Catholics in Public Life is a nonpartisan public education initiative that helps Catholic policy makers clearly articulate prochoice positions grounded in progressive Catholicism and sound public policy. A project of Catholics for Choice, the resources available through Catholics in Public Life are designed to help Catholic policy makers effectively promote policies that ensure access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information and services.

The multi-faceted program provides:

  • Cutting-edge policy analysis
  • High-level communications trainings
  • In depth research on Catholic voters, and on the Catholic hierarchy and its influence on public policy debates
  • Investigative opposition research on groups and individuals who seek to discredit and silence prochoice Catholics
  • A nationwide network of prochoice Catholic policy makers from which to draw strength and inspiration

The program is one component of Catholics for Choice’s public education and outreach program. Others include the internationally recognized Condoms4Life campaign—calling for an end to the Catholic hierarchy’s ban on condoms.

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Catholics for Choice
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