Letters & Op-Eds 2015

Don’t misinterpret lay Catholic opinion

Jim Galloway’s article, “The Catholic absence in this year’s religious liberty fight” (Political Insider, March 18), misinterprets on which side the majority of Catholics are fighting. We overwhelmingly reject the use of religion as a tool for discrimination; 86 percent of Catholic voters disapprove of a guidance counselor refusing to help a gay student. Similarly, 67 percent reject the right of employers to deny insurance coverage of birth control based on the employer’s religious beliefs.

By conflating the Catholic hierarchy with all Catholics, Mr. Galloway does a disservice to everyday Catholics who understand the primacy of conscience. When it comes to important issues, Catholic teachings say we must follow our own conscience. The majority of Catholics believe religious groups have a right to lobby like anyone else, but that neither our religion, nor any religion, has the right to impose its beliefs on others. We can only hope Georgia’s bishops are learning from the Catholicism lived by ordinary Catholics.


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