Letters & Op-Eds 2005
Washington Post

Pro-Life, Pro-Choice-Common Ground

To the Editor:

Who are these abortion rights groups that EJ Dionne  stereotypes as “worrying…that anyone suggesting abortion is a problem undercuts the prochoice view” (“Centrist courage on abortion,” May 17, 2005)?  I’m tired of this bashing of prochoice groups.  Few are absolutist on abortion or unaware of the moral value of working to reduce the need for abortion.  When has Dionne written a column about the work that Planned Parenthood does to prevent pregnancy and abortion or NARAL’s promotion of legislation that would provide more funds and support for family planning?  When has he acknowledged the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and Catholics for a Free Choice’s work in recognizing the sacredness of life, including fetal life?  Where is the column on the women of color groups who promote a prochoice agenda that includes the right to have healthy children as well as the right not to have a child?  And after Dionne praises the Nassau County bishop for not taking a Catholic politician to the woodshed for expressing support for family planning and abortion, where is the call for the Catholic bishops to do something to prevent abortions by actually supporting family planning?


Frances Kissling
President, Catholics for a Free Choice

This letter appeared in the 30 May 2005 edition of the Washington Post.

Catholics for Choice