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Condom Advert Causes A Stir Once Again

Just when you thought that the whole uproar surrounding condom advertisement was over, yet disquiet arises from the Church over a controversial condom campaign. If you’ve been keen enough, am sure you have seen a huge billboard at the Museum Hill overpass with the message, “We believe in God. We believe that sex is sacred. We believe in caring for each other. We believe in using condoms.”

Well, a Catholic archbishop has disowned the weeklong adverts by an American group supporting the use of condoms. Nyeri Archbishop Peter Kairu said he had read the message of the group —Catholics for Choice, but did not endorse it.

“I don’t agree with them and I say we continue living according to our faith as the Bible teaches us to respect each other,” Archbishop Kairo said after Sunday Mass and a ceremony to open the Vicar’s residence at the proposed Kagicha Parish in Nyeri South District.

The soft-spoken archbishop who usually avoids the limelight said the teachings of the bible were very clear about birth control and “I urge you all to follow the faith.” Catholics for Choice has been running full-page advertisement in a section of the media proclaiming that “Good Catholics use condoms.”

The organisation gives an American address in Washington DC in the website provided on the advertisement which has been running for the past one week.

According to the website, the advertising campaign in the US, Mexico, the Philippines, South Africa, Kenya, Chile and Zimbabwe is the first phase of an effort to change the Vatican’s policy and challenge its aggressive lobbying against condoms in areas of the world most at risk.

“It is important that Catholics and non-Catholics alike make their voices heard  on this important health question,” says the organisation in one of its preambles on the website.

Last month, THIS TV commercial was criticized by the clergy for being immoral and was even stopped from airing.

This piece was originally published by Ghafla!

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