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Stem Cell Research and the Affirmation of Life: An Interview with Dr. Rosemarie Tong

6 November 2007

“Whether or not they are fully informed about its intricacies, almost everyone in the United States seems to have an opinion about stem-cell research…Opponents claim that to destroy an embryo, even for a good purpose such as curing Alzheimer’s disease, is as wrong as killing an adult so that his or her organs can be distributed to six or seven other adults who might otherwise die. But is the wrong done in each of these cases really of the same magnitude?”

Dr. Rosemarie Tong, a distinguished professor of health care ethics and director of the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics in the Department of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, tackles the moral questions surrounding stem cell research and puts forth an approach that asserts the positive potential–and moral correctness–of such research.




Teen pregnancy among Latinas

15 August 2007

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy estimates that 51 percent of Latina teens get pregnant at least once before age 20—nearly twice the national average.  Moreover, the Latina teen pregnancy rate is declining at half the pace of the overall national rate, and some states are reporting rising rates of Latina teen pregnancy and childbearing.

Listen as Bill Albert, the deputy director of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and the author of “51%: Latinas and Teen Pregnancy” in the latest issue of Conscience, describes recent trends in the Latina teen pregnancy rate and the barriers to reducing that rate in the future.




Unpacking the World Congresss of Families

29 May 2007

“As the World Congress of Families packs up its tents and leaves its fantasy world in Warsaw, participants will now have to face the harsh reality of the real world in which we all live. There will be far fewer subservient women, there will be gays living on the same block, and there will be people having premarital sex and using contraception to boot…”

Listen as Catholics for Choice analyzes the World Congress of Families (May 11-13, 2007), an international gathering of extreme–and extremely out-of-touch–anti-choice groups in Warsaw, Poland.  A Catholics for a Free Choice associate attended the conference and provided first hand reports and analysis of what turned out to be an underwhelming event.

Catholics for Choice