Letters & Op-Eds 2016

But Farrell Isn’t Telling All

It’s no surprise that Bishop Kevin Farrell does not like the Abortion in Good Faith campaign. For years, the bishops’ lobby in Washington, D.C., of which Farrell is a member, has argued against public funding of abortion. Whereas, we believe that public funding is a matter of social justice.

There are a few things Farrell does not tell your readers. He doesn’t mention that 98 percent of Catholic women have used a form of birth control that he doesn’t like, or that Catholic women have abortions at the same rate as those of other faiths. He doesn’t mention that Catholic teaching on abortion is not infallible; the Vatican’s Declaration on Procured Abortion does not state when personhood begins. He doesn’t mention the primacy of conscience in Catholic teachings, including in moral matters, like abortion.

Farrell and the U.S. bishops are the ones lobbying every day. The question is: Who exactly do they represent, and do they tell the truth?

Jon O’Brien,
President, Catholics for Choice
Washington, D.C.

This letter was originally published by Dallas Morning News.

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