not a very religious man — putting it charitably — but this letter is one that fails to speak to any but a narrow slice of Catholics about the issues that concern us. Trump assumes that speaking with the […]

Maureen Fiedler

US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT Prognosis: Complicated

Debates over religious liberty are as old as the republic, but recent policies have reignited the public’s interest in them. Whether it’s President Barack Obama’s signature health care law or an expansion of LGBT rights, groups on the right have taken notice and are fighting back against policies they say are infringing on their right […]

Kimberly Leonard

The Orange County Register Commission on female deacons well-received by local Catholics

In a move that has energized those who have been advocating for women’s equality in the Catholic Church, the Vatican announced Tuesday that Pope Francis has set up a panel to study whether women could serve as deacons, a role long reserved for men. The 12-member commission of six men and six women includes priests, […]

Deepa Bharath

Broadly Cool Pope Says Women May Be Able to Become Deacons Now

The Vatican announced today that Pope Francis has convened a special commission that will consider allowing women to become deacons in the Catholic church. Deacons can perform many of the duties of priests, including preaching, conducting baptisms and marriage, and managing parishes. The commission, composed of six male and six female theologians, will study early […]

Leah Carroll

ThinkProgress A Bishop In The Exam Room: When Faith Dictates Health Care Instead Of Science

Rita, a Michigan-based OB-GYN, learned that the hospital where she worked would be switching hands, she was dismayed. The secular community hospital, Crittenton, had plans to join with Ascension Health, a prominent Catholic nonprofit hospital chain. Rita, who asked that her real name be withheld to protect her identity, knew the transition would profoundly impact […]

CNN In Latin America, requests for abortions rise as Zika spreads

In Latin American countries, where abortion is highly restricted if not downright illegal, pregnant women are seeking abortions at significantly higher rates, a new study shows. This development comes in the aftermath of a November alert about the Zika virus issued by the Pan American Health Organization. The alert revealed the potential for the virus to cause […]

Jessica Ravitz

Religion Dispatches Do Women Have A Future In The Catholic Church? Social Justice Orgs Petition Bishops This Week

No denomination has suffered as acutely as the Roman Catholic Church from the changes remaking American Christianity, from a rise in unaffiliated individuals (particularly millennials) to an alarming decline in women’s church attendance. Now the decline in millennial women’s attendance and participation in the church has become so acute that progressive Catholic leaders are raising alarm […]

Patricia Miller

Truthout Supreme Court’s Non-Ruling Leaves Contraception Access for Religious Nonprofit Employees Uncertain

The US Supreme Court will not rule this session on whether an employer’s religious beliefs should allow it to withhold certain types of contraception from employees. With no decision being issued, the status quo (a mess of contradictory appeals court rulings) remains, pending another challenge. The justices issued an unsigned order for Zubik v. Burwell on Monday […]

Katie Klabusich

Vox Supreme Court punts on the latest Obamacare birth control challenge

The Supreme Court announced Monday that it will essentially punt on Zubik v. Burwell, the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act’s birth control mandate, by sending the case back to lower courts. After oral arguments, the Court had asked both the religious nonprofit petitioners and the federal government to address “whether contraceptive coverage could be provided […]

Emily Crockett

Voice of America Court Looks for Compromise in Clash between Religious Freedom, Women’s Health

Sister Loraine stood outside the U.S. Supreme Court last March and rejected the Obama administration’s offer of compromise. The Mother Provincial for the Little Sisters of the Poor joined several other religious nonprofits across the country to tell the world she refused to fill out a form that would release her from the obligation to […]

Katherine Gypson

National Catholic Reporter Supreme Court order sends contraception case back to lower courts in search of compromise

Withholding on a ruling of its own, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday returned the Zubik v. Burwell contraception case to the lower courts, indicating a compromise on the contentious issue could emerge outside intervention by the nation’s highest court. In a nine-page unsigned order read by Chief Justice John Roberts, a unanimous Supreme Court vacated the […]

Brian Roewe

NOW NOW Protest: Polish Catholic Bishops and Politicians Would Send Women, Doctors to Prison

The crisis for women in Poland continues as the powerful Polish Catholic hierarchy, in league with conservative politicians, is pressing for total ban on abortion with a new criminal statute for “prenatal murder” that would impose a three to five year sentence on women who have an abortion and for the doctors and anyone who […]

National Catholic Reporter While Court prepares contraception decision, Catholic women already decided

The Supreme Court is evaluating the case of Zubik v. Burwell whose outcome will determine whether women who work for religiously-affiliated institutions will have equal access to contraception, under provision through the Affordable Care Act. Through accommodations, the government believes it has given religious employers ample distance from providing contraception, but religious employers claim the accommodations don’t […]

Nicole Sotelo

Christian Today Pope Francis’ ‘The Joy of Love’ treatise on marriage and family draws mixed reaction

Pope Francis’ ”The Joy of Love”—a 256-page statement on marriage and the family released by the Vatican on Friday—drew mixed response from Catholics in the U.S. and elsewhere. The lengthy document tackles the new realities facing the faithful but upholds Church doctrines on some of the thorny issues of the century such as divorce and […]

Shianee Mamanglu-Regala Avoiding “cold bureaucratic morality”

Pope Francis has spent two years contemplating the Catholic approach to family life. He twice assembled bishops from around the world and told them to be frank with him. (They were, to the point of contention.) He posted an online survey to gather opinions from everyday Catholics. And on Friday, he released a nine-chapter, 256-page document summarizing his view […]

Ruth Graham

Religion News Service Applause, dismay, confusion over pope’s words

Pope Francis’ “The Joy of Love,” a massive document released Friday (April 8) that wraps unchanged doctrine on marriage, divorce, and LGBT life in gentle terms, is getting a mixed reaction from U.S. Catholics. It brought joy to conservative Christians who feared Francis would tamper with dogma, but less love from liberals who had hoped […]

Cathy Lynn Grossman

CBC News CBC World at Six

Sara Hutchinson Ratcliffe, domestic program director at Catholics for Choice, discusses Amoris Laetitia on CBC. Listen to the segment here. This piece was originally published by CBC.

Los Angeles Times Pope Francis eases the way for divorced Catholics, but reiterates opposition to gay unions

Defining his mission to create a more merciful church, Pope Francis published Friday a much-anticipated exhortation on love and marriage, easing the way for remarried, divorced Catholics to rejoin the faith but reiterating limits on same-sex unions and the ban on contraception and abortion. The 260-page document, the product of several years of debate within […]

Tom Kington , Tracy Wilkinson and Sarah Parvini

Jezebel “Religious freedom” bill pushers’ insane anti-condom campaign, 15 years later

Today Mississippi’s House of Representatives passed a law legalizing discrimination against the LGBT community. That puts the Magnolia State in such shameful company as North Carolina and West Virginia in codifying discrimination in the 21st century; Georgia recently backed off its own discriminatory law after pressure from, uh, the NFL. The premise of using legislated “religious freedom” […]

Timothy Burke

Telegram Čini se da je Trump svojim izjavama o pobačaju pokrenuo srednjovjekovni lov na vještice. Evo odakle je sve krenulo

Čini se da je Trump svojim izjavama o pobačaju pokrenuo srednjovjekovni lov na vještice. Evo odakle je sve krenulo Donald Trump, kontroverzni biznismen koji se natječe na predizborima Republikanske stranke koji bi trebali iznjedriti njihova kandidata za predsjednika SAD-a, ponovno je izazvao negodovanje javnosti, ovaj put svojim komentarom kako bi pobačaj trebalo zabraniti i kazniti […]

Dubravka Blaško

Er paven virkelig progressiv?

Før den hvide røg steg op af skorstenen på det Sixtinske kapel i maj 2013, og den katolske kirke præsenterede deres nye åndelige leder, var Pave Frans ærkebiskop i Buenos Aires, Argentina, indædt abortmodstander og passioneret opponent mod ægteskaber mellem personer af samme køn. Med hjælp fra den tidligere Fox News-reporter Greg Burke, og det […]

Peter Lykke Lind

Huffington Post Zika: An opportunity for the pro-choice movement in Nicaragua

In a country where direct and indirect violence is a part of everyday life for many women, the Zika virus is just another concern to add to the list. At the same time, however, it provides an unexpected but welcome opportunity for those campaigning for change. A walk down the street can in many ways […]

Katie Silver

Americans United A Sign Speaks: The Message Behind ‘The PILL KILLS’

I spent several hours yesterday morning hanging around outside the Supreme Court. It was a very lively scene. The justices were hearing oral arguments in Zubik v. Burwell, a case challenging aspects of the contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Act. Some religious non-profits, such as colleges and nursing homes, don’t want to tolerate the presence of birth […]

Rob Boston

Metro Weekly Twisted Jurisprudence: “Religious Freedom” threatens birth control, PrEP and more

What if a court’s decision on female birth control led to an HIV-positive individual being denied access to lifesaving drugs? Or a gay man being denied PrEP? Or a rape victim prevented from accessing emergency contraception or PEP? Far from hypothetical, these are just some of the potential outcomes of a case being argued before […]

John Riley

Erie News Now Erie Catholic Dioceses Takes Religious Freedom Argument To Supreme Court

A big case hit the Supreme Court Wednesday, and church groups from the Erie area, played a major part in the case. Erie News Now Washington Correspondent Kellie Meyer found out, there was action both in and out of the courtroom. The Diocese of Erie joined people from all over the country, to fight inside the Supreme Court […]

Emily Matson

ABC 7 SCOTUS hears arguments over Obamacare contraception mandate

A deeply divided U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments over the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday, which happened to be the sixth anniversary of the healthcare reform law. It was the fourth time in five years that the Supreme Court scrutinized the ACA, also known as Obamacare. Faith-based groups complain the law’s birth control mandate violates […]

Mike Carter-Conneen

WBKO ObamaCare Employer Contraceptive Mandate Heads to the Supreme Court

When the Affordable Care Act was signed into law six years ago Wednesday, the Obama Administration prepared for backlash about providing contraception from houses of worship. In the plan, they exempted any church, synagogue, or other house of worship from being required to provide contraceptive care to their employees. The administration also provided a plan […]

Alex Miller

Go Erie Erie’s Bishop Persico set for Supreme Court case today

Nearly four years ago, then-Erie Catholic Bishop Donald W. Trautman declared that the federal government had launched “an attack” on religious freedom. Trautman’s successor, Bishop Lawrence Persico, has taken the legal fight as far as it can go: to the U.S. Supreme Court. Persico will be seated in the court’s gallery on Wednesday, when the […]

Ed Palattella

Philadelphia Gay News Supreme Court challenge to contraception care could impact LGBT community

History may repeat itself in the LGBT community as the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments this week in Zubik v. Burwell, the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act over contraception care. “A number of state legislatures do take their cues from what happens at the federal level in the Supreme Court,” said Rea […]

Paige Cooperstein

Religion News Service Religious groups try to sway Supreme Court in birth control case

One of the most anticipated cases of this Supreme Court season revolves around nuns and birth control. Zubik v. Burwell, which comes before the justices Wednesday (March 23), addresses one of the most contentious parts of the Affordable Care Act: the requirement that employers offer certain types of birth control to their employees — the so-called […]

Lauren Markoe

Mother Jones 10 Things to Know About the Supreme Court Showdown Over Contraception and Religious Freedom

Three weeks after oral arguments in what could be the most important abortion rights case in a generation, the US Supreme Court is poised Wednesday to hear a second reproductive rights case with potentially huge stakes. The central question in Zubik v. Burwell is whether President Barack Obama’s signature health care law, the Affordable Care Act, improperly forces religious nonprofits—everything from […]

Sarah Smith and Nina Martin

Wall Street Journal Supreme Court to Consider Compromise to Health-Law’s Contraception Rules

A four-year-old fight between the Catholic Church and the Obama administration reaches the Supreme Court on Wednesday, in a bishop’s challenge to the health-care law’s contraception requirements that could alter the boundaries of religious freedom. Eight justices will weigh how far the government has to go to accommodate religiously affiliated employers that object to including contraception in […]

Louise Radnofsky

Daily Tribune ‘Francis fine with the pill’

The Pope recently electrified the world with quite a mouthful, stunning even Vatican reporters, saying artificial contraception is actually acceptable — as this is a totally better alternative to abortion — to address the devastating effects of disease known as “Zika” which still has no known cure. Vatican officials, however, moved quickly to obfuscate the […]

Louie Logarta

Hamilton and Griffin on Rights Eleventh Circuit Upholds Contraceptive Mandate

Last week, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) against a religious freedom challenge brought by a Catholic media network (Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN)) and several Atlanta-based Catholic archdioceses, bishops, and social service agencies. The Catholic entities unsuccessfully argued that the government’s accommodation of their religious objection […]

Leslie C. Griffin

BBC World News Is Pope Francis’ Contraception Hint Just a Puff of Smoke?

Time was when popes of the Catholic Church spoke confidently and, some believed, “infallibly” to their flock only from Rome, the centre of their worldwide religious domain. Then came papal jet travel, and the possibility of holding informal news conferences with journalists in an Airbus at 36,000 feet, as the Pope flies away and back […]

David Willey

Agence France Presse Vatican says chill, Pope not backing pill

The Vatican on Friday moved swiftly to dampen claims Pope Francis had signalled a significant relaxation of the Catholic Church’s ban on contraception in response to an outbreak of the Zika virus in Latin America. In an unusually extended explanation of Francis’s comment that contraception was “not an absolute evil”, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said […]

Angus MacKinnon

Irish Examiner Vatican: No Abortions for Women Exposed to Zika

The Catholic church made clear its position of opposing abortion in all circumstances after a Catholic group appealed to Pope Francis to allow Church members to “follow their conscience” and use contraception or to let women have abortions to protect themselves against the virus. However, the Vatican said: “Not only is increased access to abortion […]

Agence France Presse Pope’s Contraception Comments: Evolution or Revolution?

Pope Francis’s hint that the Vatican could relax its ban on contraception in response to the Zika virus was hailed as a shift in Church thinking Friday – but not everyone was convinced it amounts to meaningful change. “Pope Francis signals openness to birth control for Zika,” read a headline on the Boston Globe’s Vatican-watching […]

Angus MacKinnon

New York Times W.H.O. Recommends Contraception in Countries With Zika Virus

The World Health Organization issued a strong call on Thursday for the use of contraception in countries with the Zika virus, and said that women who had unprotected sex and feared infection should have access to emergency contraception, a recommendation that may not sit well with the Roman Catholic Church. The virus has torn through Latin America and is now in […]

Sabrina Tavernise

Washington Post - Acts of Faith Pope Francis Suggests Contraception Could Be Permissible in ZIka Fight

Pope Francis told reporters Thursday that using artificial contraception may be morally acceptable in fighting the Zika virus, but called abortion another situation entirely, akin to “what the Mafia does.” Francis’s comment came on the plane ride back to Rome from Mexico. During the week-long trip, the pope had not addressed the virus, which has hit […]

Sarah Pulliam Bailey and Michelle Boorstein

National Secular Society Catholics for Choice Defend Secularism against Pope’s Misrepresentation

A liberal international Catholic group has criticised the Pope for misrepresenting secularism in a joint declaration he issued with Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church. Their joint declaration, following the first meeting between a Pope and the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church for a thousand years, said that “very aggressive secularist ideology” sought […]

European Humanist Federation Holy Alliance against Freedom?

For the first time since the schism of the two religions in the 11th century, Pope Francis, head of the Roman Catholic Church, met last Friday Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill in an historic exercise of “religious unity”. Their joint declaration is another missed opportunity to re-connect with the reality of or world and of their […]

NPR Chart: Access To Contraception And Abortion In Zika-Affected Countries

Don’t get pregnant. That’s the advice given to women by the governments of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and El Salvador in light of a possible link between the Zika virus, which is spreading in those countries, and a birth defect called microcephaly, which results in an abnormally small head and possible brain damage. Brazil has reported […]

Marc Silver

Financial Times Zika Virus: Catholic Group Urges Pope to Allow Contraception

On the eve of his visit to Latin America, Pope Francis has been urged to relax the Catholic church’s stance on contraception and abortion so women living in the epicentre of the Zika virus can protect themselves from the disease. Catholics for Choice, a liberal Catholic advocacy group based in Washington, placed an advertisement in the International New York […]

Jude Webber

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES Zika Virus: Pro-choice Catholic Group Urges Church to Stop Condemning Abortions as Virus Spreads

A Catholic pro-choice group has appealed to Pope Francis to stop condemning the use of contraception and abortions as the Zika virus continues to spread around the world. Jon O’Brien, head of the Catholics for Choice group, said that the escalating international health crisis “gives Pope Francis an unprecedented opportunity to put his words into action […]

Tess Green

Crux Catholic Leaders: No Abortion or Contraception for Zika Virus

In the teeth of pressure for the Catholic Church to relax its ban on contraception and abortion in response to the explosive growth of the Zika virus — and the possibility that it endangers fetal development — mot Church leaders in Latin America are holding the line. That pressure has accelerated in recent days ahead of Pope Francis’ […]

Inés San Martín

Huffington Post The Latest on Zika: Why the Pope Should Weigh in on Contraception

This week, while research groups formed coalitions to develop a Zika virus vaccine, scientists learned more about the disease after an autopsy report showed Zika virus in brain tissue of an aborted fetus. The fetus’s mother had contracted Zika virus in Brazil during her first trimester. The Zika virus, which is spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, […]

Erin Schumaker and Anna Almendrala

Irish Times Pope Francis Set for Historic Meeting with Patriarch Kirill

This is one occasion when the word “historic” definitely applies. When Pope Francis meets Patriarch Kirill of Moscow in Havana, Cuba, on Friday, it will be the first meeting ever between a pope and the spiritual leader of Russian Orthodoxy. This is a meeting that has been in the pipeline for almost 1,000 years ever since […]

Paddy Agnew

TIME Pope Francis Should Lift Abortion Bans to Fight Zika

Much has been made of Pope Francis and his emphasis on mercy and compassion in interpreting church teaching as a breath of fresh air for the Catholic church. The escalating international public health crisis over the Zika virus gives Pope Francis an unprecedented opportunity to put his words into action to help some of the world’s […]

Jon O'Brien

Reuters Catholic Group Urges Pope to Allow Contraception to Fight Zika

A Roman Catholic group appealed to Pope Francis on Wednesday to allow Church members to “follow their conscience” and use contraception or to let women have abortions to protect themselves against the Zika virus. The appeal came as the World Health Organization (WHO) advised women in areas with the virus to protect themselves, especially during […]

Philip Pullella

Spiked Zika: Why All Women Must Have Abortion Rights

Although not much is known about the Zika virus epidemic, and there are claims that the link between the mosquito-borne virus and fetal brain defects resulting from microcephaly is unproven, the fears faced by pregnant women in the regions affected are beyond dispute. This alone is cause enough to demand action to allow these women the choice […]

Ann Furedi

BuzzFeed Catholic Hospitals Sued For Refusing Emergency Care To Pregnant Women

The American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday announced that it is suing Trinity Health Corporation, which operates 80 hospitals nationwide, for refusing to provide pregnant women suffering from life-threatening emergency complications with abortions. Trinity Health hospitals have “repeatedly and systematically failed to provide women suffering pregnancy complications with the emergency care” required under federal law, […]

Azeen Ghorayshi

US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT Outsiders Keep the Faith

There’s a rainbow pride flag on the altar of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in the nation’s capital, which on Sunday evenings hosts Catholic worshippers. The priest is married and has two daughters and four grandchildren. The mostly male congregation receives communion along with their male partners. And everyone celebrates God and the Catholic faith that […]

Susan Milligan

Washington Times Pope Lectures Obama on Religious Liberty

Pope Francis called for American leadership Wednesday in combating climate change, embracing immigrants and caring for the poor, using his unparalleled pulpit to sound solidarity with President Obama on a host of issues — but the pontiff also poked theWhite House on religious liberty, and insisted pro-life and family causes were at the center of his visit. […]

Ben Wolfgang and Dave Boyer

The Guardian Obama and the Pope Defend ‘Religious Liberty’ – But Where and for Whom?

Pope Francis made an impassioned defence of religious freedom at the White House on Wednesday in remarks that were swiftly interpreted as a warning shot over demands for exemptions from the law on the grounds of faith. The issue of “religious liberty” has become a flashpoint between the Obama administration and faith campaigners, focused on rejections of same-sex marriage […]

Harriet Sherwood

MSNBC American Catholics on the Pope’s Arrival

Thomas Roberts speaks to American members of the Catholic church about what they would say to the Pope if they could meet him during his first U.S. trip. This video originally appeared on MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts.

MSNBC A Question of Faith

A group of American Catholics discuss the Pope’s first visit to America, and how they feel about the current versus the previous pope. Then Villanova Student Correspondent Nicole O’Donnell joins Thomas Roberts with her analysis. This video originally appeared on MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts.

National Journal The Pre-Pope Campaign

In late Au­gust, a few weeks be­fore Pope Fran­cis’s much-an­ti­cip­ated vis­it to the United States, Luther­an pas­tor Dav­id Beck­mann went to Rome to of­fer the pontiff some ad­vice. In­side the walls of the Vat­ic­an’s Apostol­ic Palace, a tower­ing struc­ture that con­tains the Sis­tine Chapel, Beck­mann, who heads up the Chris­ti­an anti-hun­ger or­gan­iz­a­tion Bread for the World, […]

Clare Foran

Hamilton and Griffin on Rights Catholics for Choice: So, What Should the Pope Tell Congress?

It’s hard to imagine that in 1960, John F. Kennedy had to defend being Catholic by expressing his unerring belief in separation of church and state. People feared he would be influenced by the pope and loyal to the Vatican rather than the Constitution. “I believe in an America where the separation of church and […]

Glenn Northern

Reuters Pope Francis Sets Gentle Tone in Divorce Debate

Catholics in America are preparing to welcome Pope Francis, a pontiff who has quickly distinguished himself from his predecessors with his compassionate tone on divorce – a thorny subject that has driven many faithful Catholics away from the Church. Pavithra George reports.,br /> This video originally appeared on Reuters.

The Guardian Pope Francis’s Abortion Pardon ‘A Great Gift’ for Catholics in Boston

Sunshine spilled through the stained-glass windows of St Mary’s chapel at Boston College, on what was a particularly warm summer’s day. It was cool and serene inside the chapel, where nearly two dozen people, including a campus security guard and a handful of students, assembled for a midday service. The organ sounded and the parishioners rose as […]

Lauren Gambino

ABC News Australia Pope Francis Grants Catholic Priests Discretion to Forgive Women Who Have Undergone Abortion

Catholic priests will soon be allowed to forgive women who have had an abortion and the doctors who procured it. Abortion remains a sin in Catholic Church doctrine, though Pope Francis says many women who sought an abortion did so because they ‘believed they had no other option’. He is giving priests discretion to forgive […]

Boston Globe Women Welcome Pope’s Remarks on Abortion

When Catherine Adair heard Pope Francis’ announcement Tuesday that all priests can now formally absolve women who have had abortions, she said that tears of gratitude ran down her face. It has been more than a quarter-century since Adair, then an unwed 20-year-old, had an abortion because she felt she had no choice. “The pope […]

Bella English and Cristela Guerra

NPR/ Religion During Holy Year, Priests Permitted To Forgive Women Who Had Abortions

Pope Francis announced that priests will be able to offer absolution to women who’ve had an abortion. The policy, in place for a year, is part of a Holy Year of Mercy that starts in December. Transcript  RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST: We’re starting this hour with reaction to the announcement by Pope Francis that priests may […]

Jennifer Ludden

The Guardian The Pope’s Abortion ‘Forgiveness’ is Good Politics, but Changes Nothing for Women

Pope Francis’s pastoral letter for the Year of Mercy, indicating that priestsmay absolve those who procure abortions, does nothing to change Catholic church policy with regards to how abortion is viewed. Current canonical law states that abortion is a grave sin, resulting in “automatic” excommunication. It also doesn’t change very much when it comes to the mechanics […]

Anthea Butler

ThinkProgress The Pope Just Changed How Women Can Be Forgiven For Abortions. Here’s What That Means.

Pope Francis has announced a sweeping expansion for how women who have abortions can be forgiven, a step towards creating a more welcoming church — that still condemns abortion. On Tuesday, the Vatican issued a letter in seven languages detailing instructions for how the Catholic Church will engage in the Year of Jubilee, a celebration of forgiveness […]

Jack Jenkins

Fusion Pope Francis Offers ‘Forgiveness’ for Abortion, Maybe Throws Shade at Bishops

On Tuesday, the Vatican released a letter from Pope Francis outlining his approach to the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, a year-long Catholic celebration emphasizing a message of forgiveness, even for what the church considers the most serious of sins. Among them: abortion. According to church canon, having an abortion is grounds for automatic excommunication. The punishment is […]

Katie McDonough

Irish Examiner Priests Welcome Pope’s Letter to Forgive Abortion

In the letter published by the Vatican yesterday, Pope Francis said that from December 8 to November 26 next year, the Holy Year, which has a theme of mercy, all priests would be able to grant forgiveness on abortion. It marks a break from the Vatican’s position on the issue up to now and was […]

Noel Baker

Refinery 29 Pope Allows Local Priests To Forgive Women Who Have Had Abortions

Pope Francis declared on Tuesday that women who have had abortions can confess and be forgiven by their local parish priests during the Catholic Church’s “Year of Mercy.” The unprecedented announcement, published on the Vatican’s website, allows a woman with a “contrite heart” to confess and be forgiven by her local parish priest for having an […]

Kaelyn Forde

USA TODAY Pope Francis to Allow Priests to Forgive Abortion

Pope Francis, who has defined his short tenure by taking on the most controversial issues from gay marriage to climate change, waded for the first time into one of the thorniest topics of his papacy Tuesday when he said priests can forgive the “sin of abortion” for women who are sorry about it. In a letter published by the Vatican, […]

John Bacon

Reuters Pope to allow all priests to forgive abortion during Holy Year

Pope Francis will give all priests discretion during the Roman Catholic Church’s Holy Year to formally forgive women who have had abortions — the Argentine pontiff’s latest move towards a more open and inclusive church. In Church teaching, abortion is such a grave sin that those who procure or perform it incur an automatic excommunication, […]

Isla Binnie And Philip Pullella

Christian Science Monitor Abortion Edict: Pope Francis Stresses Mercy Amid Culture Clashes

Pope Francis asserted his global papal authority on Tuesday, authorizing Roman Catholic priests around the world to offer reconciliation and forgiveness to women who have had abortions. The move represents another example of what has become a hallmark of Francis’ papacy: promoting a more pastoral tone amid the culture-clashing issues of same-sex relationships, the status […]

Harry Bruinius

THE WASHINGTON POST Pope Francis Emphasizes Forgiveness for Women Who Have Abortions

Pope Francis announced Tuesday he was opening a special, temporary “mercy” window to make it easier for women who have abortions and confess to get back into the full good graces of the Roman Catholic Church. The move set off immediate debate over whether Francis had actually changed church practice or had said something symbolic — and what […]

Michelle Boorstein and Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Washington Times Obama Urged to Re-Interpret Helms Amendment for Foreign Abortions

Some 81 House Democrats have urged President Obama to tell agencies that the Helms amendment does not ban all U.S. foreign aid-related abortions, but permits those in cases of rape, incest and when the life of the mother is endangered. “In light of your recent trip to Ethiopia and Kenya, we ask that you take […]

Cheryl Wetzstein

Washington Times Obama urged to re-interpret Helms amendment for foreign abortions

Some 81 House Democrats have urged President Obama to tell agencies that the Helms amendment does not ban all U.S. foreign aid-related abortions, but permits those in cases of rape, incest and when the life of the mother is endangered. “In light of your recent trip to Ethiopia and Kenya, we ask that you take […]

Cheryl Wetzstein

Religion Dispatches Planned Parenthood Gets Religious Support

A total of 56 faith-based groups have sent a letter to members of the Senate voicing their support for Planned Parenthood and urging them to reject efforts to defund the organization: We represent millions of people of faith committed to ensuring women’s health and moral autonomy. We are deeply troubled by the latest deplorable attacks […]

Patricia Miller

Washington Times Pope Francis Calls for Acceptance of Divorced, Remarried Catholics

Pope Francis perked up ears again Wednesday when he advised church leadership to do more to “take care” of and have “open doors” for Catholics whose marriages have failed, prompting the latest round of speculation — both hopeful and worrying — that he may loosen the church’s ancient rules on divorce and remarriage. Although the pope acknowledged […]

Cheryl Wetzstein

Washington Times Pope Francis calls for acceptance of divorced, remarried Catholics

Pope Francis perked up ears again Wednesday when he advised church leadership to do more to “take care” of and have “open doors” for Catholics whose marriages have failed, prompting the latest round of speculation — both hopeful and worrying — that he may loosen the church’s ancient rules on divorce and remarriage. Although the pope acknowledged […]

Cheryl Wetzstein

Religion Dispatches Will the Pope’s Woman Problem Alienate Young Catholics?

Calling Pope Francis their “holy conundrum,” Catholic scholars, theologians, activists and religious convened in Chicago on Saturday at a forum titled “Women in the Catholic Church: What Francis Needs to Know.” [Full disclosure: I moderated a panel on the church and sex.] The participants, many of them long-time social justice activists, were generally grateful for Francis’ strong language on economic inequality […]

Patricia Miller

The Standard Kenyan billboard critical of Obama’s stance on abortion ‘censored’ ahead of his important visit to the nation

A Catholic pro-choice group has said their billboard, critical of Barack Obama’s stance on abortion, has been taken down by the Kenyan government ahead of his important visit to the country. The US-based group, Catholics for Choice, claim that “agents of the Kenyan government” had removed one of their billboards in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi […]

Doug Bolton

The Daily Beast Kenya Takes Down a Billboard Pleading With Obama to Help Rape Victims

As President Obama lands in Kenya, the government there has made sure he won’t be confronted with demands for a change to U.S. law about abortions. But he should be. Ahead of President Obama’s trip to Kenya and Ethiopia, a billboard addressed to the American president was put up on Nairobi’s Chiromo Road along the […]

Barbie Latza Nadeau

CAJ News Africa Catholics, Obama in collision course ahead of Kenya trip

A Christian organisation has alleged agents of the Kenyan government tore down a billboard expressing concern about the Helms Amendment, an American policy that it believes puts the health, welfare and lives of Kenyan women at risk. The action comes ahead of the United States President Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya. The billboard on Chiromo […]

Maria Macharia

THE STAR Catholics for Choice says Obama billboard in Westlands pulled down

An international organisation has said one of its billboards has been pulled down by the government ahead of President Obama’s visit on Friday. Catholic for Choice said the government “without explanation” pulled down a billboard the organisation had placed legally on Chiromo road. The billboard which was also sponsored by a local organisation, Reproductive Health […]

Lydia Matata

National Catholic Reporter Forum to discuss Pope Francis’ ‘blind spot’ on women

On Saturday, a group of scholars and activists will convene at Chicago Theological Seminary to discuss, “Women in the Catholic Church: What Francis Needs to Know.” According to the forum’s website, “it is an optimistic time for the Catholic Church, especially in anticipation of Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to the United States in September. There is […]

Jamie Manson

The Daily Beast Kenya Takes Down a Billboard Pleading With Obama to Help Rape Victims

As President Obama lands in Kenya, the government there has made sure he won’t be confronted with demands for a change to U.S. law about abortions. But he should be. Ahead of President Obama’s trip to Kenya and Ethiopia, a billboard addressed to the American president was put up on Nairobi’s Chiromo Road along the […]

Barbie Latza Nadeau

Feminist Majority Foundation - Feminist Newswire 70 Organizations Are Urging the President to Fund Abortion Care Abroad

The Feminist Majority and over 70 other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) released a letter to President Obama yesterday that calls on him to reinterpret the Helms Amendment and meet with the people running women’s health programs in Africa on an upcoming trip to the continent. Currently, the Helms Amendment is wrongly interpreted as an all-out ban on abortion funding. Because of […]

Crux Do Catholic millennials buy the US bishops’ religious freedom argument?

In an era when 99 percent of Catholic women have used a modern method of birth control, and marriage equality is legal nationwide, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is still pushing its hardline view on issues of sex, sexuality, and reproductive choice. The bishops say it’s a matter of religious freedom. But […]

Jen Girdish

The Standard America’s bitter war over abortion rights highlighted as sting video ‘shows pro-choice doctor offering body parts of dead foetuses’

A video has emerged of two actors posing as representatives of a human biologics company allegedly being offered foetal body parts over a business lunch with a senior director of a not-for-profit family planning NGO. In the video, Deborah Nucatola, a senior director of medical services at Planned Parenthood, can be heard discussing the best […]

Michael Segalov

Religion DispatchesCAJ News Africa Conservative Catholics Try To Domesticate Laudato Si

Conservative Catholics are working overtime to downplay the radical nature of Laudato si, the pope’s encyclical that offers a sweeping condemnation of the free-market, libertarian Catholicism that has largely overtaken the institutional church in the US. In its weekly email newsletter, the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, which is one of the more conservative in the country, distills […]

Ms. Magazine Organizations Urge the President to Reinterpret Helms Amendment and Aid Nigerian Refugees

Catholics for Choice in partnership with the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) launched a campaign last week in response to more than 200 girls raped and impregnated by Boko Haram members, urging President Obama to reinterpret the Helms Amendment to include abortion care. Over 400 women and children who were kidnapped by Boko […]

New York Times Religious Leaders Urge U.S. to Fund Abortions for Rape Victims in Conflicts Abroad

A starkly worded ad began appearing this week at bus stops near the White House. Next to a silhouette of President Obama’s back reads the words: “Don’t walk away from women and girls raped in conflict. Act now.” A coalition of religious and human rights leaders on Thursday followed up the advertisement with demands that Mr. […]

Refinery 29 Are Catholic Charities Denying Care To The Most Vulnerable Girls?

