Resources for Rio+20

As the negotiations for Rio+20 continue, once again the Vatican is using its privileged position at the United Nations to impose its extremist religious agenda on the negotiation process. This time, the Holy See’s devotion to dogma over the rights and needs of those living in poverty has the potential to derail the global development agenda for the next several years. There is too much at stake to allow the Holy See to continue to capitalize on a quirk of history—its designation as a Nonmember State Permanent Observer at the UN—to impose its ultraconservative interpretation of Catholic teachings on the global community.

Drawing on decades of work monitoring and calling out the Vatican for its efforts to undermine global consensus and international human rights standards, Catholics for Choice has produced two briefing papers for advocates and member state delegations that examine the Holy See’s role at the UN and what it means for the Rio+20 negotiations.

The Vatican at Rio+20 – What’s At Stake? provides a concise account of the facts behind the Holy See’s privileged position at the UN as well as its history of undermining consensus and ramrodding its radical agenda into global policy documents.

Essential Airplane Reading for Rio+20 offers fresh perspectives into some of the most pressing questions to be addressed at Rio+20 from leading thinkers in the field, including: People and the Planet: Why population growth is so hard to talk about and why we should talk about it anyway Laurie Mazur

The Return of the Mad Malthusian Scaremongers
Brendan O’Neill

The Holy See at Cairo: What the Catholic hierarchy did at the 1994 international conference on population and development
Alex Marshall

The Pope’s Scientists: Population, the finite world and human dignity Robert Engelman

Make no mistake: the Vatican’s goal at Rio+20 is to weaken the global community’s commitment to human rights—especially sexual and reproductive rights and family planning—in the meeting’s final declaration.

Catholics for Choice