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Catholic Perspective on Sexuality


A group calling itself Catholics for Choice is pushing for Governor Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda, even though some of that plan is at odds with church teachings.

Although specific legislation isn’t written yet, Cuomo’s agenda calls for a number of items, including “protecting a woman’s freedom of choice.”

This goes against the church’s anti-abortion stance. Catholics for Choice said its group represents many in the faith who disagree with the church hierarchy.

But, pastors said Cuomo’s plan contradicts the church, and forces a secular agenda into the operation of the church.

“That is one particular problem. Then there’s the issues of being totally against what we teach in terms of abortion, being against the Church being able to teach with authority,” said Father John Donovan, Pastor of St. James Church.

“It will allow women and their doctors and their clergy, faith, families, other Councillors they choose to bring into their decisions and options they need without having to have a confusing or conflicting idea of where the law is,” said Sara Hutchinson of Catholics for Choice.

Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda also pushes for equal pay and strengthening order-of-protection laws.

This piece was originally published by WICZ Fox 40.

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