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Catholic League Wrong about CFFC


To the Editor:

A letter by the Catholic League claims that Catholics for a Free Choice should not be characterized as a Catholic group (“CFFC Does Not Represent Catholics,” July 31). The League is wrong on all counts.

We are indeed a group of Catholics. While not a membership organization, the vast majority of our staff, all of our board members and the 30-plus spokesmen who represent the organization in the states are all Catholic. All are in good standing—none has been excommunicated or sanctioned as individuals by church leaders.

Our board members include some of the country’s best-known theologians and scholars. Over $100,000 in small contributions are contributed by ordinary Catholics. We come by the name Catholic honestly and fairly. CFFC fools no one. The truth is out. Catholics are pro-choice. Poll after poll shows that about 15 percent of Catholics agree with the bishops that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances.

It’s too bad the Catholic League has no facts and so little support in the Catholic community that all it can do is go for the jugular by name-calling.

Frances Kissling
Catholics for a Free Choice

This letter appeared in the 14 August 2000 edition of Roll Call.

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