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Faith and reproductive choice don’t have to be enemies

David Von Drehle, in his July 8 op-ed, “The Democrats’ abortion war in the Midwest,” set up a false polemic: To be pure is to be popular. When the Republican Party has handed over the keys to a reckless president who has little regard for human dignity, the lesson for Democrats should not be to become moral cowards. Voters want moral clarity and clear positions. And you can respect the faithful while respecting choice.

More than 60 percent of Catholics believe abortion should be legal; 6 in 10 Catholic voters say that abortion can be a moral choice; and Catholic women have abortions at similar rates as women of other faiths or no faith. In Alabama and Virginia and every place with a bellwether election, pro-choice women are coming out in droves to defend our democracy and our moral standing as a country that is a beacon for freedom.

This is definitely not the time to throw women under the bus by trading away their basic right to choice.

This article was originally published in The Washington Post.

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