Letters & Op-Eds 2012
Denver Post

Catholic Church’s adherence to its stance on birth control

Your article’s treatment of the papal encyclical on birth control, “Humanae Vitae,” ignores that document’s difficult birth.

When married couples joined the group of clergy and laypeople appointed by the Pope to re-evaluate the ban on artificial contraceptives, they told of the impact that a mechanistic and unnatural method called natural family planning had on their marriages. Though the majority voted to overturn the ban, Pope Paul VI rejected their decision. Division over “Humanae Vitae” has eroded the church’s vitality, and yet your article points to Pope Paul as an authority on health.

The article acknowledges that the vast majority of Catholic women have ignored the birth control ban. The fact that the U.S. bishops are now asking the courts to help them enforce their failed teachings reflects badly on the bishops and their ability to teach.

This letter was originally published online in the Denver Post.

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