Opposition Watch

For many years Catholics for Choice has done original research on the antichoice movement, especially conservative Catholic groups and individuals. It’s good for the soul, as we have discovered time and again that these groups are far less of a threat up close than one might think if one relied solely on their propaganda for information. Knowing them is to know their weaknesses. To know them also makes us stronger and in that spirit we are always happy to share the information we find with others.

Report on the World Meeting of Families
Opposition Notes
Conservative Catholic Influence in Europe
Reports on the World Congress of Families


Opposition Notes is a series of investigative fact sheets that exposes the tactics and beliefs of those who oppose women’s rights and reproductive health.

Development Aid: What You Need to Know (2013)
Catholics for Choice has produced a short movie to illustrate how faith-based organizations take taxpayer money to provide healthcare services to the neediest communities throughout the world, but sometimes pick and choose which services to offer and whom they will help.

Keeping it All in the Family: Europe’s Antichoice Movement (2013)
Conscience Vol. XXXIV – No. 2 (2013) – pages 22 – 27
Neil Datta illustrates how the attempts to organize a coherent and effective opposition to reproductive health services are still at the birthing stage, despite having impressive resources at their disposal.

The Trouble with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good [PDF] (2009)
This investigative report from Catholics for Choice shows how Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, while presenting itself as just another group working for the “common good,” is in fact an antiabortion organization that publicly supports the restriction of abortion laws.

Democrats for Life: Not Prolife Democrats [PDF] (2007)
The past four decades have witnessed a profound shift in the political allegiances of the Catholic hierarchy from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. It has also seen the emergence of “prolife” Democratic elected officials who claim to represent the authentic position of the church on life issues. This report examines the shifting allegiances of the Catholic hierarchy, as well as the self-proclaimed prolife Catholic Democrats who have served—or are serving—in the United States Congress.

The Fidelis Report [PDF] (2005)

Bad Faith Makes Bad Politics: The Culture of Life Foundation on Capitol Hill [PDF] (2004)
An investigative report detailing the expansion of the Culture of Life Foundation and its link to the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (CFAM) under the guidance of Austin Ruse.

Bad Faith at the UN [PDF] (2001)
An extensive report examining the history, activities and finances of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, an anti-reproductive rights Catholic organization that lobbies at the UN, and its founder Austin Ruse.



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