Last summer, thousands of children poured across the Southern border of the United States, alone, scared, and desperate to escape violence, conflict, and crushing poverty in their home countries in Central America. This year, a fight is brewing over what happens to migrant children once they’re in the U.S., and whether agencies tasked with caring for […]

Bustle Paraguay Denies Pregnant 10-Year-Old An Abortion & The Tragic Case Exposes The Country’s Draconian Anti-Abortion Policies

Government health officials in Paraguay have denied a pregnant 10-year-old girl, whose mother says she was raped by her stepfather, an abortion, further placing the nation’s draconian anti-abortion laws under international scrutiny. The request for an abortion was made by the girl’s mother, whom Reuters reported has made appeals to officials in the past about alleged […]

MSNBC GOP moves to block anti-discrimination law protecting reproductive choice

Shaela Evenson had taught sixth, seventh and eighth-grade literature and physical education at a Catholic school in Butte, Montana, for almost ten years when she was called into the superintendent’s office. Someone had sent an anonymous letter informing the superintendent and the local bishop that Evenson, who is not Catholic, was pregnant and unmarried. In […]

Roll Call Norton Warns GOP: Don’t Tread on D.C.

For the first time in more than two decades, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is set to take up a resolution aimed at blocking a D.C. bill Tuesday, to the chagrin of the District’s congressional delegate. At issue is the Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act the D.C. Council approved in January, which aims to prohibit workplace […]

Bridget Bowman

Le Soir Jon O’Brien: «Le Pape parle pour lui-même, pas pour 99% des catholiques!»

Le président du lobby international « Catholics For Choice » était à Bruxelles la semaine dernière pour participer à un colloque sur les 25 ans de la loi dépénalisant l’IVG. Catholics For choice a été créé aux USA dans les années 70, lorsque les évêques ont annoncé qu’ils allaient combattre la loi qui venait d’autoriser l’avortement. Trois femmes […]

Salon How the Catholic Church broke Congress

The Hyde Amendment is back. From holding up Loretta Lynch’s confirmation as Attorney General and a bill to help victims of sex trafficking to threatening to blow up a carefully calibrated bipartisan agreement on a number of important health policy fixes, it seems there’s no end to the trouble caused by this amendment from hell. It’s no […]

RH Reality Check Pope Francis’ Remarks About Birth Control ‘Methods’ Offend Pro-Choice Catholics

Pope Francis, on his way home from his visit to the Philippines this week, raised eyebrows when he said that Catholics don’t have to have so many children: “Some think, excuse me if I use the word, that in order to be good Catholics, we have to be like rabbits, but no.” While his off-the-cuff comments may […]

RTE Pope defends ban on artificial contraception

Pope Francis has defended the Catholic Church’s ban on artificial contraception but said this does not mean Christians should have large, unplanned families. The Pontiff said he supported responsible parenting and cited population experts who say three children per family is the number required to sustain the population. However, a dissenting organisation, Catholics for Choice has accused […]

Salon Cool pope still isn’t cool with birth control. Most Catholics think that’s uncool

Pope Francis the cool pope is cool with Catholic women having small families, but he’s not cool with letting them use birth control to do it. Francis told reporters on Monday that Catholics don’t need to “be like rabbits” when it comes to sex, instead urging what he called “responsible parenthood.” He went on to […]

New York Times Pope Amuses and Insults With Remark on Parenting

Over the past two years, the world has become accustomed to Pope Francis’ folksy manner. Indeed, with his homespun anecdotes and off-the-cuff quips, the pope at times comes off more like a plainspoken uncle than the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics. But with his latest choice of words — he said this […]

Salon The Pope Francis revolution: Inside the catastrophic collapse of the Catholic right

For years they struck fear in the hearts of progressive Catholic candidates. They could, and did, help destroy presidential campaigns. The media took them seriously, reporting on their pronouncements as representative of a significant bloc of conservative Catholics. They were not legion; but they were powerful. They were the Christian right’s smaller, more shadowy counterpart: […]

LGBTQ Nation Waking the sleeping beast of religious liberty

Something remarkable happened in the run up to the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Hobby Lobby vs. Burwell. A movement was born. A potentially historic movement that does not yet know its name — but which may yet bring the light of hope to a darkening political landscape. The Supreme Court ultimately threw out historic […]

Washington Times New Catholic rules to affect health care services, mergers

The governing body of the U.S. Catholic Church this week began the process of reconciling doctrine with 21st-century medical directives, but some human rights advocates say those revisions could be a tough pill to swallow. During their 2014 General Assembly meeting this week, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops voted 213 to 2 to update […]

Meredith Somers

ProPublica Catholic Bishops Weigh Tightening Rules for Health Care Partnerships

Samaritan was secular, committed to providing the widest possible spectrum of reproductive and maternity care to its Albany-area patients. St. Mary’s was Catholic, limiting or banning many reproductive options— and any merger partner had to abide by the same rules. It took several years of negotiations among three different health systems, much back-and-forth with women’s […]

RH Reality Check Pope Francis’ ‘Synod on the Family’ Raises Hope, But Fails to Deliver Change

Since his election in 2013, Pope Francis has been making headlines for his seemingly progressive statements on a number of social issues. He suggested, for example, that God looks at a gay person with love; he also told the United States Catholic Church to stop spending so much time talking about birth control and abortion. And just this week, for […]

RH Reality Check A Colorado Catholic Speaks Out Against Amendment 67

As a Latina Catholic and Coloradan, I care about my community. I hold a deep respect for all life, and an equally profound reverence for the respect due to every person’s conscience. I believe in social justice—the idea that each person has value, and that all of us have a moral duty to stand up […]

Jordan Sauers

Agencia EFE Desarrollan campaña con latinas sobre los derechos reproductivos de la mujer

A tres semanas de que los votantes de Colorado decidan si modifican las leyes estatales sobre el aborto, una organización local celebrará hoy un foro dirigido a latinas sobre las implicaciones de la Enmienda 67 respecto a los derechos reproductivos de la mujer. Según señaló a Efe Gina Milán, de la Organización para la Oportunidad […]

The Daily Beast The Pope vs. the Church on Family Values?

When Pope Francis opened the Extraordinary General Assembly Synod of Bishops to discuss the role of the family in the Catholic context on Sunday, he opened the biggest can of worms in his still-young papacy. It is expected to pit hard-core Catholic conservatives who prefer to hang on to the Church’s traditional doctrine on family matters against […]

Irish Times Pope Francis’s first synod attracts huge media interest

On the eve of the Synod on the Family which Pope Francis opens tomorrow with an inaugural mass in the Basilica of St Peter’s, Synod secretary general Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisserri yesterday focused on the Greek roots of the word synod, namely “synodos”. Literally, this means “walk together”. However, as the 191 Synod fathers (cardinals and bishops) plus 61 experts […]

Paddy Agnew

KGNU Community Radio Catholics for Choice speaking out against personhood amendment

Listen here. Being a devout Catholic and being prochoice is not necessarily mutually exclusive. Despite the official position of the Catholic church on abortion, more and more lay Catholic groups are speaking out in support of women’s choice. One such group is Catholics for Choice. Maeve Conran spoke with Meghan Smith who was in Denver […]

Maeve Conran

The Daily Beast A Christian Case for Abortion Rights?

Wendy Davis’ abortion revelations raise the question: Can abortion be the most compassionate choice? Some religious leaders say yes. When news broke that Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis had previously terminated two pregnancies for medical reasons, she received words of compassion from a surprising source. A spokesperson for Texas Right to Life called “the value […]

Keli Goff

The Hill GOP Senate candidates mum on birth control mandate change

Republican Senate candidates are staying silent on President Obama’s latest changes to the birth control coverage mandate even as the policy catches flak from the religious right. Top GOP hopefuls haven’t weighed in on the issue since Friday, when the administration announced new measures meant to accommodate religious groups and businesses that object to their […]

Thomson Reuters Foundation Religious opposition and hostile press obstruct pro-choice campaigners in El Salvador

Rosa Maria Hernandez’s opponents say she is promoting the law of death and a traitor to her country, El Salvador, and to Catholicism. Hernandez heads Catholics for the Right to Decide in El Salvador. In a deeply Catholic nation, pro-choice activists campaigning to get the country’s blanket ban on abortion overturned so that women can […]

Huffington Post Faith Leaders Sign Letter Opposing Religious Exemption For LGBT Hiring Non-Discrimination

More than one hundred faith leaders sent a letter to President Obama on Tuesday asking that he remove a religious exemption from his upcoming executive order banning hiring discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity among federal contractors. “As people of faith, we should be exemplary and not exempted,” Rev. Dr. Serene […]

Catholics for Choice Supports Real Religious Liberty

  We are disheartened by the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Sebelius cases. Watch our short movie to see what’s at stake if religious extremists are granted the right to use religion to discriminate. Read more here: Catholics Blast Bogus Claims of Religious Liberty in Washington Post Ad […]

Al Jazeera America The Supreme Court rules on Hobby Lobby case

  Sara Hutchinson Ratcliffe from Catholics for Choice discusses the controversial ruling over birth control coverage. This piece was originally aired by Al Jazeera America.  

Womenstake NWLC Testifies at D.C. Council Hearing on Proposed Bill to Prevent Bosses from Firing Women for Their Reproductive Decisions

It made for riveting television. No, I’m not talking about the latest World Cup match, although I’m sure that was riveting too. I’m referring to Monday’s public hearing at the D.C. Council on the Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act of 2014 where NWLC’s Senior Counsel and Director of State Reproductive Policy Gretchen Borchelt testified in support of the […]

Forbes What To Expect If Hobby Lobby Wins Religious Freedom Case

Sometime before June 30 — as soon as today, possibly — the US Supreme Court will decide whether a corporation can have religious beliefs. The Justices are set to rule on whether the Affordable Care Act is infringing on craft store chain Hobby Lobby’s religious rights by forcing the company to provide full contraceptive coverage […]

Uprising Radio Sorting Fact From Fiction In the Story of Ireland’s Mass Children’s Grave

Listen here. The story of a mass grave site of nearly 800 children and babies in Tuam, County Galway, Ireland, has sparked worldwide outrage. The bodies are thought to have been found in an unused septic tank of what was known as a “mother and baby home,” called the Bon Secours Home for Unmarried Mothers […]

CNN en Español ¿Cambios en la iglesia?

  Papa Francisco anunció esta semana que se reunirá con víctimas de abuso sexual cometido por miembros del clero. En este clip de CNN en Español, Jacqueline Nolley Echegaray de Catholics for Choice dice que ya es hora que la jerarquía católica reconozca y asuma su responsabilidad por los crímenes cometidos por miembros del clero, […]

Philippine Daily Inquirer A war on girls

Those who see nothing wrong with government, Church and other authorities dictating on and interfering in the behavior of young people need only look to Africa for enlightenment (if they want it). There, according to an article that appeared in a recent issue of “Conscience,” the “newsjournal of Catholic opinion” published by Catholics for Choice, […]

Rina Jimez-David

RTE Jon O’Brien on the John Murray Show

  In a wide-ranging interview, Catholics for Choice president and Dublin native Jon O’Brien discusses abortion and contraception laws in Ireland, the importance of conscience in Catholicism and his predictions for how the church will develop in the coming decades. This piece was originally aired by RTÉ.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Pope Francis inspires incredible optimism

Hands up and grinning, 77-year-old Jorge Bergoglio holds court like any veteran storyteller, but when he rises in St. Peter’s Square, about 735,000 people applaud. The doors to a millennia-old institution stained by financial mismanagement, sex abuse and resolute secrecy were thrown open last year by a cheerful, Argentine pontiff who takes selfies, rides the […]

Megan Harris

Irish Examiner Catholics making their own choices

Catholics for Choice believes people can make their own judgements about sex and reproduction, says Jonathan deBurca Butler LAST summer, a billboard ad campaign for Catholics appeared in towns and cities in Kenya. Posters showed a smiling couple. The caption read: “We believe in God, we believe that sex is sacred, we believe in caring for […]

Jonathan deBurca Butler

Forbes Hobby Lobby Case: ‘About Labor Rights And Religious Extremism, Not Birth Control’

This past Saturday, thousands across the U.S. pledged their support for the religious rights of corporations by taking to craft chain Hobby Lobby en masse. In a show of solidarity with the $3.3 billion (revenues) company in its ongoing Supreme Court case, shoppers bought Easter crafts and wreath-making materials, posting photos of their spoils to a dedicated Facebook page […]

Clare O’Connor

Yahoo News Both self-styled uniters, Pope Francis and President Obama remain deeply divided

Taken at face value, it would be easy to presume that President Barack Obama and Pope Francis have a lot in common. After all, the two men have graced many of the same magazine covers, including Time, Rolling Stone, the Advocate and Fortune. They are both champions of social justice. And each has worked in […]

Barbie Latza Nadeau

Associated Press In first meeting, Obama says he’s ‘great admirer’ of pope

President Barack Obama called himself a ‘‘great admirer’’ of Pope Francis as he sat down at the Vatican Thursday with the pontiff he considers a kindred spirit on issues of economic inequality. Their nearly hourlong first meeting comes as Obama’s administration remains deeply split with the church over abortion and contraception. Obama arrived at the […]

Jim Kuhnhenn and Nicole Winfield

The Daily Beast Obama Goes to Rome Hoping to Tap Some of Pope Francis’ Popularity

Does being around the most popular person on the planet make you popular, too? Apparently that’s the hope. Judging by the way the world’s elite are flocking to Vatican City, you might think Pope Francis is sprinkling magic pixie dust, not holy water. On Thursday, U.S. President Barack Obama will take his turn visiting the […]

Barbie Latza Nadeau

Wall Street Journal Many Voices Try to Shape Pope Francis-Obama Meeting

In anticipation of Pope Francis’ Thursday meeting with President Barack Obama, activist Judie Brown sent the pontiff an unsolicited 12-page memo that detailed what she said is the administration’s hostility toward the church on issues such as abortion and contraception. The meeting also spurred 10-year-old Jersey Vargas to travel to Rome from Los Angeles to […]

Tamara Audi

Uprising Radio Despite Internal Pressures, Pope Francis’ First Year Shows Promise

Listen here. Pope Francis has just completed his first year of papacy and he’s made more headlines than any other pope in recent memory. He was chosen as Time magazine’s Person of the Year and featured on the cover of Rolling Stone. His eccentricities in driving a used car and doing away with many of […]

Sonali Kolhatkar

WEAR TV Hundreds protest possible abortion restriction

A hundred women were on Capitol Hill in Tallahassee today, expressing their concern about possible changes to Florida’s abortion laws. Right now, there are three proposed bills that would put more restrictions on abortions or completely ban them. Representatives from Planned Parenthood and Catholics for Choice say they want to make sure women’s rights to […]

Capitol News Service A Right to Choose…One Way or the Other

A hundred women wearing pink braved stormy weather to come to the Capitol over concerns their right to control their bodies might change this legislative session. Three pending bills would restrict or ban abortions all-together, Laura Robinson made the trip from Sarasota. “It’s extremely important, that’s why we’re all here,” said Robinson, “we’re all here […]

Mike Vasilinda

Tampa Tribune Planned Parenthood supporters rally in capital for health care expansion

More than 100 Planned Parenthood supporters rallied Monday outside Gov. Rick Scott’s office for increased access to health care, Tampa’s state senator lobbed a political grenade. “We need to pass Sen. Garcia’s bill,” Democrat Arthenia Joyner told the crowd, referring to Hialeah Republican Rene Garcia’s proposal this year to cover more poor Floridians by expanding […]

James L. Rosica

Excelsior Francisco, un Papa mediático

Justo hace un año un cardenal argentino, se convirtió en el primer latinoamericano, que llega a ser el máximo líder de la Iglesia católica. El 13 de marzo de 2013 salió del balcón central de la Basílica de San Pedro un hombre sencillo y humilde que en tan sólo unos meses cambió la historia de […]

Juan Pablo Reyes y María Fernanda Navarro

The Loop Catholics celebrate Pope Francis

Watch here. Jon O’Brien, Catholics for Choice president, says Pope Francis wants to see ‘greater quality for all. This piece was originally aired by CTV News.

National Public Radio One Year Later, ‘A Pope For All’ Keeps Catholics Guessing

Listen here. A year ago today, the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics got their first Jesuit pope and the first from the global south. Taking the name Francis, he soon became one of the world’s most popular newsmakers. Following two doctrinally conservative leaders, the Argentine-born pope’s pastoral approach has given the Catholic Church a new glow […]

Sylvia Poggioli

Religion Dispatches Debate Heats Up Over “Francis Effect”

Mitt Romney’s delusional 2012 pollsters got nothing on apologists for last week’s Pew Poll that found no real “Francis effect” from the pope’s first year. According to Daniel Burke at in a lengthy, mostly anecdotal piece, “there’s more way than one to measure the pontiff’s influence” than, say, actual metrics like the number of people going to mass […]

Patricia Miller

The Observer Pope Francis: revitalising the Catholic church

On St Valentine’s Day last month, after days of rain, Rome suddenly found itself bathed in warm sunshine. The canopy of cloudless blue materialised just in time, because in St Peter’s Square around 10,000 engaged couples, from 40 countries, were gathering to receive papal blessings. As with any event that involves Pope Francis, the level of interest […]

Julian Coman

CKNW Jon O’Brien on the Bill Good Show

Listen here. Catholics for Choice President Jon O’Brien discusses some of the highlights and disappointments of Pope Francis’s first year as leader of the Catholic church. This piece was originally aired by CKNW AM.

Bill Good

Al Jazeera America Pope says he’s no ‘superman,’ playing down potential for sweeping reforms

Pope Francis on Wednesday played down the notion that he is a “superman” who will bring sweeping reforms to the Roman Catholic Church, stressing that bans on contraception and gay marriage would remain in place. In a wide-ranging interview with Italy’s Corriere della Sera newspaper, the pope also said no institution had moved with more “transparency and […]

Wall Street Journal Women Could Have Greater Role in Church, Says Pope

The Vatican could soon make significant changes to the role of women in the Catholic Church and to its approach to divorcées, Pope Francis said in a newspaper interview. As the anniversary of his election approaches, the Argentine-born pontiff also sought to rebuff criticisms that he has done too little to respond to the sex-abuse […]

Deborah Ball

Reuters Scathing U.N. report demands Vatican act against child sex abuse

The United Nations on Wednesday accused the Vatican of systematically turning a blind eye to decades of sexual abuse of children by priests, and demanded it immediately turn over known or suspected offenders to civil justice. In a scathingly blunt report, the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child said Church officials had imposed […]

Stephanie Nebehay and Philip Pullella

EFE Díaz “avergonzada” porque los belgas tengan que defender el aborto en España

La presidenta de la Junta de Andalucía y secretaria general de los socialistas andaluces, Susana Díaz, dijo este jueves que sintió “vergüenza” al ver a los belgas salir a la calle este miércoles para protestar contra la reforma de la ley del aborto que prepara el Gobierno español. “Imagínese la vergüenza que sentimos muchos españoles […]

E.O. Clamor en el corazón de la Unión Europea

Más de un millar de mujeres belgas, españolas y de otros países europeos se manifestaron ayer por la tarde durante más de una hora frente a la embajada de España en Bruselas para expresar su rechazo total al proyecto de ley elaborado por el Gobierno del PP, que pretende restringir el derecho al aborto. La […]

EFE Dos mil personas se manifiestan contra la ley del aborto española frente a la Eurocámara

Bajo el lema ‘En apoyo a las españolas y por el derecho a abortar en Europa’, las organizaciones European Women’s Lobby, Abortion Right, European Humanist Federation, Catholics for Choice e International Planned Parenthood Federation convocaron una marcha que comenzó frente a la sede de la embajada de España en Bruselas. El PP quiere crear una […]

USA TODAY Debate rages over contraception coverage in religious universities

On Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays of every week, a small table is set up in ‘Red Square,’ a space on Georgetown University’s campus where student groups organize for expressions of free speech. On the table is a bowl of free condoms and informational pamphlets about contraceptives and STI testing. “This past semester, we handed out […]

Hailey Lee

CNN BELIEF BLOG Six surprising changes to the anti-abortion March for Life

For decades, the March for Life has followed a familiar formula: Bus in thousands of abortion opponents. Protest in front of the Supreme Court. Go home. But this year, in addition to dealing with snow and bone-chilling wind, the March will move in a different direction, says Jeanne Monahan, president of the anti-abortion group. Long-winded […]

Daniel Burke

NBC 26 First Ever March for Life Event in Green Bay

Nearly 100 people marching on Brown County’s Courthouse this morning. They want to end abortion in Wisconsin. This week marks the 41st anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion. It’s a ruling that has seen controversy ever since it’s inception in 1972.Linda Stone says she’s marching for a cause today. “Children […]

Raquel Lamal

Wall Street Journal Pope Looks Beyond West With Cardinal Picks

 Pope Francis took one of his biggest steps yet to reshape the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy by appointing a batch of new cardinals hailing largely from the developing world. The pontiff’s choices—including priests from Asia, two African countries and Haiti, marks a departure from his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI’s tendency to appoint cardinals from Western […]

Deborah Ball, Liam Moloney and Tamara Audi

UNIVISION WASHINGTON Debaten los anticonceptivos bajo la cobertura del Obamacare

    El Gobierno le pide a la Corte Suprema que no bloquee un requisito de la Reforma de Salud que exige la cobertura de anticonceptivos. This piece was originally aired by Univision.  

Fernando Pizarro

USA TODAY Notre Dame re-files Obamacare contraception lawsuit

  The University of Notre Dame re-filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the Affordable Care Act’s controversial contraception mandate, claiming the law violated its Catholic doctrine. The Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, mandates that universities and employers provide health insurance plans that cover preventative reproductive services for women, such as birth control and sterilization. […]

Cara Newlon

Salon Civil war in the church!: Catholics tell bishops to stop playing doctor

  Pope Francis last week issued an expansive document outlining the mission behind his papacy, including a strongly worded indictment of free market economics and the government leaders and corporate executives who are the system’s greatest beneficiaries. The pope’s declarations on poverty and economic justice may have been a new turn for the church, but the rest […]

Katie McDonough

CARE2 Repro Wrap: Your Boss May Get to Veto Your Birth Control and Other News

  In the biggest story of the week, the Supreme Court has agreed to review complaints over the birth control mandate in the Affordable Care Act, which will allow them to decide whether private corporations have the right to deny employees birth control coverage because of the company owners’ “religious or moral” beliefs. At the […]

Robin Marty

CARE2 Repro Wrap: Your Boss May Get to Veto Your Birth Control and Other News

  In the biggest story of the week, the Supreme Court has agreed to review complaints over the birth control mandate in the Affordable Care Act, which will allow them to decide whether private corporations have the right to deny employees birth control coverage because of the company owners’ “religious or moral” beliefs. At the […]

Robin Marty

Huffington Post Lessons From the Fight Over Later Abortion in Albuquerque

  There are some important lessons to learn from the outcome in Albuquerque, where voters overwhelmingly rejected a ballot initiative that would have banned later abortion in the city. This defeat protected services that women from all over the country come to New Mexico to use. The rest of the US should take note. Time and […]

Washington Examiner Pope says church won’t cave in on abortion, slams pro-choice laws

  Pope Francis is seeking to reassure Catholics that the church is sticking to its hardline opposition to abortion, writing in a new message that “it is not ‘progressive’ to try to resolve problems by eliminating a human life.” In a message that was praised by anti-abortion groups and condemned by pro-abortion supporters, Francis also […]

Paul Bedard

MSNBC Historic abortion vote in New Mexico

Residents are heading to the polls today in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to vote on an ordinance that claims a fetus can feel pain at 20 weeks after conception. It marks the first time abortion rights will be decided at the local level.’s Irin Carmon, and Catholics for Choice’s Sara Hutchinson discuss.This piece was originally […]

Thomas Roberts

Associated Press Albuquerque Vote Targets Late-Term Abortion Clinic

  Three years ago, anti-abortion “missionaries” Tara and Bud Shaver left Operation Rescue’s base in Kansas with one target: a clinic that abortion opponents say has turned this southwestern city into the late-term abortion capital of America. But after a loss at the medical board and making little headway in the Democrat-controlled Legislature, their group, […]

Jeri Clausing

KUNM Abortion Ban Initiative Vote On Tuesday

Listen to clips. Both supporters and opponents of the anti-abortion initiative that will be on the ballot in Albuquerque on Tuesday, Nov 19 have appeared on Women’s Focus. Juliana Koob and Adriann Barboa, of Respect ABQ Women supplied more information on 11/16 Women’s Focus. Elisa Martinez, Executive Director, Protect ABQ Women and Children; Angela Herrera, […]

Susan Thom Loubet

ThinkProgress Religious Groups Are Fighting To Defeat Albuquerque’s Proposed 20-Week Abortion Ban

  This month, there’s a 20-week abortion ban up for vote in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If it passes, Albuquerque may become the first city in the country with a local abortion restriction on the books. It’s been a contentious fight centered on a late-term abortion clinic in the area — one of the last clinics in the country that […]

Tara Culp-Ressler

Washington Times U.S. Catholic bishops ponder politics of Pope Francis before picking new leader

  As the world’s Catholics adjust to a very different kind of pope in the Vatican, American Catholics across the political spectrum are watching closely as the country’s Catholic bishops gather this week to select a new U.S. leader. Liberals have been thrilled by some of the pronouncements from Pope Francis, while conservatives are watching […]

Nathan Porter

Albuquerque Journal Don’t make an idol of ideology

  New Mexico has a history of trusting women when they need to make the personal and complex decision to end a pregnancy. As one of the many allied organizations leading the Respect ABQ Women campaign, the N.M. Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice has brought the support of many local clergy and congregations from diverse […]

Joan Lamunyon Sanford

EL PASO TIMES Stand with El Paso women rally talks voting, reproductive rights

  Texas state Sen. Leticia Van De Putte, D-San Antonio, said Texas women voters have to say “ya no mas” to state leaders who have “disrespected” women with recent legislation that affects women’s reproductive rights and continues wage inequity. “They are more concerned with our private parts than they are about la mujer (the woman)- […]

María Cortés González

MSNBC - MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY SHOW Communities fight for control of hospitals

  It took less than two weeks for the residents of Abington, PA., to stop a Roman Catholic hospital from decimating reproductive care at their community hospital. In the summer of 2012, Rita Rosen Poley read an announcement of the merger in the paper and knew she had to act. “The possibility that women would […]

Meredith Clark

KTSM Vote with Texas Women Rally rolls into town Friday

Organizers are encouraging El Paso women to get out and vote in the next election cycle in El Paso and throughout Texas, and they’re bringing their message to the Borderland this Friday, November 8 with an organized rally at Memorial Park. Vote with Texas Women rally will be held on Friday at Memorial Park from […]

Associated Press Ohio rally pushes abortion rights, women’s health

Participants from around the state and nation are expected at a Statehouse rally on Wednesday opposing Ohio laws that limit access to abortions and other women’s health care. Members of more than 50 women’s groups, labor unions and others are expected at the “We Won’t Go Back” event. Its organizers take issue with effective funding […]

Julie Carr Smith

MSNBC - THE LAST WORD WITH LAWRENCE O'DONNELL Religious leaders unite against ‘immoral’ shutdown

While most of the commentary about the shutdown has focused on the politics involved, religious leaders are concerned about the moral implications. On a day of brinkmanship in the halls of Congress, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops sent Congress a letter, writing that their failure to find a bipartisan solution to avert the shutdown […]

Clare Kim

Irish Times Campaign for legal abortions says new laws too restrictive

The campaign for “free, safe and legal” access to abortions in Ireland takes to the streets tomorrow as part of a global day of action. The Abortion Rights Campaign, supported by the US-based Catholics for Choice, today urged the Government to repeal the 1983 anti-abortion amendment and introduce “workable” abortion laws. A total of 12 […]

Mary Carolan

Christian Post Prominent Catholic Official Says Pelosi Should Be Denied Communion Over Pro-Choice Politics

A prominent official in the Roman Catholic Church has stated that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi should be denied the sacrament of Holy Communion over her pro-choice politics. Cardinal Raymond Burke, head of the Vatican’s highest court, said in an interview with the Catholic publication The Wanderer earlier this month that he believed Pelosi violated […]

Michael Gryboski

Al Jazeera America US Catholics mixed on pope’s words, but was message missed?

On a spectacularly sunny Sunday morning, everything bustled as usual at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Bethesda, Md. The parish pastor, Monsignor Edward Filardi, stood outside chatting with members of his flock, parents dropped their children off at Sunday school, and a table of coffee and doughnuts welcomed people heading to and leaving Mass. […]

Sarah Posner

Feminist Majority Foundation - Feminist Newswire Catholics for Choice Challenges the Vatican’s Role at the UN

Catholics for Choice launched its “See Change” campaign last week calling for a review of the status of the Roman Catholic church at the United Nations. The Holy See – the government of the Roman Catholic church – currently holds Non-Member State Permanent Observer status at the UN which gives it an influential role in […]

RH Reality Check Church or State? The Vatican Has Too Much Influence at the UN

The pope’s groundbreaking comments last week have certainly knocked the wind out of the ultraconservatives’ proverbial sails. And rightfully so. Pope Francis spoke to those who want a bigger church, one that needs all the world’s churches, not just St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Those of us who support this new turn, this acknowledgement that Catholics do […]

Magdalena Lopez

Feminist Majority Foundation - Feminist Newswire Catholics for Choice Challenges the Vatican’s Role at the UN

Catholics for Choice launched its “See Change” campaign last week calling for a review of the status of the Roman Catholic church at the United Nations. The Holy See – the government of the Roman Catholic church – currently holds Non-Member State Permanent Observer status at the UN which gives it an influential role in […]

Uprising Radio Does Pope Francis Represent a More Progressive Future for Catholicism?

Listen here. Pope Francis made headlines once more in an interview he gave last week that was published in 16 Jesuit Journals internationally, where he appeared to revise the Catholic church’s strong approach on controversial issues like abortion, contraception, and gay marriage. Known for eschewing some of the formality of the church in terms of […]

Sonali Kolhatkar

New Security Beat Religion and Reproductive Rights: Looking For Common Ground

  More than 84 percent of the 2010 world population – 5.8 billion people – consider themselves religiously affiliated, according to a recent study. Religious leaders can therefore have significant influence across a broad range of social, economic, and political issues. Perhaps nowhere is that influence felt more strongly than in debates about reproductive health […]

Irish Times Positive reactions to Pope Francis interview

Taoiseach Enda Kenny was among those who yesterday welcomed the call by Pope Francis for a new balance within the Catholic Church and greater involvement of women. The pope did so in a 12,000-word interview published on Thursday in 16 Jesuit publications worldwide Mr Kenny said in Dundalk that Pope Francis was “a very different […]

Patsy McGarry

The Times (UK) ‘Heal, or church will fall apart’

Pope Francis has warned that the Roman Catholic Church will ‘‘fall like a house of cards’’ if it continues to obsess about issues such as abortion, gay marriage and contraception. The Pope, in an interview with Father Antonio Spadaro, editor of the Italian Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica, also warns against being locked in by […]

Ruth Glendhill

Christian Science Monitor American Catholics like what they’re hearing from Pope Francis

Pope Francis shook up the Roman Catholic world this week with his comments about abortion, contraception, and gay marriage, saying such moral and doctrinal issues should not be overemphasized at the cost of “losing the freshness and fragrance of the Gospel.” In the United States, many Catholics hailed what the pope had to say in […]

Brad Knickerbocker

Voice of America Wide Praise for Pope’s Rejection of Focus on Sexual Issues

Pope Francis, who recently said he would not judge homosexuals, has once again stunned Catholics and non-Catholics alike. He conceded in an interview this week that the Roman Catholic Church had become “obsessed” with sexual and reproductive issues. And he warned that the Church’s moral authority could “fall like a house of cards” unless it […]

Jerome Socolovsky

Bondings 2.0 Is Pope Francis the New Beyonce?

Yep, that’s right., a website and blog for women, declared Pope Francis “the coolest Pope ever” and compared him to Beyonce′, the superstar pop singer, who sang at President Obama’s second inauguration ceremony. Erin Gloria Ryan wrote: “Twitter is exploding with Papal adoration today. It’s bizarre.“Francis is basically the Beyoncé of organized religion.” Pope […]

Religion Dispatches What The Church Needs More Than a ‘Good Pope’

According to a September 20 AP report, “Pope Francis offered an olive branch of sorts to the doctrine-minded, conservative wing of the Catholic Church on Friday as he denounced abortions as a symptom of today’s ‘throw-away culture’ and encouraged Catholic doctors to refuse to perform them.” This is indeed ironic, as many have already noted, […]

Mary E. Hunt

Washington Times Liberals take heart from Pope Francis’ ‘home for all’ remarks

The Roman Catholic Church must become “the home for all” and place its pastoral ministries ahead of such hot-button political and social issues as gay marriage, abortion and contraception, Pope Francis said Thursday in his first lengthy interview since becoming the head of the church six months ago. “The proclamation of the saving love of […]

Cheryl Wetzstein

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Pope cautions against becoming ‘obsessed’ with abortion, gay marriage

Pope Francis suggested in remarks made public Thursday that the obsession of some Catholics with such issues as abortion, gay marriage and contraception obscures the Gospel message and the true essence of the church. In a wide-ranging interview, Francis continued to stake out a middle ground on social issues, and provided more evidence that the […]

Annysa Johnson

RTE Pope chooses not to speak on abortion, gay marriage or contraception

Pope Francis has said the Catholic Church has grown obsessed with preaching about abortion, gay marriage and contraception. He said that he has chosen not to speak about those issues despite recriminations from some critics. In his most extensive interview since his election last March, the Argentinean Pontiff told the Civilta Cattolica magazine that the […]

FOX News Battle over birth control mandate could reach Supreme Court

In an interview on Fox News, Catholics for Choice president Jon O’Brien explains what’s really behind the conservatives’ campaign against the birth control requirement in the Affordable Care Act. This piece was originally aired by Fox News.  

Bondings 2.0 Have We Painted Pope Francis’ Gay Comments Too Optimistically?

This week has been a heady one, with hopes and dreams of a more LGBT-inclusive church running high, thanks to Pope Francis’ remarks in his airplane press conference on the way back from Brazil. We’ve tried to give you a variety of points of view on this news story, and you can read our previous […]

Francis DeBernardo

RH Reality Check Young Brazilians Hope New Pope Will ‘Modernize’ Church on Social Justice Issues

World Youth Day (WYD) was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this year and turned out to be a unique and rewarding—if mixed—experience. For instance, after standing in line for two hours at the Sambodromo, where the famous Rio Carnival takes place, I got my Pilgrim Kit—a backpack containing a t-shirt, a wooden cross, a cap, […]

Susana Cruzalta

Voice of America Pope’s First Trip Abroad Changes View of Church

Pope Francis’ first trip abroad, to Brazil, is being hailed as a success by prelates of the Roman Catholic Church. Critics say that so far, however, the new pope has brought a change of style, not substance. He carried his own bag during his travels, and he visited a slum in Rio de Janeiro. And […]

RH Reality Check Welcome to Brazil, Pope Francis! Can We Please Talk About Contraception?

