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Playing with Fire

Conscience Vol. XXVIII – No. 4 (2007)
Jodi Enda examines the role of faith and religion in the 2008 presidential election.

Decoding the Latino Vote

Conscience Vol. XXVIII – No. 2 (2007)
Jane Burns analyzes the growing importance of the Latino vote.

The Ethics of Life

Conscience Vol. XXVIII – No. 3 (2007) – 14 – 18
Theologian Sheila Briggs reveals the areas of departure between the “consistent ethic of life,” in the words of Cardinal Bernadin, and today’s medical and technological advances.

Stem Cell Research and the Affirmation of Life

Conscience Vol. XXVIII – No. 3 (2007) – pages 14-18
Professor of health ethics Rosemary Tong puts the political debate about stem cell research into perspective by explaining the science behind the existing procedures.

Buying our Children, Selling our Souls

Conscience XXVII – No. 3 (2006) – pages 14-16

Debora Spar describes to commodification of the birth and childrearing process in the US, especially since the advent of new reproductive technologies.

Catholic Pride…and Prejudice

Conscience Vol. XXVII – No. 1 (2006) – pages 10-16
Theologian Mary E. Hunt searches for the roots of the prejudice against LGBT individuals that is seemingly ingrained in Catholic and Christian tradition. She finds that “heterosexism, not homosexuality, is the sin that needs attention.”

A Cautionary Tale

Conscience Vol. XXVI – No. 3 (2005)
Frances Kissling asks, “Has progressive religion moved far enough away from patriarchy to do women and democracy much good?”

Culture: A Marriage Proposal

Conscience Vol. XXVI – No. 2 (2005) – pages 36-38

Mary E. Hunt calls into question the assumption that same-sex marriage is the ultimate goal for LGBT activist. Instead, she recommends looking beyond marriage and towards a truly just society in which a commodity exchange is not necessary for a secure and blessed partnership


Conscience Vol. XXV – No. 3 (2004)
The Holy See backs off from its claim for full membership of the UN, settling for the same rights already held by Palestine.

Sexual Illiteracy

Conscience Vol. XXIV – No. 3 (2003) – pages 16-17
Theologian Rosemary Radford Ruether questions the puritanical ethics being exported by the Bush administration’s HIV/AIDS programs to Africa. She makes the case for a sex-positive education for youth rather than an insistence upon abstinence , which tends to reinforce the repression of women.

The Myth of the Conservative Catholic: Are church-going Catholics really conservative?

Conscience XXII – No.  3 (2000) – pages 11-14

Patricia Miller takes on the assertion that church-going Catholics form a homogeneous and conservative whole. Drawing from Catholic opinion polls, she finds that there is substantial variation among Catholics’ public policy priorities, which does not neatly divide according to frequency of Mass attendance.

In Search of the Catholic Vote

Conscience XXI – No. 3 (2000) – pages 8-14

On the eve of the 2000 election, Tegan A. Culler interviewed leading political scientists, sociologists and polling experts about their view of the Catholic vote through history and its likely significance at the polls that election cycle.

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