Catholics for Choice believes in a world where all people can protect themselves and their partners from the transmission of HIV by using condoms. The Catholic hierarchy is the most vocal critic of condom use. It bans condom use for Catholics, refuses to provide condoms as a part of reproductive healthcare in Catholic-controlled hospitals and clinics, and lobbies governments against providing condoms as part of international aid.  The hierarchy’s conservative lobby has dire effects in countries least equipped to deal with HIV and AIDS both economically and medically. CFC works to prevent the transmission of HIV and advance sexual health by:

  • Countering the Vatican’s ban on condoms through the Condoms4Life campaign, which spreads the message that good Catholics use condoms as a way to protect themselves and their partners.
  • Reaching out to policy makers and advocates in the US and internationally to promote initiatives that advocate the use of condoms as a method to prevent the transmission of HIV.
  • Providing a faith-based perspective that promotes an alternative and authentic view of Catholic teachings on condoms.

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