Letters & Op-Eds 2001
Irish Times

Debate on Abortion


So Mr Conor Lenihan TD thinks the vote on abortion is “a matter of huge personal conscience” (Dáil Report, November 9th). One could only wish that Mr Lenihan were as respectful of the consciences of individual women who are pregnant and need to decide, as a matter of conscience, what to do. It may well be true that there are those in Ireland who want to wash their hands of abortion by allowing women to travel outside the country to get abortions but keeping Ireland pure. Whether the laws of a country should honor this Pontius Pilate approach to public policy is another matter. On this side of the ocean, we think of Irish people as direct and frank about issues and about life, as people who put their money where their mouths are. Mr Lenihan is giving us second thoughts.

Yours, etc.,

Frances Kissling
Catholics for a Free Choice
Washington, DC, USA

This letter appeared in the 13 November 2001 edition of the Irish Times.

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