Pope Francis was greeted by massive crowds in Brazil as he arrived on Monday to help celebrate the Catholic festival known as World Youth Day (WYD). He is, after all, the first Latin American pope in history, and this is his first overseas trip. Catholics and non-Catholics alike are drawn to him because of his […]

Susana Cruzalta

RH Reality Check The Bishops Do Not Speak for All Catholics

Last week, members of the Irish parliament, the Dáil, and pro-choice organizations invited me to speak at a meeting in Dublin. The meeting came as parliament was in the midst of debates over a small change to the law, one that would allow women whose lives are at risk as a result of pregnancy to access […]

Magdalena Lopez

ThinkProgress House Republicans Are Using A Budget Bill To Try To Restrict Abortion Access For Low-Income DC Women

A House committee is currently considering an appropriations bill for the next fiscal year — but if Republican lawmakers have their way, the general spending measure will also have some serious consequences for DC women seeking reproductive care. House Republicans have tacked on an abortion-related rider to the legislation that will prevent the District of Columbia from […]

SEÑAL ALTERNATIVA Más del 90% de la población está de acuerdo con la educación sexual en los colegios

El estudio realizado por Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir – Perú, Religión, sexualidad y política: explorando saberes y actitudes, Ayacucho, Lima y Pucallpa,  muestra que más del 90% de las personas encuestadas en las tres regiones considera que debe impartirse educación sexual en los colegios y que los y las adolescentes accedan a información sobre […]

DCIST House Spending Bill Includes Abortion, Needle-Exchange Social Riders D.C. Hates

In keeping with tradition, the House Appropriations Committee released a spending bill today that would continue to deny D.C. the right to use local taxpayer funds to provide abortions for low-income women. The 2014 Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill prohibits federal and local funds from being used for abortion, and federal funds from […]

Sarah Anne Hughes

CRAIN’S CHICAGO BUSINESS Rush Oak Park Hospital to keep Catholic abortion policy

Rush University Medical Center has agreed to continue to enforce the Catholic policy against abortions at Rush Oak Park Hospital after it completes its purchase of the west suburban facility. The anti-abortion stance contradicts the public stance taken on April 10 when the two health care networks confirmed the deal. In a joint news release, […]

Claire Bushey

Spiked Putting choice back into the pro-choice movement

Jodi Magee, thank you for stating so clearly that Physicians for Reproductive Health continues to ‘absolutely support the right to choose’, despite having dropped the word ‘choice’ from its name (see Jodi Magee’s spiked article here). In the UK, we are the poorer because no organisation quite like yours exists here. For us, reproductive health is now pretty mainstream. Our […]

Ann Furedi

Your News Now Debating the Reproductive Health Act

In his State of the State address in January, Gov. Cuomo called for changes to New York’s abortion law. “The New York law was before Roe v. Wade,” said Sara Hutchinson, the domestic program director for Catholics for Choice. “It just needs to be modernized and updated to meet federal standards.” As part of a […]

Antoinette DelBel

ECUMENICAL NEWS Catholic group’s condom ad message riles Kenyan bishops

Four years ago, while traveling for his first papal visit to Africa, then Pope Benedict XVI made a condom statement heard around the world: HIV/AIDS, he said, “cannot be overcome by the distribution of condoms.” The outcry was immediate and Benedict, a year later, softened his stance, telling German journalist, Peter Seewald, condoms could be […]

Dawn Cherie Araujo

THE STAR Shun condoms Priest urges

The parish priest of St Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Kiambu has asked unmarried Catholics to desist from using condoms as it is not in line with Christian teachings. During the morning Mass yesterday, Fr Peter Mburu said the Bible prohibits sex outside marriage and Christians should follow its teachings. He said that advertising […]

Stanley Njenga

Daily Nation Group rubbing Catholic leaders the wrong way

Catholics for Choice is a lobby group that believes in expressing Catholicism as it is lived by ordinary people. The group openly disagrees with the stand of the Vatican on matters related to marriage, sex, motherhood, and family life. Members believe that everyone deserves the right to make a choice. It is based in the […]

Daily Nation Numbers that drive the bold campaigns for condom use

When Chinua Achebe’s book — A Man of the People — was being studied in Kenyan high schools in 2004 as one of the examinable literature texts, a war of words ensued between the Catholic Church in Kenya and the panel that had selected the book. Teachers and parents joined the debate over whether the book was […]

Peter Oduor

Daily Nation How Catholics for Choice started in the US

CATHOLICS FOR CHOICE (CFC) is a pro-choice dissenting Catholic organisation based in Washington, DC, US. It was founded in 1973 as a voice for Catholics who believe that the Catholic tradition supports a woman’s moral and legal right to follow her conscience in matters of sexuality and reproductive health. CFC was founded by Catholics Joan […]

Daily Nation Controversial condom advert sparks debate in the Church

A recent international poll found that Catholics in Ghana, Ireland, Mexico, the US and the Philippines believe using condoms for HIV prevention is pro-life because they help save lives. It all started with a full-page advert in the Sunday Nation and a billboard near the Consolata Shrine Catholic Church in Nairobi.In the adverts, a US-based […]

Kenfrey Kiberenge

RH Reality Check Respecting Beatriz’s Freedom of Conscience

Nearly one month has passed since lawyers representing Beatriz, a 22-year-old pregnant woman suffering from lupus and renal deficiency, filed a petition to El Salvador’s Supreme Court of Justice requesting an exception to the country’s total ban on abortion. A positive ruling would allow Beatriz (not her real name), who has a young child, access […]

Jacqueline Nolley Echegaray

BBC INDONESIA Katolik Kenya menentang iklan kondom

Gereja Katolik Roma Kenya mengecam sebuah kelompok Katolik yang memasang papan iklan berisi ajakan untuk menggunakan kondom. Grup Catholics for Choice yang berbasis di AS menanamkan “perilaku negatif” yang dapat menghancurkan “serat moral” bangsa, kata para pemimpin gereja. Kelompok tersebut membela kampanye bertajuk “condoms4life” dengan mengatakan himbauan itu dapat mencegah penularan HIV. Berdasarkan data PBB, […]

BBC Mundo Obispos de Kenia piden eliminar anuncio de condones

Los obispos católicos de Kenia pidieron que se retire un anuncio que insta a los católicos a usar condones. El anuncio – colocado por un grupo católico estadounidense – muestra una pareja sonriente con el lema “los buenos católicos usan condones”. Los obispos dicen que el anuncio es un abuso de la fe católica y […]

BBC NEWS AFRICA Kenya condom advert opposed by Catholic Church

Kenya’s Roman Catholic Church has condemned a Catholic group for a billboard and newspaper advertising campaign promoting condom use. The US-based Catholics for Choice was planting “negative attitudes” that could destroy the nation’s “moral fibre”, church leaders said. Catholics for Choice defend it, saying it could curb the spread of HIV. Around 1.6 million people […]

Daily Nation Lobby group hits out at bishops over advert stance

A lobby group has accused the Catholic Church in Kenya of putting lives at risk by rejecting the use of condoms. Catholics for Change president Jon O’Brien said some Catholics had accepted that condoms can be used, and must be used in some cases, but Kenyan bishops “reject all this wisdom”. “Even Pope Benedict said […]

SOUTH AFRICAN PRESS ASSOCIATION Catholic leader disappointed by bishops

A Catholic leader has expressed his disappointment after Kenyan bishops allegedly “attacked” Catholics over Condoms4Life campaign. In a statement, Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice said, “It is sad that the Kenya Episcopal Conference chose to attack Catholics rather than address the critical issues raised by the Condoms4Life campaign.” According to O’Brien, Catholics believe […]

STANDARD DIGITAL NEWS Catholic cleric disowns condom advertisement

A Catholic archbishop has disowned weeklong adverts by an American group supporting the use of condoms. Nyeri Archbishop Peter Kairu said he had read the message of the group —Catholics for Choice, but did not endorse it. “I don’t agree with them and I say we continue living according to our faith as the Bible […]

Wainaina Ndung’u

GHAFLA! Condom Advert Causes A Stir Once Again

Just when you thought that the whole uproar surrounding condom advertisement was over, yet disquiet arises from the Church over a controversial condom campaign. If you’ve been keen enough, am sure you have seen a huge billboard at the Museum Hill overpass with the message, “We believe in God. We believe that sex is sacred. […]

Jeff Omondi

Legislative Gazette Where is the Women’s Equality Agenda?

Several women’s rights groups are putting the pressure on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to release the bill language for his proposed Women’s Equality Agenda and to pass the legislation before the current session draws to a conclusion. During Cuomo’s State of the State Address in January, the governor proposed a ten-point agenda that aims to shatter […]

Josefa Velasquez

JALUO The Big Debate on ‘Good Catholics Use Condoms’

Some of our readers have requested if I could make a comment on the Archbishop Peter Kairo of Nyeri’s statement on Sunday at St Cyprian Kagicha Catholic Church in Othaya that the position of the church was clearly against the use of condoms, when Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI encourages the use of it. Although Benedict […]

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ

RH Reality Check Why We Are and Must Remain for Choice

At a time when state legislatures continue to break new records for the number of restrictions on reproductive health-care access introduced, passed into law, and placed on ballots, when lawsuits against birth control coverage continue to trickle into the courts, when political candidates can’t even get it right on rape and the White House has […]

Jon O'Brien

KISS TV A pragmatic response from Condoms4Life

The use of condoms as a family planning method among catholic faithful has always been a controversial subject. Whether biblically correct or morally wrong, the fight is now on billboard advertisement. The Kenya Episcopal Conference says, ‘ignore the advert’. However, pro-choice Catholics insist that the advert is a pragmatic response to circumstances. JSO @7’s Sam […]

Sam Gakunyi

Spiked Remaking the case for a woman’s right to choose

Opponents of the demand for ‘a woman’s right to choose’ have always been against the choice of abortion. So it is confusing and frustrating that feminist friends and colleagues, some of whom provide abortion, have decided to mount their own assault on the notion of reproductive choice. The new anti-choice movement believes the concept of […]

Ann Furedi

Your News Now Catholics react to Women’s Equality Agenda

While Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda is drawing a lot of negative feedback from the Catholic Church, one Catholic organization fully supports it. “The catholic hierarchy, which in the priests, bishops, members of the hierarchy of the church, have been paying really close attention to the women’s health options in the Women’s Equality Agenda, […]

Elyse Mickalonis

WBNG 12 Action news Area Catholics choosing choice

A national group of Catholics are speaking up against their own religious traditions, coming out in support of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda. Catholics for Choice is a group that disagrees with the Catholic perspective on sexual orientation, birth control and abortion. Domestic Program Director for Catholics for Choice Sara Hutchinson says she is […]

Jillian Marshall

Medical Daily Catholic Church Drops White House Subpoena Request, Continues Contraceptives Fight

The Catholic Church reduced its pressure on the Obama administration in the legal fight over the government’s requirement of insurance coverage for birth control, but did not say why. On Monday, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York rescinded its subpoena of White House documents in a federal lawsuit concerning the new insurance mandate. The […]

Matthew Mientka

WICZ FOX 40 Catholic Perspective on Sexuality

  A group calling itself Catholics for Choice is pushing for Governor Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda, even though some of that plan is at odds with church teachings. Although specific legislation isn’t written yet, Cuomo’s agenda calls for a number of items, including “protecting a woman’s freedom of choice.” This goes against the church’s anti-abortion […]

Reuters Judge widens “morning-after” pill access for young girls

A federal judge on Friday ordered the Food and Drug Administration to make “morning-after” emergency contraception pills available without a prescription to all girls of reproductive age and criticized the Obama administration for interfering with the process for political purposes. The ruling in a Brooklyn court is the latest step in the years-long legal saga […]

Jessica Dye

RH Reality Check Why I Refuse to Be Taken to a Catholic Hospital—And Why Other Women Should Too

Under no circumstances do I ever want to be brought to a Catholic hospital or medical facility. As a pregnant woman—and as a human being, period—I do not trust that my health needs will guide the care I am offered at such a facility. Furthermore, I urge other women to speak up, write an advance medical […]

Erin Matson

Univision Dos de los grandes retos del Papa

Organizaciones que defiende los derechos de los homosexuales y la salud reproductiva hablan sobre las posiciones del Papa.This piece was originally aired by Univision.

Lourdes del Rio

Up w/Chris Hayes Catholics for Choice on Up w/Chris Hayes

  Catholics for Choice international program senior associate Jacqueline Nolley Echegaray appeared on UP with Chris Hayes on MSNBC, where she discussed what the election of Pope Francis means for Catholics and people living in Latin America. Watch first clip here.   Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy   […]

Wall Street Journal In Latin America, Catholics See a Lift

The choice of a Latin American to lead the globe’s 1.2 billion Catholics stands to reinvigorate the church in its Latin American stronghold, helping it fight off growing inroads from Protestant evangelicals and raising its profile on controversial social issues like gay marriage and abortion. The election of Argentine-born Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope […]

David Luhnow and Sara Schaefer Muñoz

JOOP Alliantie van niet gelovigen dwarsboomt vrouwenrechten

Een groep van Islamitische landen, enkele Afrikaanse landen en de Heilige Stoel probeert tijdens de VN-vrouwenconferentie, die nu wordt gehouden, het verschil tussen mannen en vrouwen te benadrukken en te vergroten. Dat baart mij grote zorgen. Om tegenkracht te bieden zal versterking van de positie van vrouwen in ontwikkelingslanden bovenaan de prioriteitenlijst van Nederlandse ontwikkelingssamenwerking […]

Marit Maij

L’express Aux Etats-Unis, le nouveau pape devra faire face à une église divisée

Le nouveau souverain pontife sera-t-il capable d’unifier desCatholiques américains, aujourd’hui profondément divisés sur de nombreux sujets de société, tels que l’avortement, le mariage gay ou encore la contraception ? L’annonce de l’élection du pape François a suscité à la fois l’espoir et parfois le scepticisme des fidèles et leaders religieux catholiques américains, de plus en […]

Noémie Taylor, avec AFP

Christian Science Monitor Today Election of Pope Francis fuels hopes for Catholic reform

Less than 24 hours after his highly unexpected election as pope, there are high hopes that Francis will bring radical changes to the Catholic Church, which has had its standing battered by scandal and controversy in recent years. Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, the humble 76-year-old son of a railway worker, was up bright and early […]

Nick Squires

The Raw Story New pope same as the old pope: LGBT marriage and adoption rights ‘damage the family’

The Catholic Church may have a new pope but there his nothing new about his ideas when it comes to the rights of LGBT people. As Archbishop of Buenos Aires and Primate of Argentina, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio — who was named Pope Francis on Wednesday — has spoken out forcefully against laws granting marriage […]

David Edwards

Agence France Presse François 1er, “figure de l’unité” pour les évêques des Etats-Unis

Le nouveau pape François 1er est “la figure de l’unité de tous les catholiques”, ont estimé mercredi les évêques des Etats-Unis alors que des associations progressistes espéraient que cette élection “reflète les besoins de l’église et des catholiques”. La conférence américaine des évêques (USBCC), présidée par le cardinal Timothy Dolan, donné un temps “papabile”, a […]

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES New Pope 2013: How Ready Enough is Pope Francis for the Job?

It is now early morning in Vatican City and a few hours after Pope Francis revealed himself as the newly proclaimed spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic church. Since he can no longer go back to his homeland Argentina by virtue of his acceptance of his new post, followers of the faith along with the […]

Esther Tanquintic-Misa

Washington Times Communities Pope Francis: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Less than 24 hours after his highly unexpected election as pope, there are From one end of the world to the other, the media are abuzz with news of the new pope: the first Latin American pope, the first Jesuit, a break from the past. Setting emotion and novelty aside, just how much change can […]

Joseph Cotto

Religion News Service Reactions to Pope Francis’ election

“The Catholic University of America is proud to congratulate Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio on his election as Pope. … We pray that the Catholic Church will grow under his guidance in wisdom and Christ’s grace. And we hope to welcome him to our campus some day.” – John Garvey, president of Catholic University of America […]

Caleb K. Bell

Washington Times Americans cheer on pope from New World

Americans — Catholics and non-Catholic — expressed surprise and mostly satisfaction as the news broke that Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio had been selected the next pope of the global church, the first pontiff from the New World. Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia called Pope Francis a “wonderful” choice from the “new heartland of […]

Sidney Van Wyk and Cheryl Wetzstein

CNN DirectoUSA: Comienza en Cónclave

  Jaqueline Nolley Echegaray de Catholics for Choice, grupo de laicos, sobre la expectativa por la elección del nuevo Papa. This piece was originally aired by CNN.

FLORIDA TODAY Catholics wait, watch as papal selection nears

The world might be turning to Rome for word on the selection of a new pope. But Roman Catholics, Protestants and activists of all many faith traditions in Brevard County are focused on the future leadership of the influential worldwide religious body. Among those looking ahead are lay Catholics such as Enrico Iacobi II, who […]

J.D. Gallop

WUSA Pro-Choice Catholics Work To Change The Church From Within

    Over the years, many Catholics have left the church because of its strict stand against contraception, abortion and homosexuality. But not those affiliated with Catholic Organizations for Renewal, or COR. “I’m a married lesbian mom who’s a Roman Catholic,” says Marianne Duddy-Burke who understands that some people will see that as a contradiction. […]

Peggy Fox

At The Threshold Looking for a Pope Who Will Change Direction

Every time there’s a papal election, Catholics and non-Catholics alike turn their eyes to Rome, and sometimes wonder why they do so. Those who are not Catholic, and those who are, may feel alienated by what they hear from the Vatican when a pope is firmly in place, so why pay attention to cardinals jockeying […]

Jon O'Brien

RH Reality Check Why is Michelle Bachelet Playing into the Holy See’s Hands?

The opening day of the recent United Nations-sponsored Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) brought the worrying news that Michelle Bachelet, under-secretary-general and executive director of UN Women, was willing to compromise with the world’s most conservative regimes and water down the UN’s commitment to women’s rights. Speaking of the language contained in the […]

The Nation At the UN, Twenty Years of Backlash to ‘Women’s Rights Are Human Rights’

Socially conservative American Catholics and like-minded evangelical Protestants who have led a decades-long campaign against the rights of women in the United States are now gearing up for a season of battles on the bigger global stage. This week, the Commission on the Status of Women at the UN begins a two-year series of international […]

Barbara Crosette

Alternet Philadelphia Becomes Third City to Pass Resolution Supporting Reproductive Health Care

As of last week, the Philadelphia Board of Health has avowed it will firmly stand behind the right to comprehensive reproductive health and abortion care. The proclamation came in the form of a resolution adopted last week calling on the federal government, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, and the state’s General Assembly to uphold public funding for reproductive […]

Annamarya Scaccia

DE VOLKSKRANT De verlossing moet uit het Zuiden komen

De nieuwe paus erft een minder Europese kerk. Dat kan een verademing zijn voor het door crises geteisterde instituut. Maar conservatief blijft het. Door Rob Vreeken. Graphic Thijs Balder De paus stapt op en opeens staat overal een zwarte man in bisschopsgewaad op de voorpagina’s. Hij is jong voor een kardinaal, hij heeft een beminnelijke […]

Rob Vreeken

Washington Monthly - Political Animal The Obama administration’s birth control cave-in: bad policy, bad politics

Yesterday brought news that the White House had once again “compromised” on a woman’s right to reproductive health care. The newly announced compromise would allow employees at large not-for-profit organizations with religious affiliations, such as universities and hospitals, to receive contraceptive coverage, while at the same time enabling their employers to weasel out of paying […]

RH Reality Check So What’s the Deal with the New Contraception Mandate Rules?

Rending of garments has already begun in certain sectors of the blogosphere over the Obama administration’s proposed new rules regarding the contraception mandate (or, as I like to call it, the “birth control benefit.” “Mandate,” I think, feeds into wingnut teeth-gnashing about the Big Bad Government forcing them to do Shit They Don’t Like.) Conservatives […]

Imani Gandy

Patheos - The Friendship Atheist Secular Groups Respond to Obama Administration’s Broadening of Religious Exemptions to Birth Control Rule

Under the Affordable Care Act, churches didn’t have to provide employees with birth control they (wrongly) believed caused abortion but other non-profit religious institutions, like Catholic hospitals and Christian colleges, were not exempt. Owners weren’t allowed to deny female employees access to comprehensive health care because of their personal religious views. That led to a […]

Hemant Mehta

Huffington Post Religious Reaction To Contraception Mandate Changes Mixed; Some Say Religious Freedom Is Violated

Despite the Obama administration’s attempts to allay concerns among some institutions with religious objections to contraception, proposed changes to the national health care law requiring most employers to provide insurance coverage for birth control were met with tepid responses or strong criticism. The administration said Friday that the new rules would ensure that no religious […]

Jaweed Kaleem

Religion Dispatches Why Religious Exemptions Matter

As I reported earlier, it appears that the Obama administration’s new proposed rule (which of course is still subject to public comment) expands the type and number of religious organizations that can claim an exemption from covering contraception for their employees. Religious organizations that don’t qualify for the exemption can “self-certify” as one that is entitled to […]

Sarah Posner

Alternet Obama Admin Tries Again to Appease Misogynist Clerics on Contraception; No Dice

If there’s one thing that President Barack Obama and his cabinet secretaries should have learned by now, it’s that right-wing leaders of misogynist religions will never, ever be happy with the administration’s attempts to appease them with any kind of accommodation on matters involving the control of women’s bodies by the female souls who inhabit […]

Adele Stan

Religion Dispatches Catholics for Choice Blasts New Proposed Contraception Coverage Rule

Catholics for Choice president Jon O’Brien harshly criticized today’s proposed rule from the Department of Health and Human Services, which would broaden the definition of religious employers entitled to an exemption from providing contraception coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Calling the proposed rule “appalling,” O’Brien said that providing such exemptions gives “carte blanche” to […]

Sarah Posner

Reuters Obama Offers Compromise on Birth Control Insurance Coverage

The Obama administration on Friday sought to settle a dispute with religious leaders over whether employees at faith-affiliated universities, hospitals and other institutions should have access to health insurance coverage for contraceptives. The new set of proposals would instead guarantee that employees at religious nonprofits would get access to birth control coverage without out-of-pocket costs […]

David Morgan

KANSAS CITY STAR Catholic Church tests its reach in health care debate

Bystanders love a good brawl. Make it between people not normally viewed as combative and the crowd gathers, primed for the rumble. No surprise, then, when people jumped at the animosity between Bishop Robert Finn and the Kansas City-based National Catholic Reporter. Finn unleashed on the liberal leanings of the newspaper in a column. He […]

Mary Sanchez


  Marking the 40th anniversary this week of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court This week marked the 40th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision that made abortions legal in the US, Roe vs. Wade. As the fight for women’s reproductive rights vs. the right to life continues four decades later, studies show that […]

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO - MORNING EDITION ‘Roe v. Wade’ Turns 40, But Abortion Debate Is Even Older

  Listen to the story. Jan. 22, 2013, marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide. But the conventional wisdom that the court’s 7-2 decision marked the beginning of a contentious battle that still rages today is not the case, according to those on both sides […]

Julie Rovner

Washington Times Two sides of Roe: Activists weigh in on ruling’s past, present, future

Marking the 40th anniversary this week of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling, The Washington Times asked leading advocates on both sides of the issue to discuss the ruling, the present state of the abortion debate and where American attitudes on abortion are heading in the coming years. Jeanne Monahan is president of the […]

Cheryl Wetzstein

Agence France Presse 40 years later, abortion rights still contested in US

  Forty years after the US Supreme Court made a landmark ruling guaranteeing abortion rights under the Constitution, the decision is increasingly contested by opponents seeking to restrict access. The delicate question over whether a woman has the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy — and thus, critics argue, end a life — has […]

Fabienne Faur

Washington Examiner Credo: Jon O’Brien of Catholics for Choice

  Jon O’Brien grew up in Dublin and worked in Eastern Europe before immigrating to the United States in 1996. He is now a D.C. resident and president of the advocacy group Catholics for Choice, which works on issues ranging from abortion to AIDS to religion in public life. Do you consider yourself to be […]

Liz Essley

RH Reality Check Inter-American Court Approves Access to IVF in Costa Rica

Last month, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights issued a final ruling in favor of the right to access in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Costa Rica. This is a win for women and Catholics and a blow to the bishops and conservatives who want to deny individuals the right to decide whether and when to […]

Jacqueline Nolley Echegaray

RH Reality Check The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics

When people ask me why Catholics for Choice decided to make a movie, my answer usually starts with a story about a long train ride in the company of a prominent theologian a few years ago. I knew that this gentleman felt uncomfortable with many of the positions taken by Catholics for Choice, and so […]

Jon O'Brien

Los Angeles Times Philippine Congress OKs bill to offer birth control to poor women

  Ignoring the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ warning that “contraception corrupts the soul,” the Philippine Congress on Monday passed a sweeping bill that would provide birth control to millions of poor women. The historic votes, with bishops and nuns sitting glumly in the gallery, came after the Catholic hierarchy and its political supporters […]

Kenneth R. Weiss and Sol Vanzi

Philippine Daily Inquirer Abortion and motherhood

  What does it mean to be “proabortion”? It means to favor abortion as the primary means of terminating or avoiding a pregnancy, to favor it above contraception, which seeks to prevent and protect against an unwanted or mistimed pregnancy. So what does Sen. Tito Sotto, whose muddled thinking on reproductive health is getting increasingly […]

Rina Jimenez-David

Patheos - The Friendship Atheist Political Bishops

Earlier this week I wrote about and shared the video of the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire, Gene Robinson, on The Daily Show promoting his new book God Believes in Love. Earlier this fall, I wrote about the Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, Thomas Paprocki, and his charged political statements that voting for Democrats […]

Caryn Riswold

Austin American-Statesman Critics wary of Catholic teaching hospital for new UT medical school

  Plans to establish a medical school at the University of Texas and train its students at a Catholic-owned teaching hospital have rekindled debate over public health care services for women and the impact of Vatican rules against birth control. Local health and university officials said they don’t see a problem with a partnership between […]

Ralph K.M. Haurwitz

Inter Press Service Major New U.S. AIDS Plan Disallows Funding for Family Planning

  At perhaps a critical turning point in the global fight against HIV/AIDS, the U.S. government, the single largest funder in that fight, on Thursday unveiled a major new strategy for pushing towards achieving an “AIDS-free generation”, the stated U.S. goal. The far-reaching new blueprint for what’s known as the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS […]

Carey Biron

Washington Times Communities Leading OB-GYN group endorses greater contraceptive access

  The nation’s largest organization of women’s health professionals said Tuesday that it now supports allowing over-the-counter sales of all oral contraceptives. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) said in a policy statement released Tuesday evening that making birth control available for women without a doctor’s prescription would help decrease the rate of […]

Keely Brazil

CN Belief Blog Liberal Catholics use election results to battle bishops

Emboldened by the re-election of President Barack Obama, a cadre of liberal Catholic activists and groups is waging a campaign alleging that America’s Catholic bishops are out of touch with Catholic laypeople. The Catholic bishops, who are in Baltimore this week for a quarterly meeting, spoke out against the Obama administration during the election cycle […]

Dan Merica

NOTIZIE RADICALI NO a un caso “Buttiglione bis” o “Dalli BIS”: l’Associazione radicale Certi Diritti chiede all’UE di non nominare Tonio Borg commissario europeo alla sanità

  L’Associazione Radicale Certi Diritti si appella al Presidente della Commissione europea José Manuel Barroso, alla commissione sanità ed ambiente del PE ed al governo maltese per rivedere la nomina di Tonio Borg a Commissario europeo. A seguito delle dimissioni improvvise del Commissario europeo maltese alla salute John Dalli, volute dal Presidente della Commissione europea […]

NEW EUROPE Borg: a suitable candidate?

  Ahead of Tonio Borg’s hearing on his candidature for the position of EU commissioner for health, there have been strong suggestions that his strongly-held personal views make him an unsuitable nominee. The commissioner-designate will go before the European parliament’s health committee on 13 November to face questions on his political views, and whether or […]

Cillian Donnelly

Malta Star Will Tonio Borg fill the seat?

  Tonio Borg could soon be responsible for creating laws that will affect the lives of millions of Europeans if he is appointed as health and consumer affairs commissioner. Before this happens, Parliament will submit him to an intense grilling to assess his suitability. The room is filling up for what seemingly augurs an interesting […]

Baltimore Sun Catholic Bishops struggle with message on gay marriage

  Meeting for the first time since voters in Maryland and two other states legalized same-sex marriage, members of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said Tuesday that they have no plans to soften their position that genuine marriage can only occur between one man and one woman. “Are (the results) concerning? Sure they are,” […]

Jonathan Pitts

MALTA TODAY MEPs, European NGOs to call for rejection of Tonio Borg

  A coalition of Catholics, LGBT activists and other NGOs will be holding a press conference in Brussels later today, calling for the rejection of Tonio Borg’s nomination as EU Commissioner. The civil society organisations are calling on the European Parliament to reject his nomination and on EU Commission President Barosso to withdraw the nomination […]

Jurgen Balzan

Malta Star EU NGOs reject nomination of Tonio Borg

  A coalition of eight civil society organizations is calling on the European Parliament to reject the nomination of Tonio Borg as the next EU Health Commissioner and on EU Commission President Barosso to withdraw the nomination of Tonio Borg. The eight civil society organizations are: Catholics for Choice, Confederation of Family Organisations in the […]

Agence France Presse Les évêques catholiques attaquent la réforme Obama

  Les évêques catholiques américains, réunis pour trois jours en assemblée générale à Baltimore, ont affirmé lundi ne pas désarmer dans leur lutte contre la réforme de santé du président Barack Obama, à peine réélu, ainsi que contre le mariage homosexuel. L’archevêque de Baltimore William Lori a répété devant les quelque 300 évêques de la […]

Philippine Daily Inquirer Women and the bishops in US polls

  WHO MADE Barack Obama win a second term, what many called a “second chance,” as US President? A wire report attributed his victory to a coalition of “Hispanic, African-American and young voters.” But Nancy K. Kaufman, a blogger for “Politics Daily,” wrote a day before the elections that the “deciding demographic of this year’s […]

Rina Jimenez-David

Religion Dispatches Why the Great Religious Realignment is a Great Secular Opportunity

  As I wrote in the wee hours of the morning, last night’s election results show that we’re undergoing a great religious realignment, one in which “nones” share an equal proportion of the electorate with evangelicals, one in which “nones” helped drive President Obama to a reelection victory, one in which an increasing number of “nones” are non-believers, […]

Sarah Posner

Associated Press University of San Diego pulls fellowship for British theologian who backs gay marriage

A British theologian who has expressed support for gay marriage said the University of San Diego withdrew a fellowship because of her views. Tina Beattie released a letter from the president of the Catholic school that said the invitation was being pulled because she dissents from church teachings.University President Mary Lyons didn’t elaborate in her […]

Elliot Spagat

Religion Dispatches Catholics Choose Conscience Over Church

  A full-page ad in the New York Times is my idea of making a statement. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s buy on October 28, 2012 is a clean, clear investment in getting their message across. The half-fold portrait of the Rev. Graham, albeit a bit dated, accompanies a strong statement of highlights of the […]

Mary E. Hunt

Chicago Sun-Times Leader of pro-choice Catholic group clashes with bishops

  Jon O’Brien says he’s a good Catholic. Though his leadership of the group “Catholics for Choice” puts him in clear opposition to Church positions on contraception and reproduction, “I believe in the totality of Catholic teaching, and that includes the right to dissent and freedom of conscience,” he said. “I’m a real traditionalist,” he […]

Maureen O’Donnell

WINDY CITY TIMES Catholics for Choice president on religion and LGBT individuals

  Jon O’Brien, the president of Catholics for Choice whose pro-gay and pro-choice stances have put him at odds with some church leaders, is Chicago-bound this week. O’Brien is among the featured speakers at this year’s Personal PAC Annual Awards Luncheon Oct. 30. Windy City Times caught up with O’Brien to talk about his views […]

Kate Sosin

Denver Post Catholics lean toward Dems, but “moderates” could swing this election

  If all Catholics listened to their bishops, then it would be easy to predict how one of the biggest blocs in the country would vote. But they don’t. And it isn’t. This election season, U.S. bishops have orchestrated a forceful campaign urging Catholics, who make up at least 22 percent of the 2012 electorate, […]

Electa Draper

NAPLES NEWS Guest column: Vote no on Amendment 6

  Nobody likes to be told what to do — especially when it’s a matter of health. Like most people, when I face a health-care decision, I want to be able to consult the people I trust for advice. I talk to my doctor and my family. I might consult my minister or spiritual adviser. […]

Char Wendel

TALKING POINTS MEMO Poll: Majority Of Catholics Favor Obama, Oppose Abortion As Top Issue

  The majority of American Catholics favor President Barack Obama, according to a poll released last week from Belden Russonello Strategists and commissioned by Catholics for Choice, a pro-choice organization. Forty-six percent of the 1,000 Catholic likely voters surveyed said they would vote for Obama next month, with 41 percent opting for Gov. Romney and […]

Casey Michel

RH Reality Check Catholics Not Concerned About Abortion, Gay Marriage, Says Catholics For Choice Poll

Despite a continuing push to challenge the Affordable Care Act, the no co-pay birth control mandate, and a call to protect “religious freedoms,” a new poll released today by Catholics for Choice shows that a vast number of self-identified Catholics are more interested in job creation and the economy than they are in the agenda […]

Robin Marty

WABE 90.1 FM Atlanta Archdiocese Files Suit over Birth Control Mandate

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta has joined dozens of other organizations in filing a lawsuit against the federal government. The suit seeks to overturn the so-called birth control mandate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. In an interview with WABE, Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory said he is aware that the lawsuit comes […]

Lisa George

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Archdiocese files suit over birth control mandate

  The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta has joined dozens of other religious institutions to have filed lawsuits seeking to overturn the so-called birth control mandate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The archdiocese’s suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, said the institution seeks to vindicate one of the country’s most […]

Bill Rankin

Reuters Anti-abortion activists prepare for battle in Ireland

  Patricia Casey’s views on abortion were formed at the age of 12 when she came across an image of what looked to her like a torn-apart baby – an aborted foetus. Now, at 25 a veteran anti-abortion campaigner in the semi-autonomous UK province of Northern Ireland, she’s committed to a fight to ensure the […]

Lorraine Turner

INDEPENDENT VOTER NETWORK Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Democrats: Can They Coexist?

