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Catholics Condemn Obama Administration’s EC Decision

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“The Obama administration’s decision to appeal a federal judge’s order to make emergency contraception (EC) available to women of all ages without a prescription makes absolutely no sense,” said Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice. “Both the FDA and the courts have agreed that there are no good reasons to restrict access to this safe method of contraception. Studies have shown that EC is safer than aspirin and that it is a vital part of our efforts to reduce unplanned pregnancy. Polls and social studies have shown that EC is widely supported and used by Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

“President Obama promised us science- and fact-based policies when he came into office. This promise has been broken by crass political calculations that have been allowed to trump reason and once again throw women under the bus. President Obama is playing politics with women’s health. He claims to be a defender of women’s rights. He is not. The people who helped elect him twice have a right to expect him to keep his promises. They wanted him to stand up for their needs, not just when he is addressing his supporters, but where and when it matters most. Mr. President, we are disappointed.”


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