Letters & Op-Eds 2000

Free to Agree

James Martin, S.J., notes in his article “The Last Acceptable Prejudice?” (3/25) that “Catholics for a Free Choice…can be counted on to disagree with the church on almost any topic.” Not true. C.F.F.C. has agreed with the church that population control is immoral and is not the solution to environmental degradation or poverty; we disagreed with Act Up demonstrators inside churches or during Mass on the grounds that the problem is not the church’s sacraments but the church’s policies. We agreed with the U.S. bishops and opposed welfare caps on funding for poor women and their children; we applauded Cardinal John O’Connor for his support of nurses striking at Mercy Hospital in Port Jervis, N.Y.; we supported Cardinal Thomas Winning in Scotland when he provided funding for a young, developmentally disabled woman who became pregnant and decided to have the child. When the encyclical Evangelium Vitae was released, I was quoted in The New York Times as saying the document was “a very thorough, very intelligent exposition.”

I could go on and on, but I think I’ll stop while I might be ahead.

Frances Kissling
President, Catholics for a Free Choice
Washington, D.C.

This letter appeared in the 22 April 2000 edition of America.

Catholics for Choice