The notion of a “big tent” coalition is a thought that takes extreme precedence in the current two-party state that dominates American democracy. Building a political coalition, for Democrats and Republicans, becomes a high-wire tightrope walk which requires subtlety, nuance, and persuasion. An example of that balancing act pertains to President Barack Obama and his […]

Patrick Cassidy

STATELINE Religious liberty emerges as sensitive political issue

  Earlier this month, in nearly identical benedictions at the two national political conventions, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York talked about the importance of religious liberty. He called it “the first, most cherished freedom bequeathed upon us at our Founding.” Few delegates in Tampa or Charlotte had any reason to challenge this language. The […]

Melissa Maynard

WASHINGTON POST - GUEST VOICES Religious freedom debate off the Democratic convention floor

All the action in Charlotte this week isn’t on the floor of the Democratic National Convention. Issue briefings give activists on any number of topics opportunities to engage delegates, virtually all of whom are opinion leaders back home. I took part in such a briefing Tuesday (like one that was also offered at the Republican […]

Harry Knox

RH Reality Check Progressive Groups Call on Democrats to Support Religious Freedom

Progressive religious and human rights groups today gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina, site of the 2012 Democratic National Convention, and called on the Democratic National Committee to “stand up for people of faith and [of] no faith and not allow conservative politicians and religious leaders to redefine the meaning of religious liberty.” Both during and […]

Jodi Jacobson

The Daily Beast 5 Things to Watch at the DNC

  The schedule for the Democratic National Convention is laid out a little differently than the RNC’s, at least on the first day. Where the Republicans offered a series of speeches one after another, on Tuesday the Democrats will mix major speeches with panel discussions. Here’s The Daily Beast’s guide for what to watch on […]

Caitlin Dickson

The American Prospect Holy Rollers

        The Sisters of Saint Joseph are waiting for a bus, glistening ever so slightly as they stand in the near-100-degree heat of a late June afternoon, huddled under a couple of pine trees that border an asphalt parking lot in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. The blocky, charmless building the lot services is home […]

Clare Malone

Washington Times Communities Jon O’Brien on speaking up for pro-choice Catholics

  The Catholic church has been planted solidly in the middle of arguments over reproductive rights this year. At the same time, attitudes in the church are starting to shift. Where are American Catholics going on reproductive rights? In this final part of our discussion, Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice, shares his thoughts […]

Joseph Cotto

Washington Times Communities Asking Jon O’Brien: Can you be Catholic and pro-choice?

  For Roman Catholics, few issues are so divisive as reproductive rights. Over the last several decades, as countries the world over have legalized contraceptives and abortion procedures, attitudes have changed considerably. Today, many Catholics believe that modern technology should be used to allow women to avoid pregnancy. Despite this, the Church hierarchy remains staunchly […]

Joseph Cotto

Salon Bishops: God votes Republican

  Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, is scheduled to deliver the concluding benediction at the Republican National Convention next week, after Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech. The Eternal Word Television Network leaked word of Dolan’s appearance last night in a press release about Romney’s exclusive appearance, to be aired tonight, on the […]

Sarah Posner

Religion News Service Conservative groups release survey on religious hostility

  Two conservative groups have released a “Survey of Religious Hostility in America,” which seeks to draw attention to a “relentless onslaught” against religious people and institutions. “America today would be unrecognizable to our Founders,” according to the report, unveiled on Monday (Aug. 20) by the Texas-based Liberty Institute and the Washington-based Error! Hyperlink reference […]

Lauren Markoe

WISCONSIN GAZETTE Republicans for gay equality, choice urge an inclusive GOP platform

  A coalition of advocates from women’s rights and gay rights organizations urged the Republican Party platform committee to bring an inclusive and moderate document to the convention. The Republican Party Committee on Resolutions aka the platform committee has been meeting in Tampa, Fla., to finalize a draft to present to delegates at the national […]

The Irish Times US sisters are doing it for themselves

  THIS SUMMER, a group of nuns boarded a bus and undertook to travel to nine states in the US. The bus was painted an unmissable sky-blue, complete with clouds, and it bore their message in large letters. “Nuns on the bus,” it announced, beside the slogan that read more tamely: “Nuns drive for faith, […]

Frieda Klotz

Malta Star Porcu’s arrival means Vatican-controlled IVF

  Local IVF practitioners are interpreting government’s decision to bring ultra-conservative Catholic Eleonora Porcu to Malta as an IVF expert as a move in the direction of having the local IVF facilities at Mater Dei under the control of the Vatican. Porcu has been Medical Doctor and Assistant Professor in Reproductive Medicine at the University […]

Reuters US rule highlights Catholic tensions over contraception

  New rules requiring free access to prescription birth control for women with health insurance go into effect on Wednesday, but controversy lingers at some Catholic institutions struggling to balance the requirement with their opposition to contraception. At Georgetown University, the nation’s oldest Catholic university, students and administration officials are still wrestling with the requirement […]

Susan Heavey

Religion Dispatches Religious Leaders Accuse Conservatives of Misleading Public on Contraception

  The Rev. Harry Knox, the new president and CEO of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, hit opposition to the Affordable Care Act with some harsh words on Monday, at an RCRC-hosted press conference launching a “celebration and education campaign for contraceptive coverage.” In a statement, Knox called opponents of contraceptive coverage “false prophets,” […]

Katie Toth

Politico Some contraception rule supporters worried about other lawsuits

  The leader of a Catholic group that supports abortion rights said Monday he’s worried that Friday’s decision blocking enforcement of the contraceptive coverage rule for just one company could open the floodgates for more lawsuits. “There is no guarantee that the other cases and other judges will not extend the ruling more broadly,” Jon […]

Kathryn Smith

Channel News Asia Around 4.2 million people live with HIV in Asia-Pac region

  Catholics for Choice senior adviser Magdalena Lopez was featured in a Channel News Asia story on the spread of HIV/AIDS in many Asian countries, including the Philippines. This segment was originally published by Channel News Asia.

Nick Harper

Philippine Daily Inquirer Catholics, condoms and the RH bill

  Well, what do you know… It seems that President Benigno Aquino III’s brief mention, almost in passing, in his State of the Nation Address of the importance of “responsible parenthood” lit a fire under the bottoms of the House and Senate leadership. Now the long-delayed Reproductive Health bill is “on the verge” of passage, […]

Rina Jimenez-David

WFDC NEWS Controversial campaña sobre el uso de preservativos

    Una organizacion sin fines de lucro cambia los parametros de algunas posiciones de la iglesia catolica sobre el uso de preservativos para parevenir enfermedades de transmision sexual. This story was originally aired by WFCD News.

TRUSTLAW The Word on Women – When is a condom more than a condom?

  When is a condom more than a condom? When it becomes the catalyst for controversy, intimidation and even criminal prosecution, as it has in many places around the world today, a panel of experts said Sunday. “There is no reason, in my opinion, why an inert piece of rubber should cause so much conflict […]

Lisa Anderson

Religion News Service Amid political battle, Catholic bishops promote ‘natural’ family planning

  Amid a battle with President Barack Obama over a new contraception mandate, the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops are promoting “natural” family planning — but will their flock take heed? When the Obama administration in January announced that employers will have to provide contraception coverage to their employees, U.S. Catholic bishops took the lead in […]

Lauren Markoe

RELIGION & POLITICS Fortnight for Freedom: Whose Religious Liberty?

  When the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops kicked off their “Fortnight for Freedom” campaign almost two weeks ago, they chose an auspicious feast day to start. On the Church’s liturgical calendar, June 21 commemorates two martyrs who suffered political persecution: St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher, who were killed under Henry VIII for […]

Jessica Coblentz

RELIGION NEWS SERVICE - LAW & POLITICS Religious groups react to Supreme Court health care ruling

Religious groups and social conservatives are reacting to the Supreme’s Court’s historic ruling, which largely upholds President Obama’s health care law, the Affordable Care Act. RNS will provide live updates here throughout the day, so make sure you keep an eye on this space. Sr. Carol Keehan, president and chief executive officer of the Catholic […]

David Gibson

Religion Dispatches Anti-Contraception Activists Claim Their Suits are Last Resort to Undermine Health Care

  Almost immediately after the Supreme Court’s decision this morning upholding the Affordable Care Act as constitutional, anti-abortion and anti-contraception activists began sending out press releases claiming they would continue to fight the law on the grounds that the Act funds abortion care (which is false), and through their lawsuits against the contraception mandate. Short […]

Sarah Posner

Religion Dispatches Pro-Life Org Sued for Sexual Abuse During Exorcism

  Annie Gowen at the Washington Post has written a lucid and troubling article about a lawsuit filed in Arlington this week against Human Life International. The lawsuit alleges that Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, a Catholic priest and former president of HLI, sexually abused a woman who had turned to him for counseling—and that he did so under the […]

Sarah Morice-Brubaker

DAGSAVISEN Guddommelig stillhet i syndens by

  Read this article in English. Nícholas Souza de Carvalho er fire år gammel, og hadde moren hans fått bestemme selv, hadde han ikke blitt født. Han er som de fleste guttunger på fire år – energisk – og herjer og leker med halvsøsteren sin, Victoria Louise på halvannet år. De bor i Rio de […]

Bente Rognan Gravklev

The Nation Who’s Afraid of Secular Government?

  When 43 Catholic dioceses, universities, and charities simultaneously filed lawsuits against the Department of Health and Human Services last month, charging that the proposed regulation requiring insurance coverage for contraception violated their religious freedom, a simmering conflict between the First Amendment’s protections for religious freedom and against government preference for a particular religion once […]

Sarah Posner

Christian Post ‘Fortnight for Freedom’ to Call Attention to Religious Freedom Issues

  The U.S. Catholic Church, beginning on Thursday, will spend two weeks focusing attention on the issue ofreligious freedom. The “Fortnight for Freedom” will end, appropriately, on the Fourth of July. While it was planned long before, the Obama administration’s birth control mandate will now be a central focus of the event. The two weeks […]

Napp Nazworth

The Hill - Healthwatch Catholic group to launch ad against birth control mandate

  An association of lay Catholics will air a nationwide ad against the Obama administration’s birth control coverage mandate on Fox News Thursday. The move serves to highlight a two-week effort by U.S. Catholic bishops to build momentum against the mandate, which some have argued violates religious freedom. The debate puts the church in a […]

Elise Viebeck

The Hill - Healthwatch Catholic leaders seek to rally HHS mandate opponents

  As those efforts continue, advocates with Catholics for Choice noted that thousands have submitted comments to the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department in support of the mandate. The group filed its own 12-page statement on Tuesday, which cited a poll showing that a strong majority of Catholics believe private insurance plans should cover […]

Elise Viebeck and Sam Baker

Huffington Post The Future Women Want: Why Reproductive Rights Matter at Rio+20

“I realized I had become pregnant. I was worried — how would I continue to work? How would my children eat? Go to school?” Beatriz told me last month when I sat down with her in Medellin, Colombia. Beatriz is a widow and the mother of five children. She did not plan her last child. […]

Amanda Klasing

WFAE 90.7 Contraceptive Mandate Focus of Protest

  Listen to audio version of story. More than 100 people rallied at the federal courthouse in Charlotte Friday in protest of a mandate that requires employers’ health plans to offer coverage for contraceptives. They argue that religious institutions should be exempt from the requirement. The rally was one of many held across the country. […]

Kalie McMonagle

EL PAIS La ofensiva antiaborto recorre Occidente

  La marea conservadora avanza. Contra el aborto, la educación sexual, la contracepción, el matrimonio homosexual… Los grupos que se oponen abiertamente a estos derechos ganan terreno en Europa y Estados Unidos. Muy organizados y bien financiados, buscan contrarrestar los avances en salud sexual y reproductiva que se han logrado durante décadas. Su discurso, gracias […]

Maria R. Sahuquilo

The Raw Story Catholic institutions file lawsuit against Obama over birth control mandate

  A number of Catholic dioceses, schools and other institutions announced Monday afternoon that they are suing the Obama administration for the mandate on requiring most employers to cover birth control in their workers’ plans, according to The Associated Press. The University of Notre Dame, the Archdioceses of Washington, New York and Michigan, and the Catholic […]

Andrew Jones

Salon “Leave women alone” act!

  We are at a political moment that yields headlines like Politico’s recent “GOP scrambles to assuage women’s groups.” Such copy must have delighted Democrats on the Hill: It means they had managed to back Republicans into a corner. Said scramble was over the Violence Against Women Act, which contains expanded protections that Republicans have accused Democrats of adding […]

Irin Carmon

STRONG FAMILIES MOVEMENT We the Catholic People Say Enough is Enough

In February, when a Congressional committee had a hearing about the new policy requiring no-copay coverage of contraception in employee health plans Nancy Pelosi pointed out something ironic— “Imagine they’re having a panel on women’s health, and they don’t have any women on the panel—duh!” Like me, the House Minority Leader is a mother and […]

Marissa Valeri

Associated Press Gay marriage, abortion back in campaign spotlight

  Abortion and gay marriage. For years, they’ve been lumped together as the paramount wedge issues of U.S. politics — hot-button topics in the vortex of sexuality, personal freedom and public policy. Yet these two divisive issues, prominent as ever this election season and still firing up the liberal and conservative bases of the two […]

David Crary

Associated Press Single Mom: Catholic Schools Discriminated

  At age 30 and single, Christa Dias wanted a baby and decided on artificial insemination. The results: a 14-month-old daughter she adores, a lost job and a federal discrimination lawsuit now moving forward that is being viewed as a barometer on the degree to which religious organizations can regulate employees’ lives. Dias charges that […]

Lisa Cornwell

Legislative Gazette NARAL, Clergy for Choice continue push for action on the Reproductive Health Act

  The Reproductive Health Act received a push from supporters last week, with pro-choice advocates lobbying their legislators to back the bill. NARAL Pro-Choice New York held its annual lobby day April 17, hoping to sway legislators and Gov. Andrew Cuomo to prioritize the Reproductive Health Act in the remaining time of this legislative session. […]

Alli Sofer

Politifact Rhode Island Catholics for Choice president says only 14 percent of Catholics agree with Vatican’s position that abortion, under all circumstances, should be illegal

On April 11, 2012, the Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee took testimony on several bills focusing on the abortion issue, including one that would require a doctor to show each woman seeking an abortion an ultrasound image of her fetus before the procedure (although the woman wouldn’t be required to view it). Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics […]

ALBANY TIMES-UNION - CAPITOL CONFIDENTIAL Clergy show support for abortion rights

The members of Concerned Clergy for Choice had a press conference and luncheon Wednesday in the Legislative Office Building to press their support for New York’s Reproductive Health Act. Led by their director, Rabbi Dennis Ross, Concerned Clergy for Choice stressed that the majority of religious people support a woman’s right to choose abortion — […]

Rebecca Melnitsky

SUNDAY TIMES Laying down the law

  Five months after he was silenced by Rome in March 2010, Fr Seán Fagan, a Dublin-based Marist priest, wrote to a friend. “At last I have got down to the practicalities of waiting for death,” was how the former secretary general of his order began his letter. Fagan wrote that, aged 82, blind in […]

Justine McCarthy

Washington Monthly - Political Animal Bishops Escalate the Culture Wars

Anyone wishing or hoping that “culture-war” politics will subside now that the GOP nomination contest, with its serial pandering to cultural warriors, has ended, needs to read the “Statement on Religious Liberty” just released by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. For a detailed analysis of the statement—particularly its explicit and implicit defiance of federal court decisions […]

Ed Kilgore

Austin Chronicle Keeping the Faith: Women lawmakers endure – and defy – the antichoice wrath of the Catholic Church

  Dawnna Dukes’ great-grandmother was a French Creole. She came to Austin from Louisiana in 1914 and found herself among a growing number of black Catholics without a house of worship. Austin’s white parishes wouldn’t allow black congregants, so Dukes’ great-grandmother joined with a group of like-minded souls to help found Holy Cross Catholic Church, […]

MADAME FIGARO USA, la contre-révolution sexuelle

  Inclus dans la réforme du système de santé voulue par Obama, le remboursement de la contraception s’invite dans la campagne présidentielle. Les républicains s’y opposent au nom de la liberté religieuse. La virulence du débat illustre la menace qui pèse sur les Américaines. L’électorat féminin donnera-t-il de la voix pour défendre ses droits ? […]

Anne Sengès

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Rallies in Georgia and around U.S. oppose contraception ruling

  More than 1,000 Georgians assembled in Atlanta and Athens Friday to protest a federal ruling requiring health care plans — even those at some religious organizations — to cover the cost of contraception. Though Atlanta’s downtown protest was coordinated by the Archdiocese of Atlanta, “This is not just a Catholic issue,” said Deborah Bigda, […]

Bo Emerson

Reuters Catholic bishops pressured Komen over Planned Parenthood

  When he visited the United States four years ago, Pope Benedict XVI blessed a box of silver ribbon-shaped pins for breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure and sent them to its founder, Nancy Brinker. Brinker was touched by the gesture and thanked the pontiff in person on the day of his […]

David Morgan

Toronto Star Are U.S. Republicans waging a war on women?

  Even on Rush Limbaugh’s Stage of Rage it was a showstopper. “What does that make her?” the shock jock fumed into his radio mike. “It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex.” And the kicker, “if we are going to pay for your […]

Olivia Ward

Boston Globe Santorum’s faith isn’t driving vote of Catholics

  Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum is a proud traditional Catholic. But so far that is not helping him with Catholic voters. Santorum has not had a significant victory among Catholic voters in any of the 10 states in which exit polls have been taken, nor has Newt Gingrich, who is also Catholic. While Santorum […]

Shira Schoenberg

FOX News Should there be a contraception mandate?

  David J. Nolan, director of communications at Catholics for Choice, debated Brian Burch, the president of Catholic Vote, on Fox News this week about the plan to require health insurance plans to provide no-cost contraceptive coverage. This segment was originally aired on Fox News.

Baltimore Sun St. Joseph considers merger with non-Catholic hospital system

  Financially troubled St. Joseph Medical Center may soon become part of a hospital system that does not follow its strict Catholic beliefs on abortion and reproductive rights. The Towson hospital’s owner, Catholic Health Initiatives, put it up for sale after a surgical scandal threatened its business and besmirched its reputation. Two of its three […]

Andrea K. Walker

COLUMBUS DISPATCH Contraception sparks political controversy

  For many Americans, birth-control pills are about as controversial as taking a daily vitamin. No big deal. And yet, contraception has emerged as a dominant social issue this election year. Observers and advocates on both sides of the issue say there’s a perfect storm of political manipulation, anti-government sentiment and polarizing debate about the […]

Meredith Heagney

National Journal Women to Congress: Contraception Conversation Isn’t Over

  When Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke was denied the opportunity to testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee last week, outraged Democrats and activists cried that a woman’s voice has been silenced on an issue that pertains to women’s health. But the conversation is far from over. Silence was not a symptom […]

Olga Belogolova

FOX News Contraception mandate debate pits Catholics against one another

  The debate over the contraception mandate is not over despite efforts by the Obama administration to create an “accommodation” to guarantee women free access to contraception even if they work for religious employers. The mandate — guaranteeing access for women to get birth control and other contraceptive services — also exempts religious organizations from […]

PALM BEACH POST Many Catholics say choice of using contraception should be private despite church’s edict

  A week ago, Maureen Mollineaux stood in front of St. Juliana Catholic Church in West Palm Beach and calmly told a reporter that she used contraceptives during her child bearing years and that she considers herself a practicing Catholic. According to the U.S. Conference of Bishops, Mollineaux is in direct defiance of the Catholic […]

Lona O’Connor

Legislative Gazette Catholics for Choice defend Obama health plan

  Members of Catholics for Choice say the majority of the millions of Catholics in New York state believe religiously affiliated hospitals and other organizations should provide reproductive health care, including birth control, even if it goes against their religious beliefs. Catholics for Choice, joined by Concerned Clergy for Choice and Sens. Diane Savino, D-Staten […]

Alli Sofer

BBC Mundo Obama cede ante católicos por los anticonceptivos

  El presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, presentó una revisión de su polémica ley que obliga a todos los empleadores, salvo las iglesias y otros templos de culto, a ofrecer gratuitamente métodos anticonceptivos y de planificación familiar como parte de la cobertura del seguro de salud. Organizaciones religiosas, particularmente el Consejo de Obispos Católicos, […]

William Márquez

COUNTERSPIN Jon O’Brien on contraception controversy

  Listen here. This week on CounterSpin: Another front has opened up in the long-running battle over the new health care law. As we hear the story in the media, Catholics are up in arms over being required to provide birth control, or something to that effect. Republicans are loudly criticizing the White House’s war […]

Religion Dispatches White House Unveils Contraception Accommodation Plan

  The White House had a conference call with reproductive health advocates this morning, in advance of its planned noon-time announcement of its decision to accommodate religious institutions in their objections to the requirement that their health insurance plans provide co-pay-free contraception to their employees. According to Sara Hutchinson, policy director for Catholics for Choice, […]

Sarah Posner

Christian Post Some Religious Groups Voice Support for Obama’s Contraception Mandate Despite Outcry

  In stark contrast to most mainstream Christian leaders, especially those of the Roman Catholic Church in the U.S., a coalition of 22 Christian, Jewish and Muslim institutions has emerged expressing support for President Barack Obama’s controversial contraception mandate that affects many faith-based institutions. Catholics for Choice, Episcopal Divinity School, Jewish Women International, Methodist Federation […]

Luiza Oleszczuk

Religion Dispatches Bishops Reject Proposed Compromise with Obama on Contraception Coverage

  Yesterday’s news on the contraception coverage requirement was dominated by two seemingly contradictory events: two polls showing that most Catholics agree with the Obama administration rule, and signals from David Axelrod and Obama spiritual advisor Joel Hunter that perhaps there was a compromise in the offing. But the primary compromise proposed, known as the […]

Sarah Posner

DEMOCRACY NOW! As Contraceptives Rule Enters GOP Race, Will Reproductive Rights Affect 2012 Election?

    Rick Santorum’s three-state victory comes after a week of heavy Republican campaigning against a new Obama administration rule requiring health insurance plans, including those provided by Catholic-affiliated hospitals and universities, to offer free birth control methods. Reproductive rights groups have hailed the measure, which was fueled by research showing birth control is necessary […]

Amy Goodman

Your News Now Battle continues over mandated contraception coverage

  Watch news story here. It is church versus state once again as a recent announcement by the Obama administration mandates that under the Affordable Care Act, all employer-based health insurance must provide contraceptive coverage, without co-pays. This includes any faith-based employers, like schools and hospitals. Now, some members of the Catholic Church and other Conservatives […]

Innae Park

DAILY CAMERA Taken for granted no more

  It’s been an explosive week for women’s reproductive health with two events reaching new depths of outrageousness and a third prompting pundits to call on a silent voting bloc to defend its practices on contraception. The biggest story of the week was the Susan G. Komen Foundation stripping Planned Parenthood of its grants for […]

Anne Butterfield

Church & State The Bishops, Obama and Religious Freedom

  Last fall, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of New York City unleashed a stinging attack on President Barack Obama. Dolan, who serves as president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), issued a Sept. 30 press release asserting that religious liberty is “increasingly and in unprecedented ways under assault in America” thanks to the […]

Rob Boston

BETWEEN THE LINES Obama Ruling on Access to Birth Control Provokes Attack from GOP and Religious Right

  In late January, the Obama administration issued a ruling that religious institutions serving the public, such as schools and hospitals, must provide their employees with access to birth control through employee health plans with no deductibles or co-pays, as part of the president’s Affordable Care Act health reform law. However, the ruling provides an […]

Huffington Post Marco Rubio Writes Bill To Override Birth Control Mandate

  Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) introduced a bill on Monday that would override the Obama administration’s new rule on birth control coverage and allow religious hospitals, universities, and other organizations that morally oppose contraception to refuse to cover it for their employees. Churches and other places of worship are already exempt from the Department of […]

Laura Bassett

The Raw Story Obama admin. to enforce universal birth control access

  The Obama administration announced Friday it would stand by a policy that requires virtually all private insurance policies to cover family planning, including female contraceptives, essentially guaranteeing near universal access to birth control once all the provisions of the Affordable Care Act are implemented. Friday’s decision comes after the White House was lobbied by […]

Stephen C. Webster

Huffington Post Obama Administration Announces New Decision On Birth Control, To Chagrin Of Religious Groups

  In a long-anticipated decision that will affect millions of women’s ability to pay for contraception, the Obama administration announced on Friday that it would not allow religiously affiliated employers such as universities and hospitals to deny full birth control coverage to the women they employ. Under the new rule, set forth by the Affordable […]

Laura Bassett

Los Angeles Times Religious institutions’ health plans must offer birth control

  The Obama administration announced Friday that it would give Catholic hospitals and other religious institutions an extra year to comply with a new requirement that most health plans provide contraceptive benefits at no cost to their members. The administration, however, held fast to the mandate that most health plans eventually offer free contraception. That […]

Laurie McGinley

ST. PETERSBURG TIMES Women’s rights at risk

  A half-century after the advent of birth-control pills, and more than a decade after the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission determined that employers risked gender discrimination if their preventive health and prescription drug plans didn’t include contraception, it appears Washington is still willing to compromise the right of women to plan their pregnancies. The […]

The Nation Bishops vs. Women: Which Side Is Obama On?

  Who matters more to President Obama, 271 Catholic bishops or millions upon millions of sexually active Catholic women who have used (or—gasp!—are using right this minute) birth control methods those bishops disapprove of? Who does Obama think the church is—the people in the pews or the men with the money and power? We’re about […]

Katha Pollitt

Mother Jones - Political Mojo Will Obama Bow on Birth Control?

Kate Sheppard

Louisville Courier-Journal Birth control

  Back in August, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced new guidelines for preventive health care coverage for women. The proposals were made by experts representing the nonpartisan Institute of Medicine. Among the panel’s suggestions: assistance with breast-feeding, screening for domestic violence and free birth control. The free birth control part of the […]

Religion Dispatches Both Sides Expect Obama to Side with Bishops on Contraception Coverage

  Democrats for Life, which lost most of the members of its caucus in the Blue Dog wipeout of the 2010 midterms, is out with a statement about the Obama Administration’s impending decision on whether to expand the exemption from birth control coverage for employer-sponsored insurance plans. If the Administration does the Bishops’ bidding, employers could choose […]

Sarah Posner

Florida Independent Anti-abortion Democrats want religious exemption in birth control decision

  Democrats opposed to abortion are asking the Obama administration to uphold an exemption for religious employers in its recent decision requiring health insurers to cover contraception without co-payments. Through the Affordable Care Act, women with health insurance would no longer be charged co-payments for their birth control. Women in the past have cited the […]

Ashley Lopez

Voice of America Catholic Bishops: Religious Liberty Under Attack in US

  The Roman Catholic Church says religious liberty is under attack in the United States. The allegation is part of an effort by U.S. bishops against reproductive health care policies and government funding priorities that contradict church doctrine. Bishop William Lori led the campaign at the fall assembly of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops […]

Jerome Socolovsky

THE GAZETTE Maryland bishops warn ‘religious liberty’ threatened by same-sex marriage

  The Maryland Catholic Conference of Roman Catholic bishops has issued a 16-page statement claiming that “religious liberty” is threatened because the state might legalize same-sex marriages and other measures that run counter to its positions. Those include a proposal that would require pharmacies and hospitals to provide reproductive services — in opposition to the […]

C. Benjamin Ford

ERIE READER Joe Pitts, Religion, and Healthcare

  Recently, Representative Joe Pitts – Republican representative of Pennsylvania’s 16th district, which spans all of Lancaster county and parts of Berks and Chester counties – called together his Health subcommittee of the House committee on Energy and Commerce to blast the Obama administration standard to mandate that insurers cover contraceptives without co-pay or deductible. […]

Jay Stevens

THE DAVID PAKMAN SHOW Some Catholics Support Contraception & Choice

Catholics for Choice president Jon O’Brien was on "The David Pakman Show" discussing the Catholic hierarchy’s attempts to prevent women from getting the healthcare coverage they deserve. This interview was originally broadcast by The David Pakman Show.

David Pakman

New York Times A New Battle Over Contraception

  The Obama administration made the right call in August when it issued new standards requiring all insurers to cover contraceptives without a deductible or a co-payment, starting next year. The White House now needs to resist pressure from House Republicans, the Roman Catholic Church and other groups out to eliminate or significantly weaken the […]

POLITICO PRO Bishops seek broader health care exemption for birth control

  The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is calling on Congress to correct a “deficiency” in the health care reform law — a provision the organization is blaming for a new HHS mandate to cover contraceptive and birth-control services. The letter, signed by Pro-Life Activities Committee Chairman Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, comes in advance of […]

J. Lester Feder

Huffington Post Birth Control Coverage Sparks Fight Between Pro-Choice Groups And Catholics At Hearing

  The battle between Catholics and pro-choice groups over birth control coverage raged on Wednesday at an Energy and Commerce Subcommittee hearing on conscience protections, which allow some organizations to abstain from providing coverage on religious grounds. The Department of Health and Human Services is currently considering regulations that would mandate that all private health care plans […]

Laura Bassett

El Diario En Argentina, una de cada tres personas conoce a alguien que abortó

  Este martes comienza a debatirse en el Congreso de la Nación, los proyectos de legalización y despenalización del aborto, entre los que se encuentra el de la Campaña Nacional por el Derecho al Aborto Legal, Seguro y Gratuito, que cuenta con la firma de 50 legisladores. El debate en el Congreso desató el debate […]

ENTRE MUJERES Aborto: comienza el debate en Diputados

  La Comisión de Legislación Penal de la Cámara de Diputados debatirá hoy en reunión de Comisión varios proyectos de ley que contemplan la despenalización del aborto. El de mayor respaldo -firmado por más de 50 legisladoras y legisladores de casi todos los bloques- es el promovido por la Campaña Nacional por el Derecho al […]

Sabrina Díaz Virzi

PARLAMENTARIO Un sondeo reveló un importante apoyo hacia el aborto

  En momentos en que los legisladores comienzan a considerar la incorporación de cambios en la ley del aborto, una encuesta expresa que los argentinos respaldan el acceso al aborto y rechazan la influencia de los obispos católicos. Mientras que una comisión parlamentaria se prepara para debatir la liberalización de la ley del aborto en […]

PAGINA 12 Opiniones sin influencia ecclesial

  Aunque el aborto está penalizado en la Argentina, un tercio de la población conoce a alguna mujer que se ha hecho un aborto alguna vez, de acuerdo con una encuesta nacional que realizó en el país Catholics for Choice, una organización con sede en Estados Unidos que promueve los derechos sexuales y reproductivos y […]

Mariana Carbajal

Huffington Post The Men Behind The War On Women

  Watch a video summary of this report. A group of men with no real background in law or medicine, but blessed with a strong personal interest in women’s bodies, have quietly influenced all of the major anti-abortion legislation over the past several years. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops may be one of the […]

Laura Bassett

Alternet Bishops Are Behind the ‘Let Women Die’ Act and the Push Against Birth Control — Even As They’re Under Fire for Sex Abuse Scandals

  Last week, the House’s passage of the now-notorious H.R. 358 — also known as the “Let Women Die” bill — caused deserved outrage. But the bill’s connection to the high-ranking Catholic group that fought for its passage, even while the American church is fighting a horrific new sex abuse scandal, hasn’t been given the […]

Sarah Seltzer

Associated Press House votes to stop abortion coverage under new health care law

  The House on Thursday returned to an abortion issue that nearly sank President Barack Obama’s health care law last year with legislation that bars an insurance plan regulated under the new law from covering abortion if any of its customers receive federal subsidies. Providers that offer abortion coverage would have to set up identical […]

Jim Abrams

Huffington Post Protect Life Act: New Bill Would Allow Hospitals To Refuse To Perform Abortions

  The House is scheduled to vote this week on a new bill that would allow federally-funded hospitals that oppose abortions to refuse to perform the procedure, even in cases where a woman would die without it. Under current law, every hospital that receives Medicare or Medicaid money is legally required to provide emergency care […]

Laura Bassett

Washington Times Bishops push back against Obama on social issues

  Alarmed by what they see as deeper government intrusion into issues such as reproductive health care and gay marriage, the nation’s Catholic bishops have created a committee to identify and resist threats to religious freedom. “Never before have we faced this kind of challenge to our ability to engage in the public square as […]

Cheryl Wetzstein

Religion Dispatches Religious Exemption for Contraception Under Health Care Law

  Today is the deadline for comments on regulations under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and the religious exemption has continued to draw controversy. To recap: The exemption says that if you are an employer you must provide contraception and sterilization as part of your employees’ health coverage, unless you are a religious […]

Sarah Morice-Brubaker

KPFA 94.1 FM Jon O’Brien on Living Room with Kris Welch

Living Room – September 23, 2011 at 12:00pm Click to listen (or download)   Catholics for Choice president Jon O’Brien discusses the latest turn in the debate around the Affordable Care Act—which currently includes a refusal clause that allows religious institutions to deny coverage for some preventive care, including contraception. His interview begins at the […]

Kris Welch

Florida Independent Fifty-plus groups ask Obama to clarify position on ‘federally funded employment discrimination’

  Fifty-six organizations sent a letter to President Obama yesterday asking him to clarify his position on the ability of publicly funded institutions to hire or fire people based on their religion. Catholics for Choice and 55 other religious, civil rights, labor and health groups sent a letter to Obama asking him to comment on remarks he […]

Ashley Lopez

Florida Independent Priests for Life leader reportedly suspended over accusations of financial mismanagement

