Development Aid: What You Need to Know


Citing “religious freedom,” Catholic bishops have lobbied successfully to remove family planning from PEPFAR, a massive international program to prevent the spread of HIV, even though family planning has been proven to help prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV. At the UN, the Vatican continues to lobby against other proven HIV prevention strategies, including condom use and sexuality education.

Catholics for Choice has produced a short movie to illustrate how faith-based organizations take taxpayer money to provide healthcare services to the neediest communities throughout the world, but sometimes pick and choose which services to offer and whom they will help.

Some of these providers—particularly Catholic agencies, which the Vatican claims provides 30 percent of AIDS care in Africa and 25 percent globally—deny people condoms, sexuality education, needle exchange programs, and other proven methods to reduce the spread of HIV & AIDS, and discriminate against some individuals, like gay men, sex workers or those who have sex outside of marriage.

The film, “Development Aid—What You Need to Know” highlights this dark side of development aid.

We believe that faith-based healthcare providers should offer evidence-based, comprehensive services, not dogma. People receiving aid should receive the care they need, not what faith-based organizations choose they need.

You may also read an in-depth report on how faith-based health providers often fail to provide a full range of preventative care.


Catholics for Choice