Letters & Op-Eds 2004
Washington Post

Courting the ‘Values Voters

Progressive male Christian leaders say that if the Democratic Party opened its doors and welcomed pro-life Democrats, it would work wonders among centrist evangelicals and Catholics [“Liberal Christians Challenge ‘Values Vote,’ ” Nov. 10].

What might actually work wonders would be some humility on the part of these clerics. If the nearly all-male club of progressive clerical leaders welcomed women into their leadership, they might learn something about life and choice. Women are more invisible in the leadership ranks of these groups than they are in the ranks of conservative religions. Catholic women who have rejected the sexism of the Catholic leadership are unlikely to put up with the male clerical club that claims to lead progressives. This same club seems to find women’s rights and access to reproductive health care for low-income women unimportant to its agenda.

Catholics for a Free Choice

This letter appeared in the 17 September 2004 edition of the Washington Post.

Catholics for Choice