  According to Catholics for Choice, a religious pro-reproductive rights group, the leader of Priests for Life, Frank Pavone, “has been suspended from engaging in active ministry outside the Diocese of Amarillo, Texas, as a result of concerns about financial improprieties.” Pavone has been a prominent figure in the anti-abortion movement. He was scheduled to speak […]

Ashley Lopez

Mother Jones Anti-Abortion Leader Suspended Over Financial Suspicions

  The Catholic diocese of Amarillo, Texas, has suspended the leader of Priests for Life, Frank Pavone, from active ministry outside the diocese, citing concerns about his finances related to the anti-abortion group. Pavone, whose biography touts him as one of the “most prominent pro-life leaders in the world,” has run the group since 1993. […]

Kate Sheppard

San Francisco Chronicle My pilgrimage to promote condom use

  Like all pilgrims, I was guided from the United States to World Youth Day in Madrid by a belief – in my case, the belief that everyone should know the life-saving truth about condoms. When I hear about communities affected by HIV/AIDS that can’t get condoms at Catholic clinics, or about conservative bishops claiming […]

Samantha Williams

EL REFERENTE Católicos, sí; preservativo, también

  “Por muy católico que seas, el VIH puede llegar, la Iglesia tiene que actualizarse y, como vemos, la abstinencia no es una opción para los jóvenes”. Mayeli Juárez es católica, asiste regularmente a la iglesia y es quien pronuncia estas palabras. Ella es una de los más de 20 cristianos que han aprovechado la […]

EUROPA QUOTIDIANO La crociata delle magliette rosse

  «Noi – dice Maria, madrilena, studentessa di scienze della comunicazione – crediamo in Dio e ci sentiamo parte della Chiesa, proprio come tutti questi ragazzi che sono arrivati a Madrid da ogni parte del mondo. E proprio perché ci crediamo, pensiamo che il sesso, come la vita, sia sacro, e dunque che ognuno si […]

Aldo Maria Valli

ASSOCIATED CONTENT Abortions Forgiven at World Youth Day

  As host city for this week’s World Youth Day event sponsored by the Catholic Church, Madrid is both a logical and improbable choice. Spain is traditionally considered a predominantly Catholic country, with nearly 74 percent of Spaniards describing themselves as Catholic, according to a 2007 survey by the Investiga research firm. Yet the same […]

Kim Jacobs Walker

El Diario Un grupo católico defenderá el condón

  El grupo ‘Catholics for Choice’ (Católicos por la Opción a Decidir), formado por organizaciones de todo el mundo, aprovechará la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud para promover el uso de preservativos en contra de la doctrina de la Iglesia católica, que defiende la castidad y la fidelidad. La campaña bajo el lema ‘Los buenos […]

CADENA SER La coalición “Jornada Mundial de la Juventud para Tod@s” es destacada en el programa de radio “La Ventana de Madrid”

  Jacqueline Nolley Echegaray, Asociada del Programa Internacional de Catholics for Choice, informa sobre las actividades de la coalición “Jornada Mundial de la Juventud para Tod@s” (una agrupación de la campaña Condones por la Vida) durante la JMJ 2011 en Madrid. La entrevista fue transmitida durante el programa “La Ventana de Madrid” de la Cadena […]

EL CONFIDENCIAL Ana Botella veta una campaña anti-sida de condones por la visita del Papa a Madrid

  A Ana Botella, teniente de alcalde del Ayuntamiento de Madrid, no le gustan los condones. La número dos de Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón ha vetado una campaña publicitaria anti-sida en favor del uso de profilácticos promovida por Catholics for Choice (CFC), una organización católica de EEUU crítica con el Vaticano, que iba a anunciarse en autobuses […]

José L. Lobo

DEUTSCHE PRESSE-AGENTUR Young Catholics converge on Madrid to wait for pope

  Thousands of young Catholics from across the world converged Tuesday on the Spanish capital Madrid for six days of World Youth Day celebrations, which will culminate in the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. Groups of pilgrims were walking about the city or riding buses, taking pictures, singing and buying religious souvenirs. ‘I would like […]

Agencia EFE Catholics for Choice Advocates for Condom Use During Pope’s Visit to Madrid

  Catholics for Choice, a group comprised of young people from around the world, will promote condom use on occasion of World Youth Day, which is set to begin today in Madrid. Pope Benedict XVI will join the World Youth Day festivities on August 18. At a press conference today, spokespeople for the group declared […]

Religion News Service Condom Activists Push Debate At Catholic World Youth Day

  Sending a small band of young people to talk about condoms at World Youth Day, the triennial Catholic jamboree that opens in Madrid on Tuesday (Aug. 16), sounds like penance, if not a kind of martyrdom. The six-day event is expected to draw close to 1 million young pilgrims, as well as thousands of […]

David Gibson

OTTAR Risk för totalförbud mot abort i Polen

  Polen som just nu är ordförandeland i EU förbereder ett lagförslag om att totalförbjuda abort. Oroande, säger polska kvinnoorganisationen Astra. Idag tillåts abort i Polen endast vid fara för kvinnans liv eller hälsa, allvarliga fosterskador och våldtäkt. Men nu är abortlagen återigen satt under hot. Ett lagförslag som vill ha totalförbud mot all slags […]

ABORTION GANG Debunking Sisters of Life

Serena Freewomyn

THE ROANOKE TIMES Editorial: Preventive care must include birth control

  Sensibly, the Obama administration has added women’s contraception to the list of preventive services that the new Affordable Care Act will require insurers to cover at no additional cost to policyholders: no co-pays, no co-insurance, no deductibles. It is hard to imagine any preventive care more basic to women’s health than reliable birth control. […]

Agence France Presse US women win in health reforms

  The US government has announced sweeping changes that will require health care insurance plans to cover a host of women’s health services including birth control pills at no extra cost. Women’s advocates hailed the move as a major advance but expressed disappointment over a clause that exempts religious groups, while conservatives blasted the plan […]

Florida Independent Federal health agency grants contraceptive opt-out for religious institutions

  The Department of Health and Human Services included a provision in its recent decision to make birth control a preventative service that would allow religious groups to refuse to cover contraceptive services. The federal agency today announced it would be following the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation to include birth control and contraceptive services on […]

Ashley Lopez

Huffington Post Free Birth Control Religious Exemption Coverage Sparks Controversy

  The Obama administration issued official guidelines Monday that will force nearly all health insurance plans to fully cover the cost of birth control, but the mandate makes an exception for religious organizations that morally oppose contraception. That exemption has frustrated some members of both the Catholic and pro-choice communities because it could force thousands […]

Laura Bassett

National Public Radio Feds Order Insurers To Cover Birth Control Free Of Charge To Women

  Listen to the radio segment featuring Jon O’Brien here. Even though the decision was widely expected, there’s no denying the news is still a pretty big deal. Today, the Department of Health and Human Services adopted in full the women’s health recommendations issued two weeks ago by the independent Institute of Medicine. “Since birth control […]

Julie Rovner

KPFA RADIO Jon O’Brien on “Living Room with Chris Welch”

Living Room – July 22, 2011 at 12:00pm Click to listen or download   CFC President Jon O’Brien was featured in a discussion about the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation that family planning be included as preventative care as a part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on KPFA 94.1, a Berkeley public radio station. […]

Chris Welch

Agencia EFE Madrid veta una campaña publicitaria a favor del uso del condón por la visita del Papa

  La empresa Publimedia, gestora de la publicidad que lleva los autobuses de la Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT) y dependiente del Área de Movilidad que dirige Ana Botella, veta la campaña de ‘Catholics for Choice’ por la visita del Papa Benedicto XVI a Madrid. La visita del Papa Benedicto XVI a Madrid está generando […]

Agencia EFE Vetan anuncio a favor del preservativo a exhibir en JMJ de Madrid

  Publimedia es concesionaria de los soportes publicitarios que hay en Metro de Madrid, AENA, Renfe, ADIF y la Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT), así como de los intercambiadores de transportes de Plaza de Castilla y de Príncipe Pío de la capital. La empresa ha explicado hoy, en un comunicado, que la campaña que tenía […]

PÚBLICO “La libertad de expresión en España está en serias dudas”

  Tras el anuncio de Publimedia, la empresa que gestiona la publicidad en los autobuses en Madrid, de rechazar la difusión de la campaña Condoms4Life que Catholics for Choice había reservado para que viera la luz en el transporte madrileño durante el Día Mundial de la Juventud Católica, el grupo acusa a los responsables de […]

Pablo Oliveira Y Silva

Europa Press Botella defiende el veto a la campaña de los condones ‘para no herir a nadie’

  La teniente de alcalde y delegada de Medio Ambiente del Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Ana Botella, ha defendido este martes la decisión de Publimedia de rechazar una campaña publicitaria a favor del uso del preservativo que quería ponerse en los autobuses de la EMT por considerar que la justificación de la compañía “es razonable”. Tal […]

Europa Press Los autobuses urbanos de Madrid rechazan una campaña en favor del uso del preservativo

  La empresa adjudicataria de la publicidad exterior de los autobuses de la Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT) de Madrid, Publimedia, ha rechazado una campaña de la organización Catholics for Choice que pretendía abogar por el uso del preservativo a mediados de agosto, coincidiendo con la visita del Papa Benedicto XVI a la capital española. […]

MLADINA Good Catholics Can Use Contraception

  The organization Catholics for Choice represents the voice of many in the US, Europe, Latin America and elsewhere who disagree with the Catholic church’s official position on issues of sexuality. They present an alternative view to official church teachings forbidding condoms and other contraception and, especially, abortion. Do Catholicism and “choice” belong together? It […]

Peter Petrovcic

Chicago Tribune Chicago businesswoman resigns from Notre Dame board

  A Chicago business executive resigned Wednesday from the University of Notre Dame’s board of trustees after a conservative Roman Catholic watchdog group reported that she donated thousands of dollars to an organization that says it is “dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women.” Roxanne Martino, a 1977 Notre Dame graduate and president and chief executive […]

Manya A. Brachear

Religion Dispatches Paul Ryan’s Bible, Jim Wallis’, Or None of the Above?

  Rep. Paul Ryan refused a Bible—handily notated so he could pick out the passages on the poor—offered to him by James Salt of Catholics United, at Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition conference last week. Salt was working with Faithful America, an affiliated organization of Faith in Public Life. Some progressives think this is noteworthy, or […]

Sarah Posner

Associated Press Movement to establish ‘personhood’ of fetus gains ground in South, divides abortion opponents

  Eager to prove their pro-life credentials in the increasingly Republican South, conservative lawmakers are pushing to define a fetus as a person from the moment of conception and spur a direct challenge to the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion decision. By defining “personhood,” legislatures in Louisiana and Alabama are effectively […]

Molly Davis

PBS NEWSHOUR Vatican Maintains Stance on Condoms at HIV/AIDS Summit

  Catholics for Choice president Jon O’Brien was featured in a segment on the PBS NewsHour about the May 2011 summit in Rome on HIV/AIDS prevention. This video was distributed by PBS NewsHour.

Ray Suarez

Associated Press Vatican convenes AIDS experts amid condom flap

  The Vatican on Friday welcomed AIDS experts from around the world for a two-day symposium on preventing HIV and caring for people with the virus, just months after the pope made international headlines with his groundbreaking comments about condoms and AIDS. Organizers insist the meeting won’t call into question traditional church teaching opposing artificial […]

Nicole Winfield

Malta Star Shadows cast on Maltese Church as International official condemns Church’s Divorce propaganda

Jon O’Brien, the President of Catholics for Choice has expressed his doubts over the Maltese Catholic Church’s attitude towards the upcoming divorce referendum. In an article on The Malta Independent, O’Brien says that although the Maltese Church has every right to voice its opinion against divorce, it still has no right to dictate what should […]

VARLDEN IDAG Bishop Protests Parliament Decision Against Doctors’ Conscience Rights

  Sweden’s reputation as a democratic society is under attack. According to Catholic Bishop Anders Arborelius, this is the result from a parliamentary decision not to endorse a Council of Europe recommendation on conscience clauses, specifically the right of doctors to refuse to participate in abortions. “Respect for individual conscience is a must in today’s […]

Eva Janzon

THE BALTIMORE SUN In defense of religious moderation

Whether it’s the U.S. president ordering the killing of an Islamist extremist in Pakistan, a Long Island congressman scheduling hearings on the radicalization of Islam in America, or mullahs in Afghanistan exhorting mobs to violence in response to a Florida preacher burning a copy of the Quran, it’s hard to avoid the impression that the […]

William Egginton

USA TODAY - THE OVAL Obama attacked on abortion — by abortion rights groups

  As news of the Osama bin Laden raid recedes, politics returns — and President Obama is taking heat from a big part of his political base: abortions rights supporters. Conscience magazine, published by the group Catholics for Choice, produced a symposium from writers questioning Obama’s commitment to abortion rights. A sampling, from the Catholics for […]

David Jackson

FOX 4 FLORIDA Can Catholics be pro-choice?

  A controversial meeting held at Planned Parenthood in Collier County on Thursday night. It’s sparking debate and outrage among some inside the Catholic Church. Nearly 3,000 families practice their faith at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Naples. Father John Ludden is the Pastor there. “What is your first reaction when you see […]

Julie Salomone

Reuters Most Catholic women use birth control banned by church

  Some 98 percent of sexually active Catholic women have used contraceptive methods banned by the church, research published on Wednesday showed. A new report from the Guttmacher Institute, the nonprofit sexual health research organization, shows that only 2 percent of Catholic women, even those who regularly attend church, rely on natural family planning. The […]

Lauren Keiper

Ms. Magazine Treatment Denied

Kathleen Prieskorn gasped in shock as her medical nightmare began. Still reeling from the heartbreak of an earlier miscarriage, Prieskorn was three months pregnant and working as a waitress when she felt a twinge, felt a trickle down her leg and realized she was miscarrying again. She rushed to her doctor’s office, “where I learned […]

The Irish Times Irish pro-choice meeting in US

  Leading Irish pro-choice advocates were in Washington DC yesterday in an attempt to raise awareness there about abortion issues in Ireland. The delegation, which included former deputy leader of the Labour Party, Liz McManus, held a briefing event on Capitol Hill to persuade politicians and influential groups in the United States of a need […]

Cian Nihill

Religion Dispatches If Abortion Isn’t Health Care, What is It?

  Congressman Chris Smith (Republican, New Jersey) introduced his party’s third highest priority for the new congress, H.R. 3, or “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” with a puzzling statement: “Abortion is not health care.”(Congressional Record, Vol. 157, No. 8). Just what is it then? I guess he would call it a sin and try […]

Mary E. Hunt

Washington Post Panel backs Holy Cross’s Montgomery hospital bid

  Maryland state regulators voted Thursday to grant permission to Holy Cross Hospital to build the first new hospital in Montgomery County in 30 years. The vote by the Maryland Health Care Commission comes after Adventist HealthCare and Holy Cross spent more than two years in a fierce and costly high-stakes battle to expand their […]

Lena Sun

Washington Post Coalition urges rejection of Holy Cross proposal for new Montgomery hospital

  A coalition of women’s and religious groups is urging Maryland state regulators to reject a proposal by Holy Cross Hospital to build a new hospital in Montgomery County because Catholic restrictions on reproductive health services could jeopardize access and care for low-income women and teens. The Maryland Health Care Commission is scheduled to make […]

Lena Sun

Washington Post Religious hospitals’ restrictions sparking conflicts, scrutiny

  In Texas, a Catholic bishop made two hospitals cease doing tube-tying operations for women who are not going to have more babies. In Oregon, another bishop cast a medical center out of his diocese for refusing to discontinue the same procedure. In Arizona, a nun was excommunicated and the hospital where she works was […]

Rob Stein

Washington Post - Acts of Faith In good conscience?

  In his annual speech to the diplomatic corps with credentials at the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI suggested that the conscience rights of healthcare workers were under attack. “Christians are even required at times to act in the exercise of their profession with no reference to their religious and moral convictions, and even in opposition […]

Jon O'Brien

The Guardian (United Kingdom) Playing Catholic politics with US healthcare

  Even though the Catholic hierarchy can take years to issue a reprimand against priests found to be guilty of sexual abuse, Sister Margaret McBride, a member of the ethics board at St Joseph’s hospital in Phoenix, Arizona was reassigned and excommunicated in November 2009 after authorising an abortion in order to save the life […]

Becky Garrison

Agence France Presse Hospital católico en EEUU sancionado por la Iglesia tras aborto terapéutico

  Un prestigioso hospital de Phoenix, en Arizona (suroeste de Estados Unidos), tuvo que retirar el martes su estatuto católico por decisión de las autoridades religiosas, luego de que procediera en noviembre de 2009 a un aborto terapéutico para salvar la vida de la madre. El Hospital St. Joseph no podrá volver a identificarse como […]

THE TELEGRAPH Ireland condemned for anti-abortion law

  Ireland will be forced to change its anti-abortion laws after the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the restrictions had endangered the life of a woman because doctors feared prison if they gave her an abortion on medical grounds. The Strasbourg judges condemned Roman Catholic Ireland for having laws that made it effectively […]

Bruno Waterfield

BELFAST TELEGRAPH Pro-choice campaigners hail ruling

  The ruling by European judges that the abortion ban violated the rights of a woman who feared a cancer relapse during an unplanned pregnancy has been hailed as a “landmark” by pro-choice campaigners. The European Court of Human Rights ruled that the Government failed to give domestic courts clear direction on when abortion is […]

Press Association Irish abortion ban violates women’s rights – Euro court

  Ireland has been ordered to reform complex abortion laws after European judges ruled that a ban violated the rights of a woman who feared a cancer relapse during an unplanned pregnancy. The woman was being treated for a rare form of the disease and was forced to travel to the UK in 2005 for […]

Ed Carty

INTERFAITH VOICES The Pope’s Stance on Condoms: Two Sides Weigh In

  On the Interfaith Voices radio show, Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice, discusses Pope Benedict XVI’s recent comments regarding condom usage with Mary Shivanandan, professor of theology at Catholic University in Washington, DC. Listen to the show at the Interfaith Voices website.

Maureen Fiedler

The Telegraph (United Kingdom) Pope: condom use not limited to male prostitutes

  The Pope’s landmark acknowledgement that the use of condoms is sometimes morally justifiable to stop Aids is valid not only for gay male prostitutes, but also for heterosexuals, according to the Vatican. The clarification, the latest step in what is already seen as a significant shift in the Catholic Church policy, came at a […]

PEOPLE'S WORLD Pope’s condom statement offers Rorschach theology

  Pope Benedict XVI set off a firestorm this week when the Vatican released excerpts from a new book in which the pontiff obliquely says that HIV prevention might be a reason for condoms. “There may be a basis in the case of some individuals, as perhaps when a male prostitute uses a condom, where […]

Theresa Albano

The Nation On Condoms, Hope From the Pope

  Is the pope Catholic? The whole world broke out the champagne the weekend before Thanksgiving when the news came that Pope Benedict XVI had approved the use of condoms in certain circumstances to prevent the transmission of HIV. In Light of the World, a new collection of interviews with the German journalist Peter Seewald, […]

Katha Pollitt

Pope must be clear on condoms

  Only last year, Pope Benedict XVI reiterated the teaching of the Catholic Church on the use of condoms. He opposed it, even in the interest of combating AIDS in Africa. Contrary to the general scientific view, he said it worsened the problem. Now he appears to have reversed his opinion. In a long interview […]


BELFAST TELEGRAPH (UNITED KINGD0M) Confusion reigns following Pope’s ‘U-turn’ on condoms

  The Pope last night faced calls to clarify his stance on condoms as confusion reigned over exactly what he meant when he said that they could be used by Catholics in “certain cases”. In a book to be published tomorrow, Benedict XVI said there could be “justified individual cases” in which condoms could be […]

John Cooney

The Times (UK) Vatican critics ‘stung’ Pope into concession on condoms

  The Pope won praise from around the world yesterday for relaxing the Roman Catholic Church’s opposition to the use of condoms in the fight against Aids. Activists on the front line of the battle against the killer disease joined liberal Catholics in lauding the pontiff’s shift of the Vatican’s long-held stance on contraceptives. “This […]

James Bone and Ruth Gledhill

CBS NEWS Vatican: Pope seeks debate on condoms, AIDS

  Pope Benedict XVI wanted to “kick-start a debate” when he said some condom use may be justified, Vatican insiders say, raising hopes and fears that the church may be starting to back away from its condom ban for its flock of 1 billion Catholics. Benedict said in an interview that for some people, such […]

Los Angeles Times Pope says condom use is acceptable in ‘single justified cases’

  In a seemingly offhand remark that caught the Roman Catholic world by surprise, Pope Benedict XVI appears to have relaxed, at least slightly, the Vatican’s longstanding adamant opposition to the use of condoms. In a book-length interview with a German journalist, portions of which were released Saturday, the pontiff said that under some circumstances […]

Mitchell Landsberg

Reuters Condoms sometimes permissible to stop AIDS- Pope

  Liberal Catholics, AIDS activists and health officials on Sunday welcomed Pope Benedict’s comments that using condoms may sometimes be justified to stop the spread of the disease. “It is a marvelous victory for common sense and reason, a major step forward toward recognizing that condom use can play a vital role in reducing the […]

Philip Pullella

Financial Times Pope’s stance on condoms welcomed

  Aids activists welcomed the pope’s apparent softening of the Vatican’s opposition to the use of condoms but sex workers said his concession, directed at infected prostitutes, demonstrated both his prejudice and stark removal from reality. In a book-long interview entitled Light of the World to be published on Tuesday, the 83-year-old German pontiff suggests […]

Guy Dinmore and Andrew Jack

The Telegraph (United Kingdom) Pope’s condom comments welcomed by campaign groups

  Catholic reformers and groups working to combat HIV have welcomed remarks by Pope Benedict that the use of condoms might not always be wrong. The Pope said their use might be justified on a case by case basis to prevent the spread of HIV/Aids. The remarks, due to be published in a book next […]

CHANNEL 4 NEWS Pope condones condoms to stop AIDS

  The Pope says the use of condoms may sometimes be justified to stop the spread of AIDS and in other situations – a “welcome” clarification, says one young Catholic who spoke to Channel 4 News. In a book to be published this week, Pope Benedict cites the example of use of condoms by male […]

The Telegraph (United Kingdom) Confusion over Pope’s condom views after he says they are acceptable in ‘certain cases’

  In a book to be published this week, Benedict XVI said there could be “justified individual cases” in which condoms could be used, softening Rome’s blanket ban on contraception, one of the most controversial issues facing the Church. “In certain cases, where the intention is to reduce the risk of infection, it can nevertheless […]

Nick Squires and John Bingham

The Hidden Power of the Vatican

  Of bekijk de flash versie. This 36-minute Dutch documentary reflects on the Vatican’s attempts to influence public policy, especially around family planning and abortion, through the abuse of its position at the United Nations. While the commentary is in Dutch, many of the interviews are in English, including those with Dr. Nafis Sadik, a […]

Gideon Levy

TIME Is the Catholic Church’s Argument Against IVF a Bit Holey?

  When biologist Robert Edwards, who perfected in vitro fertilization (IVF) more than 30 years ago, was awarded the Nobel Prize on Oct. 4, public reaction was swift and divided. Many applauded the scientist whose pioneering efforts have made possible the births of more than 4 million children worldwide. But detractors, mostly notably the Vatican, […]

Meredith Melnick

Agence France Presse Empire State Building turns down Mother Teresa tribute

  Managers of the iconic Empire State Building declined Thursday to commemorate what would have been Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday by lighting white and blue bulbs atop the building. At nightfall, the lights on top of the 102-story building will instead be red, white and blue in honor of the 90th anniversary of the women’s […]

FOX News Empire State Building Gains Some Catholic Support for Saying ‘No’ to Mother Teresa

  A steady rain dimmed the view from the top of the Empire State Building early this week, but nothing could dampen the red-hot controversy surrounding the decision by the building’s management not to bathe the skyscraper’s iconic tower in blue and white floodlights to honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mother Teresa.On […]

Lauren Green

Wall Street Journal Catholics Split Over Idea of Homage to Mother Teresa

  Some progressive Catholic groups have termed foolish the campaign to light the Empire State Building in honor of the 100th anniversary of Mother Teresa’s birth, prompting the leader of the effort to dismiss his critics as not being true Catholics. The groups—including Catholics for Choice and the National Coalition of American Nuns—sent a letter […]

Michael Howard Saul

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Catholic church, contraception coverage collide

  Thousands of Catholic Church employees in Wisconsin are now eligible for birth control coverage through their health insurance plans, under the budget bill passed by the Legislature last year. But because the church considers artificial contraception “gravely immoral,” at least some of those workers – including non-Catholics – could face sanctions, even termination, if […]

Annysa Johnson

WPFW-FM Jon O’Brien Discusses “Seeing is Believing” on WPFW

  Catholics for Choice President Jon O’Brien discusses the findings of “Seeing is Believing” with MetroWatch host Gloria Minott.  The report looked at how faith-based organizations address HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Listen to the interview. Read the report.

Gloria Minott

MANILA STANDARD TODAY Breaking the silence

  It’s unfortunate, one women’s rights campaigner memorably noted, that those who will fight to the death for the rights of the unborn suddenly lose interest once the fetus becomes a baby. As for the mother’s own rights, well, they are often not even in the equation in any discussion of abortion and contraception in […]

Jojo A. Robles

Associated Press Catholic group hails new Omaha abortion clinic

  A national group of Catholics supporting abortion rights has issued a public letter of support for a new abortion clinic opening in Omaha later this year.Saturday’s letter from Catholics for Choice takes issue with Omaha Archbishop George Lucas’ opposition of the Planned Parenthood of the Heartland clinic, saying he’s among a minority of Catholics […]

STAYING ALIVE CAMPAIGN Inside Vienna: Catholics for Condoms

The Staying Alive Campaign’s street team featured the Condoms4Life campaign on its blog.  Watch the video below, and visit the Staying Alive Campaign see the full post. catholics from mtv staying alive on Vimeo.   This video originally appeared at the Staying Alive Campaign blog.

Reuters Women priests and sex abuse not equal crimes: Vatican

  On Thursday, the Vatican issued a document making sweeping revisions to its laws on sexual abuse, extending the period in which charges can be filed against priests in church courts and broadening the use of fast-track procedures to defrock them.But while it dealt mostly with pedophilia, it also codified the “attempted ordination of a […]

Philip Pullella

Inter Press Service Extending the Reach of Safe Abortion

  By 5:00 AM, dozens of women are already lined up outside of this clinic in the Mexican capital. Most come with their mothers, sisters, husbands, friends or boyfriends. A few show up alone. Sitting on the sidewalk, the women and the people accompanying them try to catch a few winks, in spite of the […]

Daniela Pastrana

The Guardian Sister Margaret’s Mercy

Sophia Deboick

Religion News Service Catholic Bishops Leave Civil Rights Group after Kagan Endorsement

  The U.S. Catholic bishops withdrew from a national civil rights coalition on Wednesday (May 19) after the group advocated on behalf of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. The Washington-based Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (LCCR) was founded in 1950 by African American and Jewish leaders to press for the passage of national […]

Daniel Burke

CNN Nun Excommunicated for Approving Life-saving Abortion

It was an agonizing decision for all involved. A 27-year-old pregnant patient at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona became gravely ill. Doctors told her unless she aborted her 11-week-old fetus she would likely die. The problem: St. Joseph’s is a Catholic hospital and abortions are largely prohibited. Sister Margaret McBride was […]

Carol Costello

USA TODAY Can Abortion Be Life-saving? Does Mother’s Life Count?

  Here’s a horrific choice: OK an abortion for a pregnant woman facing heart failure or let her die? Now, make that question tougher: You’re a Catholic sister charged with standing for the teachings of the Church in the administration of the biggest hospital in town, one that adheres to Catholic teachings forbidding any cooperation […]

Agence France Presse En Dépit des Préceptes de l’Eglise Catholique, les Femmes Prennent la Pilule

  Cinquante ans après l’arrivée de la pilule sur le marché américain, des millions de femmes dans le monde entier vivent sous l’influence des préceptes de l’Eglise catholique qui leur interdit de la prendre. Mais beaucoup ont cessé depuis longtemps de suivre ces interdits. “Les catholiques utilisent la pilule de la même façon que n’importe […]

Toronto Sun Catholic Group Criticizes PM’s Family Planning Initiative

  The Canadian government’s stance on family planning has come under fire again. This time from Catholics. On Tuesday, a group of pro-choice Catholics penned an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper urging him to “reconsider” his government’s decision to exclude family planning from the G8 initiative on maternal and child health. “Historically Canada […]

Bryn Weiss

Canadian Press Catholic Group Urges PM to Include Abortion in G8 Initiative

  A Catholic group is calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to include family planning in a G8 initiative on maternal and child health. In a letter to Harper, the group Catholics for Choice argues that access to abortion services is a basic human right and a matter of social justice. The group adds that […]

Canwest News Service Catholic Group Urges Harper to Include Abortion, Contraception in G8 Policy

  A group of pro-choice Catholics is urging Prime Minister Stephen Harper to include abortion and contraception in his controversial G8 maternal health policy. The American-based organization Catholics for Choice, which has about 100 members in its Canadian branch, has penned a letter to Harper that says Catholics around the world support access to family […]

Meagan Fitzpatrick

MANILA BULLETIN Catholic Group Backs DOH on Condom Use

  A group of Catholics Monday pledged their support to the Department of Health (DoH) particularly on the agency’s stand on condom use. Catholics for Choice president Jon O’ Brien lauded the efforts of Health Secretary Esperanza I. Cabral in promoting condom use, saying it will ‘undoubtedly save lives as we confront the HIV and […]

Jenny Manongdo

PHILIPPINES NEWS AGENCY DOH Secretary Gets Support on Condom Distribution

  Amid strong rejection from Philippine clergies, non-government organization Catholics for Choice offered their group’s support and encouraged Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Esperanza Cabral on her condom distribution efforts. Catholics for Choice President Jon O’ Brien remarked that “Cabral’s efforts will undoubtedly save lives as we confront the HIV and AIDS epidemic.” O’ Brien […]

The Nation Papal Indulgences

  My favorite moment of the whole child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church was when Father Klaus Malangré suggested that Peter Hullermann, the redoubtable German pedophile priest, might be sent to work in a girls’ school. No boys, no molestation. Or, in churchly language, no occasion of sin. Problem solved! Plus, the good father […]

Katha Pollitt

The American Prospect Cracks in the Catholic Armor

Sarah Posner

SWEDEN.GOV Gender Equality and Political Will Crucial in Reducing Maternal Mortality

  Gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights are key factors in reducing maternal mortality in the world. Political will, adequate financing and men’s responsibility are other vital elements in reducing the number of women who die during pregnancy, in childbirth and due to unsafe abortions. This was established at a seminar arranged […]

Congressional Quarterly House Democrats Still in Search of Abortion Agreement on Health Care Bill

  To listen to House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer tell it, negotiating with the anti-abortion Democrats led by Michigan’s Bart Stupak is not at the top of his priority list for completing a health care bill. “I’ve had no negotiations with Mr. Stupak,” the Maryland Democrat said Tuesday. “Mr. Stupak came up to me […]

Clea Benson and Edward Epstein

Politico Abortion Could be Health Bill Deal Breaker in House

  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi keeps insisting that the abortion fight isn’t relevant in the health care debate. Try telling that to her rank-and-file. Despite the speaker’s repeated denials, it looks like the final act in the year-long health care fight could once again come down to abortion – so much so that Pelosi invited […]

Patrick O'Connor

Channel News Asia Pro-life Democrats Prepared to Derail Healthcare Legislation over Issue of Abortion

A group of pro-life Democrats in the US House of Representative have said they are prepared to derail the passage of healthcare legislation over the issue of abortion. A dozen Democrats fear that US federal government funds will be used to pay for abortions, if Democrats go ahead with a plan to push a Senate […]

Daniel Ryntjes

Agence France Presse Hands off Health Care, US Catholic Group Tells Bishops

  A US Catholic group on Friday accused Roman Catholic bishops of meddling in health care reforms by making backroom deals to ensure the bill does not allow funding for abortion. “Religious and ethical concerns can legitimately inform public policy, but the bishops have overstepped the mark,” said Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice. […]

THE STAR-LEDGER N.J. Catholic Leaders Confront Same-sex Marriage, Health Care, Illegal Immigration

  With their high-priority issues prominent on national agendas, members of the clergy have been unusually active in politics. Catholic bishops in New Jersey and elsewhere have been especially vocal on matters such as same-sex marriage, national health care and illegal immigration. Yet polls show that when Catholic bishops press their positions with politicians on […]

Jeff Diamant

NATIONAL RADIO PROJECT ‘Hyde-ing’ the Right to Choose

  While lawmakers in Washington mull over the nuts and bolts of health care reform, advocates are concerned that a woman’s fundamental right to reproductive health services is endangered. On this edition, Stupak, the Hyde Amendment, and religion. We take a look at some of the threats to abortion access, more than thirty-five years after […]

Irish Times Vatican’s Right to Immunity Being Tested

  WHEN US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice visited the Vatican in February 2005, she was caught off guard by Cardinal Angelo Sodano. After discussions on Iraq, the Middle East and religious liberty, Sodano asked her if she could do something about an irksome court case in Kentucky. As reported by John Allen, veteran Vatican […]

Patrick Smyth

Congressional Quarterly Abortion Funding Amendment Headed to Likely Defeat in Senate

  The Senate is expected to vote Tuesday on a Democratic amendment to the health care overhaul bill aimed at tightening the measure’s restrictions on insurance coverage for abortions. Democratic opponents of the amendment, which was introduced Monday by Ben Nelson of Nebraska, are expected to be able to muster the votes to defeat it. […]

Keith Perine

Wausau Daily Herald Clinics Back ‘Morning-After Pill’

  A Wausau reproductive health care clinic and a pro-contraception Catholic organization have joined to offer an advertising campaign touting the “morning after” pill. Television and radio ads are being aired in the Wausau area for Plan B, a drug taken after intercourse to prevent pregnancy. The ads were purchased by Family Planning Health Services […]

WSAW-TV Two Catholic Women Touring the State In Hopes of Creating Dialogue about Emergency Contraception

  Catholic bishops say emergency contraception should only be provided for sexual assault survivors, but some young Catholics disagree. Two representatives from Catholics For Choice are touring Wisconsin to open a dialogue about emergency contraception. New ads will air on radio and television with the young Catholics’ message. “We’ve been touring yesterday and today throughout […]

Liz Hayes

CQ TODAY Pelosi Learns to Live With Anger on Her Left

  When liberal Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky met last week with about 50 like-minded women in a Chicago home in the posh suburb of Highland Park, she quickly found herself explaining what’s become the most contentious legislative trade-off Nancy Pelosi has made in her three years as Speaker of the House. Like Pelosi, Schakowsky is […]

Edward Epstein

Chicago Sun-Times Obama Can’t Let Bishops Set U.S. Policy

  Barack Obama, the unapologetic pro-choice presidential candidate, needs to find his strong voice again on the issue now that he is president. And he needs to stand up to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, a tax-exempt religious organization, declaring that reproductive rights of women will not be sacrificed in the fight over a […]

Carol Marin

BOSTON HERALD Pat Kennedy Flap Puts Church in Health-care Ring

  U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy’s public feud with Rhode Island’s top bishop over abortion rights comes as the nation’s Catholic parishes have received marching orders to use bulletins and Mass announcements to inform parishioners about church positions on health-care reform. Terrence Donilon, spokesman for Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley, said local dioceses have followed the U.S. […]

Jessica Van Sack

National Journal Did Catholic Bishops’ Advocacy Cross the Line?

