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Catholics for Choice stands with Oregon in Defeating Ballot Measure 106

Catholics and others throughout Oregon organized to defeat Ballot Measure 106, which sought to rob women of access to equitable abortion care in the state. Catholics for Choice is proud to have stood with all of the organizers who helped defeat this measure and to lift up the voices of prochoice Catholics who opposed it.

Our Catholic faith teaches us that wealth should never be a barrier to exercising one’s conscience. In radio and print ads, Catholics like Christel called on all Oregonians to respect the rights of all women, regardless of economic circumstance, to access the healthcare that they determine is right for them. You can see and hear all the ads below.

Thank you – and congratulations – to all Oregonians who made it clear that compassion and choice are integral parts of their moral values.

Radio Ads










Dolores Huerta (en espanol)

Print Ads & Editorials

Carla’s print ad

Carla’s editorial in The Oregonian

Christel’s print ad

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Catholics for Choice voter pamphlet statement

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