Development Aid: What You Need to Know

Catholics for Choice has produced a short movie to illustrate how faith-based organizations take taxpayer money to provide healthcare services to the neediest communities throughout the world, but sometimes pick and choose which services to offer and whom they will help.

Catholics and Condoms

Seeing is Believing: Questions about Faith-Based Organizations That Are Involved in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment

2010, 21 pp.
Faith-based organizations have long been on the front lines of healthcare provision, and they receive enormous amounts of public money to do so. Unfortunately, many of these providers do not provide a full range of preventative care, especially advice on the use of and access to condoms to prevent the spread of HIV. This report raises some important questions and provides some proposals for how we might move forward towards more transparency and, as a result, more comprehensive prevention efforts—especially for higher risk populations.

Sex in the HIV/AIDS Era

2008, 16 pp.

The Condoms4Life brochure designed for at-risk Catholics who are struggling with questions around faith and conscience, sexuality and the use of condoms for HIV/AIDS prevention, as well as health care providers who encounter these issues.

Condoms4Life Radio Ads

1 December 2008

Catholics for Choice and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health are proud to announce the first-ever Condoms4Life radio ads. These groundbreaking ads, lauched on World AIDS Day, take on myths about condoms in Catholic and Latino Communities. Read more…

Click here to hear the radio ads.
Catholics for Choice y el Instituto Nacional de Latinas para la Salud Reproductiva se complacen en anunciar el lanzamiento de los primeros anuncios radiales de la campaña Condoms4Life. Leer más…

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Catholic Attitudes on Condoms in the Prevention of HIV and AIDS


As public health campaigns focus on condom use as a key to preventing HIV/ AIDS transmission, the Vatican maintains steadfast opposition to the use of condoms for any reason. In anticipation of World AIDS Day, Catholics for Choice asked Belden Russonello & Stewart to conduct an international poll of Catholics to determine their attitudes toward condoms and AIDS. BRS surveyed Catholics over 18 in Ghana, Ireland, Mexico, the Philippines, and the United States; the results of the poll are reported here.

Catholics for Choice