  The furor over abortion and health care has brought fresh scrutiny to the nation’s Catholic bishops, who’ve emerged as formidable lobbyists but who face virtually none of the lobbying or disclosure rules that apply to the rest of Washington. That’s angered some on Capitol Hill, who argue the Catholic bishops have stepped over the […]

Eliza Newlin Carney

New York Times: The Caucus Grading Obama, Abortion Flares

Maria Newman

Washington Post - Acts of Faith U.S. Bishops Assert Their Authority

  At a time of fractious debate within the Catholic Church in the United States, the head of the national bishops group said this week that Catholic universities, media outlets and other affiliated organizations that insist on independence from the church hierarchy are “less than fully Catholic.” In an address that opened the semiannual meeting […]

Daniel Burke

PBS Health Care Reform: Catholics and Abortion Coverage

Watch here As the US Senate wrestles with health care reform legislation, coverage of abortion services remains a controversial issue. After strong pressure from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and several groups of religious conservatives, the House of Representatives passed the Stupak-Pitts Amendment, which would bar a new government-run insurance plan from covering abortions. […]

NEWSWEEK Stupak Like a Fox

  National abortion-rights advocacy groups were outraged when the House passed the Stupak amendment to the health-care bill. The amendment—named for its sponsor, Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak—would bar patients who receive government affordability credits from buying health insurance that covers elective abortions, even if they pay for the abortion component with their own money. It […]

Lindsay Beyerstein

The American Prospect Faith and the Stupak Amendment

Sarah Posner

USA TODAY Catholic Bishops Claim Moral Authority Amidst ‘Confusion’

  Responding to scientific advances and widespread “confusion” among their flocks, U.S. Catholic bishops today issued detailed guidelines on marriage, reproductive technologies and health care for severely brain-damaged patients. The bishops gathered here for their semi-annual meeting also heard a preliminary report on the “causes and contexts” of the clergy sexual abuse scandal that resulted […]

Daniel Burke

Los Angeles Times Catholic Bishops’ Influence on Healthcare Bill

  For weeks, the Catholic Church has asked its U.S. parishioners to work toward ensuring that tough language restricting federal funding of abortion is included in healthcare overhaul legislation. It has gone so far as to insert a prayer into the weekly bulletins of dioceses across the country, imploring Congress to “act to ensure that […]

James Oliphant

National Public Radio Catholic Bishops’ Lobby a Force on the Hill

  Democrats last week came to terms with a lobbying force of unexpected influence in the health care debate: the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, a central element of the Roman Catholic Church in America. But the group has nary a lobbyist on the payroll. So how exactly did the conference successfully push for an […]

Peter Overby

TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES The Congress of Catholic Bishops

  Consider this scenario. After months of debate, the national legislature is set to cast a historic vote. But, before legislators can vote yea or nay, the bill must first be sent to the country’s Supreme Religious Council for its approval. Only after unelected clerics give their blessing are elected politicians permitted to vote. Did […]

Bill Press

Philippine Daily Inquirer Do We Know What Catholics Want?

  One of the pending pieces of legislation in the House and the Senate is the Reproductive Health bill, now subject to the politics of brinkmanship as this Congress enters its dying days. The bill hasn’t yet been passed by either chamber, but if circumstances had been different (as in having a different president), it […]

Rina Jimenez-David

Mother Jones Catholic Bishops Call the Shots on Health Care Reform

  We now know that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), which in the end run reports to Rome, was involved in the crafting and promotion of the Stupak Amendment, the provision that transformed a tepid health care victory for the Democrats into a serious loss for women’s reproductive rights. Hard as it is […]

James Ridgeway

National Public Radio Abortion Language Creates Snag for Health Bill

  As health overhaul bills head toward the House and Senate floors this month, the divisive issue of abortion is threatening to derail them. Already in the House, one anti-abortion lawmaker, Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), says he has enough votes to block the bill’s consideration unless he is allowed to offer an amendment to strengthen […]

Julie Rovner

CNN Religious Abortion Rights Backers Push to Change Health Care Bill

  The problematic intersection of health care and abortion politics was highlighted again Monday as religious abortion rights supporters demanded changes to reform legislation recently passed by the House of Representatives. Members of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice held a news conference calling on the Senate to alter language in the House bill that […]

RADIO NETHERLANDS WORLDWIDE Catholics Divided Over Decision to Admit Anglicans

  Catholics have reacted with mixed feelings to the Pope’s decision to invite thousands of disgruntled Anglicans to join their church, admitting it will have serious repercussions for the future of the faith. But a top Catholic priest told Radio Netherlands the move is necessary because many Anglicans feel they’re not being listened to. Father […]

Marijke Peters

Reuters Pope Opening to Anglicans May Help Married Priesthood

  Pope Benedict’s decision to fling open Catholicism’s doors to disaffected Anglicans could challenge centuries of Catholic opposition to married priests and may bring the Church closer to married priesthood. The opening announced last week could lead to as many as half a million Anglican faithful, some 50 of their bishops and thousands of married […]

Philip Pullella

THE COLORADO INDEPENDENT U.S. Catholics Support Health Reform; Reject Position Advanced by Bishops

  According to a poll conducted this month by Belden Russonello and Stewart for the group Catholics for Choice, churchgoing Catholics support both a public option in health reform and a national plan that would include funding for abortion. Catholics for Choice president Jon O’Brien said the poll results suggest the views of Catholics on […]

John Tomasic

SDP NOTICIAS Revela Sondeo Mayor Liberalidad de Latinos Católicos sobre Aborto

  Los latinos que profesan la fe católica son más “progresistas” que los estadunidenses del mismo credo en lo que toca al aborto, reveló una encuesta divulgada hoy por la organización Catholics for Choice (CFC). El 52 por ciento de los latinos católicos considera que el aborto debe ser legal en todos o la mayoría […]

Rep. Rosa DeLauro: Obama Can Find Common Ground on Abortion

  Democratic Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro represents Connecticut’s Third Congressional District. She and Rep. Tim Ryan recently reintroduced the Preventing Unintended Pregnancies, Reducing the Need for Abortion and Supporting Parents Act. While Dan’s away, we’ve asked a selection of prominent guest bloggers from a variety of perspectives to give their thoughts on religion and public […]

Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro

TROUW Nog Eenmaal de rk vernieuwers bijeen

  In het rumoer rond het conservatieve gezinscongres, dat deze week in de Amsterdamse Rai is gehouden, dook plots een vertrouwde naam op. Henk Baars (1952), oud-voorzitter van ’Acht Mei’, de grote vernieuwingsbeweging binnen de rk kerk uit de jaren tachtig en negentig, liep er rond namens de Amerikaanse groepering Catholics for Choice. Baars pleit […]

IPS NEWS AGENCY POPULATION: UNFPA Partners with Faith-based Groups

  The United Nations has realised that if it wants to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, it will have to partner with like-minded faith-based organisations (FBOs). “It is important to invite religious leaders and faith-based organisations and other secular organisations and work together. It’s the only way,” Gladys Melo-Pinzon of the FBO Catholics for Choice […]

Sonali Salgado

Dutch MP Distances Himself from Anti-gay Remarks Dutch MP Distances Himself from Anti-gay Remarks

  Dutch Youth and Family Minister André Rouvoet has distanced himself from anti-gay remarks made by the Slovakian Member of the European Parliament Anna Zaborska. Some years ago, she argued that AIDS was God’s judgment on homosexuals. The politician’s remarks have resurfaced because she is one of the speakers at the right-wing World Congress of […]

Sonali Salgado

National Catholic Reporter Faith Groups Converge on Abortion Reduction Bill

  The bill, crafted by Rep. Rosa DeLauro, an abortion-rights supporter from Connecticut and abortion opponent Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio, includes methods — namely, contraception — that some anti-abortion groups traditionally have rallied against. Conservative evangelical and Catholic groups joined abortion-rights organizations to support the bill, after it was expanded to include health care […]

Lindsay Perna

USA TODAY Pope, Obama May Find Common Ground in “Charity in Truth”

  Pope Benedict XVI’s upcoming meeting with President Obama may be focused squarely on the worldwide financial crisis and on the pope’s vision for a “true world political authority” to manage the global economy with God-centered ethics. Benedict’s new social encyclical, a major teaching titled Caritas in Veritate(Charity in Truth), released Tuesday in Rome, calls for […]

Cathy Lynn Grossman

CQ WEEKLY Catholics’ Rights Rift

  It might have seemed like a big victory for left-leaning Roman Catholics this month when President Obama named Alexia Kelley to a post overseeing faith-based initiatives at the Health and Human Services Department. She is well-known as a crusader on Catholic anti-poverty initiatives — first while on the staff of the U.S. Conference of […]

Shawn Zeller

The Nation Dr. George Tiller, 1941-2009

  Trust women. That was the motto of Dr. George Tiller, abortion provider and hero. Dr. Tiller trusted women: to know their own life circumstances, to know themselves. Trusting women has an old-fashioned ring to it, doesn’t it, like “sisterhood.” How quaint, the notion that a woman, faced with a crisis pregnancy, can reach into […]

Katha Pollitt

PEOPLE'S WEEKLY WORLD Catholics Greet Obama Speech at Notre Dame

  Catholics warmly applauded President Barack Obama’s speech at Notre Dame University May 17th upholding women’s right to choose an abortion while also providing healthcare and childcare for women who choose to deliver their babies full term. Obama told the crowd that “no matter how much we want to fudge it … the fact is […]

Tim Wheeler

San Francisco Chronicle ‘Conscience’ Shield Vital, Many Caregivers Say

  Kim McAllister, a Bay Area nurse for 31 years, knows she can recuse herself from a medical procedure with which she has a moral conflict. If a patient wants an abortion or if McAllister sees an end-of-life decision she might question, she can discreetly find another nurse who would help the patient in the […]

Matthai Kuruvila

THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD Pell Rides Papal Bandwagon of Death

  That’s one hell of an Easter message. In a contest between showing slavish support for the Pope and putting people in the way of disease and death, Cardinal George Pell chose loyalty. From the far distance of the Vatican comes the sound of a few hands clapping. “They encourage promiscuity,” the cardinal told Sky […]

David Marr

Dick Polman The American Debate: Catholic Hierarchy Finds the Flock Isn’t So Easily Led

  Catholic church leaders had a very bad election in 2008. They assailed Barack Obama as “anti-life” and hence unacceptable. But the flock didn’t listen. Fifty-four percent of Catholic voters cast ballots for Obama, the most decisive Catholic endorsement for a presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan drew the same share in 1984. A similar disconnect […]

Dick Polman

RH Reality Check How Catholics View Sebelius

Lisa Cox

American Prospect Tapped: The Catholic Non-Controversies

Sarah Posner

IPS Pope on Condoms — Out in the Cold

  AIDS “is a tragedy that cannot be overcome by money alone, that cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates the problems,” the Pope said on a flight to Cameroon at the start of his first visit to Africa – home to 70 percent of all people living with HIV/AIDS – […]

Mario de Queiroz


  Timing is everything, even for popes. Choosing his first visit to Africa wearing his pontifical hat as the occasion to denounce condoms as part of Aids prevention was less than inspired choreography for Pope Benedict XVI. He touched down in Cameroon to find himself in the eye of yet another international storm. Back in […]

Justine McCarthy

AFRIK NEWS What Has Africa Done to Organised Religion to Deserve This?

  The recent declaration made by the Roman Catholic Pope on the use of condoms while on his way to Africa has caused widespread hue and cry against a church that faithfully supports outmoded principles, no matter how harsh the consequences may be. But the Catholic Church is not the only culprit. At a time […]

Patrick K. Johnsson

EXCÉLSIOR Reportan Apoyo de Católicos al Condón

  Una encuesta de opinión realizada por Catholics for Choice en 2007, revela que 90% de los católicos en México consideran que usar el condón es estar a favor de la vida, ya que ayuda prevenir enfermedades de transmisión sexual y a salvar vidas, contrario a lo que declaró el Papa Benedicto XVI en su […]

Laura Toribio

FOX 5 News Some Catholics Disappointed in Obama

  He garnered the majority of Catholic votes in the 2008 election, but a number of Catholic groups now say President Obama is showing a complete lack of regard for their beliefs. They count his decisions to lift restrictions on abortion and stem cell research among the most offensive. “As far as the Catholic church […]

Shannon Bream

RK NIEUWS “Catholics for Choice”: Paus ook Onzeker over Effect Condoms

   “De paus geeft toe dat ook hij niet zeker weet of condooms wel of niet kunnen helpen bij de verspreiding van het HIV- virus. Waar twijfel is, is vrijheid en katholieken kunnen zelf kiezen of zij al dan niet condooms gebruiken. De overgrote meerderheid van de katholieken heeft die keuze al lang gemaakt en […]

Joost Middelhoff

THE TIMES (LONDON) Vatican Backtracks over Pope’s Condom Stance

  The Vatican backtracked yesterday on the Pope’s rejection of condoms as a means of preventing Aids — a decision interpreted by some as a rare admission of papal fallibility. On Tuesday he told reporters accompanying him on his trip to Africa that Aids was a “tragedy that cannot be overcome by money alone, and […]

Richard Owen and Ruth Gledhill

Agence France Presse Pope Wrong on Condoms, US Rights, Catholic Groups Say

  US rights advocates and a Roman Catholic group on Wednesday condemned Pope Benedict XVI for saying condom use does little to help fight AIDS as he began a trip to Africa, the continent hardest hit by the deadly viral illness. The pope’s comment was “irresponsible and dangerous”, said Jon O’Brien, head of Catholics for […]

VOICE OF AMERICA NEWS Pope Stirs AIDS Controversy with Opposition to Condoms

  As he began a visit to Africa, Pope Benedict reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church’s opposition to the use of condoms to fight AIDS. His comments have drawn criticism from many health organizations, AIDS activists and even some Catholics. Embarking on a trip to Africa, where 22 million people are suffering from HIV, the infection […]

Brian Padden

THE TORONTO STAR Pope’s Condom Remarks ‘Real Tragedy’

  Pope Benedict XVI attacked the use of condoms, sparking new controversy after a recent furor over a Holocaust-denying bishop. Aboard an aircraft headed to Cameroon for his first papal visit to AIDS-devastated Africa, Benedict said the virus was a tragedy “that cannot be overcome by the distribution of condoms. On the contrary, they increase […]

Olivia Ward

LA JORNADA Condena Mundial a Dicho del Papa de que el Uso de Condón sólo Agrava el SIDA

  Reacciones de inquietud, estupor e indignación causaron las declaraciones de Benedicto XVI en rechazo al uso de preservativos para prevenir el síndrome de inmunodeficiencia adquirida (sida), tanto entre gobiernos, como los de Francia, Bélgica y Alemania, como en diversos sectores políticos y sociales del mundo, de organismos internacionales y de la propia comunidad católica. […]

Carolina Gómez and Gabriel León

LE FIGARO E-U: Des Catholiques Critiquent le Pape

  Un groupe catholique américain a condamné mercredi les déclarations du pape Benoît XVI sur l’utilisation du préservatif qui aggraverait selon lui le problème du sida, lors d’un déplacement en Afrique, un continent ravagé par cette pandémie. Les déclarations du pape sont “irresponsables et dangereuses”, a affirmé Jon O’Brien, président du groupe Catholics for Choice, […]

THE IRISH INDEPENDENT Condoms Part of African AIDS Problem, Says Pope

  The Pope walked into a new storm of controversy on his first trip to Africa yesterday by declaring that condoms were not a solution to the Aids epidemic — but were instead part of the problem. In his first public comments on condom use, the Pontiff told reporters en route to Cameroon that Aids […]

Richard Owen

USA TODAY Could Choosing Condoms Mean Choosing Life?

  Not every Catholic leader in Africa– or elsewhere — agrees with Pope Benedict XVI’s comments on condoms on Tuesday. Benedict, on his flight to Cameroon, told media on the papal plane the long-standing official Vatican view on the HIV/AIDS epidemic ravaging many parts of Africa: You can’t resolve it with the distribution of condoms. […]

Agence France Presse Obama Backs ‘Right to Choose’ on Abortion Anniversary

  US President Barack Obama on Thursday backed a woman’s “right to choose” on the 36th anniversary of a landmark Supreme Court decision that gave women a constitutional right to abortion. “On the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we are reminded that this decision not only protects women’s health and reproductive freedom, but stands […]

Karin Zeitfogel

THE WASHINGTON POST Vatican Ethics Guide Stirs Controversy: Church Decries Stem Cell Research, Infertility Treatments

  The Vatican’s first authoritative statement on reproductive science in 21 years triggered intense debate yesterday about some of the most contentious issues in modern biological research, including stem cells, designer babies, cloning, and a host of techniques widely used to prevent pregnancy and to help infertile couples have children. The broad 32-page document, from […]

Rob Stein and Michelle Boorstein

THE INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE Vatican Issues Instruction on Bioethics

  The Vatican on Friday issued the most authoritative and sweeping document on bioethical issues in more than 20 years, taking into account recent developments in biomedical technology and reinforcing the Roman Catholic church’s opposition to in vitro fertilization, human cloning, genetic testing on embryos before implantation and embryonic stem cell research. The Vatican document […]

Laurie Goodstein and Elisabetta Povoledo

AMERICAN SCIENTIST Will a New Vatican Document Affect Science and Reproductive Health?

  The Vatican released a striking bioethics document today that condemns not only embryonic stem cell research, human-animal hybrids, and human cloning, but also the commonplace practice of in vitro fertilization that many couples depend on to have children. The document, titled “The Dignity of the Person,” was released by the Congregation for the Doctrine […]

Brendan Borrell

RH Reality Check New Radio Ads Say, Good Catholics Use Condoms

  On this World AIDS Day, Catholics for Choice and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health are thrilled to announce the launch of the first-ever Condoms4Life radio ads. The two Spanish-language ads take on myths about condom use in Catholic and Latino communities and aim to highlight the importance of condom use and that […]

Jon O'Brien and Silvia Henriquez

The Hill's Congress Blog The Catholic Vote and Priorities for the Next President

  Once again, Catholic voters showed that as goes the Catholic vote, so goes the election. Initial results show that 54% of the Catholic vote went to President-elect Barack Obama. As shown in our poll, “The Catholic Voter in Summer 2008,” Catholic voters, like all voters around the country, are most concerned with the bread-and-butter […]

Jon O'Brien

Opposing Views The Question is Not Whether Life is Present

  The argument about when life begins is a diversion from the real issue, which is an examination of when personhood begins. Life does not begin at any specific moment in time, it continues. Does anybody ask whether the sperm and the egg are alive? No, they don’t, because the issue is not whether life […]

Jon O'Brien

Opposing Views Catholics can support prochoice politicians in good conscience

  Catholics can rest assured that they are in good company, and in good conscience, in supporting prochoice policymakers. Church teachings on moral decision-making and abortion are complex and far more nuanced than the monolithic teachings as represented by the bishops. In Catholic theology there is room for the acceptance of policies that favor access […]

Jon O'Brien

STAR-LEDGER Catholic voters urged to weigh abortion issue

  In poll after poll, voters have consistently placed abortion far down on their list of priorities for choosing a president this fall, below issues such as the economy, the war in Iraq, terrorism, health care, energy and taxes.Still, recessionary worries notwithstanding, the nation’s Catholic bishops are encouraging their flocks to consider the abortion issue […]

Jeff Diamant

FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM In letter, area Catholic dioceses urge votes for pro-life candidates

  With less than a month before the presidential election, the Roman Catholic bishops of the Fort Worth and Dallas dioceses have issued a joint letter calling abortion “intrinsically evil” and saying it is “morally impermissible” for Catholics to vote for pro-abortion rights candidates over pro-life candidates. “As Catholics we are morally obligated to pray, […]

Patrick McGee

The Hill's Congress Blog Individual Conscience In Moral Decision Matters At Core of Catholic Tradition

  Earlier this week, in their response to vice presidential nominee Senator Joseph Biden’s recent comments about abortion, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops missed the mark on political discourse in the United States.On “Meet the Press” last weekend, Senator Biden stated that it is “inappropriate in a pluralistic society” to impose his religious […]

Jon O'Brien

THE BULLETIN (PHILADELPHIA) Bishops Chastise Biden’s Pro-Choice Comments

  Two Denver Catholic bishops responded Sept. 8 to Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joseph Biden’s comments on conception made the day before on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” When asked when life begins, Sen. Biden, who identifies himself as Catholic, said, “it’s a personal and private issue.” This came as news however to Denver Archbishop […]

Erin Maguire

The Hill - Congress Blog Catholic Bishops Not on the Same Page as Pelosi, American Catholics

  In their responses to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Washington Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl and the US bishops commented on their interpretation of what Speaker Pelosi said, not what she actually said. Speaker Pelosi was correct in noting that Catholic teaching has changed over the years, even on the issue of when life […]

Jon O'Brien

Inter Press Service Women Take the Platform at Dem Convention

  WASHINGTON, Aug 27 (IPS) – From the party platform ratified by delegates between speeches Monday, to primetime, headlining speeches by two heavy hitters in the election — Sen. Hillary Clinton and first-lady hopeful Michelle Obama — the initial two days of the Democratic National Convention were dominated by women.After a bruising primary season against […]

Ali Gharib

BOSTON GLOBE (BLOG) Bishops criticize Pelosi over abortion

  In an unusual move, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops today issued a statement criticizing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent comments about abortion. Pelosi is herself a Roman Catholic, the mother of five children, and a supporter of abortion rights. And her comments came just a day after Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama selected […]

Michael Paulson

The Hill Pelosi’s feud with archbishop escalates

  The public feud over abortion between the Speaker of the House and the archbishop of Washington intensified Tuesday as Rep. Nancy Pelosi responded to his recent criticism and the archbishop fired another salvo at the California Democrat.   The latest development came Tuesday evening, when Washington Archbishop Donald Wuerl issued a statement to The […]

Bob Cusack

National Catholic Reporter Bishops dispute Speaker Pelosi comment on abortion

  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press Aug. 24, said “doctors of the church” had taught different ideas at various times about when life begins and that the matter had been “an issue of controversy” over centuries. She also said the absolute teaching that life begins at conception was […]

The Hill - Congress Blog To Win the ‘Catholic Vote’: Focus on Bread and Butter Issues

  Every election cycle, conservative Catholics such as Deal Hudson and Robert Novak seek to perpetuate the myth of the so-called monolithic “Catholic vote” claiming that this will be the election that Catholics swing heavily to one side. In reality, Catholic voters have been the classic swing vote in American presidential politics, changing from support […]

Jon O'Brien

Associated Press British lawmakers support existing time limit for abortions

  DATELINE: LONDON British lawmakers on Tuesday voted against lowering the upper time limit for abortions in the U.K. despite calls to change the regulation of pregnancy terminations for the first time in almost two decades… This article was originally published on 20 May 2008 by the Associated Press.

David Stringer

THE TABLET (UK) Rome snubs progressives’ call for revision of contraception ban

  THE VATICAN has dismissed as “paid propaganda” a call from more than 50 progressive Catholic organisations urging it to renounce its opposition to artificial birth control. A letter organised by the Washington-based activist group, Catholics for Choice, and published as a half-page advertisement in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, called the Church’s policy […]

Timothy Lavin

FREETHOUGHT RADIO RADIO: Guest: Jon O’Brien, President of Catholics for Choice

  This week Freethought Radio talks with Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics For Choice (not all Catholics are alike), about his broad investigative indictment of William Donohue’s obnoxious Catholic League, and with Ryan Valentine of the Texas Freedom Network about the troublesome plan to teach bible classes in Texas schools. Click here to listen to the […]

Associated Press Catholics to pope: Lift the birth control ban

  VATICAN CITY (AP) _ More than 50 dissident Catholic groups from around the world have written an open letter asking Pope Benedict XVI to lift the church’s ban on birth control. Taking a half-page ad in the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, the groups said Friday that the Church’s ban on artificial birth control […]

Reuters Catholic groups ask pope to end contraception ban

  More than 50 dissident Catholic groups have published an unusually frank open letter to Pope Benedict saying the Church’s ban on contraception had been “catastrophic” and urging him to lift it. The letter was published as a paid half-page advertisement in Corriere della Sera, Italy’s largest newspaper, on the 40th anniversary of the late […]

THE SCOTSMAN (SCOTLAND) 40 years on: Papal defiance of Sixties culture has grim legacy

  The 1968 ban on contraception put the Church in a straitjacket as HIV/ Aids began to kill, writes ANDREW COLLIER IT WAS one of the biggest shocks in modern religious history. The Roman Catholic church – not exactly known for taking risky decisions in haste – was, it was strongly rumoured, planning to end […]

The Tablet Abortion rate hits record high

  CATHOLIC PRO-LIFE campaigners say the Government is to blame for a rise to a record high in the abortion rate. According to new government figures, the number of women having abortions last year rose to 198,500 in 2007, an increase of 2.2 per cent on the previous year. But more alarmingly there was a […]

Thomas Norton

Orlando Sentinel Stem-cell research can promote life, dignity and discovery

  The Catholic hierarchy’s long and public battle with science and scientists continued this week in Orlando as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops released a statement condemning embryonic stem-cell research. However, while the bishops are clearly in a minority in opposing stem-cell research, they are also going against a long Catholic tradition of supporting […]

Jon O'Brien


  To listen to this program, click here. ELEANOR HALL: Australian aid agencies are torn along religious lines over the Federal Government’s proposal to lift a 12-year ban on foreign aid funding for abortion services in developing countries. Australia’s Christian aid groups are expressing concern about the move but other aid organisations say there’s enormous demand […]

Reporter: Emily Bourke

DAILY TELEGRAPH Ministers lead drive for lower abortion limit

  SEVERAL Cabinet ministers are expected join a parliamentary drive tonight to cut the legal time limit for abortions. MPs vote today on the abortion laws for the first time in nearly 20 years and are expected to lower the current limit of 24 weeks of pregnancy. A number of amendments to the Human Fertilisation […]

James Kirkup


  Elizabeth Arnold travels to the Vatican to explore the Holy See’s foreign policy machinery.  Joining Jon O’Brien, President of Catholics for Choice, were guests Mary Ann Glendon, US Ambassador to the Holy See; Francis Campbell, British Ambassador to the Holy See; Father Thomas Reese, Senior Research Fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown […]

Reporter: Elizabeth Arnold

Inter Press Service Pope’s Visit Highlights Fault Lines in the Church

  NEW YORK, Apr 20 (IPS) – The visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States this week may have inspired renewed devotion in many Catholic faithful, but progressive church organisations here say that it’s time for the Vatican to rethink its more rigid stances on issues like women priests, contraception and homosexuality. Addressing […]

Arlene Chang

BUFFALO NEWS Pope’s visit brings out other views

  NEW YORK — Inside security barricades along Fifth Avenue, a wall of admirers gathered around St. Patrick’s Cathedral Saturday morning, cheering and applauding Pope Benedict XVI on the third anniversary of his election. Three blocks from the cathedral, outside the barriers and out of view of the cameras tracking the pontiff, a small band […]

Jay Tokasz

Washington Times U.N. visit highlights the pope’s unique status

  DATELINE: NEW YORK Today’s U.N. visit by Pope Benedict XVI underscores the Vatican’s anomalous status in world affairs. He will be received with even more pomp and protocol than most heads of state, and his address in the U.N. General Assembly chambers is not part of a larger thematic debate. However, the pope is […]

Betsy Pisik

Forbes Praying For A Listening Pope

  Catholics, progressives and conservatives alike are celebrating the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Washington, D.C., and New York. We are all waving flags of welcome; we see the pope’s visit as a celebration, not just of the man who is leader of the world’s 1 billion Catholics, but also a celebration of our […]

Jon O'Brien

Chicago Tribune Pope expected to appeal for peace at UN appearance

  DATELINE: NEW YORK NEW YORK Playing his dual roles as head of state and spiritual leader, Pope Benedict XVI on Friday becomes only the third pope to address the United Nations General Assembly, an institution where his church enjoys an unusual and sometimes controversial status. The pope is likely to call for peace and […]

Stevenson Swanson

Rzeczpospolita Tort dla Benedykta XVI

  To view this article in English, click here. Papiez wezwal Amerykanów, by opierali swe decyzje polityczne i spoleczne na zasadach moralnych. Benedykta XVI witaly wczoraj na ulicach Waszyngtonu wielotysieczne tlumy. – Przybywam jako przyjaciel i glosiciel Slowa Bozego, pelen szacunku dla tego wielkiego, pluralistycznego spoleczenstwa – mówil przed Bialym Domem papiez. – Ojcze Swiety, postanowiles […]

Piotr Gillert

Irish Times Pope begins US visit in attempt to galvanise Catholics

  US: POPE BENEDICT XVI has begun a six-day visit to the United States as the country’s 65 million Catholics struggle with doubts over church teaching while priests become ever scarcer and the cost of child sex scandals drives dioceses into bankruptcy. DENIS STAUNTON reports from Washington The official reason for the Pope’s first visit to the […]

Dennis Staunton

Voice of America Many US Catholics Out of Step with Church on Contraception, Abortion Video clip available

  To watch the video clip, click here. DATELINE: Washington Recent surveys of American Catholics indicate that many are out of step with the Vatican’s teachings on contraception and abortion. With Pope Benedict visiting the United States beginning April 15, some Catholics are asking the church to take another look at these issues. VOA’s Jeff Swicord […]

Jeff Swicord

Associated Press Papal Visit Provokes Array of Protests

  DATELINE: NEW YORK In a conference call Monday organized by Catholics for Choice, four Catholic theologians will be examining the impact of the 1968 encyclical “Humanae Vitae,” which defined the Vatican’s opposition to artificial birth control. “Catholics wonder why there’s this huge disparity between what the hierarchy says we should do in regard to […]

David Crary

RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH Pope’s many facets puzzle fans, critics: Known for enforcing doctrine, he’s also seen as very gentle, caring

  Apr. 13–52% view pope favorably, poll says When Pope Benedict XVI steps onto the field at Nationals Park on Thursday, chances are good he’ll hear a deafening roar of approval from the friendly crowd. The cheers should follow him throughout his six-day tour of Washington and New York starting this week. “These people are […]

Zachary Reid

National Catholic Reporter Unruly Americans vie for attention

  When Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Washington April 17 for his first visit to the United States he’ll be greeted by that unruly American church whose deviances he has decried. Groups are preparing to rally, pray and speak out about the church’s policies and teachings on accountability and lay leadership; contraception; war; pastoral care […]

Eileen Markay

Prochoice Catholicism 101

  We strive to be an expression of Catholicism as it is lived by ordinary people. We are part of the great majority of the faithful in the Catholic church who disagree with the dictates of the Vatican on matters related to sexuality, contraception and abortion. In all parts of the world, women, men and […]

Jon O'Brien and Sara Morello

Religion News Service Forty years later, contraception ban colors U.S.-Vatican ties

  Asked about her church’s ban on artificial birth control, Emily Kunkel inhales deeply and pauses. “It’s hard because the church has had this stance for so many years, there’s so much tradition behind it,” she says. “But I think in certain circumstances condoms should be used.” Kunkel, a 20-year-old sophomore at Ohio State University, […]

Daniel Burke

Wisconsin State Journal Whose rights have precedence?

  You know you are having an impact when Catholic bishops break from their very busy schedules and write to legislators to decry your efforts. Recently, I wrote to Wisconsin legislators to explain the true Catholic position on so-called conscience clauses as they considered whether to include one in a bill mandating the provision of […]

Jon O'Brien

PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS Abortion: It’s an issue of social justice

  PLANNED Parenthood affiliates have prevented more abortions than many so-called “pro-life” organizations ever will. I repeat: Planned Parenthood and other family-planning organizations are leaders in preventing abortions – no matter how many restrictions the anti-abortion movement constructs against legal abortion, no matter how many times they march on Washington as they did yesterday, the […]

Carol Towarnicky

REFORMA Cuestionan prohibición eclesial

  To view a copy of this article, click here. [PDF]This article originally appeared in the December 5, 2007 edition of Reforma.

