Letters & Op-Eds 2020

WSJ–Catholic and Presidential Candidate

To the Editor:

Of the more than 70 million Catholics in the U.S., a majority support abortion rights and the protection of those rights for all as a matter of conscience and social justice. As Catholics, we believe in the inherent dignity of each person, including those most marginalized and ignored by people in power.

Our vote is our voice when defending, supporting and empowering those on the margins of society. We are also called to follow our conscience in all matters of moral decision-making and to respect one another’s right to do the same. There is no way that 300 bishops—or three—can represent the views of American Catholics. The church is the people in the pews. The people are pro-choice, and they vote like it.

Sara Hutchinson Ratcliffe
Acting President
Catholics for Choice

Wall Street Journal, September 30, 2020

Catholics for Choice