María Teresa Martínez

Irish Times Catholics oppose condom stance

  A poll has found that 79 per cent of Irish Catholic adults oppose church teaching prohibiting the use of condoms for any reason, including the prevention of HIV and Aids. Patsy McGarry, Religious Affairs Correspondent. They were responding to the question: “The Catholic Church prohibits Catholics from using condoms for any reason, including preventing […]

Patsy McGarry

The Columbus Dispatch Catholics in poll say condom use OK

  It’s a provocative question: Are condoms pro-life because they can prevent the spread of AIDS?Most Catholics say yes, according to a five-nation survey released in observance of World AIDS Day today. Catholics for Choice commissioned the survey to show that plenty of Catholics disagree with church teachings on contraception, especially when the distribution of […]

Meredith Heagney

Inter Press Service WORLD AIDS DAY: Catholics Snub Vatican’s Condom Ban

  NEW YORK, Nov 30 (IPS) – As millions of people plan to show solidarity with the struggle against HIV/AIDS on Saturday, a new multi-nation poll released in Washington by the group Catholics for Choice shows that a majority of Catholics around the world believe that — contrary to the edicts coming from Rome — […]

Rajiv Fernando

Press Association Almost Half of Catholics Back Abortion – Poll

  A large minority of Catholics back a woman’s right to have an abortion and are critical of their bishops for paying “too much attention” to the issue, a survey suggested today.A poll of adults in the UK has shown 43% of Catholics agreed that it should be legal for a woman to have an […]

Martha Linden

Boston Globe Views mixed on Bush pick for envoy to Vatican

  Mary Ann Glendon, a prominent legal scholar and a papal adviser poised to become the next US ambassador to the Vatican, is known for staunchly defending Catholic doctrine while striking a conciliatory tone with opponents, colleagues said yesterday. Supporters said Glendon would bring a measured sensibility to a politically sensitive position, but opponents criticized […]

Peter Schworm

Uprising Radio Pope Speaks Out Against the Morning After Pill

  GUEST: Jon O’Brien, President of Catholics for Free Choice While addressing the International Conference of Catholic Pharmacists this week, Pope Benedict urged pharmacists to refuse to dispense emergency contraception on the basis conscientious objection. While conservatives and religious groups say that making emergency contraception available encourages promiscuity, reproductive rights groups say it’s an effective […]

Host: Aura Bogada

IPS Will Catholics Lean Right or Left in ’08?

  OAKLAND, California, Oct 24 (IPS) – Over the past two decades, Catholic voters in the United States — once consistent supporters of the Democratic Party — have been heavily courted by the Republicans. In the 2004 presidential election, Republican organisers, together with a cadre of high-profile neoconservative Catholics, focused on winning Catholic votes by […]

Bill Berkowitz

BBC World News “World Have Your Say” August 20, 2007 Episode: Hurricane Dean

  CFFC President Jon O’Brien speaks about Amnesty International and the Catholic Church’s reaction on the BBC’s interactive call-in show “World Have Your Say.” He was joined by Dr. Sheila Cassidy, a moderate abortion rights advocate and Christian author based in the UK,  and Dr. Helen Watt of the conservative Linacre Center for Healthcare Ethics in London.  The host is Peter Dobbie. Find […]

Host: Peter Dobbie

GUARDIAN UNLIMITED Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien Attacks Pro-Abortion Politicians

  The leader of Scotland’s Roman Catholics today stepped up his controversial attack on pro-choice politicians. Cardinal Keith O’Brien said the increasing abortion rate in Scotland was equivalent to “two Dunblane massacres a day”. In a sermon this afternoon at St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh, he urged politicians at Westminster to change the current abortion […]

Mark Oliver

National Journal Abortion Wars Return

  At a meeting last month, Thomas McClusky, the chief lobbyist for the Family Research Council, was in a celebratory mood. Just days after the Supreme Court issued a 5-4 ruling [PDF] on April 18 upholding the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, the council’s vice president of government affairs was talking shop with jubilant fellow social conservatives […]

Bara Vaida

The Hill House Dems repudiate Pope’s abortion remarks

  A group of House Democrats yesterday publicly repudiated the Pope’s recent suggestion that politicians who support abortion rights should be excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. Eighteen House Democrats, led by Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), are responding to Pope Benedict XVI’s statement that indicated he would support Mexican bishops if they were to excommunicate […]

Jonathan E. Kaplan

Associated Press U.S. conservatives organize social-issues congress in Poland

  DATELINE: NEW YORK “It’s a jamboree for people who very often find themselves outside the mainstream,” said Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for a Free Choice.  “They’re living the fantasy for a couple of days of what the world would be like if their ideas prevailed.” O’Brien, a native of Ireland now based in Washington, […]

David Crary

Miami Herald Pope’s comments on politicians and abortion spark debate in America

  Pope’s comments on politicians and abortion spark debate in America Pope Benedict XVI’s pronouncement that politicians who support legalizing abortion excommunicate themselves has added fuel to the controversy among American Catholics over how far church leaders should go in mixing church doctrine and politics. ”Is this a significant escalation in the whole controversy? Yes. […]

Alexandra Alter

Baltimore Sun Sauerbrey’s plans draw opposition

  WASHINGTON — Assistant Secretary of State Ellen R. Sauerbrey, whose socially conservative views came in for scrutiny when President Bush picked her for the diplomatic post, is being criticized for her plan to speak at a conference in Poland for opponents of abortion and same-sex marriage. Nineteen members of the European Parliament have asked […]

Matthew Hay Brown

Rzeczpospolita Papiez: pieklo istnieje naprawde

  Grzesznicy beda sie smazyc w ogniu piekielnym po wsze czasy – ostrzegl Benedykt XVI Pieklo nie jest wcale religijnym symbolem, który zostal wymyslony po to, zeby zastraszac wiernych i zmusic ich do przestrzegania dekalogu. Jak powiedzial papiez, jest to realne miejsce, w którym grzesznicy cierpia katusze w ogniu piekielnym. Ojciec Swiety podkreslil, iz w […]

Piotr Zychowicz

The New York Times Backing Abortion Rights While Keeping the Faith

  WASHINGTON, Feb. 26 — Frances Kissling has been called the “philosopher of the pro-choice movement” by her friends and an “abortion queen” by her critics. But the name Ms. Kissling wears most defiantly, to the consternation of many religious believers, is Roman Catholic. For 25 years, as president of Catholics for a Free Choice, she […]

Neela Banerjee

BELIEF NET After 25 Years, a Catholic Warrior Steps Aside

  WASHINGTON — In her 25 years as head of Catholics For a Free Choice, some interesting epithets have been hurled at Frances Kissling. The kinds of names — “confused lionness” and “progressive heretic” to offer a few — that most people would like to avoid. But Kissling, 62, said she’s come to expect such […]

Daniel Burke, Religion News Service

Boston Globe Bishops stress sexual issues and warn on Communion

  BALTIMORE — The Catholic bishops of the United States overwhelmingly approved new documents yesterday, exhorting Catholics to refrain from using artificial birth control, describing gay sex as immoral, and saying that anyone who disagrees with key church teachings should not take Communion.The statements mark the first time the bishops have attempted to explain and […]

Michael Paulson

The New York Times U.S. Bishops Adopt Guidelines on Gays

  WASHINGTON, Nov. 14 —The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to support initiatives based on traditional teachings that call for gay and lesbian Catholics to remain celibate and for married Catholics to reject artificial contraception.At a semiannual meeting in Baltimore, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops voted to adopt guidelines intended […]

Neela Banerjee

Religion News Service Catholic Bishops Approve New Guidelines on Ministry to Gays

  DATELINE: BALTIMORE The nation’s Catholic bishops approved new statements Tuesday (Nov. 14) on controversial sexual subjects amid a culture that several bishops noted was not always receptive to traditional church teachings.In taking up homosexuality, contraception and natural family planning at their national conference here this week, the 300 U.S. bishops want to “help people […]

Daniel Burke

WOMEN'S MEDIA CENTER Election Ads Reframe Abortion Debate

  On the day before they head to the polls to determine whether to let stand a state law that bans virtually all abortions, South Dakotans, in newspapers throughout the state, are being asked to reconsider the question of abortion from a different perspective. In stark and striking advertisements, devoid of illustration, Catholics For a Free […]

Adele Stan

THE NATIONAL JOURNAL Vying for the ‘Values Vote’

  Since being declared the key to President Bush’s re-election in 2004, conservative Christian groups have enthusiastically embraced — indeed defined — the term “values voters.” In late September, four of the most prominent groups — the Family Research Council’s FRC Action, Focus on the Family Action, American Family Association Action, and Americans United to […]

Lisa Caruso

New York Times Anti-Abortion Group Loses Tax Exemption

  The Internal Revenue Service this week revoked the tax exemption of an anti-abortion group, Operation Rescue West, after receiving a complaint that it had violated prohibitions on electioneering by nonprofits in 2004. The group had promised tax deductions for contributions to help defeat the Democratic presidential candidate, Senator John Kerry. The organization said the […]

Stephanie Strom

CHRISTIANITY TODAY Pharmacists with No Plan B

  On July 6, 2002, Neil Noesen found himself on the front line of the culture wars. Less than three days after taking a job as a pharmacist at a Kmart in Menomonie, Wisconsin, he received a refill request from University of Wisconsin-Stout student Amanda Renz for the contraceptive Loestrin. Noesen, a devout Catholic, had […]

Nate Anderson

Voice of America “Campaign for Life” Seeks to End the Pope’s Ban on Condoms

  Catholics for Free Choice is an organization that has created a campaign called Condoms for Life. The campaign wants the Vatican to lift its ban on the use of condoms. This week, they are taking part in the 16th International AIDS Conference in Toronto. The activists say they cannot preach a culture of life […]

Angel Tabe

SUNDAY OBSERVER (TANZANIA) Vatican to Be Asked to Lift Condom Ban

  As tens of thousands of activists, providers and concerned individuals gather for the XVI International AIDS Conference, the Condoms4Life campaign is spearheading an initiative to encourage the Vatican to drop its ban on condoms and join others in the active prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS throughout the world. Reports reaching the Sunday Observer […]

Simon Kivamwo

Toronto Sun Safety Issues: Group of Catholics launch Condoms4Life Campaign

  I know I’ll be accused of beating up the Catholic Church with this column (though honestly, I doubt the Pope loses much sleep over me) — but I’ll take my chances. The story at hand is the Condoms4Life Campaign being launched at the International AIDS Conference starting today in Toronto. The people behind Condoms4Life […]

Marianne Meed Ward

OTTAWA SUN Condom Activists Take on Vatican

  Activists from Condoms4Life have a plan to get the Vatican to drop its ban on condoms. About 20,000 scientists, world leaders and activists from around the world gather in Toronto tomorrow for AIDS 2006, the XVI International AIDS Conference. Condoms4Life decided it was the perfect opportunity to take on the Catholic church. Many of […]

Kevin Connor


  Kim Smith, a young mother in her mid-20s, sat fretting in the car with her 5-month-old daughter, Hannah, on a Saturday evening last winter. Her husband of almost two years had run into the Longs Drugs on Folsom Boulevard to pick up a dose of Plan B, better known as the morning-after pill. The […]

Chrisanne Beckner

Boston Globe Pious and Prochoice

  IN 1967, THE REV. HOWARD MOODY, a Baptist minister in New York City, founded what he recently described as a “faith-based organization.” Its purpose, he later wrote, was “to defy an oppressive and unjust law.” Moody believed that “freedom of choice is what makes us human and responsible.” His Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion, […]

Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow

Alternet Abortion is a Basic Human Right

  Amnesty International is in the midst of considering whether to include access to abortion in the list of rights that it supports. Many other organizations and individuals have long made the case that access to safe abortion services is a basic human right, one that saves thousands of women’s lives and protects the health […]

Carmen Angélina Valenzuela

Church & State Breaking the Opus Dei Code

  The Secretive Catholic Group’s Name Means ‘Work Of God,’ But In Washington, D.C., That Divine Task Has A Decidedly Political Bent From the outside, the non-descript bookstore at 15th and K Streets in the heart of Washington, D.C., looks like any other shop selling religious literature and goods. A small sign in the window […]

Rob Boston

Associated Press Quotes on Benedict XVI’s First Year

  Quotes on Pope Benedict XVI ‘s first year as pontiff: “There is no reason and no indication that Benedict will not as vehemently punish, silence and make difficulties for any theologian, politician or other person within the church that doesn’t tow the line in orthodox ways.” Catholics for a Free Choice, U.S.-based church reform group. […]

Nicole Winfield

PLANET OUT/ GAY.COM Catholics and Condoms

  At first glance, they look like many of the safe-sex ads that appear on bus shelters and billboards around San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood — two men, bare-chested, pose intimately with each other. But read the message under the image and you might be surprised: “We believe in God. We believe that sex is sacred. […]

Robert Ordona

BBC RADIO 4: RELIGION AND ETHICS Under the Rule of Benedict

  To listen to this program via Real Player, please click here. Please note: This script cannot exactly reflect the transmission, as it was prepared before the service was broadcast and may include editorial notes prepared by the producer. FX cheering crowds Link PTC It’s Ash Wednesday and thousands of people are standing on their seats […]

WOMEN'S HEALTH LAW WEEKLY Women’s Bioethics Project

  Women’s group forms advisory board of leaders in medicine, reproductive rights, bioethics The Women’s Bioethics Project (WBP) announced that it has established an East Coast Advisory Board, which has attracted respected leaders in the fields of bioethics, medicine and reproductive rights. The advisory board will provide guidance and strategic direction to the WBP as […]

BÖLL.THEMA — MAGAZINE OF THE HEINRICH BÖLL FOUNDATION Kämpfen gegen Religiösem Fundamentalismus in den USA: Ein Interview mit Frances Kissling

  Als Vorsitzende der US-amerikanischen Frauen-rechtsorganisation Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC) sind Sie international eine der Wortführerinnen im Kampf gegen religiösen Fundamentalismus. Wie sind Sie zu diesem Thema gekommen? Am Anfang stand eigentlich meine Tätigkeit als Leiterin einer Abtreibungsklinik. Ende der Siebzigerjahre hat Catholics for a Free Choice mich dann gefragt, ob ich Interesse hätte, im […]

Liane Schalatek

BÖLL.THEMA — MAGAZINE OF THE HEINRICH BÖLL FOUNDATION Fighting Religious Fundamentalism in the US: an Interview with Frances Kissling

  Frances, as President of the US-based Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC) you have been a leading voice internationally in the fight against religious fundamentalism. How did you get involved in this line of work? In 1970, when the law on abortion changed in the state of New York, I was an activist. I […]

Liane Schalatek

THE NEW STANDARD ‘Conscience Clauses’ Could Usher Healthcare Crisis

  As legal loopholes that allow healthcare providers to refuse to offer services they deem “morally objectionable” crop up around the nation, their breadth and severity grow, raising concerns of broadening impact. Amid a nationwide debate over giving medical professionals the “right” to refuse to provide care on moral grounds, Michigan lawmakers are considering a […]

Catherine Komp

Associated Press Morning-After Pill Draws Catholic Concerns

  Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice in Washington, D.C., said the idea of testing a rape victim to determine if she is ovulating before deciding whether to prescribe Plan B is “to the far right of any theological or medical arguments related to emergency contraception.” “A woman who has been raped […]

Susan Haigh

Austin American-Statesman Birth Control, Naturally

  Forget the rhythm method. Some Catholics – and non-Catholics – are turning to the specific methods of natural family planning to learn when pregnancy is likely Every morning when the alarm goes off, before getting out of bed, Andy Hebda hands a digital thermometer to his wife, Jill. Emerging from the fog of sleep, […]

Robin Ross The Battle to Ban Birth Control

  Using bogus health facts to scare women about the “dangers” of contraception, a fledgling movement fights for a culture in which sex = procreation. Ever since she was in her early teens, Mary Worthington has been vehemently opposed to contraception, which she regards as immoral and dangerous. To spread her anti-birth-control gospel, this month […]

Priya Jain

American Prospect Man Alive

  A liberal, poet Robert Frost once quipped, is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel. Nowhere is this truer than at The New York Times today on the subject of abortion. The past two years have seen one of the most contentious and closely watched presidential contests in 40 years, the […]

Garance Franke-Ruta Connecticut Contraceptive Clash

  A big fight’s brewing over Plan B in the state’s Roman Catholic hospitals. So here’s the latest round of troubling news in the battle to make the emergency contraceptive known as Plan B available for women who need it. (Broadsheet recently reported on the political debate surrounding the Food and Drug Administration’s review of […]

Sarah Elizabeth Richards

Associated Press Connecticut Bishops Pursuing Stricter Interpretation of Abortion

  “This is an extreme Catholic position that is not justifiable in the context of even the Catholic health ethical guidelines on the treatment of women who’ve been raped,” said Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice. This article courtesy of the Associated Press.

Susan Haigh

The Independent South Dakota Ban Opens Nationwide Fight over Abortion

  Campaigners are preparing to challenge a landmark decision in South Dakota to ban abortions in almost all circumstances – a move that will force the Supreme Court again to address one of the most divisive issues in the US. New legislation signed earlier this week by the state’s Governor, Mike Rounds, makes abortion illegal […]

Andrew Buncombe

Toronto Star On a Mission from God

  Hail Mary, full of grace … Pizza billionaire Tom Monaghan believes the Lord is with him as he lays the foundations for the town he calls Ave Maria – Hail Mary – on 2,000 hectares of land, 145 kilometres north of Miami. Built around the United States’ first new Catholic university in four decades and […]

Bill Taylor

Associated Press New Florida Town Looks to Ban Abortion, Porn and Contraceptives

  “This is country club Christianity,” said Frances Kissling, president of the liberal Washington, D.C.-based Catholics for a Free Choice, which opposes the church’s bans on abortion and birth control. She likened the town’s concept to Islamic fundamentalism and teaching intolerance. “This is un-American,” Kissling said. “I don’t think in a democratic society you can […]

Brian Skoloff

Hartford Courant Access to Contraceptive Urged

  The culture war over emergency contraceptives has heated up on several fronts in recent weeks, with battles fought in pharmacies, state legislatures, political campaigns and Congress. On Tuesday, advocates for sexual assault victims called on Connecticut lawmakers to require that all Connecticut hospitals – including the state’s four Roman Catholic hospitals – provide emergency contraception […]

William Hathaway

BAY AREA REPORTER Condom Ads Target Catholics

  While some people of faith debate theology or try to reconcile religion with sexuality, others have taken the initiative in a different direction altogether, insisting upon the idea that sex for pleasure is compatible with devout practice. The Washington D.C.-based Catholics for a Free Choice recently launched a series of giant ads and posters […]

Zak Szymanski

SYDNEY MORNING HERALD Lobbying Storm in Abortion Pill Debate

  POLITICIANS are being inundated with emails, letters and phone calls warning them of a voter backlash if they agree to an amendment that would end the effective ban on the so-called abortion pill, RU486. The Senate may begin debating as soon as tomorrow an amendment which seeks to overturn the Minister for Health’s approval […]

Stephanie Peatling

Albany Times Union Study: Hospital Care Fails Women

  Catholic facilities deny access to emergency contraception, health group’s survey finds Results of a national survey released Thursday say Catholic hospitals in New York routinely deny mandated access to emergency contraception to women, including victims of sexual assault. The concentrated dose of oral contraceptives or “morning after” pills protect against pregnancy up to 120 […]

Michelle Morgan Bolton Is Abortion Bad?: Selling Contraception to a Polling Demographic

  From: William Saletan To: Katha Pollitt Subject: Selling Contraception to a Polling Demographic Friday, Feb. 3, 2006, at 12:00 PM ET Dear Katha, My goodness! I’m a Puritan and a pollster. And what an ad campaign you’ve cooked up for me: “Go on, hate me, I deserve it!” says the young woman in your ad. Do […]

William Saletan

United Press International Catholic ERs Deny Emergency Contraception

  In states where hospitals must dispense emergency contraception, 35 percent of Catholic sites still do not, says a study. In the survey, conducted for Catholics for a Free Choice, female mystery callers contacted hospitals in California, New Mexico, New York, Washington and South Carolina and told them they had been victims of a sexual […] The Abortion Morality Questions

  On Jan. 22, Slate correspondent William Saletan wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times urging the pro-choice movement to “declare war on abortion” and acknowledge what he as a pro-choicer feels to be true: that “it is bad to kill a fetus.” Saletan wrote that he has known many women who decided that it was […] What the Hell Happened

  In 2004, a massive pro-choice rally shook Washington. Just two years later, feminists are reflecting on the failure to stop Alito and what a conservative Supreme Court will mean for women. On Jan. 9, Feminist Majority leader Eleanor Smeal sat in on the first day of testimony in the Samuel Alito confirmation hearings and […]

Rebecca Traister

AXCESS NEWS Abortion Rights at the Forefront on 33rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

  On the 33rd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe vs Wade decision, women’s abortion rights are once again at the forefront of public awareness activities across the nation. Dr. Lise Van Susteren, Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate from Maryland said in statement released this weekend, “that our Constitution protects our privacy as individuals […]

Freddie Mooch

SEATLLE POST-INTELLIGENCER Planned Parenthood Enlists Help of Clergy

  Unlikely as it sounds, not everyone working at Planned Parenthood’s clinics is a diehard supporter of abortion rights. Or more precisely, while they agree that women should be allowed to terminate pregnancies, they’d rather not be in the room — or even the building — while it is happening. Some staffers struggle to reconcile […]

Claudia Rowe

Associated Press Conservatives Step Up Activities Overseas

  “The collaboration of right-wing NGOs and the Bush administration far exceeds any collaboration between pro-choice family groups and the Clinton administration,” said Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice. “We never had that kind of hand-in-glove relationship.” She said the Bush administration, with limited power to impose conservative social policies at home, […]

David Crary

Women's E-News Colombians Push Abortion onto National Agenda

  A 29-year-old lawyer in Colombia has filed a landmark case with the country’s Constitutional Court that seeks to decriminalize abortion in the predominantly Catholic nation. Women’s rights activists are cheering her on. BOGOTA, Colombia (WOMENSENEWS)–On Dec.12, Janneth Lozano joined yet another protest to decriminalize abortion in Colombia. It was five days after the nation’s […]

Nicole Karsin

Reuters Vatican Says Active Gays Not Welcome in Priesthood

  VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Practicing homosexuals, men with “deep-seated” gay tendencies and those who support gay culture should not be allowed to enter the Roman Catholic priesthood, according to an eagerly awaited Vatican document. But it will allow men who have “clearly overcome” homosexual tendencies for at least three years to proceed toward the […]

Philip Pullella

NPR/ JUSTICE TALKING The Supreme Court Tackles Abortion: A Look at Mandatory Parental Involvement Laws

  The Supreme Court Tackles Abortion: A Look at Mandatory Parental Involvement Laws • Listen to Full Program • Listen to MP3 Version • Join the Debate On This Topic • Learn more about individual program segments below.         Purchase the CD of The Supreme Court Tackles Abortion: A Look at Mandatory Parental Involvement Laws Overview In […]

The New Yorker The Right to Choose: Why the Democrats are Moving toward Compromise

  As Democrats regrouped after last year’s elections, Senator Charles Schumer, of New York, the chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, took up the task of preventing further Republican gains in 2006. The Democrats’ cause had been reduced to forty-five votes in the Senate, the Party’s smallest share in more than sixty years; losing […]

Peter J. Boyer

TIME MAGAZINE Talking Points: China and the US

  What should George W. Bush and Hu Jintao focus on in the all-important U.S.-China relationship? TIME asks the experts Father Paul A priest in China’s underground, non-approved Catholic Church I hope President Bush will use his influence to encourage Hu to establish diplomatic relations with the Vatican. That would be a way to promote genuine human […]

Anthony Spaeth The Comeback

  Reproductive rights groups rebound and gear up to stop the Roberts nomination. This summer, the reproductive rights movement has resembled nothing so much as an underdog prizefighter come out of retirement: They’ve been up! They’ve been down! They seem to be getting up again! They certainly came out swinging, making noise, getting people to […]

Rebecca Traister

DEUTSCHE WELLE Church Critics Ready to Rumble

  Catholic reformists bemoan the lack of discussion of controversial issues at WYD. At the youth gathering they have been going on the offensive from day one. The pilgrims arriving in Cologne on Monday morning were certainly left in no doubt. World Youth Day (WYD) information points at the railway station and throughout the city […]

Ranty Islam

ABC NEWS ‘Catholic Woodstock’ Activists Want Pope to Allow Condom Use

  Will Youth Coalition’s Protest Change the Church’s Stance on Sex? Several delegates to the 20th annual Catholic World Youth Day, a six-day gathering in Cologne, Germany, of thousands of young Catholics, are raising eyebrows with their vocal lobbying for the Vatican to drop its ban on condom use. Church experts say there’s little chance […]

Charlotte Sector

New York Times TV Ad Attacking Court Nominee Provokes Furor

  An advertisement that a leading abortion-rights organization began running on national television on Wednesday, opposing the Supreme Court nomination of John G. Roberts Jr. as one ”whose ideology leads him to excuse violence against other Americans,” quickly became the first flashpoint in the three-week-old confirmation process. Several prominent abortion rights supporters as well as […]

Linda Greenhouse

Los Angeles Times Faithful Furious Over Tactic

In 1994, then-Archbishop of Portland William Levada offered a simple answer for why the archdiocese shouldn’t have been ordered to pay the costs of raising a child fathered by a church worker at a Portland, Ore., parish. In her relationship with Arturo Uribe, then a seminarian and now a Whittier priest, the child’s mother had […]

William Lobdell

KNIGHT RIDDER Abortion Looms as Key Issue in Robert Confirmation Battle

  WASHINGTON – Abortion quickly emerged as the pivotal issue of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts’ confirmation battle as lawmakers and advocates on both sides of the aisle tried to read between the lines Thursday to determine whether he would work to overturn Roe v. Wade. Roberts’ sparse written record on abortion and his carefully […]

Shannon McCaffrey

NPR/ OPEN SOURCE Beyond Roe and Wade

  Listen Here. Is it possible to re-cast the debate on abortion? Are we stuck with the same arguments, framed thirty years ago and repeated at regular intervals since? John Roberts’s Supreme Court nomination is already reviving America’s favorite and most divisive political debate. In this country, abortion defines candidates and wins or loses elections, […]

Christopher Lydon

Boston Globe ‘Mother’ of All Justices

IF I HEAR one more person refer to Sandra Day O’Connor as the swing vote on the Supreme Court, I’ll ban him forever from my playground. I have a different metaphor for the first woman on the Supreme Court or, as she described herself archly, the FWOTSC. She’s the Justice of the Peace, occupying a […]

New York Times Even Former Skeptics are Warming up to Pope as Ex-Watchdog Turns Gentle

  The very name Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger — was once enough to provoke strong reactions among Roman Catholics: confidence among the more orthodox that the church stood for something firm, and fear among liberals of a harsh, closed-off faith. But in the two months since Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI, he has not evoked […]

Ian Fisher

TOMPAINE.COM Common Sense: Pope Watch

  Considering all the “fan” mail I got (and continue to get) for blogging about what I’d like to see during Pope Benedict XVI’s first 100 days (see the original post here), a link to a new website created by Catholics For A Free Choice is sure to get me more angry letters from people telling me to just leave […]

Laura Donnelly

NPR/ KOJO NNAMDI SHOW Pro-Choice Movement at a Crossroads

  Listen Here. A battle is brewing in the pro-choice community. Some argue undue loyalty to Roe v. Wade is preventing more effective strategies from working in the fight to ensure abortion rights. Confronting Roe‘s shortcomings — it’s an internal discussion many in the pro-choice community would prefer to avoid. Guests Jodi Enda, Journalist; Newsroom manager/editor, Washington Journalism […]

Kojo Nnamdi

Chicago Tribune Women Expect Little Change on Core Issues

  The election of the fiercely dogmatic Pope Benedict XVI dashed the dreams of many moderate American Catholics for a softening of the Vatican’s staunch opposition to female ordination and artificial contraception, two of the most challenging and divisive issues involving women and the church.At the same time, however, some Catholics hold out the possibility […]

Lisa Anderson

Reuters Liberal US Catholics Dismayed at Choice of Pope

  BOSTON (Reuters) – Liberal U.S. Catholics on Tuesday expressed dismay at the choice of a conservative new pope and doubted he will heal an institution racked by disillusionment and tarnished by a sex abuse scandal among the clergy. The election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI rankled those who advocate married priests, […]

Greg Frost

Ms. Magazine Backtalk: Why Choice Matters

  OVER THE LAST 20 YEARS, I HAVE ORGANIZED AND participated in rallies in support of women’s reproductive rights. As a Catholic woman, I have tried to explain my strong support of reproductive freedom by telling the stories of women I know and love. With the new Republican anti-choice majority, abortion-rights supporters must prepare for […]

Donna Brazile

Washington Post Dispensing Morality

  BOSTON — To begin with, I don’t believe that anyone should be compelled to do work he or she regards as unethical. History is full of heroes who rebelliously followed their consciences. It’s also full of people who shamefully followed orders. For that matter, I believe that companies and institutions should have a code […]

Ellen Goodman

NBC NEWS Pope Beloved, but Criticized, by Many

  His was a papacy of triumph and bitter disappointment. Pope John Paul II was embraced by multitudes, like college sophomore Henry Shea. “In many ways, I think he re-invigorated the church,” says Shea. But he also alienated others: Life-long Catholic Serra Sippel was so angered by his teachings, she quit going to Mass. “I […]

Bab Faw

Reuters Crowds Salute Pope

  VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – A swelling tide of faithful have flowed past Pope John Paul’s body in an outpouring of affection to repay the Polish Pontiff who reached out to millions during his many travels. Hundreds of thousands lined up for hours to pay homage to the third-longest reigning pope, whose crimson-robed body lay […]

Philip Pullella and Estelle Shirbon

UPI Analysis: Contraceptive Rx Ordered Filled

  Chicago, IL — Reproductive-rights groups praised Gov. Rod Blagojevich for issuing an emergency order barring Illinois druggists from refusing to dispense birth control to women seeking contraceptives, but his decision is not without controversy. Blagojevich, a leader in national efforts to get the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to approve prescription-drug imports from Canada […]

Al Swanson

Reuters Women Critics Say Pope Left Them Out

  NEW YORK (Reuters) – Pope John Paul II won a reputation as a crusader for human rights during his long papacy, butreform-minded Catholic women think he left out half of humanity along the way. The Polish pontiff was a staunch defender of traditional Church policies on women, refusing to consider ordaining thempriests or approving […]

Martha Graybow Morality Play

  By acknowledging painful emotional truths about abortion, pro-choice activists have reenergized their movement. But is all the talk about fetuses overshadowing women’s rights? Abortion-rights supporter Elizabeth Weisbrot (left) at a Jan. 22 rally in San Francisco. An antiabortion protester in front of the U.S. Supreme Court Jan. 24. When Hillary Clinton addressed the Family […]

Rebecca Traister Looking Abortion in the Face

  My second-trimester baby had a genetic abnormality, and I decided to terminate my pregnancy. I know exactly what I did, I wept for the fetus I killed — and I have no regrets. The pro-choice and anti-choice world is abuzz with debate and discussion about Frances Kissling’s 7,500-word essay titled “Is There Life After […]

Ayelet Waldman

GANNETT NEWS SERVICE Abortion Overshadowed by Security, Other Issues

  WASHINGTON — President Bush doesn’t talk about it on the campaign trail. Democrat John Kerry discusses it only before small gatherings of supporters. The presidential candidates are giving the traditionally hot-button issue of abortion the silent treatment. Both candidates are quiet because they don’t want to alienate swing voters, pollsters say. “We don’t bring […]

Pamela Brogan

BRIAN LEHRER SHOW Prochoice, Pro-Fetus

  Frances Kissling, President of Catholics for Free Choice, recently urged her group’s members to place more value on the lives of unborn children. Some abortion rights advocates think she’s sold out, but Kissling says it’s time to reevaluate what the movement is all about. The Cardinal of Choice Frances Kissling, president and chief executive […]

Brian Lehrer, Host

Source Life Begins at Conversation

  Those of us who support reproductive rights like to say that polls show most Americans are on our side. The truth is that they are on our side, but. I’ve been an opinion columnist for 15 years, and the public debate that has advanced least during that time is the one about abortion. (For […]

Anna Quindlen

NPR/ MORNING EDITION Last Week’s Elections Spur Groups on Both Sides of the Abortion Debate to Step up Advocacy Efforts

  RENEE MONTAGNE, host: Among the winners in last week’s election were those opposed to abortion rights. President Bush, an abortion-rights opponent, was re-elected over abortion-rights backer John Kerry, and the new Congress will include more members in both the House and Senate who want to make abortion illegal. But the biggest benefit for anti-abortion […]

Julie Rovner

NEWSWEEK The New Crusade

  Fighting for God in a secular Europe, conservative Christians, the Vatican and Islamic militants find a common cause. Once upon a time, when the European Union was a simple common market, matters of faith were left to individual consciences and confessionals. But in 1992 the president of the European Commission, Jacques Delors, called for […]

Carla Power

Independent Liberals Fear Supreme Court May Shift to the Right

  With the Republicans having secured another four years in the White House and expanded their power base in Congress, liberals believe the US Supreme Court could be the next in line for a shift to the right. They said yesterday that the move could threaten such landmark decisions such as Roe v Wade, which […]

Andrew Buncombe

Denver Post Group Challenges Archdiocese’s Tax Exempt Status

  A Catholic group that supports abortion rights called Monday for the Internal Revenue Service to revoke the tax-exempt status of the Denver archdiocese, charging that Archbishop Charles Chaput broke laws about partisan politicking. Washington, D.C.-based Catholics for a Free Choice argues Chaput’s repeated statements about the importance of voting in sync with church teachings […]

Eric Gorski

Associated Press Abortion Rights Group Accuses Archdiocese with Violating Tax-Exempt Status

  A Catholic abortion rights group is asking the Internal Revenue Service to revoke the tax-exempt status of the Archdiocese of St. Louis and halt any further attempts by the archdiocese to influence the Nov. 2 election. The Washington-based Catholics for a Free Choice filed a complaint with the IRS on Tuesday, saying the archdiocese […]

Cheryl Wittenauer

FEMINIST DAILY NEWSWIRE Catholic Bishops Urge Voters to Support Anti-Abortion Candidates in November

  Several high-ranking leaders in the Catholic Church have recently said that the obligation to vote for a candidate who opposes abortion rights is a priority over all other issues in the upcoming presidential election. Some, including Archbishop Charles Chaput of Colorado, have declared that voting for a pro-choice politician is a sin, and must […]

BERGEN COUNTY RECORD Bishop Points toward Bush

  Newark Archbishop John J. Myers is strongly suggesting that Catholics should vote for President Bush in the Nov. 2 presidential election. Myers doesn’t name names, but he declares in today’s edition of The Catholic Advocate that abortion is more important than any other political issue, including the war in Iraq. “Certainly policies on welfare, […]

John Chadwick

Boston Globe Mixing Medicine and Faith


Ellen Goodman

New York Times Federal Health Plans to Include One Shaped by Catholic Tenets

  The Bush administration has broken new ground in its ”faith-based” initiative, this time by offering federal employees a Catholic health plan that specifically excludes payment for contraceptives, abortion, sterilization and artificial insemination. The new plan, announced last week, combines two White House priorities. It is part of a $1 billion project seeking to involve […]

Milt Freudenheim

Associated Press Doctors Object on Moral Grounds

  “That the U.S. Congress would be so callous as to add this kind of provision – that affects only poor women in the most extreme circumstances – is outrageous,” said Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice. Kissling said she was heartened by developments in some states – such as a California […]

David Crary

New York Times Archdiocese Leaves Kerry and President off Guest List

  For more than 50 years, the road to the White House has almost always included a white-tie rest stop at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, a charity roast at the Waldorf-Astoria named for the nation’s first Roman Catholic to be a major party’s presidential nominee. Since the dinners were first given in […]

Michael Cooper and Daniel J. Wakin

Associated Press Anti-Abortion Activists Broaden Efforts

  “That the U.S. Congress would be so callous as to add this kind of provision – that affects only poor women in the most extreme circumstances – is outrageous,” said Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice. Kissling said she was heartened by developments in some states – such as a California […]

David Crary

Women's E-News Women Across Globe See Impact of Cairo Pact

  The Cairo Consensus is now 10 years old and its ambitious deadline for improving women’s global health is 10 years away. At this midway point, health care professionals gathered in London to celebrate their successes and reckon with their obstacles. (WOMENSENEWS)–Hundreds of health care advocates from around the world gathered in London last week […]

Allison Stevens

Source Ten Years’ Hard Labor

  More money and less ideology could improve the reproductive health of millions A DECADE ago, the world’s leaders met in Cairo at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). There, they crafted a plan to achieve “reproductive health and rights for all” by 2015. That plan was wide-ranging from more contraception and fewer […]

Reuters Vatican Document Angers, Amuses Women

  Women have reacted with anger and amusement to a Vatican ddocument on feminism, with some saying the Catholic Church is run by men who live in a time warp and want to keep women in their place. The document, issued Saturday, said modern feminism’s fight for power and gender equality was undermining the traditional […]

Philip Pullella

Washington Post Vatican Letter Denounces ‘Lethal Effects’ of Feminism

  The Vatican issued a letter Saturday attacking the “distortions” and “lethal effects” of feminism, which it defined as an effort to erase differences between men and women — a goal, the statement said, that undermines the “natural two-parent structure” of the family and makes “homosexuality and heterosexuality virtually equivalent.” The sharp critique was contained […]

Daniel Williams and Alan Cooperman

DELAWARE NEWS JOURNAL Abortion, Communion Dividing Catholics; Pro-Choice Politicians Felling Church’s Backlash

  At St. Joseph’s on the Brandywine, the Rev. Msgr. Joseph F. Rebman is hearing many views from Catholics who sense a new direction in the church. In conversations with some of the Greenville church’s 2,600 parishioners, Rebman said they have taken note that recently some bishops have announced they will deny the Holy Eucharist […]

Gary Soulsman

Associated Press Archbishop Defends Statement on Communion, Abortion Rights Supporters

  Frances Kissling, the Catholics for Free Choice president, laughed when informed of Myers’ assertion. “It’s inconceivable that the bishop would think that this would bring Catholics back to the church,” said Kissling. “They were driven out in the 60’s by the decision to forbid birth control, and they’re not likely to come back because […]

Steve Strunsky

GUARDIAN Catholics Politicians Face US Church Ban over Abortion Laws

  America’s Catholic church yesterday faced the prospect of a backlash from its congregations against a campaign by hardline bishops to deny the sacrament to politicians who support abortion rights. In a letter to Washington’s Cardinal Theodore McCarrick published yesterday, 48 Catholic Democrats in the House of Representatives, chastised church leaders for seeking to punish […]

Suzanne Goldenberg

Religion News Service Most Dioceses Lack Formal Sanctions for Prochoice Politicians

  A survey by an abortion rights group shows that nearly two-thirds of Catholic dioceses have no formal policy about restricting Communion for pro-choice politicians. Research by Catholics for a Free Choice showed that 62 percent of dioceses have an informal policy on how to treat politicians who dissent from the church’s opposition to abortion, […]

New York Times Democrats Criticize Bishops for Threat to Deny Communion

  Forty-eight Roman Catholic members of Congress who are Democrats have signed a letter to the cardinal archbishop of Washington, D.C., saying the threats by some bishops to deny communion to politicians who support abortion rights were ”deeply hurtful,” counterproductive and ”miring the Church in partisan politics.” The letter is the first organized counter-punch by […]

Laurie Goodstein

Washington Times More Bishops Inject Faith into Catholic Political Life

  Two more Catholic bishops have waded into election-year politics by telling members of their dioceses they should stop taking Communion if they are at odds with church teachings and if they vote for politicians who advocate policies contrary to church teachings. Portland, Ore., Archbishop John G. Vlazny declared in a May 6 column in […]

Julia Duin

People's Daily Rally in Washington for Abortion Rights

  Abortion-rights supporters marched in the hundreds of thousands Sunday, galvanized by what they see as an erosion of reproductive freedoms under U.S. President Bush and foreign policies that hurt women worldwide. Amid the clamor of an election year, the throng of demonstrators flooded the National Mall. Their target: Bush, like-minded officials in federal and […]

Inter Press Service Women in Massive Protest Demand Reproductive Rights

  Women from Albania to Zambia joined hundreds of thousands of men and women from the United States on Sunday to charge that the Bush administration’s assault on women’s reproductive health rights is costing lives worldwide. U.S. policies are, in particular, raising maternal mortality rates, due to botched abortions and shortfalls in funding for family-planning […]

Jim Lobe

GUARDIAN Thousands March for Abortion Rights

  Abortion-rights supporters marched in the hundreds of thousands Sunday, galvanized by what they see as an erosion of reproductive freedoms under President Bush and foreign policies that hurt women worldwide. Amid the clamor of an election year, the throng of demonstrators flooded the National Mall. Their target: Bush, like-minded officials in federal and state […]

Elizabeth Wolfe

Chicago Tribune Abortion-Rights March Targets Bush

  WASHINGTON — Abortion-rights activists turned out by the hundreds of thousands Sunday, packing the National Mall with a sea of pink signs and a warning to the White House that they will go to the polls in November. The ACLU and Planned Parenthood, along with about 1,400 other organizations, organized the March for Women’s […]

Kristina Herndobler

Los Angeles Times Abortion Issue Pushes Kerry’s Faith to Fore

  A cardinal’s stance against Communion for Catholic officials who back abortion rights sets off a political and religious furor. Sen. John F. Kerry saw his Catholic faith pushed to the center of the nation’s political stage Friday as he expressed unabashed support for abortion rights, even as a top Vatican official issued a statement […]

James Rainy and Maria L. LaGanga

CNN Vatican Cardinal Fuels Religious Dispute

  VATICAN CITY (CNN) — Just hours before Sen. John Kerry was scheduled to discuss his support for legalized abortion at a large women’s rights rally Friday in Washington, a top Vatican cardinal called on priests to deny communion to Catholic politicians like Kerry who take that stance. In a news conference to announce the […]

Chicago Tribune For Some Clergy, Legal Abortion is a Basic Right

  Sister Donna Quinn, a Palos Hills resident, attended the last two and is flying to this one with four other nuns. Rev. Nan Conser, a retired United Church of Christ minister in Golf, never went before but is going with a group of 10 clergy and lay people. Rev. Larry Greenfield, an American Baptist […]

Gail Schmoller Philbin

Roll Call Church Scrutiny More Prevalent for Members

  In the wake of Sen. John Kerry’s (D-Mass.) standoff with some church officials over abortion, some Catholic activists are warning that other Roman Catholic lawmakers at odds with the church’s anti-abortion stance should be prepared to face considerable scrutiny and even the potential of sanctions from church officials this election year. “The pressure has […]

Amy Keller

Religion News Service Religious Voices to Join Chorus Calling to Keep Abortion Legal

  WASHINGTON — As hundreds of thousands of abortion rights supporters make plans to head to this city for the March for Women’s Lives, contingents of religious and faith-based organizations are selling their T-shirts and preparing their banners for the Sunday (April 25) event. The Rev. Carlton Veazey, president of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive […]

Adelle M. Banks

Boston Globe Putting Kerry on ‘Wafer Watch’

  A wafer watch? One of the more unseemly stories of the Easter weekend hovered around the controversy over Kerry and Catholicism. The intra-church debates about whether a prochoice, pro-civil union Kerry could consider himself a good Catholic ratcheted up into a public spectacle about whether he would step up to the altar and whether […]

Ellen Goodman

WE! Catholics Say Church Should Revise Age-Old Provisions

  People from three Catholic-dominated countries believe the Church should start revising its age-old provisions to enable Catholics to adopt a healthier, flexible and plausible lifestyle. This was the major conclusion gathered from the study of three Catholic-dominated countries, namely Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico. Entitled “Attitudes of Catholics on Reproductive Rights, Church-State, and Related Issues: […]

Associated Press Group Says Many Catholics Oppose Vatican on Sexual Behavior Issues

  NEW YORK — Catholics for a Free Choice last week released a new report that shows global Catholic public opinion varies on issues including sexual behavior and condom use to prevent HIV/AIDS from the Vatican, according to a news release from the organization. The United Nations is hosting the Commission on Population & Development […]

PALM BEACH BUSINESS REVIEW Worker Contraception Coverage Upheld in California

  Even if they say that doing so violates the basic tenets of their religion, employers must provide coverage for contraception as part of employee health care plans, the California Supreme Court has ruled. The court said employers, even church-affiliated employers, must qualify as a “religious employer” in order to be exempt from a state […]

Marcia Coyle

RELIGIOUS CONSULTATION Vatican Wants Special Exemption from EU Policy

  “If the Vatican succeeds in its goal to gain special consultative status within the EU a great number of people could face discrimination and be denied their human rights,” declared Elfriede Harth, on behalf of Catholics for a Free Choice-Europe. The Vatican wants a special exemption from EU policy so that the Catholic church […]

WASHINGTON BLADE Condoms4Life Campaign Targets Gay Catholics

  WASHINGTON — Gay Catholics are the target audience of a new global public education effort by Catholics For a Free Choice, the group said in a press release this week. The program attempts to counter what the organization calls “Vatican misinformation on condoms,” and also seeks to end the Catholic bishops’ ban on condoms, […]

Agence France Presse Bush on the Spot Again over UN Population Fund China Claims

  President George W. Bush Friday faced new pressure to reverse a US decision to pull 34 million dollars in financing from the UN Population Fund over claims its programs support forced abortion in China. The fund welcomed the US Senate’s action in passing a 2004 foreign Operations spending bill late Thursday, which included 34 […]

Chicago Tribune DC Handing out Free Condoms; City Tried to Lower Soaring AIDS Rate

  Michel Daley stole the dance floor at his bar last month for an announcement. “I’m in the business of boy-meets-girl,” he said. “I know unprotected sex happens. I also know it can literally kill you.” Daley then urged those in the crowd to take advantage of the free condoms being distributed by the District […]

Shannon McMahon

NEWSWEEK Vatican: Condom Crusade

  Using slogans such as “Abstinence has a high failure rate,” Catholics for a Free Choice, a dissident lay group, began a pro-condom ad campaign last week in defiance of Vatican policy. The $300,000 Advertising effort, which kicked off with spots on the Washington, D.C., Metro on World AIDS Day, will expand next year to […]

Jason McLure

Women's E-News In the Age of AIDS, Condom Wars Take Deadly Toll

  The Vatican’s anti-contraception campaign–which has an ally in the White House–has just been blocked by a New York court. In places such as Kenya–where HIV is rampant and the Catholic Church has sponsored condom burnings–the effect is ruinous. The Bush administration and the Vatican have declared war on contraception and women are among the […]

Caryl Rivers

Irish Times Vatican Defends Its Opposition to Condom Use

  Church response: To mark World AIDS Day yesterday the Vatican issued a strong defence of its opposition to the use of condoms, saying fidelity, chastity and abstinence were the best ways to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in a “pan-sexualist society”. Meanwhile the international group Catholics For a Free Choice (CFFC) has begun what […]

Patsy McGarry

DE MORGEN Wereld Aids Dag

  Goede katholieken gebruiken een condoom. De Amerikaanse organisatie Catholics for a Free Choice heeft in de metro van Washington DC een spaakmakende postercampagne gelanceerd. De wereldwijde campagne pleit voor het gebruik van condooms en hekelt de struisvogelpolitiek van het Vaticaan. De organisatie bracht naar aanleiding van Wereld Aids Dag ook een boekje uit: ‘Seks […]

Independent Battle against HIV Must Be Waged on Medical and Political Fronts

  It would be hard enough if HIV – human immunodeficiency virus – was all that people were fighting against. For as Lisa Price, policy manager for the Terence Higgins Trust, the best-known British AIDS charity, says, it is hard to resist thinking of it as an intelligent and calculating enemy: “This is one of […]

Charles Arthur

HEALTHLEADERS Mission and Margin

  Catholic providers find themselves caught in an ongoing struggle-providing treatment for the poor and uninsured while still surviving the everyday operational pressures facing all hospitals. Can this powerful force in the nonprofit sector continue on its spiritual path while meeting the financial challenges of the marketplace? For commercial fishermen in Massachusetts, finding affordable health […]

Bonar Menninger

NATIONAL POST UN Launches AIDS Strategy for World’s Poor

  NAIROBI – The United Nations unveiled plans today to rush life-saving anti-retroviral AIDS drugs to three million of the world’s poor in a $5.5-billion emergency strategy to fight a disease killing 8,000 a day. “The lives of millions of people are at stake. This strategy demands massive and unconventional efforts to make sure they […]

William Maclean

Independent Plague on the Poor: How AIDS Divides the World

  IF HIV were just a bug that people were fighting against, it would be hard enough. But it is difficult not to think of the human immunodeficiency virus as an intelligent and calculating enemy: “This is one of the smartest viruses that people have ever seen,” says Lisa Price, the policy manager for the […]

Charles Arthur

IRISH INDEPENDENT 8,000 a Day Die from Scourge of AIDS

  THE United Nations has unveiled plans to rush life-saving anti-retroviralAIDS drugs to three million of the world’s poor in a Euro 5bn emergency strategy to fight a disease now killing 8,000 a day. “The lives of millions of people are at stake. This strategy demands massive and unconventional efforts to make sure they stay […]

Charles Arthur

Associated Press Vatican Calls Chastity Best Way to Fight AIDS

  Catholics for a Free Choice, a Catholic group that supports abortion rights, said it was launching an educational campaign Monday to correct the Vatican “misinformation” about the effectiveness of condoms. This article courtesy of the Associated Press.

United Press International Condom Ads Targeted at Catholics

  “Good Catholics Use Condoms” is the message of a new global public education effort beginning Dec. 1, on World AIDS Day. The campaign, a new phase in the Condoms4Life campaign, kicks off in Washington with provocative ads appearing in dioramas in the most highly used Metro stations in the U.S. capital. The campaign moves […]

Alex Cukan

Associated Press Nations Prepare for World AIDS Day

  Catholics for a Free Choice, a Catholic group that supports abortion rights, said it was launching an educational campaign today to correct the Vatican “misinformation” about the effectiveness of condoms. This article courtesy of the Associated Press.

Nicole Winfield

Press Association Catholic Group Challenges Vatican’s ‘Condoms Can Spread AIDS’ Claim

  A Catholic pressure group today launched a campaign in a bid to shatter Vatican claims that condoms do not prevent Aids. The Catholic Church stunned scientists and angered the World Health Organisation (WHO) in October by claiming that condoms had tiny holes in them which allowed the virus to pass through. The WHO called […]

Mark Sage

GAMBIT WEEKLY Conceiving Differences

  The controversy around emergency contraception is one part just plain confusion and one part Catholic Church law, which says that life begins at the moment that the sperm fertilizes the ova. The email received by Gambit Weekly had originated with Courtenay Mendell at the Blanco for Governor campaign, who had sent a message five days before […]

Katy Reckdahl

Los Angeles Times Church May Penalize Politicians

  Bishops are exploring requiring officeholders who are Catholic to back official doctrine. The three Catholics in the Democratic presidential primary quickly fired off statements supporting the Massachusetts high court ruling last week that same-sex couples have the right to marry. Sen. John F. Kerry of Massachusetts, Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio and retired […]

William Lobdell and Teresa Wantanabe

New York Times Don’t Tell the Pope

  Pope John Paul II would be scandalized if he came to the Roman Catholic hospital here in the poor southwestern part of El Salvador. Thank God! The Vatican is increasingly out of touch and exerts a reactionary — even, in this world of AIDS, deadly — influence on health policy in the developing world. […]

Nicholas D. Kristof

Religion News Service Cardinal Targeted for AIDS Statement

  As US Catholic bishops prepare to reinforce church prohibitions against birth control, some Catholic groups are asking church leaders to denounce statements by a Vatican official that condoms are ineffective in preventing sexual transmission of the AIDS virus. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops voted last week to issue a new statement against contraceptives. […]

GAY.COM Catholic Leader Condemns US Ruling

  A top Catholic theologian criticised the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage yesterday, saying it sanctioned a “moral disorder against God’s creative plan.” Gino Concetti, a theologian who writes for the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, has advised the pope on issues of human sexuality. Reuters describes his views as reflecting those of […]

Christopher Curtis

Agence France Presse Bush Must Ignore ‘Right’ on China Population Millions: Interfaith Group

  President George W. Bush must turn a deaf ear to supporters in the conservative Christian movement and stump up millions of dollars to support UN population programs in China, a multi-faith religious report said Wednesday. Bush’s decision last year to strip 34 million dollars in US funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) […]

AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTING COMPANY The Religion Report: Sex and the Holy City

  In the wake of a Vatican official’s recent claim that condoms do not protect against HIV transmission, we talk with Frances Kissling – President of Catholics for a Free Choice – and Sydney auxiliary bishop Anthony Fisher, about the implications of Vatican policy for health care in developing Catholic nations. Program Transcript Stephen Crittenden: Welcome […]

Stephen Crittenden, Host

THE INDEPENDENT (BANGLADESH) Vatican for Power Expansion in the EU

  A report released very recently in Washington DC by Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC) reveals the goals and methods of a well-funded and orchestrated campaign by the Vatican and Conservative Catholic allies to undermine the European Union’s support of sexual and reproductive health and rights. Members of the European parliament have come out […]

Dr. Maswoodur Rahman Prince

FORWARD Bush Policy Said to Fuel Coercion of Abortion

  U.S. Line Seen Propping China’s Population Curbs WASHINGTON — A coalition of pro-choice religious groups is accusing the White House of inadvertently helping to prop up Beijing’s coercive population-control policies. The coalition, composed of representatives from Jewish, Muslim and Christian groups, is urging Congress to restore funding to the United Nations Population Fund that […]

Ori Nir

Detroit News How Pope John Paul II Changed the World

  Commentators explore the influence of the first non-Italian pope in 455 years as he becomes the fourth-longest serving Roman Catholic Church leader The following are excerpts from commentary submissions to The Detroit News, web sites and wire services on the 25th anniversary of John Paul II’s papacy: Samuel Gregg, director of the Center for Economic […]

Canadian Press The Pope Must Give Direction and Isn’t out to Win Popularity: Canadian Bishop

  MONTREAL — Ask Canadian Catholics for their views on the social doctrines that marked Pope John Paul’s papacy and the responses are as varied as the subjects themselves. Whether it be the church’s position on same-sex marriage, euthanasia, divorce or sexual abuse by clergy, few simply shrug their shoulders in indifference. While liberals hoping for […]

American Prospect Bullies in the Pulpit

  Will a political Catholic Church help or hinder the GOP? In late January 2001, the new administration had barely unpacked when George W. and Laura Bush paid a friendly visit to Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the recently inaugurated leader of the Washington Archdiocese. On the heels of that supper, Karl Rove, together with Deal Hudson, […]

Sarah Wildman

KYODO NEWS SERVICE US Religious Leaders Probe Claims of Coerced Abortions in China

  U.S. religious leaders are touring China this week to investigate allegations that the U.N. Population Fund is supporting government-sponsored coercion in its family planning work. Because conservative American legislators oppose U.S. funding for the population fund, or UNFPA, nine religious leaders who lean in the U.N. agency’s favor came to China on Saturday and […]

Ralph Jennings

COPLEY NEWS SERVICE ‘Magdalene Sisters’ Awash in Controversy

  The Catholic Church needs another controversy like hell needs a heat wave – but that’s what it’s getting, courtesy of a film about the cruelty of nuns who ran laundry factories in Ireland. When it opened, “The Magdalene Sisters” brought to the theater screen a brutal, heart-wrenching depiction of an environment that was a […]

Sandi Dolbee

USA TODAY Shocking ‘Magdalene Sisters’ is Praised, Condemned

  A powerful movie about church-run laundries is putting the Catholic Church through the wringer. The Magdalene Sisters, Scottish director Peter Mullan’s exposé of laundries where about 30,000 “wayward” young Irish women were systematically abused, has won awards, condemnation and even an apology. “This is a film that points the finger at people within the […]

Andy Seiler

OTTAWA CITIZEN Nuns Who Were ‘Worse than the Taliban’

  The Magdalene Sisters, a new film that has angered the Vatican, is based partly on a book by a University of Guelph professor. The controversial film by Scottish actor-director Peter Mullan won the top awards at film festivals in Toronto and Venice, and depicts nuns’ abuse of three Irish girls whose families sent them […]

Bob Harvey

Washington Times Vatican Paper Condemns Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

  The Vatican came out swinging against homosexual “marriage” yesterday, calling it “a legalization of evil” and saying Catholic politicians have a “moral duty” to oppose it. The six-page document, “Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons” was written by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine […]

Julia Duin

American Prospect Abort Mission

  Can religion bolster support for abortion rights? During the last decade, efforts to chip away at abortion rights have often met with substantial success, and at least some pro-choice stalwarts have worried that their movement is losing steam. Of the many factors contributing to this situation, one often goes unnoticed by secular progressives: Abortion-rights […]

Miriam Markowitz

National Catholic Reporter Clash and Compromise: Ethics at Issue When Public Hospital is put in Catholic Hands

  When a Catholic health care network took over a community hospital here in 1995, the resulting clash over whether the hospital could continue providing sterilization and contraceptive services to its poor patients led to intense negotiations between the Catholic system, the city and the community. The unusual solution: the creation of a “hospital-within-a-hospital,” run […]

Suzanne Batchelor

National Catholic Reporter Group Pushes for Reproductive Services in Catholic Hospitals

  One of the most consistent critics of Catholic health care nationwide is the organization Catholics for a Free Choice. It describes itself as “an independent not-for-profit organization engaged in research, policy analysis, education and advocacy on issues of gender equality and reproductive health.” Its adversaries, such as the National Review Online’s Joel Mowbray, writing […]

Arthur Jones Maneuvering Womb

  On Tuesday, the Feminist Majority, Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women, and NARAL Pro-Choice America announced an abortion rights march on Washington. I’ve been interested in this issue for a long time (my book on it is coming out soon) because its political fate is so thoroughly driven by the way each side […]

William Saletan

PÚBLICO Católicos Fazem Campanha para Rever Estatuto do Vaticano na ONU

  Vários grupos católicos estão a promover uma campanha para que o Vaticano deixe de ter estatuto de Estado não-membro junto das Nações Unidas e passe a organização não-governamental (ONG). A iniciativa, já promovida nos Estados Unidos, foi agora lançada em França e tem um sítio disponível na Internet, onde se pode assinar a petição […]

Antonio Marujo

Washington Post McCarrick Issues Call to Arms on AIDS

  Washington area Roman Catholics were urged yesterday by their spiritual leader to develop a “culture of solidarity” with HIV/AIDS patients and to address the “crisis of values” that facilitates the spread of the disease. In a pastoral letter, Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, the archbishop of the Washington Archdiocese, also said that Catholics should “affirm […]

Caryle Murphy

L’express La Voix Contestee du Vatican

  Des associations reprochent au Saint-Siège ses positions et veulent remettre en question son statut d’Etat non membre observateur permanent aux Nations unies Créé en 1929, c’est le plus petit «pays» du monde – 0,44 kilomètre carré – mais pas le plus démocratique, d’autant qu’il est peuplé d’une poignée de citoyens temporaires presque tous masculins. […]

Marion Festraets

NERVY GIRL Mixing Medicine with Religion

  “Women of all faiths deserve better,” says Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC), a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group dedicated to issues of gender equality and reproductive health. The results of a study commissioned by the CFFC showed that an alarming number of hospitals owned by the Catholic Church are denying […]

Gina Daggett

CRAIN'S HEALTH PULSE Catholic Hospitals Take on Heavy Load

  A new study shows that the Catholic Church is the largest private provider of health care in New York state and handles a disproportionate number of Medicaid patients. The report, released by Catholics for a Free Choice, found that 41 of the state’s 269 hospitals are Catholic institutions, serving 7.9 million people annually. Catholic […]

ONEWORLD (THE NETHERLANDS) Katholiken willen kindermisbruik in de Kerk op agenda VN-top

  Afgevaardigden van het Vaticaan nemen volgende maand deel aan een belangrijke Kinderrechtenconferentie van de Verenigde Naties van 8 tot 10 mei in New York. Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC), een organisatie van progressieve Amerikaanse katholieken, eist dat het kindermisbruik in de Kerk op de agenda van de VN-top komt. ‘De Heilige Stoel moet […]

The Tablet A Hard Line on Family Ethics

  The Pontifical Council for the Family has published a “lexicon” of key terminology bearing on the family and human life. The volume, two years in the making, devotes 867 pages to the interpretation of 78 “ambiguous terms and discussion of the family, life and ethical question.” The lexicon, which is published in Italian, takes […]

Associated Press Abortion Leaders Say Landmark Ruling in Danger

  She was joined by former U.S. rep Connie Morella of Maryland, a Republican critical of President Bush for his opposition to abortion and who served in Congress for 16 years, and Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice. This article courtesy of the Associated Press.

Courier-Journal Coalition Raises Voice for Abortion Rights

  For some, it was George W. Bush’s election as president, and his potential to appoint a Supreme Court justice who could vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade. For others, it was a move on the state and national level to enact legislation making certain types of abortions illegal. For one, it was post-Sept. 11 […]

Chris Poynter

Courier-Journal Abortion Rights under Assault, Backers Say

  For some, it was George W. Bush’s election as president, and his potential to appoint a Supreme Court justice who could vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade. For others, it was a move on the state and national level to enact legislation making certain types of abortions illegal. For one, it was post-Sept. 11 […]

Chris Poynter

New York Times Surprise Mom, I’m Against Abortion

  For her high school class in persuasive speech, Afton Dahl, 16, chose to present an argument that abortion should be illegal. She graphically described the details of various abortion techniques, including facts about fetal heart development. “The baby’s heartbeat starts at around 12 to 18 days, so it’s murder to kill someone with a […]

Elizabeth Hayt

EUROPEAN SOCIALY POLICY Polish Abortion Ban Challenged

  Religious leaders, women’s rights groups and 150 leaders from 46 countries signed a letter* sent on February 19 to the president of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, urging him to reconsider reforming the country’s arcane anti-abortion laws. Religious signatories included representatives of the Catholic church as well as of the Muslim, Buddhist, Protestant and Jewish faiths. […]

CNN - CROSSFIRE Look at Latest Evidence Against Iraq

  GUESTS: Charles Rangel, Peter King, Frances Kissling, Rod Dreher, Maureen Orth By Paul Begala, Tucker Carlson (COMMERCIAL BREAK) BEGALA: Welcome back to CROSSFIRE. We’re coming to you live, as we do every night, from the George Washington University here in Foggy Bottom, Washington, D.C. This of course is home of the Colonials, that’s right. […]

Paul Begala, Tucker Carlson, hosts

Albuquerque Journal Catholic Activist to Honor Reproductive Care Providers

  As a Dublin teenager in the 1980s, Jon O’Brien began fighting for change in Ireland’s restrictive birth control laws. Nearly two decades later, O’Brien continues to work on behalf of women’s reproductive rights in America. He is vice president of the Washington, D.C.-based Catholics for a Free Choice. O’Brien will be in Albuquerque on […]

Paul Logan

Boston Globe Groups, Doctors Seek Wider Use of ‘Morning-After Pill’

  Doctors and women’s groups are pushing to widely expand use of the “morning-after pill” to prevent unwanted pregnancies, with prominent Boston physicians offering prescriptions to sexually active women to keep at home just in case, and Planned Parenthood planning to dispense pills through the Internet in Massachusetts beginning in March. “We’re talking a lot […]

Liz Kowalcyzk

DIGITAL FREEDOM NETWORK The Acceptance of Full Sexual Rights for Women Faces Many Barriers in Africa

  Most people are uncomfortable with the term “sexual rights.” This is not surprising given the fact that the issue of sex and sexuality is a taboo subject in many parts of the world. While such discomfort often stems from religious and cultural mores that are difficult to overcome, the need to respect women’s sexual […]

Shravanti Reddy

San Jose Mercury News Bishop Pushing Davis to Abandon Pro-Choice Stance

  Following on the heels of a Vatican directive, Sacramento’s Roman Catholic bishop is challenging Gov. Gray Davis to follow church teachings against abortion and pressuring him to abstain from communion until he has ”a change of heart.” Sacramento Bishop William K. Weigand warned Davis — as well as other Catholics — that he puts […]

Richard Scheinen

Women's E-News Catholic Hospitals Refuse Patients Contraception

  After the assault of rape, a victim often encounters this advice: Contact a trustworthy person, don’t shower and see a doctor immediately. Another practice, however, might soon become more commonly prescribed carefully consider the hospital in which to seek medical attention after a survey released in December found that many Roman Catholic hospitals deny […]

Megan Cooley

NEWS JOURNAL Catholic School’s Firing of Teacher Sparks Legal Debate

A teacher’s dismissal from an all-girls Catholic school in Wilmington has sparked a legal debate over whether a religious school may fire an instructor for professing beliefs outside the classroom that differ from church doctrine. Officials from Ursuline Academy contend that Michele Curay-Cramer, 31, who was fired on Monday after her name appeared on an […]

Murali Balaji

Chicago Tribune Prochoice Leaders Expect Court Wars: Late-term Abortion Law Seen as Likely

  Abortion-rights activists vowed Wednesday to beat back attempts to weaken a woman’s right to an abortion even as thousands of anti-abortion protesters swarmed the nation’s capital. The day after six Democratic presidential candidates promised to protect abortion rights, leaders of groups that support such rights said they are embarking on a legislative effort to […]

Jill Zuckman

Christian Science Monitor The Abortion Wars: 30 Years after Roe v. Wade

  Audrey Diehl will never forget the time her mother took her to an abortion-rights rally in downtown San Antonio. Ms. Diehl was 9 years old, and antiabortion protesters shoved posters of aborted fetuses in her face. But it wasn’t the images that upset the girl. It was “the act,” she says, “all that yelling.” […]

Linda Feldmann

Boston Globe 30 Years, 30 Million Women

  BOSTON – There was a moment last month when the Bush administration overturned Roe vs. Wade. You may not have noticed because it happened in Bangkok – out of sight, out of media mind. Our government went there to try to deep-six a U.N. agreement on family planning. After one of our delegates promoted […]

Ellen Goodman

The Independent Thirty Years after US Women Won the Right to Choose, the Fight over Abortion Continues

  TODAY, NORMA McCorvey is to deliver an emotional speech at a rally in Texas marking the 30th anniversary of the court ruling that gave American women the constitutional right to an abortion. She will say abortion is utterly wrong. “I’m 100 per cent pro-life. No exceptions. No compromise.” Thirty years ago Ms McCorvey, 55, […]

Andrew Buncombe

Chicago Tribune Abortion is Litmus Test for Candidates

  WASHINGTON — In 1976, when Rep. Henry Hyde of Illinois was a junior member of Congress, he was approached by a fellow Republican lawmaker who also opposed abortion, Rep. Robert Bauman of Maryland. Bauman told Hyde that there was $50 million in the federal budget to pay for abortions for Medicaid recipients. Bauman asked […]

Chicago Tribune Most Perceived Shades of Gray in Abortion

  Never again, vowed Mark Twarogowski after his college girlfriend became pregnant and she decided to have an abortion. Never again would he behave so irresponsibly or turn his back on a life he had helped create.Ask Twarogowski today how he views abortion, and he expresses distaste. “I don’t know any person who thinks abortion […]

Judith Graham

New York Times 30 Years after Abortion Ruling, New Trends but the Old Debate

  J’Vante Anderson is 16, the age her mother was when she had her first child. Growing up in one of Atlanta’s poorest neighborhoods, she has seen the cycle: teenage girl has baby, drops out of school, goes on welfare and raises a child who in turn becomes a teenage mother. “I want to break […]

Kate Zernike

The Economist The War that Never Ends – Abortion in America

  ANNIVERSARIES don’t get much more controversial than this. On January 22nd, America will mark the thirtieth anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that declared abortion a constitutional right. Anti-abortionists will march in Washington in their thousands, carrying gruesome photographs. Supporters of abortion rights will retort that Roe v Wade, the decision in question, was […]

National Catholic Reporter Politics and the Prolife Movement

John Cavanaugh O’Keefe–a 52-year-old Harvard graduate, Vietnam War conscientious objector, and longtime pro-life activist–fervently believes legalized abortion in the United States will end. But not in his lifetime. “The pro-life movement is going nowhere,” says O’Keefe. “After 30 years of work, the movement is dead.” O’Keefe is not alone. “It would be both untrue and […]

Joe Feuerherd

Associated Press Some with Gratitude, Some with Regret, Women Recall Their Long-Ago Abortions

Wall, 67, made a career of defending abortion rights, serving as director of several Planned Parenthood chapters, working with international family planning groups, and now – from a home in Yarmouth, Mass. – commuting to a part-time job at the Washington headquarters of Catholics For a Free Choice.   This article courtesy of the Associated […]

David Crary

SPOKESMAN-REVIEW Catholic Hospitals Violate State Law

  A pro-choice group says that six Washington state Catholic hospitals apparently are breaking state law by denying the “morning-after” pill to rape victims. The group surveyed 597 Catholic hospital emergency rooms, including 18 in Washington state and five in Idaho. Sacred Heart Medical Center, named as among those hospitals violating the law by Catholics […]

Catholics for Choice